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PAGE 2          THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  4,  1945
      *  *                             HEAD  *  *                Radio Materiel Sc"oo/ la rage Is Hospital for Ill/Ing Ve"lc/es

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      Island,  San  Francisco,  California.  Telephone:  EX brook  3931,  E·xtension  69.  The I
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                       COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN
               Commander  U.S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center
                       CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Sp(X}3c,  USNR
             Robe,rt  E .  .Johnson,  Y2c - Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y2c,  Associate  Editors
      Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Ylc,  Waves  Editor   Robert  H.  Perez,  BM2c,  Sports
                       Bruce  A. Werlhof,  PhM3c,  Reporter
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  4,  1945
      JUST  PATTER                   Sometlting  Old,  New,
                                     Borrowed  or  Blue
        Samuel  Shellbarger's  new  book,  rag. Watson, now editor of the Port
      "Captain  From  Castile"  seems  to  Chicago  "Magazine"  was  respon­  WHEN  A  SCOOTER,  truck  -or  station  wag,on  is   to  do  almost  every  type  of  repair  lfV•Ork.  Shown  at
      have  the  bluejackets  of  Treasure  sible for his· publication going from   towed to the garage at Radio Materiel  school, a staff   one  of  the  work  benches  in  the  above  picture  are
      Island  all  in  a  dither  this  week.  a  mimeographed  sheet  to  a  well­ of experienced mechanics will lose no time in getting   Cameron,  MoMM2c  (at  ttie  left),  and  O'Farral,
      According  to  library  r-eports  that  printed and edited letterpress paper  it  back  on  the  street  as  good  as  new. In  charge  of   MoM M3c.  Both men are competent mechanics, having
      book was the most popular literary  last  week  .. .  Another  news  note  Chief  Fitzgibbons,  the . shop  is  completely  equipped   been  well  trained  for this  type  of  work.
      composition  on  the  island.  For  the  from that side of the bay is the fact
      most  desirable  in  reading  material  that  the  gigantic  explosion  of  the  No P"ott19s Needed   The Island  Trotter
      do  not  forget  we  have  a  15,000  ammunition  ship  over  there  hap­
      volume  library  in the  new Recrea- pened  just  a  year  ago,  August  4,
      tion  building,  topside.  A  battl-e  1944 ...
      weary  marine  in  from  the  Pacific   The  fluid  state  of  bluejackets  on              Because of confusion and changed  I think that any veteran who wants
      gave  T. I.  a  select  compliment  on  Treasure Island reminds us of what                economic  conditions,  do  you  think  work  will  get  it. There  are lots  of
      its  library  saying,  "it  is the  finest  Mark Twain  once said when he was             the  returning  Service  man  will  ex­ unsympathetic people who are will­
      thing  I  have  seen  in  the  service. "  preparing  for  a  trip  aboard,  "It's        perience  difficulty in  job rehabilita­  ing  to  take  advantage  of  their
      ...  Apologies  fo.r  th-e  two  week's  too bad I have to take Mark Twain                tion?                         "protector"  in  order  to  beat  legis­
      wait  but it did take  a little time  to  with  me. "  We can never  get  away                                          lation, though. Two friends of mine
                                                                                                  Severin  P.  Vedros, GM2c,  Armed
      dig  up  the  "info"  promised  after  from  ourselves  no  matter  how  far              Guard. Yes he will.  People who are   were sent  to a  steel mill  for work.
      publishing  the story on the  "glam- or  wide  we  travel,  so  if  w-e  really           on  the  job  now  naturally  won't  be   After  three  days  they  were  "re­
      orous  garter."  We  were  surprised  wish  to  enjoy  our  travels,  let  us             talked  into  relinquishing  them.  tires"  and  the  civilians  who  used
      to. find what the Waves of this base  first  make  ourselves  enjoyable                   Lots  of  women  in  war  work  will   to  have  the  jobs  took  over  again.
