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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

        VOL  IV- No.  21                                     TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.                                          JULY  7,  1945

        Treasure  Island  Leading  1n  12ND  Bond  Sales

                                                                                                                                Bluejackets  Buying
        SmaH  Stores  Selling  $15,000  in                          THE  DENTIST COMES TO  YOIJ • ••                            Those Extra Bonds to

        Clothing  to  3,300  Men  Per  Day·                                                                                     Make  Drive  a Success

                                                                                                                                  Final  figures,  released  Tuesday
        Local  Activity  Issued                                                                                                 by  Lt.  H.  A.  Lincoln,  Treasure Is-
        Gear to 2,147 Survivors                                                                                                 land  War  Bond  Officer,  show  a
                                       Treasure  Island  Dance                                                                  splendid  percentage  of  increase
        During the Month  of May                                                                                                over  the  last  drive  put  on  by  the
                                       For  All  Hands  Next                                                                    Navy.  Tuesday's figures  show that
         If  you  decide  to  open  a  retail
                                                                                                                                $434,014.75   have   been   "salted
        clothing  store  after  your  Navy   Saturday  Night                                                                    away"  in  War  Bonds  by  the  per-
        days  you  will  probably pray for  a                                                                                   sonnel  of  this  base for  future  use.
        business like this.  But if you were   Get  ready  mates!  Next Satur-                                                  It is  expected  that  by  the  end  of
        attached to Small Stores you would   day  night,  in  Gym  N,o,  1,  the                                                the  drive  today  the  total  will  be
        probably· be pulling your  hair  out.   new  T.  I.  Band  ,opens  up  with                                             well over $475,000.
         Small  Stores  officer  Lt.  (jg)  A.   their hottest jive, at 2000 for the
        A.  Hennon,  stated  there  were  20   all-station  dance.                                                                Treasur,e  Island  leads  all  ,other
                                         Beautiful  girls a re  going  to  be                                                   activities in  the Twelfth  Naval  Dis-
        storekeepers in the issue rooms who
                                       there  too-eight  hundred  (we                                                           trict in  percentage of gain over the
        are charged with the  job of handl-
                                       said  800)  host,esses  San                                                       last  drive.  However,  this  lead  can
        ing  sales,  keeping  the  shelves
                                       Francisc-o  and  Oakland,  alo·ng                                                        be  maintained ,only  by the continu-
        stocked  with  clothing,  taking·  in-
                                       with  some  of  our  own  T.  I.                                                         ance  ,of  buying  bonds  until  the
        ventories,  and  holding  field  days.
                                       Waves.                                                                                   drive  ,ends  this  afternoon.  If  y,ou
        One  Wave. is  attached-Della  An-
                                         The dance goes until 2330, and                                                         hav,en't  bought  that  bond,  do  so
        nas,  SKlc,  who  does  office  work.                                                                                   now  so  it  may  be  included  in  the
         The  Small  Stores  building- 215   there  will  be  Coca  Cola,  sand-                                                drive  to  put  Treasure  Island  over
        - is  located  directly  west  of  the   wiche,s,  and  other  refreshments
                                       on  hand.  Get  your  free  tickets   DENTAL  TECHNICIAN  who  travels  with  this  newly-commissioned   the top.
        Ferry slip on 10th Street. There are
                                       from  y,our  welfare  officer  right   mobil-e  unit,  stands  beside·:one of  the  latest-type dental  chairs.  Forward,   Members  of  the  Tadcen  person-
        two  entrance passageways  leading                          in  the clinic y,ou  ,see  the dark  r,oom of the 20-ton,  50 foot trailer.
                                       away-they  go  fast!                                                                     nel office were leading all Treasure
        to  the  issuing  rooms  which  are
                                                                                                                                Island  activities  Tuesday  with  a
        open from 1830 until 1130, and from                                                                                     $56.00 per capita.
        1230 until 1630, through which pass                         Regulations · issued  On      Lodging  Only  SO-cents;      F,orces  Afloat  Doing  Good
        some 3,300 sailors each day.   The  Navy  Now                                                                             Some of the best record for sav-
