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:PAGE  10       THE  MASTHEAD, 'l:Sa'l'URDA.:t,  :::smf"T.  15.  u,._
                                                         SPORTS •                                                                                        .  '


            LAST  ROUND-UP-Ending  the  baseball  seaso·n  in  second  place  of  the  12th  Naval   Sandwiched in  between  a couple of  "cards"  is  the  Pirate squad.  Left  to right  (  J
            District  baseball  league,  the  Treasure  Island  Pirates  will  display  their  fielding  and   row):  Bender,  Sheely,  Bartell,  Collins,  Odom,  Donnelly. Second  row:  Richardson,
            batting  potentialities  in  the  Invitational  District  baseball  tournament  this  week  with   Lowe,  Marshall,  Condon,  Williams. Third ro1'/:  Ryback, Terranova,  Tauby, Grantham,
                                                                                     Vallero. Back row: Olsen  (sailor suit), Dunham,  M-oylan. A bit of  skullduggery on the
            a  host  of  teams  from  the  Bay  area.  T. I.  is expected  to  be  one ,of  the  two  teams  that   diamond by  Fred Tauby  (standing)  and Terry  Terranova.  Williams  can  be  seen in the
            will  emerge  for  the final  play-off.  Coach  and pinch-hitter  deluxe  Bill  Marshall,  voice   background.  ( Bottom,  right)  Condon  displays the  form  that  has  won  him  nine  games
            of this story, strikes a familiar pose that usually nets him a hit when it's needed most.   for  Treasure  Island.
            MARSHALL  SPEAKS •••                                           I                                                   Armed Guard Eliminates
            SAILORS SEE BALL SEASON CLOSE WITH TOURNEY FINALE                                                                  Fleet City with 4-1 Win       J

                                                                                                                                 Quiet  Rex  Maddy  was  the  de­
                                                                     Rounding out the regular infield is  ova and Bob Condon are relegated   ciding factor in chilling the hopes
            HEAVY HITTERS BOLSTER T. I. ROSTER;                       Bob  Williams,  a  circuit  clouting  to  relief  roles  but  they  still  make   of  the  Fleet  City  softball  club
                                                                      first  baseman.  This  burly  Idaho  it  tough  for  regulars  Frank  Wil­
            DUNHAM, BART EU EXECUTE 112 DOUBLE PLAYS                  homesteader  has  had  several  son,  Sol  Bender  and  Rip  Collins.   Tuesday,  when  his  single  bagger
                                                                                                                               defeated  them  4-1  for  a  spot  in­
                                                                      years  of  minor  league  ball and  is                   the  12th  Naval  District  softball
                                                                      now ready for double A baseball."
              We  walked  in on  Bill Marshall  as  a  boy  to  watch."  Sharing                                               play-offs.
            Friday,  trying  to  recn.tit  a  little  duties with Vallero is Bud Sheely,   Keeping the regulars in hot water     Armed  Guard  scored  three  of
            dope  on  the  coming  12th  Naval  talented  son  of  Sacramento's   for   permanant   positions   are            their runs in the second inning on
                                                                      utility  men  "Hickory"  Ryback,
            District  baseball  tournament  but  great  baseball  mentor.  Bud  has   Andy  Maggio and Joe Grantham.           a  pair  of  walks  by  Finley  and
            ended  up  talking  about  the  team  raised  his  batting  clip  from  the                                        Brown.  Hazer loaded the bags and
            instead.  Bill  is  the  playing  coach  middle  two-hundreds  to  a  very   "We  might  not  have  the  head-     then  Fleet  City's  hurler  got  a  lit­
            on  the  Pirate· baseball squad  and  neat  .312 mark.    lining  outfield  of  Fleet  City  but                   tle shaky  and  allowed  a  three and
            aside from manager Dick  Bartell,   Parading in the Pirate infield is   we  certainly  have  the  most  de­        two  count  on  Schneider  to  get
            there  is  nobody  that  knows  the  that  jack-rabbit  duo of Dick Bar-  pendable. Fellows like Barney 01-        away  from  him,  forcing  Finley
            team  any  better  than  the  old  tell  and  Will  Dunham.  This  key-  sen,  'Rabbit'  Donnelly, Fred  Tau­      across  the  plate.  Maddy's  big bat
            "bench  professor."          stone combination has handled the   by  and  Chuck  Richardson  make                  spoke  with  authority  when  he
             Marshall  has  handled  many  a  amazing  total  of 112 doub le  plays   pitching  such  an  enjoyable  job,"     singled  to  right  scoring two  runs.
            bright  baseball  tenderfoot  in  his  in  68  games.  Dunham  is  that   says chucker Frank Wilson. Olsen           Scoreless  until  the  seventh,
            fifteen  years  of  organized  base- flawless  fielding  second  baseman   has  enjoyed  seasons  with  Los        Levy was safe on a well executed
            ball.  Boston,  Cincinnati,  Nash- who  pockets hot  grounders  like  a   Angeles,  Milwaukee  and  Peoria.        bunt,  advanced  to  second  when
            ville and Oklahoma City have had  housewife  with  a  cube  of  butter.   Tauby  has  20  years  of  baseball      Gonzales  waited  out  a  walk  and
            the  benefits  of  his  outfielding  Bartell  is  no  new  name  to  base - behind  him,  playing  in  both        then  scored  when  Finley  singled
            prowess and although he still has  ball  fans.  His  glorious  past  with   major   leagues,   International,      to center.
            some  good  years  left  in  the  big  the New York  Giants echoes with   Southern   a  n  d     Pacific  Coast  Bob  Condon   Fleet  City  annexed  their  lone
            leagues,  Bill  would  rather  settle  diamond  feats.   leagues.· Fred  is  the  property  of   Collins came to the team a little   tally  in  the  seventh  when  Mele­
            down  and  run  a  ball  club  of  his   "A  fine  third  baseman is  gang-  the  Oakland  Acorns.  Donnelly  is  late  in  the  season  but  h!l-3  proved   lick  tripled  deep  into  center  and
            own.                         ling  Lloyd  Lowe,  presently  the   the  hustling  mite  that  patrols  a pillar of strength in the clinches.   scored  on a single from  Hollis�er.