      wear  for  good  luck  when  they  companions  to  ourselves. Forming                     hate  to  lose  that  pay-check  too. I   New  rotation  system!  But  with
      marry. For one thing, they too have  a  habit  of  joyous  participation  in              can't see where the  ex-service man   civilian  production  and  planned
      a garter,  a  baby  blue  one,  made  by  the  common ordinary events of the              will  fit  into  the  unions  and  a  lot   post-war  improvements  which  nec­
      the  mother  of  one  of  the  Waves.  day  will  bring  joy  wherever  we                of  the  "waiting  jobs"  will  be  gone   essarily  must  be  made,  the  Vets
      And  that is not  all-a lace hankie,  may  be  .  .  .  This belongs in a ."Did           because  of  various  business  rea­  should  be  able  to  go  to  work.
      belonging  to  Ens.  Patricia  Mer- you  know"  section  but  here  goes                  sons. I  have  connections  in  an  oil   Robert  Williams,  Ptr3c,  Indus­
      rick's  grandmother,  has  been  car- anyway-When  an  Englishman  is                     field  in  Louisiana,  though,  so  I   trial.  About the best thing to do  is
      ried by a  number of  our women  in  told  a  joke,  he  laughs  three  times:   T H EY  TOOK  THEIR  OWN  PIC­ won't  have  any  trouble.   go  through  civil  service  and  get  a
      the  service  making  the  march  first, to be polite;  second, when the   TURES, Wave Yeoman 3c Helen D.               steady  job  unless  you  want  to  be
      down  the  chapel  aisle. A  bridal  joke  is  explained;  third,  when  he   Romann,  AGC,  and  her  Army  hus­  James  R. Crawford,  MoMM3c,  a  laborer.  We are  going  to  have  a
      gown  is  kept  at  the  T. I. Hostess  catches ,on.  When a  German is told   band,  Sergeant  Russell  C.  Fuller.   RecShip. I think it will be easier for  hard  time  getting  readjusted.  If
      House  for  Waves  who  make  up  a joke, he laughs twice:  first, to be   They  were  recently  married  in   the  returning  fighter.  The  United  an  employer  sells  out,  will  the  re­
      their mind so suddenly that they do  polite;  second  when  the joke is ex­  their home-town church in Perham,   States  is  going  to take  a  more  ac­ turning  vetera.R  get  his  old  job
      not have  time to  make the regular  plained.  He doesn't catch on. When   Minn.  Both  claim  phot<igraphy  as   tive part  in international trade  re­ back?  Things  are  going  to  be  dif­
      pre-wedding  shopping  tour.   A  a  Frenchman  is  told  a  joke,  he   their favorite  hobby  and  spend all   lations  and  consequently  more  ferent.  The  government  can't  help
      fastidious addition to the dress was  laughs  once;  he  catches  on  im­  their extra money on  cameras and   good  steady  jobs  will  be  available  too  much  unless  it  is  going  to  be
      added when Captain and Mrs. Paul  mediately. When  an  American  is   film  with  post.war  plans  built,   than  in  pre-war  days.  I  think be­ in  the  form  of  a  "hand-out."  Gee,
      F.  Blackburn presented the  Waves  told a joke, he doesn't laugh at all;  around  more  time  for  picture-tak-  cause of legislation the service man it's  even  going to be  hard  learning
      of  this  naval  base  with  a  bridal  he's  heard  it  before  .. .  ing  and ,developing.   will  be  favored,  at  least  present to  pay  fo·r  your  meals  again.