         However,  during  the  last  two                           Lost  Tobacco  Cards          Waffle  Breakfast             ing money through War Bonds are
        days  of  e.ach  month  Small  Stores  Has  Dental  Units
                                                                     Regulations  regarding  replace-                           being chalked up by men at sea,  a
        is · closed  for  inventory.  Supplies                      ment  of  lost  tobacco  ration  cards  .Thrown  in  Free   recent  survey  of  shipboard  bond
        arrive daily from the Naval Supply  On  Wheels  .•.
                                                                    were  issued  today  for  this  naval   Down  at  32  Clay  Street  in  San  buying reveals.
        Depot  in  Oakland,  although  all
                                       The  Twelfth  Naval  District  just  base  by  Lt.  J.  D.  Williams,  Pass,  Francisco,  at  the  foot  of   The  survey,  covering  the  bond
        special sizes must be ordered from   obtained a  mobile dental unit.  It is  Ration  and  Communications  of- Market  'Street  and  directly  across  activities  of  630  ships  in  the  Pa-
        the  clothing  depot  in  Brooklyn,
                                      the  second  unit  of  its  <type  to  be  ficer.           from  the  Ferry  Building,  is  the  cific,  with  a  total  complement  of
        N.  Y.
                                      placed in commission by the Navy,   Loss of cards will be  reported to   Harbor  Club,  a  dormitory  for  the  65,000  men,  shows  that  a  surpris-
         Probably  the  biggest  job  of  the
                                      and the first to be sent to the West  the issuance officer, or commanding   man  in  uniform.  Here· ·a  sailor,  ingly  large  number  of  individual
        issuing  room,  other  than  account-
                                      Coast.  Equipped  with  the  finest  officer  of  command  activities,  or   soldier  or  marine  may  get  a  nice  ships  have  either  perfect  or  well-
        ing for about $15,000  a  day, is that
                                      dental  machinery  available,  the  division  officers  in  Training  and   clean bed for 50-cents--and waffles  nigh  perfect  allotment  records
        of taking care of all survivors,  for
                                      two-unit clinic is available to ships  Distribution Center on a  prescribed   for  breakfast  the  next  morning,  and while those reporting 100 · per~
        they may come in at any time  dur-
                                      and  shore  establishments  within  form.  Replacements  for  cards  lost   thrown in, free  of charge.   cent performances are in the  main
        ing  the  day,  and  in  any  numbers.                                                     There are other free services, too,  smaller  ships,  the  percentages  of
                                      this  naval  district  which  do  not  or  destroyed  will  normally  be
        To completely re-outfit several hun-                                                      such  as  showers,  checking  privi- many  of  the  larger  ones  are  well
                                      have  have  access  to  permanent  issued  one  week  following  report
        dred  men  within  a  few  hours  no-                                                     leges,  towels,  soap,  etc.  There is a  over 70  percent.
                                      dental facilities-.           of loss.
        tice  is  a  big  job  in  itself.  As  an
                                       The  twenty-ton,  fifty  foot  long   The ration for  the week of issue   beautiful lounge,  books and maga-  The  overall  percentage  of parti-
        example,  Small  Stores  issued  all   truck-trailer  rolled  into  Treasure              zines  available,  a  grand  piano  f.or  cipation  for  ships  covered  in  the
       new gear to 2,147 survivors during   Island  last  week  after  a . 12-day   will  be  punched  o,r  obliterated  be-  those who play-in other words it's  survey was  67.1,  approximately 10
        the  merry  month  of  May.  Do  you                        fore issuance.
                                      trip  from  New  Orleans  where  the                        a  good  place  for  a  weary  chap  to  points higher than the average for
       want to be a  storekeeper, mate?                                                           rest.
                                      unit  was  constructed  and  com-                                                         the  entire  Naval  establishment.
                                      missioned.                   power.  The  air-conditioned  trailer   The Harbor Club is open day and
        Re-broadcast  of  "Word        In charge is Lt. Commander B. C.  is  complete  with  a  waiting  room   night-24 hours--in fact,  its doors
                                     Kingsbury  of  San  Francisco,  who  and  two  master  dental  chairs.  A   have never closed since the opening   SHOW  YOUR  COLORS
       From  the  People"  at        is assisted by another dental officer,  compressor provides  po,wer for the   in March,  1943.
                                     two dental technicians and a  motor  drills  and other equipment.  A  dark,   The  Harbor  Club  is  run  by  a   AT  THE  TREASURE
       Hostess  House  Tonite        machinist's  mate  who  drives  and  room,  built  into  the  forward  end   group of patriotic volunteers,  most
                                     services  the unit.           of  the trail~r,  is  used  for the pro-  of them business women, under the   ISLAND  BLOOD  BANK
         Tonight  at 1830,  in  the  Hostess   After being serviced on Treasure  cess•ing  of X-ray film.   able direction  of Miss  Mary Cogh-
       House, there will be a  transmission  Island last week, the outfit left 'here   Lt. Commander B. C . Kingsbury,   lin, who foresaw the need of such a   A  total  of  2101  bluejackets  of
