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•eeoooo  oeoeeoeeeooeee                                                   U.S.  Naval Training and Distribution Center
          THIS WEEN'$

          NAVY                                          T                            ASTHEAD·

        No more censors says the Navy.
      Hold  those  "Passed  by  Naval
      Censor"  stamps  for  30  days  and
      destroy  them.  Believe  it  or  not,  VOL.  IV - No.  33        TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.             SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945
      your  letters  from  now  on  are
                 * *  *
      strictly  a  private  affair.   Two Rodeo Queens Crowned for 1. I. E11ent                                           HERE'S HOW YOU
        The  Army  air  corps  can  boast                                                                                 CAN CHANGE TO
      but  the  Navy  has  some  chalk
      marks  on  their  board,  too.  From                                                                                REGULAR NAVY
      December  7,  1941,  until  July  1,
      1945,  a  total  of  59,193  Navy  and                                                                               Under  a  recent  directive,  the
      Marine  flyers  have  been  trained                                                                                 Navy  has  selected  certain  rates
       and  sent  to  carrier,  patrol  and                                                                               from a  study of expected require­
                 *  *  *
      combat  duty  as  the  Navy's  air                                                                                  ments  of  the  post-war  Navy  in
      arm.                                                                                                                which  USNR  men  can  transfer
        The greatest single subject cov-                                                                                  over  to USN.
      ered  by  newspaper  editorials  in
                                                                                                                           And  the  Bureau  of  Naval  Per­
      regard to the Navy during the last
                                                                                                                          sonnel  saiq that recommendations
       six  months  is  the  question  of  a
                                                                                                                          from commanding officers for en­
      change  in the  enlisted  man's  uni­                                                                               listments of  rates not included on
      form.  (BuPers  is  currently  tab­                                                                                 the  list  are not desired.
      ulating  a  survey  on what  the  en­                                                                                 Practically  all  regular  Navy   ./
      uniform.)  *  *  *                                                                                                  rates  are  included,  while  all  spe­  ·'
      listed  man  himself  thinks  of  the
        Discharged  veterans  and  those                                                                                  cialist  ratings  have  been  excluded
                                                                                                                          from  the  post-war  Navy.  Spe­
      to  be  discharged  are  urged  to                                                                                  cialists  are a part of the war-time
      check  up  on  insurance  premiums                                HONORS as joint queens of                         Navy,  issued  rates  for  duration
      and times of payment. Eighty per                        tt,e  Treasure  Island  Rodeo  this  week                   duty ,only.
      cent  of  discharged  veterans  have                    wer,e  two  beautiful  sirens  of  the  West.
      permitted their  recently extended                      One-Dale  Evans-was  imported  from                           But  in  order  to afford  special­
      NSLI  policies  to  lapse  after  dis­                  Hollywood  for  the  occasion,  but  the                    ists  opportunities  to  enlist  in  the
                                                                                                                          regular  Navy,  "recommendations
      premiums.  *  *  *                                      other,  our  own  statue  of  the  Evening                  for changes of ratings in the same
      charge  for  failure  to  pay  regular
                                                              Star, was aboard the island long before
        The Seabees are hunting for oil                       the  Navy  arrived.  It  was  a  simple  and                pay grade from specialists ratings
      in an area  of  some  35,000  square                    pleasant ceremony indeed to crown Miss                      to any of the ratings open to SUGh
                                                              Evans,  wh ,o  was  selected  by  popular
                                                                                                                          enlistment  may  be  submitted  to
      miles, located at the northernmost                      vote  early last  week.                                     the Bureau, providing the men are
      tip of Alaska. If  the project, clas­  But  Miss Evening Star  presented  a  difficult  prob­  in the  Bos'un's  chair).  Several yards of white line  professionally  qualified  for  that
      sified  for  20  years  as  an  oil  re­  lem  in  engineering  f-Or  Rodney  Scott  (Welfare   became  h,er  lariat,  and  her  neckerchief  was  fas­ rate."
      serve  and  only  now  actually   Division)  who  constructed  her  hat.  ;,nd  several   tened  with a length of pipe. Comment of  one  of  a
  '-  drilled,  meets  expectations,  an  Public Works civilian crane operators. So tall does   large  crowd  of  spectators:  "Gee,  she  looks  more   The  Navy  is  taking  physically
      immense  source  of  valuable  pe­ she  stand  that  a  100-foot  crane  vms  re:,ui  ced  'n   undraped than she  did before."  The  largest crowd  and  mentally  qualified  men  from
      troleum  will  be  available  to  the   hoist  the  huge  "crown"  on her head  (that's  Scott   ever  present  at  a  T.  I.  event  attended the  rodeo .   ages  of  18  through  30.  The  men
      Navy  and probably sublet to pri­                                                                                   will  be  enlisted'  for  a  four-year
                 * *  *                                                                                                     If a  man is qualified,  he  will be
      vate  enterprise  for  development.   Veteran of  Okinawa  Invasion                    National War Fund            period.
