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PAGE  6           THE  :MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  28, 1945

       CHAPEL • •  •

               Divine  Services             :.bvuud<VUf oiJ
       Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands   Se'W-i  /M  <J. J.

                                         ,BANKING  FACILITIES
                                           WESTERN  UNION
                                             .PosT  OFFICE         Last  Showing  Tonight
                                          WAR  BoND  OFFICE           "WEST  OF  THE  PECOS"
                                                                   Bob  Mitchum      Barbara
                                       All 4  services located  in Bldg.
                                         258, Ave.  H,  near 4th St.   Sun.-Mon.,  July  29  and  30
            SUNDAY  SERVICES                       *                   "OUT  OF  THIS  WORLD"

               Protestant  Worship           SMALL  STORES         Eddie  Bracken
       Treasure  Island  Chapel-0930  and  1030
       Communion-1130  (Chapel)        Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  b,tween   Tuesday,  July  31
            1  ha el  1l�g o
       ¥i!�t;: i o                           Aves. Mand N.              "THE  CHICAGO  KID"
       Embarkation  Ship's  Service  Chapel  0700   *              Don  Barry        Lynn  Roberts
       Yerba Buena  lsland Theatre-0930
                Catholic  Masses         T  ELEPHONl?   C ENTERS
       Treasure  Island  Chapel-0630,  0720  and                   Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.  1  and  2
       Theatre  No.  1-1030            Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.   "ALONG  CAME  JONES"
       Hospital  Chapel-0630  and  0900        an  d A  ve.  H·
       Embarkation Ship's Service Chapel-0600                      Gary  Cooper
       Yerba  Buona  Island  Theatre-0830   Bldg. 174, 4th St.  and Ave. C.
       Confessions  (YB Theatre  Office)  0800   (Band Circle)
              Mormon  Study  Group                 *               Fri.-Sat.,  Aug  3  and  4
       Theatre  No.  2-0930                                           "WITHIN  THESE  WALLS"
              WEEKDAY ACTIVITIES       R  AILWAY  0ACH  ICKETS     Thomas Mitchell   Mary Ande·rson
       Daily-Masses  (Small  Chapel,  Treasure
         · Island)  1150  and  1630     A  IRLINE   R  ESERVATI0NS
       Daily-Confessions  (Small  Chapel,  Treas
         ure  Island)                     T  RAVELERS  ' C  HECKS    Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
       Daily-Masses  (Hospital Chapel)  0645
       Daily-Masses  (Embarkation  Ship's  Serv   INSURANCE
          ice  Chapel)  1600                                       Last  Showing  Tonight
       Daily-Protestant  Worship  Service-1430   Bl  dg. 174, 4th St.  and Ave. C.
          (Embarkation Ship's Service Chapel)
       Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First                            " JUNIOR  MISS"
         :Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   Eld  g.  221,  11th  St.,  between  Peggy  A.  Gardiner   Allyn  Joslyn
                                                      d H
         Chapel)                             A  ves.  G an ·  ·
       Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal Novena,  1830     *                                             THEY  MET  ON T.  1.-Martin  J.  Schultz,  Pfc.,  USMC  and  O.orothy  M.
          (Large  Cnapel)                                          Sun.-Mon.,  July 29  and  30
       Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800                                                   Collins,  Y2c, USNR. Martin comes  from Chicago and Dorothy is a  Cali­
          (Chapel  Reception  Room)      S  HIPS  ERVICE   N  1    CHRISTMAS  IN  CONNECTICUT    fornia  girl  from  Sacramento.  They  met  accidentally  one  night  at  a
                                             '  S
       Tuesday  - Holy  Name  Society  1915                        Barbara Stanwyck  Dennis Morgan  Treasure  Island  theatre  while  Martin  was  stationed  here  in  the  guard
          (Small  Chapel)                         h St. and Ave. C.
       Wednesdays  - Christian  Servicemen's   Eld  g. 152, 9t                                   company. Dorothy, who is on duty at Radio Materiel as part of the staff
         Leagu�,  1830  (Chapel Reception Room)    *               Tuesday, July 31              of  the  Captain's  Writers  office,  has  promised  to  "stand  by"  till  Pfc.
       Wednesday  - Organ  Recital  (Hospital                                                    Schultz can complete his present tour of.  sea duty and return to the· girl
         Chapel)  1215  and  1400        S  HIP  S  ER  VICE  N  0.  2  "CALL  OF  THE  WILD"
       Thursday  - Chapel  Choir  Rehearsal   ,  S                                               he found on Treasure Island.
          (Chapel  Gallery)  1800                                  Clark  Gable    Loretta  Young
       Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   Bldg. 8, 5th St., between Aves.
         Reception  Room)  1800                M  d N an   ·
       Friday  - Mormon  Study  Group  '   1830                    Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.  1  and 2   Veterans Administration Second Place in                     ..
