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             SAINT  PATRICK'S  NAVY  DANCE  WAS  BEST  YET                                •  •                     EX
                                                                                                                                    Here's  the  number  one  on  the
                                                                                                                      DISCIPLINA   T.  I.  hit parade:
                                                                                                                                  "Give  me  sand,  lots  of  sand,
                                                                                                                                  With a  starry sky above-
                                                                                                                                  Don't  ship  me  out!"
                                                                                                                                             *  * *
                                                                                                                                    Two  rabid  Californians,  during
                                                                                                                         ' \      a  heavy  rainstorm  in  San  Fran-
                                                                                                                                  cisco,  watched  the  downpour  with
                                                                                                    RADIO MATERIEL  SCHOOL  embarrassed  expressions.  Finally,
                                                                                                                                  after a  deep silence, one said to the
                                                                                                    Weddin g  Bells
                                                                                                                                  other:  "Boy,  some  terrible weather
                                                                                                      Now it can be told!  On Saturday
                                                                                                                                  certainly  blows  in  from  Nevada,
                                                                                                    last  Betty Jean Fullum,  Ylc,  pop-
                                                                                                    ular  and  talented  member  of  the   doesn't  it?"
                                                                                                    Instruction Office, pledged her troth    *  *  *
                                                                                                    to Dean Bubar, SoMlc, of Company   An old lady living in the  country
                                                                                                    50.  The  romance  has  blossomed  in  had  a  son  in  the  Navy.  On  one  of
                                                                                                    the  learned  hall  of  this  command  her  rare  visits  to  a  neighboring ·
                                                                                                    and  your  reporter  has  had  the  town,_ she  saw  a  sailor.  Excited
                                                                                                    privilege  of  a  side  line  seat.  Betty  and  quite  flustered,  she  asked  the
                                                                                                    calls  Oklahoma  City  her  home  sailor if  he  knew  her son.
                                                                                                    while  the bridegroom is a  native of   "Well,"  said  the  sailor,  "what
          HOORAY  FOR  THE  IRISH,  say  a ll  Waves  and                                           San  Luis  Obispo.  Betty  was  at- ship is  he on?"
          sailors  who  attended the station  dance·on  March  17.                                  tended by Louise Trimpe, Y3c, while   "What ship?"  exclaimed  the  old.
          The  first  dance  t-o  be  held  exclusively  fo r  Navy                                 Harry Compton,  RT2c,  gave moral  lady.  "Are  there two?"
          personnel  was  a  big  success  a nd  the  boys  a nd  girls                             support  to  the  groom.
          may  be  ~een• at upper left  doing  it t he  " Navy  way."                               Launching                                *  *  *
          The "lone  Ma rine ,at,.uP.per  right  was  snapped  as  he                                 It's a  baby girl for Ens. and Mrs.   The  meanest  man  in  the  Navy
             0                                                                                                                    is  the  cook  who  breaks  up  ping
          sh,  red'  a .• ~andwich  with  a  lady  tar,  a nd  at  lower                            Paul  Tissot!  Marlayne  Suzanne
          rr9ht  tfie,.,bJuejackets  have  t hi ngs  well  in  hand.                                Tissot made her appearance on St.   pong balls in the powdered eggs so
       ~ iWt,ite  spots  are  gardenias  worn  by  Wave  guests.                                    Patrick's Day and weighed in at 7   the  lads  think  they're  getting  the
                                                                                                                                  real thing.
                                                                                                    pounds  4  ounces.  Papa  Tissot  has
                                                                                                    been  busy  passing  out  the  cigars    * * *
                                        ........................... ..,,  tablished  to  keep  sufficient  check  and receiving congratulations from   Joan Davis :  "My brother wanted
                                        1  ~                                                                                      a  sweater that would wear well,  so
                                                                      on every preparatory military move  his shipmates.
                                                                                                                                  I  knitted  him  one.  But  everytime
                                                                      either  country  makes.  In  case  Promoti-ons
                                                                                                      As the result of a  recent ALNAV  he pulls it over his head it scratches
                                                                      either Germany  or Japan attempts
                                                                      to  bear arms  again,  the  allied  na- new  stripes  have  made  their  ap- his face."
