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11,e Island  Trotter
         PAGE  2        THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945                                                          Suggestions  From
                                                                                                                            Navy  Mailmen;  No
         Jf ..                                                      A  $2  purchase  order  good  at  a serv�ce station m Walnut Ridge,  Change of  Address

                                                                   any Ship's Service Store on Tr,eas­ Ark.  r  have  25  points  for · dis­
         Official  Treasure Island publication,  distributed  every  Saturday without  cos� to the  ure  Island  goes  to  Tom  Hogan,  charge  now,  and  figure  on  doing   The war is over, but your Navy
         officers,  enlisted personnel,  and  employees of  Tre . asure  Island.  A)l  c ? mmumcations                      mailing address has  not  changed.
         and  contributions  should  be  directed  to  Th•  Editor,  Welfare  D1v1s10n,  TADC]!N,  GM3c,  Armed  Guard.  The  ques­ another  year  in  the  Navy.  Ho•w­
         Treasure  Island  Snn  Francisco,  California.  Telephone:  EXbrook:  3931,  Extens10n   tion  submitted  was:   ever, we're not  going to  wait  that   The  Navy's  postal  clerks  have
         69.  The  Masthead  Is  published  In  compliance  with  regulations  of  �ecNav  letter                           been having bad dreams  lately  as
         of  May  28,  1945,  11nd  is  produced  commercially  from  non-appropriated  Wel!are   long  to  open  the  place.  My
         Funds  at· no  expense  to  the  Navy  Department  or  Government.  The  Masthead  1s  a   lVhat  do  you  intend  doing  follow­  a  result  of  a  deluge  of  mail  ad­
         member  of  the  Twelfth  Naval  District  Press  Association,  the  Ship's  Editorial  Asso·   brother  will  open  for  business   dressed  to  Navy  personnel  at
         elation,  and  receives  material  suppli�d  by Camp  Newspaper  Service,  Reproduction  ing  your  days  in  the  Navy?   sometime  next  month.  This  will
         of  credited  material  prohibited  without  permission  of SEA  and  CNS.                                         specific  geographical  locations
                                                                     Hugh  Sheridan,  WT2c,  Rec­ mark  our  first  venture  into  this
                         COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN             Ship.  I'm going to go, so  far back  type  of  business.  During  the  pre­  overseas. The lifting of censorship
                  Commander  U.  S.  Naval Training  and  Distribution Center   in the hills of Oregon to do loggin'  war  years  I  was  a  farmer.   has  not,  we  repeat,  changed  the
                         CLYDE  F .  BABB,  Sp(X)3c,  USNR                                                * *  *            mailing  address  of  servicemen
                                   Editor                          -that  it'll  take  sixty  cents  to                     and  women  overseas. Specifically
                         Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y2c,  Associate  Editor   reach  me by post  card.  I came to  Art  Stimson,  S1c,  APA.  I'm   the  regulations  state  that  "under
         Carolyn ·N.  Brown.  Ylc,  Waves Editor  -  Robert H.  Perez,  BM2c,  Sports  Editor   this country from Ii,e!and in 1935, going back to lithography follow­  no  conditions  are  geographical
                        Edward  L.  Levitt,  SK2c  - Reporter      and  I've  been  doing  jobs  of  all ing  my  navy  career.  I  worked  at   locations  to  be  used  as  part  of  a
                                                                   descriptions  ever  since.  I've  at­ this  for  a  year  and  a  half  in  To­  mailing address."
         TREASURE  ISLAND;  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945  tended  bars;  was  a  cow  puncher; ronto,  Ontario.  When  I  don  those   The  postal  department  also
                                                                   had  a  hand  at  farming  and  even civvies  it'll  be  a  new  mailing  ad­  asks  men,  who  are  reasonably
                                                                   was  a  prospector  during  my  11 dress.  I'm  moving  to  Detroit,   sure that  they will return  shortly
         JUST  PATTER Buy Clothes  Now                             years··in  this  country.  But  when Mich.,  and  will  seek  employment
                                                                   I  g�t  out  of  the  Navy  it's  going there.  I  don't  believe  I'll  have   to  the  U. S.,  to  tell  their  families
           Don't  believe  a  word  of  it-we  which  may  be  worn  as  civilian  to be  right  smack  up  to  the  log­  such  a  tough  time  finding  a  job.   and friends to stop the letters and
         never  did.  For  months  now  the  clothing.   *  *  *   ging country for me. That will be There's  always  a  need  for a good   packages. In most cases personnel
        . same  time-worn  broadcast  has                          the life.  You  betcha!      lithographer  .              will  be  moving  so  rapidly  that
                                                                                                                             such  mail  would  not  be·  delivered
         b�en  made  from  the  speaker   Those Englishmen. One of them      * *  *                       * *  *
        . �ystem  in  North  Galley-"Now  was watching, with amazement, a   Charles  Pr,obert,  S2c,  RecShip.   Robert  Bishop,  WT3c,  PCTC.  A   until  after  their  arrival  at  home  .