          (Chapel  Gallery)
       Fri   ewish Services  (Hospital Chapel)                         "A  BELL FOR ADANO"
         tlo i/                                                                      John Hodiak  Pays Insurance Premiums Commodore's Trophy
       Saturday  - Confessions  (Small  Chapel                     Gene  Tierney
         •rreasure  Island)  1400-2000
       Saturday-Confessions  (Hospital  Chapel)                                                  For Disabled Veterans  Tournament for Pre-Com
          1800·1900                  I   W A N J  A D 5            Fri.-Sat.,  Aug.  3  and  4
                                       ------------..'.  WEEKEND  AT  THE  WALDORF
                                     --                            Ginger  Rogers   Walter  Pidgeon   Should  you  become  totally  dis­  The  Pre-Com  badminton'  team
       AT THE CHAPEL ...             WANTED: Stenos and clerks.  Am-                             abled  for  six  or  more  consecutive  entered  the  Commodore's  Trophy
                                                                                                 months  prior  to  reaching  the  age  tournament  and  advanced  to  the
                                       erican  Red  Cross  Field  Office,   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
             Pr,otestant  Services     Treasure  Island.  Serving  Armed                         of  60  and  while  your  insurance  is  semi-finals  before  playing  a  game.
         At  the  1030  service  in  Treasure   Forces,  essential  work,  good   Last  Showing  Tonight   in  force,  the Veterans  Administra­ They  won  by  forfeit  over  the  Ma­
       Island  chapel,  Chaplain  H.  G.  Gat-  salary,  five and a  half day week,   "THE  CHEATERS"   tion  will  refund  the  premiums  for  rines  and  Receiving  Ship  entries
       lin's  sermon  subject  will  be  "The   pleasant  surroundings,  perman-  Joseph  Schildkraut   Billie  Burke   the six months and continue to pay  which  advanced  them  to  semi-final
       Fallacy  of  Statistics."  Chaplain  c   ent.  Call  Mrs.  Swable,  EXbrook               your  premiums  for  you  as  long  as  competition:
       Robert Kelly will speak at the 0930   5915.                 Sun.,Mon.,  July  29  and  30   you  are  totally  disabled.   They  won  the  semi-final  singles
       service  on  "Let's  Consider  the   FO UN :  Key  ring,  chain and keys  'A  THOUSAND  &.  ONE  NIGHTS'  So  states  one  of  the  provisions  match  over  OTS  but  dropped  the
       Cross."  The  Chapel  choir will sing   at  Dispensary  No.  1.  May  be   Cornei  Wilde   Evelyn Keyes   in  your  National  Service  Life  In­ doubles  game.  They  entered  the
       the  anthem  entitled  "Gloria"  by   claimed ,at  Information  Desk  at                  surance  five-year  level  premium  finals  teamed  against  the  strong
       Buzzi-Peccia,  and  Patricia  Young-  Dispensary  No.  1.   Tuesday,  July  31            term  policy.  Initial  date  of  dis­ RMS  squad  who  won  botn  singles
       kin,  MaM3c,  will  be  the  soloist                             "BACK  TO  BATAAN"       ability  must  be  after  the  date  of  and  doubles  to  take  first  place,
       singing  "So  Near  to  God  Am  I.' ;  WANTED -Furnished  apartment   John  Wayne  Philip  Ahn   your  application  for  insurance.  leaving  the  runner-up  honors  to
                                       with  kitchenette  in  San  Fran-
       Organist  for  the  services  will  be                                                    Total  disability  is  defined  as  "any  Pre-Commissioning.
       Ross  McKee,  Sp(W)2c.          cisco. Call H. W. Seiler, Ext. 688.  Also  Tuesday        impairment of  mind  or  body  which
                                                                      USO  Show  "HELLO  JOE"
         Chaplain  Reighard  will  speak  at   WILL  BUY-Automobile  in  good   1900 and  2015   prevents  the  insured  from  engag­  Heywood Broun in his book, "The
                                                                                                 ing  in  a  substantial  and  gainful
       the  1030  service  in  Theatre  No.  3   condition  priced  around  $300.                occupation."                  Boy Grew Older," has his hero take
       on the subject, "Why Get Married."   Contact  F. J. Pinsdorf,  Ext. 688.   Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.  1  and 2                 home  a  chorus  girl  who  lives  on
      -Carolyn Brown·, Ylc, will sing "The         •                   "OUT  OF  THIS  WORLD"      Should  you  convert  your  insur­  168th  street.  At  her  door  she  says
       Lord Is My Shepherd,"  and Elwood                           Eddie  Bracken     Diana  Lynn   ance  to  any  of  the  plans  available   to  him,  "You are  entitled to  a kiss.
       Gaskill,  Sp (W) 2c,  will  be  at  the  Mare Island Handed 9-0                           ( ordinary life, twenty-payment life,   Anyone  that  takes me  all  the  way
       organ.                                                      Fri.-Sat.,  Aug.  3  and 4    or  thirty-payment  life),  this  so­  to  168th  street  is  entitled  to  at
                                                                                                 called  "Waiver  of  Premium"  will
              Catholic  Services     Defeat by Pirates, Sunday         "WEST  OF  THE  PECOS"    automatically  be  included  in  the   least  a  kiss  from  me.  Next  week
                                                                                                                               I'm  going  to move to  242d street."