                                        What kind of peace  treaty should
                                                                      tions  should  join  arms,  move  in  pearance among the official family.   John  Lang:  "What  did  you  knit
                                          the  Allies  make  with  Germany                         1
                                                                      and  crush  their  army  before  they  Promoted  to  lieutenant  (jg)  are  it  of?"
                                          and fapan.                  can get on the warpath again.   Gordon  G.  Fletcher,  Winslow  L.   Joan  Davis:  "Steel  wool."
                                        Cha rles  Pearson,  AM M3c,  Receiv-  It's  all  right  to  "br1.1ise  a  ser- Hurford and Mabel  W.  Scott.
            This  week  we  are  sticking  our                                                                                               *  * *
          neck out. We want to give you top-  ing  Ship.  I  don't  know  what  kind  pent's  head"  but  it's  liable  to  be- Departure   Then  there's  the  one  about  the
          flight news coverage and so we are   of  treaty  is  best  suited  for  those  come  a  menace  unless  your  blow   Chief  Radio  Electrician  Jesse  T.  girl  who  alighted  from  the  street
                                        gangsters  of  international  crime.  renders it incapable of any danger.  Chadick was  recently detached for  car  backward  because  she  heard
          inviting  your  opinions  and  recom-
                                        But  whatever kind is drawn  up  by  The same holds true with Germany  duty in the Eleventh Naval District.  someone  say  they  were  going  to
          mendations  on  this  column.  Will
                                        the  Allies,  it  should  be  so  harsh,  and Japan and the allies should re- Mr.  Chadick,  who  was  Assistant  grab her seat when she got off.
          you  jot them down  and drop  them
                                        so  severe  that  it  will  take  more  member this  at the  peace  table.   Radio  Materiel  Officer,  was  well
          in  the  mail  this  week ?  This  is                                                                                              *  * *
                                        than  a  century  before  either  Ger-   *  *  *            known to all members of the school
          your  chance  to  tell  us  what  you                                                                                     A pretty young nurse was selling
          want  to  read,  and  as  far  as paper   many or Japan can start preparing   Frances  C.  Lempe,  Y3c,  Frontie r   for  his  cheery  smile  and  spirit  of  poppies.
          space and censorship will allow we   for another war.       Base Personnel Office. We definitely   helpfulness.         .  Chris told her that he would give
                                          I  think  a  system  should  be  es-                      A nchors  Awei gh
          shall  try  to  build  future  columns                      want  an  American  Peace  Treaty,                          her a  $5  bill  for  a  poppy provided
          on your suggestions.                                        in  the very sense of the word.   High  honors  went  to  M.  M.  Mc-  she would  promise  to nurse  him  if
                                        as  one  of  the  United  States'  eight   The only way to  teach these for-  Whorter, RT2c, who took first place   he  ever  went  to  her  hospital.  She
            Comments  should  be  signed  and
                                        delegates to the coming peace con- eign  warmongers  the  right way  is   with  an  average  of  96.83  when   promptly agreed.
          addressed  to the Wave Editor, The   ference.                                             RMS  graduated  another  class  of
          Masthead,  Recreation  and  Enter-  Just  Betwee n  Us      to,  through  some  effective  means,   skilled  technicians  recently.  Many   "By  the  way,"  Chris  asked,
          tainment  Div.,  Treasure  faland,                          force  the  American  way  of  living                       "where is your hospital?"
                                         TADCEN  Disbursing  will  soon  upon them.                 months  of  study  find  these  men   "I'm  at  the  Queen  Charlotte
          Calif.  We want to  reprint as many   mourn  the  loss  of  Gwen  Paschall,               now  ready  to  take  their  places  in
          of  your  letters  as  possible  two                          Perhaps later they will accept it.                        Maternity  Hospital,"  meekly  re-
                                        Margaret Green and Emily Villars.  Such  peace  terms  will  not  totally   the  Fleet  and  put  their knowledge   plied  the  nurse,  putting  the  five-
          weeks  from  today  so  get  them  in
                                        The  girls  want  to  learn  to  sing  obliterate  the  German or Japanese   to use. The good wishes  of all your   spot in  her purse.
          the  mail  before March 31.