                                                                                                                             This avoids needless circulation of
        j1ear this. The last ten  (or fifteen)   couple  doing  the  latest  in  jitter­ I  have always  had  a  bug to  be  a  water-tender in  the Navy is equi­
         men  eating  in  the  mess  hall  will   bugging.  "I  say  old  man,  what  professional  roller  skater.  Before  valent to a stationary engineer in   mail  and  speeds  up  delivery  to
         form  a  wo·rking  party  to  help   are  they  doing,"  to  which  an  I  joined  the  Navy  I  worked  at  a  civilian  life.  I'm  going  to  become   men  still  stationed  outside  the
         clean  up  the  galley  and  mess   American  bluejacket  r e p I i e d,  roller rink doing  various  and sun- the  latter,  very  shortly.  During
                                                                                                                              No  mail  will  be  sent· to  Naval
         hall." The broadcast has drawn so   "dancing."  Being  slightly  over­ dry  jobs.  However,  I  didn't  p.-et   my  civilian  days  I  worked  in  an   Separation  Centers  or•·receiving
         much comment that we decided to   whelmed with .embarrassment the  paid for my skating. This time it's  electrical  shop.  The  war  has   ships  but  will  be  returned  to
         play Sherlock Holmes and find out   British sailor asked: "But they g,et  going  to  be  different.  There's  an  changed  my  line  of  work.  I  have   sender  unless  service ·· man  or
         just  what  cooks.  Found  at  the   married  later  on,  don't  they?"   organization  composed entirely of  a  wife  and  two  children  to  sup­  woman  has  left  civlliai'i· forward­
         mike  was  a  dungaree  clad  sea­     *  r'r *           pro  skaters  in  Akron,  Ohio.  As  port.  I'm  looking  for  a  jo·b  with   ing  address.
                                                                                                          *  *  *
         man,  having  the  time  of  his  life   A Gunner's Mate here on Treas-  soon  as  I  discard  these  blues- security-and  civil  service  is  it.   However,  if  you  are  definitely
         watching the few remaining blue­  ure  Island  makes  the  following  that's  where  I'm  heading  for.             sure  vou  will  remain  overseas  in
         jackets  gulp  down  their  food  to   worthwhile  suggestion:  "I  sug­ From  there  I'll  probably  trav,eI   'Laith  Starrett,  F2c,  USS  Ne-  an  11re1.  of  occupation.  the  Nav:v
         keep  off  that  "working  party."   gest a medal for the service wives  'round the country-on my skates!  reus.  Laugh  if  you  want  to;  call   postoffice  says  the  more  letters
         When  asked  by  your  ,editor  "by   who kept  the home fires  burning,   *  *  *     me  nuts  and  all  that-but  I'm   and  packages  that  can  be  S"'nt
         whose  authority  was  he  making   managed  the  budget,  ran  the   Archie  Schools,  Coxswain,  Rec-  making a career out of the Navy!   your way, the better.
         the  announcement"  he  blushed   gauntlet  of  shopping  and  ration- Ship.  My wife and I  are  going to   I  honestly  and  truthfully  can  say
         and  stuttered,  replying  "well  it   ing, and in general bore the brunt  open a store in Foxwell, Virginia.   I  enjoy  being  in  this  outfit.  In   -----◊-----
         w.orks,  and  if  we  didn't  do some­                                                 fact,  I  intend  staying  in  for  20
         thing  some  of  those  gobs  would  of  this  past  war.   Keeping  the  I'v�  been  in  the  grocery  business   years.  Maybe  I'm  just  a  young   Fleet  to  Receive
        ·. sit  here  all  aftern,oon  munching  juvenile  delinquent  problem  at  a  for some y,e·ars. My dad used to be   'T'exa11. seel� i ng  adventure, or may­
                                      minimum was no easy task either.  the  town  grocer,  and  I  was  his
         away at  their food and then when  They  deserv,e a medal, a big one."  chief  salesman.  However,  the   be·  I  just  like  Navy  chow,  what­  60%  Increase
         Hoo' rolrs  around  they  would  be    ,·r  *  s'r        store  we're  going  to  open  will   ever  the  reason-I'm  stickin'  in.
         asking  us to serve tea."  Now you  After  a  week  end  of  shore  pa- really  be  something.  The  place   One  of  my  'mates  claim  I  think   In  Ice  Cream
         know,  but  just  between  us,  we  troling  in  San  Francisco,  Ye  Ed.  ;7ill  handle  everything  from  a   this  way  because  I've  only  been
         wouldn't  advise  your  trying  out  is  short  on  material  for  this  needle  to  an .anchor.  We're  going   in  the  service  for  sev.en  months,   (SEA).-Ice  cream for  the  Pa­
         the tea time· deal.                                                                    but  I  disagree  with  him.  Yep,  cific  fleet  will  be  increased  f'001.
                   * *  *             column-that  is-short  on  things  to  make this  a  paying  affair.   you  can  chalk  me  down  as liking  this•  year  to more  than  48  mi!Fon
                                                                             *  *  *
                                      possible  to  tell  you  right  now.