      veil to be used by those who wished   Treasure Island and Terminal Is­                    psychological indications point that  Robert  A.  Ottman,  ChPhm.  Rec­
      it .  . .                     land are now in the race for cham-                          way.                          Ship. The boys won't have too hard
                                                                                                  Washington  E. Lewis,  S1c,  Small  a  time. But  the  red  tape  involved
        A  letter  coming  to  the  writer's  pion  papas.  Since  The  Masthead
      desk  from  the  Navy  Mothers  club  published  the  story  of  Armed  Navy Honors Memory   St.ores.  If  everything  works  as  GI  will  be troublesome.  It  all depends
      of   Oakland   expresses   sincere  ·Guardsman  John  Wesley,  Slc,  be­                  legislation  desires,  we  won't  have  on the section of  the United States
      thanks  to  two  Treasure  Island  ing the proud father of 14 children,  Of John Paul Jones   any  trouble. But  I  have  talked  to  and  the  type  of  job  the  man  is
      bluejackets  for  entertaining  the  it left other branches of the service                some  ex-service  men  and  they  are  looking for. You won't see so many
      group across the bay recently; Jack  stumped  as  the  Navy  had  again  With Baptismal Font   having  a hard  time with jobs.  Even   "apple  peddlers"  after  this  war,
      Tremaine,  Sp(W)lc;  director  of  scored  a  first.  The  "first"  remains   To honor the m-emory of the first   now  industrial  workers,  including   but  everyone  must  cooperate  to
      music  at  the  local chapel,  and  Gus  in the Navy but now Chief Stewart   American  Naval  hero,  Scottish­  ex-service  men,  are  being  laid  off.  build a prosperous post-war Amer­
      Balasis,  Slc,  violinist,  also  of  the  Gregorio  Zagala  of  the  United              So  unless  civilian  production  can   ica  and  GI  employment  is  an  in­
      chapel.  The  last  paragraph  of  the  States  Disciplinary  Barracks,  Ter­  born  John Paul  Jones,  a  baptismal   make  an  easy  and  fast  reconver­  tegral  point  of  it. Otherwise  we
      letter  reads:  "Jack's  singing,  as  minal  Island,  Calif.,  claims  to  be   font has been  given by U. S. Navy   sion  it  looks  tough.   are  going  to  be  depression-hit  in
      weU  as his  selection of  numbers,  is  the  father  of  15  children.  A  Navy   personnel  stationed  in  Great  Brit­  Merrill  Marshall,  Cox,  Welfare.  three  or  four  years.  It  seems it  is
      always something to enjoy;  and we  man  of  twenty-nine  years  service,   ain,  to  the  little  parish  churcl+  in   It  is  going  to  be  darned  hard  in  a   up to  us!
      have  had  no  violinist  to  entertain  Gregoria will have to do still better   Scotland  where  he  was  christened   lot  of  respects.  Unless  the  veteran   T
      us for a long time, therefore we de- to  remain  a  champion  since  our   in  1747.      has  contacts  with relatives, former   Gentle  he  took  his  wife's  dainty
      rived  double  pleasure  from  Mr.  Treasure Island  seaman expects to   As  a  lieutenant  in  the  Colonial   employers,  friends,  or  unless  he   little  hand  in  his-and  twisted  it
      Balasis'  playing."  ....  !Strictly  in  become  the father  of  another  child  Navy  during  the  Revolutionary   goes  home  to  a  small  town,  he  is   until  she  dropped  the  knife.
      the primitive flavor  is this  joke we  in the  near future.  If  luck  prevails  war, John Paul Jones started many   in  for  trouble.  So  many  economic
      gleaned  from  an  exchange-Then  and  it  should  be  twins  Seaman  Navy  traditions  while  he  com­  and production changes have taken
      there  was  the  moron  who  said  he  Wesley  will again set  a record· .. .  manded  the  "Bonhomme  Richard."   place in industry,  while the GI has   1945 . AUGUST  1945
      wasn't  going  to  have  more  than   The  Waves  of  Treasure  Island  But  he  is  mostly  remembered  for   been  away  from  his  job,  that  his   SUN  MON  TUE  WED  THUR   FRI   SAT
      three  children  because  he  read  in  may  have  had their  day  last  Mon­ his  answer to  the  HMS Serapis,  in   civilian  contemporary,  who  has   1  2  3  4
      an  almanac that  every fourth child  day,  their third  anniversary,  but  it  a fierce battle off the coast of Eng­  been  on  the  job,  gainning  experi­
      born in the world is a  Jap .  .  .   was  still  the  men  who  got  the  land,  when  ordered  to  surrender,   ence  and  keeping  up  with  the   S  6  7  8  9  10 11
        Any of you gobs having training  breaks.  At  the  Wave  ball  in  the   "I  have  not  yet  begun  to fight!"   changes,  it  is  going  to  be  rather  12 13 14 15 16 17 18
      course  books  from  the  educational  Administration building the service                difficult.
