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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

      VOL.  111- No.  47                                 TREASURE  ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA                                       JANUARY 6,  1945

      l. I. Donors  Swamp  Bloo~  Ban~  At ter  Call  from  Pacific

                                                                                                                              'Shipmate' Has  Meaning
      T. I.  Sailor  Gives           Red  Cross  Moves to  New Location                              All  Movies  and         To Sailors As They  Give
      Eyewitness  Account           On Treasure  Island                                             Stage  Shows · Now        Their  Blood  In  Drive

      Of Utah Train Wreck              "Business as  usual"  is the  slogan  at the Treasure Island     F-R-E-E
                                    main office of the Red Cross field director, although staff and   The  biggest news  story  of  the   To a  Navy man,  the word  "ship-
        Howard E.  Lang,  GM3c,  has had                                                                                      mate"  means  something.
      many severe combat experiences in   equipment have recently been moved to new quarters. When  New  Year  broke  Tuesday  when   To prove this,  when priority "A"
      the Pacific, but for sheer horror the  Lt.  C.  S.  Smith  and  the  Personnel  Office  of  the  Training   the  announcement  was  made  by   cables were received from Fleet Ad-
      crash  of  the  Pacific  Limited  on  Center  Command  moved  to  the  Administration  Building,   Commodore  R.  W.  Cary,  Com-  miral  Chester  W.  Nimitz,  Com-
                                                                                                 mander,  U.  S.  Naval  Training
      December  31,  on  one  section  of  more  space was made  available to the Red Cross staff.  The                       mander-in-Chief of the U. -S.  Pacific
                                                                                                 and Distribution  Center,  that all
      which he was riding, is a  match for  new  office  is  located  in  Building                                            Fleet,  telling  of  the  dire  need  for
                                                                                                 charges  to  movies  on  the  Island
      anything he saw in the  Philippines  174, Room 400. Here, as for the past  C.  S.  Shelly,  Mrs.  Elsie  Swabe!,        whole  blood,  especially  type  "O,"
                                                                                                 are  now  cancelled.
      and tl).e  Marianas.                                                                                                    great  numbers  of  volunteers  from
                                    two  and  one-half  years,  this  office  Miss  P atricia Brethauer.
                                                                                                   From this time on there will be
        On his way to report to the Naval  will continue  to serve the personnel   The clerical staff;::onsists of:  Of-  no  charge  made  for  movies  or   the Navy activities in the Bay Area
      Training School at Treasure  Island  of  the  Training  and  Distribution  fice  Manager,  Mrs.  Helen  D.  Pier-       flocked to  the  San Francisco Blood
                                                                                                 stage shows in Treasure Island's
      after a  leave  at his home  in  Chap- Center. From 9 o'clock in the morn-                                              Bank.
                                                                  son;  Receptionist,  Miss  Barbara  three  modern  theatres.  Hereto- .
      man,  Kans.,  Lang  was  riding  in  ing  to  6  o'clock  at night  someone  Mordecai;  Locator,  Gwenlian  Ber-
                                                                                                 fore  a  charge  of  five  cents  was   These  men  wanted  to  give  a
      the sixth car of section one,  trying  is  on  duty  on  telephone  extension   cheleigh ;  Bookkeeper,  Miss  Irene  made  for  movie  admittance  but  small portion of their blood so that
      to  sleep  as  the  train  crept  along  90-91.             Bir beck; Teletypist, Mrs. Genevieve   no  charge  has  been  made  for  some  wounded  shipmate  on  a
      at about 10 miles an hour.      The staff, too, ·has been increased  Libbey;  File  Clerk,  Mrs.  Meredith   stage  s~ows.   jungle-infested  battle  front  might
        Suddenly  there  was  a  terrific  to  offer  more  complete  service.  Wright;  Stenographers, Mrs. Artye
                                                                                                   Commodore  Cary's  announce-  live.  Many of the men volunteering
      smash, and Lang and the other pas- Walter  E.  Todd,  Field  Director,  Hellner,  Mrs.  Lois Benvenuto, Miss  ment is being welcomed by Treas-
                                                                                                                              are veterans of many hard months
  '----  sengers in his car were hurled from  gives  the following list of  assistant  Virginia  Wieder.
                                                                                                 ure  Island's  bluejackets  as  one   of  fighting  and  privations  in  the
      their  seats.  The  second  section  of  field directors:  Miss  Marian Cauth-  This  office  staff  will  continue  to   of the  best New Year's gifts they  Pacific. They know the  urgency of
      the Pacific Limited,  rushing  up  the  ers, Miss Elizabeth Fuselman, Miss  assist  Navy  personnel  with  prob-  could  receive.  There  will  be  no   the  blood  in putting life  back- into
      causeway west of Ogden, Utah, had  Dorothy Frost,  Mr.  -Sam  Goldman,  lems that arise through personal or  change  in  theatre  policy- the  ·the  veins  of  a  wounded  fighting
      driven squarely into the rear of the  Mr.  Lawrence  Grady,  Mr.  Joseph  family  situations.  Such  problems
                                                                                                 same  high  class  entertainment  American.
      first.                        E . Hoffman, Miss Julie Salmen, Mr.   (Continued  on  page  2)   being presented at all times.   Among the leaders for volunteers
      "Too  Dazed  to  Realiz-e"                                                                                              was  Pre-Commissioning  Training
        "We were too dazed and sleepy to                                                                                      Center, Treasure Island. When Cap-
      realize  what  had  happened,"  Lang                   JUST  A  PINT  OF  BLOOD                                         tain Proctor M. Thorton, command-
      declared.  "It  was  only  five  or  ten  *  *                                                                          ing  officer  of  the  unit,  put  a  plea
      minutes  later,  when  the  Shore Pa-                                                                  *  *
                                                                                                                              before his  men  for  them to volun-
      trol  entered  our  car  and  called  us
                                                                                                                              teer to give their blood,  there  were
      to  aid  with  the  injured,  that  we
                                                                             ANSWERING  SHIPMATES'  S.  0.  S.-Jerome  S.     large  numbers  that  filed  aboard
      understood  we  were  in  a  train                                     Winnick,  S1c,  3821  •  18th  Ave.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,   the  buses  waiting  there  to  take
      smash."                                                                gives  a  pint  of  his  bl,ood  so  that  some  -one  -on  the   them  to the Blood Bank.
                                                                             Pacific  battle  front  will  have  a  chance  t,o  live.  Ens.
      Helped  Carry  Injured                                                 Mary C.  Furnari  (NC), 441  View St.,  Mountain View,