                                        "Aloha"  ... Home  from  Alaska  race,  but will give them a  new way   mates go with you!
          Were  You  There?
                                        came  C.  W.  Foster,  SF2c,  and now  of life that is decidedly better than  Crow's  Feet
           Those who missed last Saturday's
                                        E loise  Holloman  is  an  honorary  that of living in a  war-like society.   Proudly sporting additional
          all-Navy  dance  missed  one  of  the   member of the  Seabees with the ad-               stripes  these  days  are  the  follow-
          best  dances  ever  held  on Treasure                                  *  *  *
                                        dition  of  a  wedding  ring  on  her  S.  L.  Smith,  Cox,  Person ne l  Office,  ing:  E.  J.  Dauben,  RTlc;  R.  0 .
          Island.  Over  five  hundred  Waves
                                        third finger . . .  Where is  that girl  Tadcen.  I  think  it  is  difficult  to  Dean, RTlc; C. F . Rundquist, RTlc;
          from Oakland NTS, Hunter's Point,
                                        who  was  selling  pre-war  Nylons  make a  peace treaty with Germany  C.  N.  Waddell,  RTlc;  R.  W.  Kauf-
          San  Leandro,  NSD  Oakland,  San
                                        at  $4  a pair  in  the  lounge  at  232  and Japan.        man,  RTlc;  A.  L.  Myers,  RTlc;
          Francisco  and  Treasure  Island   last  Saturday  night?  Please  con-  In  the  first  place,  the  kind  of  R.  A.  Latham,  RTlc;  W.  J.  Spath,
          came to  serve as hostesses.  Every-
                                        tact  us  at  once . .. "Bang-bang,"  treaty best suited for both countries  SKlc;  M.  W.  Barnett,  Sp(A)lc;
          body  had fun,  and with the excep-
                                        as Margery Gunn is known to  hos- will  ultimately  cause  many  inno- M.  L.  Carey,  Sp (A) lc;  J .  Cohen,
          tion  of  a  handful  of  green-clad
                                        pital  corpsmen, made all the neces- cent people to suffer.   PrtrM3c;  J.  M.  Maneely,'  Sp(X)
          Marines, the floor was full of Navy   sary promises and is now Mrs. Rob-  It  seems  to  me  that  Hitler  and  (VA)3c;  J .  F .  Torre,  Y3c;  and  C.
                                        ert  Armitage.  Such  a  nice  nick- Tojo  have  not  only  done  a  good  T.  Raines,  Y3c.  These  advances  in
          If  You  Are  Married         name,  too .. . Not content at home,  job  of  drugging  the  people  with  ratings  have  been  earned  by  dili-
           Service men and women who are  hospital  Waves  have  made  two  re- certain  ideologies  which  are  di- gent study and should be  an incen-
          married to  members  of the  Armed  cent trips  to  Yosemite  and Donner  rectly  opposed  to  ours  but  have  tive  to  others  to  follow  the  same
          Forces  should  be  interested  in  Pass.  They  took  along  their  own  also  succeeded  in  propagandizing  course.
          Naval  P ersonnel  Circular  Ltr.  No.  entertainment unit to Yosemite and  them  into  a  state  of  militancy  W elcome  Aboard
          28-45.  The  letter  states  that  en- put on a  show at the  hospital,  and  against  the  allies.   Martha  Bryant,  S2c,  and  Mar-
          listed  personnel  may  be  granted  both  trips · have  improved  their   The  United  Nations  should  not  garet  A . . Lister,  S2c,  reported
          earned  annual  leave  and  advanced  skiing  ability ... Jackie  Middleton  ignore this fact when they sit down  aboard  on February 11  to  take  up
          unearned annual leave up to thirty  and  Bertha  Stamper  now  de- to  discuss  peace  terms  with  Ger- billets  in  the  Visual  Aids  Depart-
          days,  exclusive  of  ~ravel  time,  in  mand  proper  respect  as  befits  two  many  and  Japan.   ment in Building 28  and  Palace H.