       of the world-wide broadcast staged  on  its first  to·ur.  It is scheduled  to  who was aboard  during the trip to   place for  the service man,  and did  Treasure Island donated worthwhile
       on Treasure Island last April 24.   process the V-12  units at Stockton,  the  coast  from  New  Orleans  said,   sometbing about it.   and  badly  needed  blood  to  blood
         The broadcast was held here the   Calif.,  and Colorado  Springs,  Colo.,  "At Amarilla, Tex.,  we apprqached   The  Harbor Club has a  capacity  banks  in  this  vicinity  last  month
       night before  the formal opening of   in  the nea r  future.   an  underpass  bearing  a  small   of 450 beds. During the week, there  but out of that number only 135 do-
       the United Nations Conference and   Being  equipped  to  handle · ·all  clearance sign of 10 feet.  Suddenly   is  always plenty of room,  but Sat- nations were made at the Treasur.e
       was attended by Mr. Stettinius and   phases  of  dentistry,  except  pros- our  driver  happened  to  remember   urdays  and  Sundays  it  is  always  Island blood donor center. The over
       Dean  Gildersleeve,  of  t:qe  Ameri-  thetics,  the unit is completely inde- the  trailer  is  11  feet  three  inches   full  to  capacity.  If  a  service  man   all picture looks good but the local
       can  Delegation.  The  program  to,ld   pendent  of  outside  sources  of  high. The brakes went on .. . fast."   has  a  pru,s  for  Saturday •and -Sun-  slant  is  not  what  it  should · be.
       of the hopes of the millions of peo-                                                       day, it is best to get his bed first-  Blood  is  drawn  from  Treasure  Is-
       ple  throughout  the  world,  and  of                                                     then go on to  other places.   land  for  overseas but it is im-
       the  responsibilities  of  the  Confer-  Sailor  Killed  in  Action - Wife  and                                         possible  to supply the demand with
       ence towards thein.                                                                       STAGE  SHOWS  HAVE             such  a  small  number  giving _here
         That  broadcast  will  be  trans-
       mitted  tonight-not  a  radio  hook- Baby  Fai I to  Receive  Insurance                                                  on the island.
                                                                                                                                 Help Treasure Island fill its quot~'
       up- but a local transmission, staged                                                       BEEN  NUMEROUS  HERE·        by donating  your next blood  allot-
       for those people who did not get the   Lt.  G.  Allen  O'.Neal,  newly  ap- baby  never  received  any  of  the          ment to the blood bank in the local
       chance  of  attending  the  historic   pointed Tadcen coordinator, for the  $10,000  insurance.  They  needed  it,   The personnel of Treasure Island   hospital.  Use  our  own  blood  bank
       radio  program last April 24. ·   recently-added  Benefits  and  Insur- too.              saw stars last week,  stars of radio,   and  take  the  load  off  the  other
                                     ance  Office,  tells  this  stirring   Why?  Lt.  O'N eal  explained  that  stage  and  film  fame,  who  quietly   centers  that are  overtaxed.
                                     true-fact story about a  young man  the  beneficiary  slip  in  the  service  slipped through the gates for shows
        Island  Exams  ~cheduled     who  conscientiously  signed  up  for  jacket has  no  connection  with  the  in  local theatres.  These shows  had
        For Wedn.esday, July  11     his  government  insurance  during  life  insurance  beneficiary.  If  you  not  been  pre-arranged,  therefore   Navv Food  Bill  Large
         Examinations  fo·r  advancement   his  boot  camp  days,  early  in  the  wish  that to  be  changed,  it has to  were announced only on the day of   The cost of feeding the Navy for
       in rating will be held at 1300,  Wed-  Navy.  His  mother was  made  bene- be  done  separately.  The  sailor  in  their arrival.   fiscal year 1945 was $669,802,000 of
       nesday,  Juiy 11, in.• the C.P.O . Mess  ficiary.           the  story  above  forgot  that.  His   Those  interested  in  this  type  of  which $579,978,000 were appropria-
       Federal  Galley,  it  was  announced   A  couple of months later he mar- wife  and  baby couldn't.   entertainment  are  asked  to  be  on  tions  for  subsistence  and  $89,824,
       by  Lt.  Commander  E.  M.  Moore,  ried,  and  in  the  course  of time his   The  moral  of  this  story  is  to  the  lookout  for  the  sound ·truck  000  deficiency  appropriations  re-
       personnel officer.            family  was  expanded  with  the  know  what  your  insurance  means,.  from which anno.uncements. of these  quested. The actual feeding costs in
         Recommendations  for  each  per- addition of Junior. Meantime, daddy  How it pays off.  You can't firid out  attractions are made. New overseas  the  first  quarter  are  183,476,756
       son eligible to compete by examina- went  to war-in the Pacific.   after  accidents.  Your  intentions  units  of  high  class  entertainment  rations  at an  average of  62  cents,
       tion  for  advancement  in  ra,ting   In  the  latter  part  of  1944  his  cannot  be  interpreted.  Lt.  O'Neal  are being formed and usually make  total  cost  $113,607,514.44;  second
       must  be  in the  personnel office  by  ship  ran  into  trouble  deep  in  Jap- asks  that you  consult  the  Benefits  a  stop  at  T.reasure  Island,  for  a  quarter,  ·200,667,172  ratiol'J.S  at
       the  Saturday  preceding  the  ex- anese  territory.  Our  sailor  was  and Insurance office·r  of your com-·,  show before  "shipping  oµt" , to  en- average  cost · of  63  cents,  total  of
       amination day .               killed  in  action.  But  his  wife  and  mand  regarding such problems.   tertain  the  boys over  there. ·   $127,401,453,16.
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