           Of course ·we kno•w you  are  not   Howev,er,  there  is  a  new  one  we   Carl Lowitz,  SSMC2c,  RecShip.   this  man's  navy.  pounds-enough to giv.e each m2n
         planning  on  an  early  discharge   heard over the week end and that  I'm going out on discharge points            at least 23 big servings a month.
         but  if you should  be one of those   is  the  new  Sailor's  Creed  which  tomorrow. And there's nothing on   Nurse:  "Doctor,  every  time  I   More  than  2,000  vessels  now
         successful bluejackets just handed   runs something like this:  "What I  '1.Y mind now but getting back to  lean  over  this  sailor  to  listen  to   have  ice  cream  making  ma­
         one of tho•se pieces of paper mak­  want to get  most out  of the Navy  ·nv  wife  in  Minneapolis,  Minn. his heart, its beat increases. What   chinery.  Plans  are  under  way  to
         Ing  you  a  civilian  again  (Oh,   is  me."             When I hit the ol'  home town, I'll  shall  I  do?"       send  additional  installations  for
         happy  day),  Alnav  250  advises                         urc•bably take a vacation and then   Doctor:  "Button  your  collar."   bases  and  other  ships.
         you to buy some items of clothing                         get into some kind of business for                         Large  units  are  equipped  to
         before  going  home,  or  else  you                                                                                 pz,oduce  enough  ice  cream  for
         may  not  have  a  pair  of shorts  to  Dependents  Asked to   ':llyself.  I  formerly  was  employed   Then  there's  the  fellow  who  2,500 men daily while the  smaller
         your name. Those back home have                           bv  the  Woolworth  Co.  However,   spent a thousand bucks to get rid  craft  can  serve  around  800  a
         been  having  a  deuce  of  a  time  Wait at  Home for    t.his t'ime I'm  going to be  my  own  of halitosis only to find his friends  day.  Large  ships  frequently  ser­
         getting  wearing  apparel  for  the                       boss.     * *  *             didn't  like  him  anyway.   vice  small  vessels.
         past  two  years,  just  in  case  you  Returning Veterans
                                                                     Horace  Lilley,  CM2c,  RecShip.
         haven't  heard  them  complain.  It   Critical  housing  shortages  in  .As  soon  as  I  stepped  out  of
         is suggested that  all hanoo  being   this  area  prompted  the  issuance  school, the· Navy promptly grabbed
         discharged  procure,  prior  to  dis­  of  a  Twelfth  Naval  District  me.  And just  as soon as  I get  out
         charge,  a  reasonable  quantity  of   memorandum  last  week.  Depend­ of  the  service,  it'll  be  back  to
         underwear,  work  clothing,  hand­
         kerchiefs, shoes and other similar   ents of returning service men  and  s:::hool  for  yours  truly.  I  intend
                                      wo:nen  are  asked  not to travel  to  enrolling  at  Franklin  and  Mar­
         items  of  clothing  which  are  ob­  coastal  points·  to  meet  them  for  shaU college in Lancaster, Pa. I'm
         tainable  in  Small  Stores  and
                                      the  following  reasons.     going  to  majo•r  in  civil  engineer­
                                        Such  travel  can  only  result  in  ing.  With  three  years  in  the
         HELEN  HIGHWATER             ·disappointment  for  the  Navy  de­ Navy,  and  twenty-eight  months
                                      mobilization plan calls for return­ overseas  credit,  I'll  pro·bably  be
                                      ing  men to  be  sent  to Separation stamping  on  home  soil  soon.
                                      Centers  in  their  own  Naval  Dis­ Those  discharge  papers  will  cer­
                                      tricts.  In  consequence,  men  will tainly look good-especially when
                                      not  be  free  to  visit  their  families I'm  looking  at  them  in  Columbia,
                                      at  coastal  ports,  but  will  be  sent Pennsylvania.
                                      immediately to their own districts.    * *  *
                                        Trav.el  by  dependents  w i 11  Robert  Willoughby,  S1c,  Rec-
                                      crowd  the•  already  overloaded Ship.  The  future  is  still  in  the
                                      transporation  system  and  hinder dark.  First  of  all  I  haven't  got
                                      the  orderly  operation  of  the  dis- the  necessary  points  for  dis­
                                      8harge system.               charge.  Second,  by  the  time  I  do
                                        Living  accommodations  in  all get  those  points-I'll  know  what
                                      coastal  ports are not  and  will  not :::ourse  to  pursue  on  the  outside.
                                      be available.                I  used  to  be  a· truck  driven,  but
                                                                   never again. Ahoskie, N. C., where
                                        A  passing  sailor  noted a  fellow  ,ny  home  is,  isn't  a  big  town­
                                      shipmate,   slightly  intoxicated,  but there'll  always  be  a job  open.
                                      having a  difficult  time finding  the  I'll  make  out  okeh.
                                      keyhole in his  front  door.  "Can I   * *  *
                                      help  you,  mate?"  he asked.  "No   Charles  Wilson,  S1c,  PCTC.
                                      thanks,"  was  the  i,eply.   "Just  The  plans  are  already  made.               \.
                                      hold  the  house  still  and  I  can  We've   picked   the   site.   My   fQ  Pf'.,J.Ntr&A.
                                      manage."                     brother  and  I  are  going  to  open   V,$.�A..
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