        The   destroyer   Fullam   has                                                       Drive to Start on            changed  over  and  his  reserve
      played  Santa  Claus  for  the  past  Puts in At  T.  I. for  Repairs                                               jacket  will  be  closed  out  and  a
      several months to a string of  tiny                                                    Treasure Island Oct. 1       new  one  made.  He  will  then  be
      support  landing  crafts  whose  job
      was  to  stand  radar  picket  duty  Crew Gets leave; She   Every  gun  on  the  119  was  firiag   The  National  War  Fund  Drive,  leav� and re-enlistment allowance.
                                                                                                                          eligible for a 30-day re-enlistment
                                                                and  the  sky  was  full  of  flack.
      off Okinawa. The Fullam regular­                                                       which  officially  opens  throughout   He  will  be  "broken  down"  to,
      ly pi;lled alongside between Kam i .­ Gets New Engine Room   "To our relief we saw four Cor­  the nation October 1, has received  his permanent rate at the time of
      kaze  attacks  to  deliver  fresh  ice   (Pictures  on  Pag,e  12)   sairs  coming  to  our  aid-they   the  blessings  of  President  Harry  his discharge but will be  returnecli
                                                                managed  to take  care of  three  of
      cream  to  the  small  craft.  One                        the  planes  but  the  fourth  was   S. Truman.           immediately  to the  rating he held'
      morning the process was reversed,   Her engine room completely de­  straightening  out  to  make  a  dive   In a letter to Secretary of Navy at  the  time  of  his  discharge  from
      when  after  an  all-night  job  by  stroyed by a Kamikaze and thirty   at  one  of  the  five  ships  in  our   Forrestal, the President asked for  the  reserve  ranks.
      the bakers on the tiny LCS,  every  of her seventy-man crew listed  as   group. The anti-aircraft fire from   the  full  cooperation  of  the  Navy   Naval reserves holding tempor­
      man on the  big  destroyer had hot  casualties, the LCS 119 was towed   our  ships  was  so  intense  and  so   Department  in  this  national  and   ary  appointments  to  warrant  or
      sweet rolls for breakfast delivered  across  the  Pacific  and  is now tied   accurat�  that  the  Jap's  suicide   community  war  funds  campaign.   commissioned  rates  are· not  elig­
                 * *  *              Every  day  her  framework  vi­  run  ended  in  a  flaming  crash  in   "This  campaign  includes  those   while serving under such appoint­
      straight from the oven.      up at Treasure Island for  repairs.                         The  letter  reads  in  part:   ible for changes in enlisted status
        Veterans  can  now  purchase  up  brates  to  riveters,  cutters,  and   the  sea. "  devoted  to  the  aid  and   ments.
      to  $2,500  of  government  surplus   hammers  as  workmen  hasten  to   The  119  had  had  her  first  taste   comfort  of  the  men  and  women
      properties  for  business  or  farm   fill the gaping  hole that  was once   of  the  Kamikaze  and  the  crew   of  our  armed  forces  through  the
      through  the  Smaller  War  Plants   her  engine  room.  Cranes  lower   knew  they  would be  in  for heavy  USO,  War  Prisoners  Aid,  the  Comtadcen Warns
                                                                going from then on. Everyone be­
      Corp.  Surplus  items  released  by  steel  beams  into  place  and  ship-             United Seamen's Service, and sup­
                                                                came  alert  and  serious  and  the   ports  our  gallant  Allies  through  Against Discharge
      the  armed  forces  and  federal  fitters  restore  her  blasted  water   gunners  began  to  inspect  their
      agencies will be sold to discharged   and  steam  systems;  electricians               the  United  Nations  Allied  relief
      servicemen  at cost,  less  deprecia­  will  come  later  to  install  new   guns  more  and  more  frequently.   agencies,  and  maintains  those  Without Replacements
      tion.  Not  eligible  are  commercial   wires  and  cables.   Shoot  "Sure"  Plane     agencies  of  service  which  are  in­
      enterprises  which  can  be capital­  The  crew  who ,survived  the  ac-  "We  shot  down  our  first  'sure'   cluded  in  local  welfare  and  com­  The  problems  of  a  division  ,of­
      ized  in  excess  of  $50,000.  Addi­  tion in which the•'ship was so near   plane one   � ght  on  beach  patrol  munity  chests.   ficer  increased  this  week.  Com­
      ti:mal information can be obtained   death she w� al:>°andoned are now  -� :  "          "I  am  confident  that  you  will   tadcen asked  for  a  survey  of  en­
                                                                 u y,  contmued  Ens.  Presenza.