              "Carl  Vallero  has  the  makings  property  of  the  St. Louis  Cardin-  miles  of  ground  in  the  rightfield  Bender  is  the  toiler  of  the  outfit.
            of  a  great  catcher,"  quips  Mar- als.  Fast  on  ground  balls  and  a   patch .  "When Sol's 'slider' is working he
            shall.  "A  fine  set  of  hands  and  a  very  definite  threat  at  the  plate   Mainstays  on   the  pitching   is  a  tough  man  to  beat,"  says  Gunners Edge Parks
            powerful  throwing  arm  that  dis- as  his  .360  batting  average  indi- mound  are  about  as  scarce  as   Marshall.  "The  man  with  prob­
            tinguish  an  ordinary  back-stop  cates  Lloyd  is  a  menace  to  automobile tires. Steady chuckers   ably  the  most  assortment  of  In Championship Play
            from a brilliant one stamp Vallero  the  opposition,"  states  Marshall.  like  Archie  Odom,  Terry  Terran-  pitches  and  also  very  capable  of   Paced  again by pitcher Maddy,
            Six ,vlen Will Represent ARMED GIJARD SPlASHERS , ,                                   stretching  the  game  to  the  limit   Armed  Guard  defeated  Camp
                                                                                                  is quiet  Frank Wilson. Frankie  is
                                                                                                                               Parks  Thursday,  5-4  and  gained
            Treasure Island In 12th                                                               seeing his first year of big league   _the first  leg of a  two out  of  three
                                                                                                  ball  and  should  develop  into  a
                                                                                                                               series  for  the  12th  Naval District
            Naval Tennis Tourney                                                                  fine  hurler."  Wilson  has  beat  a   softball  championship.
                                                                                                  number  of  Pacific  Coast  League
                                                                                                  teams.                         Armed  Guard  tallied  in  the
              Treasure  Island  is  expected  to                                                    There you have·the team  that's   first  inning  on  a  walk  and  a
            walk off with the bulk of the ten­                                                    about  to  be  led  into  the  snarling   sing;le.  Action  was  slow  until  the
            nis  honors  in  the  forthcoming                                                                                  fourth  when  a  series  of  hits  by
            12th  Naval  District  champion­                                                      jaws  of  opposition  in  the  12th   Brown,  Finley,  Peccia  and  Stry­
                                                                                                  Naval  District  baseball  tourna­
            ships  being  held  Sept.  22,  at  the                                               ment  this  week.            harz,  produced  two  more  bingles.
            University  of  Califo·rnia  tennis                                                                                  Camp  Parks  bunched  all  their
            courts.                                                                                 Play  ball! ! !            runs  in  the  third  frame  on  three
             Representing  the  island  in  the                                                                                consecutive  hits.
            annual  classic  will  be  Bob  Perez,
            Joey  Abrams,  Malcom  Booth,                                                         Coast Guard Swamped            Was  your  friend  shocked  over
            John  Foreman  and  Dick  Grenfell                                                                                 the death of his mother-in-law?
            in  the  singles,  and  Perez  and                                                    In Opener by Treasure          "Shocked?  He  was  electro­
            Abrams  and  either  Foreman  and                                                                                  cuted!"
            Gruhler or  Grenfell  and Booth  in                                                   Island - Alameda Wins
            the doubles.                                                                                                         Under the arc lights, Dick Bar-
              Bob  Kamrath  from  Oakland                                                           A parade  of  runs marked Mon- tell's  Pirates  poured  it  on  while
            Air, Henry Pfister from Port Chi­                                                     day's  Invitational  District  base- pitcher  "Rip"  Collins  limited  the
            cago and P�l Southwick from the  DOGGING  IT  ... Three of Armed Guards'  more celebrated  mer-men  ball opening  at Seals Stadium,  as  Coast  Guardsmen  to  three  hits.
            Coast  Guard  are  expected  to  be  who do their  day's work at  the pools in both  gyms, are  Jerry  Nazum,  the Treasure Island nine marched  T.I.  scored  six  runs  in  the  first
            high in the ·seedings.       N.  Cognilio and Ted  Fotis. Fotis just  recently  placed in the  Far West­  to  a  one-sided,  13-0  victory  over  panel  to  ice  the game.
                                         ern  swimming  championships  and  is  rapidly  developing  into  one  ,of
              Four places will be awarded for   the  better  swimmers on  the  island. The  center  of  the  pool  makes  a   the  Coast  Guard  from  San  Fran-  Alameda  also  scored  a  first
          - Commodore's  Trophy points.   cool  place  to  relax,  pr-oviding  you  can  dog-paddle.   cisco.                  round  win over  Watsonville,  22-7.
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