      office should return them now. Dog- ladies  invited  their  dancing  part­                  Wade Smothers, F1c,S hip's Serv­  19 20 21 22 23 24 25
      gone  it,  maybe  someone else  would  ners-giving us a break right from   Non-Fraternization?   ice  Gas  StaUon. It won't be so bad.   26 27 28 293031
      like  a  little  advancement  in  rate  the start.  It just goes to show that
      too  ... Hats off  to E. W.  (Weir)  th-e  women  still  can't  get  along  U.  S.  Gals  Like  -It
      Watson,  Ylc,  first  editor  of  this  without  us.                                      Navy Doubles Record In Bond Campaign
                                                                    Dr.  Gallup,  the  well-known  quiz­
                                                                  zer,  asked  American  women  this   The Twelfth Naval District, with   The  total of purchases  by Navy,
      Bible  Ads  Hit in            This Jap Can't Report         one:  "Do  you  think  American   headquarters  in  San  Francisco,  Marine Corps and Coast Guard per­
      Federal Ruling                On New Navy Corsair           soldiers  in  Germany  should  be  al­  ranked  third  among  districts  in  sonnel  during  this  campaign  was
                                                                  lowed  to  have  dates  with  German
                                                                                                purchase  of  war  bonds  in  the  $91,276,948,  or  almost  twice  the
        The  Federal  Trade  Commission   One  of  the  newest  weapons  of   girls?"           Navy's  Independence  Day  cam- 1944 July Fourth total.
      today  ordered  Shields  of  Faith  the  U. S.  Navy  to  be  thrown   Seventy  per  cent  of  the  women  paign,  June  22  to  July  7,  with  a   Highranking  among  the  Navy
      Company,  Pittsburgh,  to halt what  against  the  Japs  is  the  Chance  under  30,  66%  of  those from  30  to  total  of  $7,657,216.  The  purchases  yards  was  the  Mare  Island  Navy
      the FTC termed misrepresentations  Vought  F4U-4.  The  first  Japanese  49,  and  67%  ·of  those  over  50  all  raised the Navy's grand total since  Yard,  Vallejo,  Calif.,  with  $2,027,-
      in  the sale  of  metal-covered religi­ airman to get a glimpse of the new  answered  with  a  resounding  "No."  the  War  Bond  Program  fo,r  Navy:,  924. Marine  Corps  Air  Station,
      ous  books.                   Co•rsair  never  got  back  to  his base   Among  men,  there  was  more  Coast  Guard  and Marine personnel  Santa  Barbara,  Calif.,  headed  Ma­
        It  directed  the  firm  not  to  rep­ to  tell  his  superiors  about  it-he  sentiment  for  fraternization,  with  was established in October, 1941, to  rine  activities,  and  Coast  Guard  .
      resent  "armored  Bibles"  and  other  was shot down  in two minutes  flat  41%  in favor.  Dr.  Gallup  also dis- $1,353,000,000.   personnel  of  the  Thirteenth  Naval
      books as affording members of  the  by  First  Lt.  Douglas  M.  West,  covered  that  families  with  a  mem-  Top  ranking  activity  among  the  District  set  the  pace  among  Coast
      armed  services  "effective  pr,otec­ USMC,  Excelsior,  Minn.,  off  Am- ber  of  the  armed  forces  in  Ger- naval districts was the Third Naval  Guard  units  in  bond  buying. Fleet
      tion  against  bullets,  shrapnel  or  ami  O Shima.        many  were  more  opposed  to  fra­ District,  with headquarters  in New  personnel  added  $14,115,061  to  the
      other  projectiles  or  against  bayo­                      ternization  than  those  with  no  York  City,  with  its  total  of  $11,- heavy  volume,  with  the  Seventh
      net  thrusts."                   "Send  The  Masthead  Home"   member  of  the  family  there.   314,851.               Fleet in first place with  $6,248,100.
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