        Joining other soldiers and sailors                                   California,  watches th,e  sphygmomanometer on  Win-
      who  had  not been  hurt in the  col-                                  nick's  arm.  Picture at  bottom shows a  porti,on ,of the
      lision,  Lang  helped  carry  the . in-                                Treasure  Island  sailors  getting  info  buses  that  will   Masthead  Recipient  of
      jured  to  the  two  military hospital                                 take  them  to  the  Blood  Bank.  Many  of  these  men
                                                                             have  seen  lo,ng,  gruelling  months -Of  savage  warfare   Appreciation  Certificate
      trains·  which  luckily  formed  part
                                                                             in  the  Pacific. They  have seen the  miracles that have
      of the train's first section.                                          been  performed  by  the  needed  blood  pla-sma.
        "Three  of  them  died  almost  as                                                                                    From  S. F.  Red  Cross
      soon as we turned them over to the                                                                                        Treasure   Island's   newspaper,
      nurses,"  Lang  stated,  "and  their                                                                                    "The Masthead,"  was recipient of a
      bodies  had  to  be  taken  away  to
                                                                                                                              Certificate of Appreciation from the
      make room for those who could still
                                                                                                                              San  Francisco  Chapter  of  · the
      be helped."
                                                                                                                              American National Red Cross Blood
      Heaped-up  Bodies                                                                                                       Donor  Service  for  giving extensive
        As  Lang  went  by  th_e  wrecked                                                                                     publicity to the blood program.
      cars, through the windows he could                                                                                        The  certificate,  signed  by  K.  A.
      see  the  heaped:UP  bodies  of  the                                                                                    Joyce,  Chairman  of  San  Francisco
      dead.                                                                                                                   Blood  Donor  Committe-e,  reads  as
        Lang also  carried  buckets of hot                                                                                    follows:
      water  to  the  hospital  trains,  to  be                                                                                 "I  wish  to  express  the  sincere
      used in cleansing wounds and surgi-                                                                                     appreciation  of  the  San  Francisco
      cal  instruments.                                                                                                       Red •Cross Blood Donor Service for
        After  the  emergency  cases  had                                                                                     the  generous  support  you  have
      been taken care of,  Lang built fires                                                                                   given  this  vital  program  through-
      near  the  wreck  so  that  uninjured                                                                                   out the year.
      women  and  children  might  warm                                                                                         "Due  to  the  efforts  of  our many·
      themselves.                                                                                                             friends and the patriotic response of
        About  four  hours  later  the  un-                                                                                   the  public,  the  San  Francisco  Bay
      damaged  cars  of  section  one  pro-                                                                                   Area  has  collected  and  processed
      ceeded  on  their  way  again,  and                                                                                     approximately  300,000  pints  of
      Lang continued his  journey.                                                                                            blood  during  the year  (1944) .  This
      Logged  in  Late                                                                                                        was  essentially  our  quota.
        Logging  in  at  Treasure  Island                                                                                       "Your  contribution  has  been  a
      eight  hours  late,  Lang  found  that                                                                                  valued factor in  this successful ac-
      this was one case in which not just                                                                                     complishment  and  it  is  gratefully
      a  conductor's  letter,  but  the  na-                                                                                  acknowledged."
      tion's headlines explained a  sailor's
      tardiness in  reporting.
                                                                                                                              While  Others
     · Personnel  Warned                                                                                                      Made Merry
                                                                                                                                In  watts  if  not  words,  electric
      On  War  Speculation                                                                                                    meters on Treasure Island recorded
        ,speculating by s-ervice  personnel                                                                                   a  saga of  devotion  to  duty  on  the
      and  civilian  public  officials  as  to                                                                                part  of  storekeepers  at  the  Dis-
      the length of the war may throw .a                                                                                      bursing  Office  during  the  recent
      "monkey  wrench"  into  the  high                                                                                       holiday  season.
      speed  defense  machinery  of  the                                                                                        F or  several  weeks  before,  and
      nation  it  was  recently  announced                                                                                    right  through Christmas  and  New .
      by the Pre.§ident.                                                                                                      Year's  Day,  the  wearers  of  the.:
  '--'                                                                                                                        ·crossed  keys  worked  late  ev-ery
        In a  terse message to  the  Secre-
      tary of the Navy,  President Roose-                                                                                     night doing  a  balancing act on old
      v-elt  pointed  out  that  the  essential                                                                               pay  records,  which  expired  with
      supplies  vital  to  the  war  effort                                                                                   the  old  year,  and  drawing  up new  ·
      could  be  harmed  by  these  _arm-                                                                                     ones  so  that  you  and  you  and  you
      chair  strategists.                                                                                                     might collect in future pay lines.
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