          order to  be with  returning person- dignified specialists  ( S3c).  .  .  Jean   As  I  see  it,  the  only  effective  Martha  hails  from  Boston,  Mass.,
          nel from overseas. Commanding of- Gebers  and Ella Hanson  are  prac- way to deal with both of  the coun- where  she  was  a  fashion  designer
          ficers  are  requested  to give  special  ticing  "I  do's".  .  .  Betty  Fullum  tries  is  to  wipe  their  ideologies  before  joining the  ranks  and  Mar-
          consideration  to  annual  leave  re- would  make  a  good  undercover  and philosophies off the face  of the  garet  comes  from  Haverford,  Pa.,
          quests  submitted  by  husbands  or  agent since she managed to become  earth,  killing  their  influence  com- where she was a  draftsman for the
          wives married to service personnel.  Mrs.  Dean  Bubar  and  almost  no  pletely.         Bell Telephone Co.
          Miss  " Mac"  Says            one  had  an  advance  notice  of  the   If this  can be done  without wip-
           Miss  McAffee  recently  told  the  event.  .. Brave  Wave  was  Mary  ing  out  the  German  or  Japanese
                                                                                                     Two  Marines  were  lying  in  ad-
         U.  S.  about  us  in  an  interview  J ane  Blackwell,  who  came  out  of  races, the allies should not hesitate
                                                                                                    joining  beds  in a  Guadalcanal hos-
         granted  to  a  weekly  news  maga- the Armed Guard Disbursing office  to  do  it.  If  their  influence  cannot
                                                                                                   pital.  Each received  a  letter in  the
         zine.  It seems  she  is  proud  of  the  last  week  flourishing  a  "beeg"  be  crushed into eternal submission,
         job  we  have  done  and says we  are  pistol and frightened the big MAA's  utterly  incapable  of  rising  again,
                                                                                                     After reading his,  the first threw
         proof  that "women can be  efficient  away ... In  their pajamas,  two  by  without  crushing  the  German  or
                                                                                                   it on the floor. "It's from my girl,"
         and  professional  and  still  be wom- two,  came  some  20  hospital  corps- Japanese  people,  their  position  is
                                                                                                   he  explained glumly.  "She tells me
         en." Incidentally she is the one who  men  to  say  goodbye  to  Margaret  most  regrettable.  No  other  alter-
                                                                                                   she's marrying another fellow."
         insisted that Wave barracks include  Williams,  PhM3c,  and  with  them  native  should  be  given  them- ex-
                                                                                                     "You're  sore!"  came  from  the
         recreation rooms where girls might  came a  beautiful suitcase to accom- cept  the  "honor"  to  die  for  their
                                                                                                   other  bed.  "This  is  from  my  draft
         receive  male  guests.  "It takes  two  pany  Margaret  on  her  travels.  .  .  country.
                                                                                                   board.  They rejected  me!"
         to make recreation," says our Cap- Morale  lifter  is  Gloria  Gray,  Mariann  D'Orazio,  S2c,  Federal
         tain  McAffee.                Sl c (Y),  who  listens  to  the  trials,   Ga lley.  The  peace  treaty  I  would  and teach them that our way of life
         S.  F.  Visitor               tribulations and stories of strength   prescribe  for  Germany  and  Japan  is superior.
           Dean Virginia Gildersleeve,  head  told  by  strong  specialists  "A"  at
                                                                     is  very simple.  It would be  a  peace   The German and Japanese people  ANNE  JEFFREYS  is  Saipan's  most
         of  the  advisory council which  con- Gym  No.  1.  .. Just  between  us   administered  to  a  war-torn  people  are  as  tired  of  suffering  and  war  popular  actress  since  T/ Sgt.  Omar  T.
         vinced  Navy  fathers  that  women  this  is  all  for  this  week.  Send  in                                            Knudson  landed  there with 400  copies
                                                                     who  are longing for peace.   as  we.  They  long  to  return  to  the
         could  serve in the Navy as well as  your  letters  and  suggestions  be-  I  would  suggest  that we  remold  old  way  of  life.  All  they  need  is   of above photo from  her latest picture,
         men,  will  visit San Francisco soon  fore  next Saturday.   the  warped  minds  of  these  people  the  proper  leader.   "Zombies on  Broadway."  Gues, who's
                                                                                                                                  the popular doughboy on Saipan todayf
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