      from the Surplus Property Board.        .                  First  we  heard  the  sound  of  a  extend  the  full  cooperation  of   listed  ship's  company  in order  to
                                   on   1  eave.   Sk'ipper   .   .   h   plane flymg very low. It was p tch              find out how many were attached
                                                 .  Lt  E  S  aroc  ,
                                   Jr., has just returned.      dark  and  we  could  see  nothmg.   your  Department  to  this  national   to  each  division,  how  many  eli­
      Treasure Island Men          A  ril  1  1945       e  m a-  Then   suddenly   our   lookouts   and  community  war  funds  cam­  gible  for immediate r,elease under
                                                                                             raign  throughout  the
                                     The  firs few  days  of
      Ride In Rodeo                sion �f Okmawa  were  qmet,  with   spotted it-flying at about 50  feet   _S\ates and its  territories and pos­  the point system and a breakdown
                                                                                                                          of figures sho,wing the number re­
                                                                and  headed  straight  for  our  con-
                                                                                             sessions,  for  these  most  worthy
        Figuring  in almost every ev,ent   very  little  return  fire  from  the   ning tower. Just as the plane was  causes."   quiring  replacements  and  those
      in  the  rodeo  Wednesday  and   beaches.  LCS  119  was  part  of  a   directly above us, the number two  Bluejackets  on Treasure  Island   who  could  be  discharged  without
                                   group of smaller ships assigned to
      Thursday  were  several  men  from   the  "picket  line,"  which  consiSted  gun fired four rounds. Two rounds   contributed  a grand total .  of $10,-  necessity of relief personnel.
      Treasure  Is-land,  many  of  whom                        hit  the  engine  and  two  knocked   000  for  the  National  War  Fund   The  memorandum  warned  divi�
      have ranches of their own or have   of  LCS's  and  deStroyers.  'Their   the  tail  off.  The  plane  virtually  Drive  last year.   sion  officers  that  enlisted  per­
                                   duty  was  to  shoot  down  enemy
      had  previous  rodeo  experience.                         stopped in midair and took a nose  Contributions  may  be  made  by   sonnel  requiring  reliefs  could  be
        Making  the  leap  from  sailor  to   aircraft before· it got to the larger   dive  into  the  water."  cash  payment  during  the  cam­  held  for  a  maximum of  120  days
      cowboy  were  T  ommy   Th  ompson,   ships.                The crew gave out with a cheer paign or  by  pledges  to be  paid  at   after  becoming  eligible  for  dis­
      MM3c,   Dallas,   Tex.;   Gordon  First  Kamikaze         and  settled  down  for  the  evening.  a  later  date  or  in  quarterly  or   charge,  and  that  such  personnel
      Davis,  S2c;  of  Chola,  Calif.,  (Pre-  "One  day  juSt  as  the  sun  was   But no one went  to  his bunk that monthly  installments   through   should  not  be  made  available  for
      Com.) ;  Dan  Serpa,  SClc,  Liver- going  down,"  recalled  Ens.  A.  L.   night-everyonJ  stood   lookout 1945  and  1946.   immediate  release  until  such  re­
      more,  Calif.;  Johnny  Freeman,  Presenza,  officer  aboard  the  ship,   watches,  cooks and all.                 placement  had  been trained  from
      EM3c,  Blythe,  Calif.;  Joe  Yule,  "we  received  a  warning  that   After more  picket duty and an-             other members of ship's company
      GM3c,  Jena,  La.;  Curtis  Parker,  en::my aircraft were approaching.   other  incident  in  which  the  crew   HALSEY SCORES AGAIN  !  !  !  or  provided  by  transfer.
      PhM2c, Cheyenne, Wyo.; and Tom  At first we thought they were go­  do·,med  a  bomber  and  another   Admiral  Halsey  scores  again.   The final blow was the reminder
      Da  vis,  GM2c,  Bakersfield,  Calif.  ing to  bomb  or  strafe  us,  but  we   fighter,  LCS  119  headed  back  for   Looking over the Tokyo area this  that  more  men  and  women  are
      From  Armed  Guard  Center  came  soon found we w.ere wrong.  There   supplies  and  was  immediately   week  he  remarked,  "Somebody  acquiring  discharge  status  every
      N.  C.  Crites,  Slc, ·Clayton, N .M.,;  were  four  planes  up  there,  and           certainly  left  a  hell  of  a  mess  month  and  division  heads  should
      and Jack Butler, Cox, Justin, Tex.  they  were  going  to  dive  on  us.   (Continued on Page  12)   here."        plan accordingly.
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