         All  Catholics  know  the  advan­                         Bob  Mitchum      Barbara  Hale   converted  policy.  "Disability"  is
       tage of  making the Nine  First  Fri­  Treasure  Island  turned  -on  its                 not  restricted.  It  makes  no  differ­  months to establish continuous total
       days.  The  Sacred  Heart  has  prom­ "run-ing"  faucet Sunday when they  Friday,  Aug.  3-1745  to  1830   ence where it happens-at home, at   disability,  the  application  for  the
       ised  that  anyone  making  the  Nine  drenched  Mare  Island  in  a  down- 'VISITS  TO  TREASURE  ISLAND'   work,  or  at play.  Whether  you  are   waiver  should  be  filed  immediately
       First  Fridays  will  be  granted  any­ pour  of  runs,  9-0  at  T.I.   Radio Broadcast   disabled  during  the  war  or  after
                                                                                                                               following six months of  continuous
       thing  they  ask  that  is  consonant   The  Pirates  uncovered  a  new                   you  return  to  civilian  life,  you  will   total  disability.
       with  His  will.  It  is  to  your  advan­ performer  in  the  person  of  Joe
       tage to  start making these Fridays  Grantham,  who-turned  in  a  bril- VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES   still  be  covered.       If  you  should become totally dis­
       by attending  mass on  the first  Fri­ liant  game  behind  the  plate.                     While  you  are  totally  disabled  abled,  don't  stop  paying  your  pre­
       day  of  each  month.  First  Friday  Grantham  had  previously  seen   Last  Showing  Tonight  and  your  premiums  are  waived,  miums.  Continue  to  send  them  in
       will  occur  this  coming  week,  Au­ service  on  the  pitching  mound  for   "A  THOUSAND&.  ONE  NIGHTS"  your  policy  keeps  going  on  as  if  until  you  receive  notice  from  the
       gust  3.                      the  Pirates.                 Corne!  Wilde     Evelyn  Keyes you  were  paying  the  premiums.  Veterans  Administration that  your
                                       Willi\J,mS  and  Lowe  wielded  the                       Your  cash value  and paid-up  value  claim  has  been  approved  and  that
               Jewish  Services                                    Sun.-M-on.,  July  29  and  30  increases  on  the  converted  policy  it is permissible to stop paying pre­
         Jewish  services  are  held  every  heaviest  bats,  each  getting  three
       Friday evening at 1900 in the Hos­ hits in  four trips to the plate.   'WEEKEND AT THE  WALDORF' with  no  deduction  from  the  face  miums.  If  your  claim  is approved,
                                                                                    Ginger Rogers  for  premiums  so  waived.
                                                                   Lana Turner
                                                                                                                               all  premiums  paid during  the total
       pital  Chapel  and  no  service  is  held                                                   This  protection  will  remain  a  disability  will  be  refunded.
       now  on Sunday  morning.  Chaplain                          Tuesday,  July  31
       Shulman is available for counseling  All But the Dead                                     part of your  contract  while  it is in   For  further  information  on  con­
                                                                     "THE  SKY  IS  THE  LIMIT"
                                                                                                 force  regardless  of  your  civilian
       at  the  Chaplain's  office  in  Bldg.   "Ninety per cent of us would love  Fred  Astaire   Joan  Leslie  occupation.  The  clause  is  included   verting your present  policy  see the
      · 174  (Bks.  E),  every  day,  also  at  to fight  Japan,"  Lt.  Albert  Torres,          in  your  government  policy  and  re­  Bene.fits  and  Insurance  officer  of
       Naval  Barracks  (Embarkation),  one of 20 Brazilian fliers who fought  Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.   and  2   mains  in  force  unless  you  fail  to   your. command.·
       1400 to 15�0 Tuesdays and Fridays.                              "OUT OF THIS WORLD"       pay your premiums. To top it off, it
               i;-                   the Krauts in Italy said in an inter­                                                       Flawless  Sal  'says:  "If  there's
                                     view  in  Washington.         Eddie  Bracken     Diana  Lynn  is automatically in'cluded at no cost
         Another  difference  between  a   "What  about  the  other  10  per                     to you.                       anything  in  this  world  worse  than
       married man and a bachelor is that  cent?"  Torres was asked.   Fri.-Sat.,  Aug. 3  and  4   The  waiver  of  premiums  must­  a  quitter,  Ws  a  beginner!"
       when  a  bachelor  walks  the  floor   "They  were  killed  in  Italy,"  he   "WITHIN  THESE  WALLS"   be  applied  for  in  the  actual  event
       with  a  baby,  he  is  dancing.   replied.                 Thomas  Mitchell   Mary  Anderson  of  disal;lilit;y-.   $irlc�  it  takes  six   "Send  The  Masthead  Home"
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