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GRENFELL PACES TENNIS WIN OVER SAN BRUNO; Big Six inT.  I. Batting ...                 THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT. 15,  1945       PAGE  11

      DISTRICT JOURNEY COMMENCES SAT., SEPT. 22                to  the  12th  Naval  District  base-
                                                                 A  final  batting  tabulation prior
                                    Treasure  Island  terminated  its  ball tourney now in progress, finds
      Champion Fem Soft­          tennis  season  in  winning  fashion  hustling  Dick  Bartell  in  the  top
                                   Friday,  when  they  turned  back  spot with a  fat  .389  batting  aver­
      Ballers Invade T. I.         the  San  Bruno  racquet  wielders  age. Not  lagging far behind T.I.•s·
                                   at  T.I.,  7-0. The  win  as.sured  the  short-stop  is  Fred  Tauby  with  a
     Tomorrow                      Pirates  of  no  worse  than  .second  .380 clip.   G  AB   H  Avg.
                                   place  in  the  league  standings.
                                    Dick Grenfell,  Pr-e-Commission­ Bartell,  ss  ..... 66  226  88  .389
       Sleek-fitting  dresses  will  be
                                   ing  tennis  instructor,  turned  in Tau by, of  ..... 49  176  67  .380
      traded  for  a  set  of  loose-garbed   the  most  impressive  win  for Williams,  of  ..  6
                                                                                250  90  .360
      baseball  togs  Sunday,  when  the   Treasure  Island  when  he  blasted Lowe,  3b  .....  65  270  88  .326
      Bay  Meadows Girls'  softball team   Abounader  ·,off  the  courts  with Olsen,  of  ..... 54  2  3 1  72  .311
      trades  curves  with a  picked  crew   smashing  forehand  placements,  Sheely,  c  ..... 42  1  3 5  42  .311
      of  men on the athletic  field.
       A  brilliant  record  of  99  con-  6-1, 6-1.  Abounader was the teams Odom  Paces  Pitchers ...
                                                                 Although Sol Bender has turned
                                   regular  number  one  man.  Dick
      secutive triumphs,  broken only by   al·so had a hand in the doubles de­ in  more  winning  pitching  per­
      this  same  T.I. squad  last  year,   partment  when  he  teamed  with formances, he still has to give the
      make  the  twice  World's  Cham- L t.  D-on  McNeil  to  turn  back top space to Odom who has main­
      pions  a  favorite  wherever  they   Mitchell  and  Arnt,  6-0,  6-1.   tained  a  perfect  record  on  the
      visit.                        Other  wins  include  Bob  Perez's  mound.  Condon  also  tops Bender.
                                  6-0,  6-2  conquest  of  Dick  Pool,        W    L    Pct.
                                   and  Lt.  Don  McNeil  doing  a Odom  . . . . . . . . . . 4   0   1.010
                                  thorough  job  with  W. Watt,  6-0, Condon  . . . . . . . . .  9   1   .9 00
                                  6-1. Lt. Ted  Gruhler  encountered Bender  ... · ...... 12   3   .8 57
                                  some  stiff  resistance  from  Ens.  Terranova  ...... 5   3   .6 25
                                  Wydro  of  San  Bruno· in  the  first  Wilson  ......... 11   7   .6 11
                                  set,  but  finished  strong  to  win  Grantham  . . . . . .  1   1   .500
                                  6- 3,  6-1.                  Collins  . . . . .   '  . . .  1   2   .2 50
                                    Most  of  the  above  menti-on,ed
                                  men  will  be  entered  for  Treasure
                                   Island  in  the  12th  Naval  District   Postwar Navy
                                  tennis  to,urnament  that  com­
                                  mences September 22, at the  Uni­  May Be Cut To
                                  versity  of  California.
                                    Summary:  Singles-B.  Perez   400 Warships
                                  def. D. Pool,  6-0,  6-2;  D. Grenfell
                                  def.  N.  Abounader,  6-1,  6-1;  D.   (SEA).-The  U.  S.  post-war
                                  McNeil  def.  Watt,  6-0,  6-1;  T.   Navy may not have more ti-Ian 400
                                  Gruhler  def. Wydro,  6- 3,  6-1;  J.   warships  and  8,000  planes  in  ac­
                                   Foreman  def.  Soistern,  6-1,  6-0;   tive commission, according to Sec­
                                   Doubles  - Gruhler-Foreman  def.   retary  of  the  Navy  James  For­
         "FIREBALL"  TURNER        Pool-Abounader, 6- 3, 6-2;  McNeil­  restal,  who  said  the remainder  0f
       Willie Turner, their star hurler,   GrenfeU  def.  Mitchell-Amt,  6-0,   the  fleet  consisting  of  800  ships
      is  herself  a  record  breaker,  hav­  6-1.             and  21,000  planes,  should  be  kept
      ing run  up  102 consecutive pitch­                      in  reserve  for  use  when  the  need
      ing victories before being defeated   Alameda Dumps T. I.   arises.                   BROOKLYN  BOMBSHELL  is  the  way  Odell  Pendergrass,  S1c,  de­
      by  the  present  feminine  cham­                          Mr.  Forrestal  said  the  immedi­ scribes personable 18-year-old Bernice Carpenter, his girl back home.
                                                                                            She  is  a  stenographer  for  a  telegraph  company  there  while  he  is
      pions  from  Portland.  However,   In Practice Tilt      ate  mission  of  the  Navy  was  to   attached to Treasure  Island BOQ. Rice and old shoes will be in order
      the Bay Meadows softballers  won                         continue to control the waters and   for  them when  Odell  has  accumulated enough discharge points.
      the  series  by  defeating  them  in   Twelve  errors,  nine  of  which   ports of the Japanese Empire, and
      five of the six games they played.  were  committed  by  Treasure  Is­  pointed out  that a  sizable  reserve   She:  Can you play in the key of   Lost  and  Found
      The  "blond  bomber"  has  �qualed   land,  made  the  Pirates  easy  prey   fleet  is  an  insurance  against  fu­  A  flat?
      that  mark  on one other occasiQn,   'tor  the  Alameda  Air  Station   ture  contingencies.   He:  Give  me  the  right  key,   Gear  and  articles  bearing  the
      and has compiled a game average   boarding parting, as the locals fell                baby,  and  I'll play in any  flat.   following names have been turned
      of  14  strike-outs.        before a seventeen hit attack Sat-  all  of  T.  L's  runs  when  he                   into  the  lost  and  found  property
       The  Bay  Meadows  team,  which   urday,  11-2.         smacked  a  two  bagger  in  the                          bureau  located  in  the  Security
      is  sponsored by  William  P. Kyne,   The  only  bright  outlook  was  second  inning  that  went  through  WeeklyGym Schedules   office,  Building  No. 222,  Treasure
      general  manager  of  the  famed   that the game had no significance   the  centerfielder's  hands  for  a   Gymnasium  No. 1   Island. This  property  will  be  re­
      race  track,  was  all  set  to  send   other  than  practice.   home run, driving in a man ahead   Skating-1400-1600  & ·:1800-  turned to the owners upon proper
      the  g_irls  on  a  tour  of  the  South   Dick Bartell was responsible for   of· him. Fred  Tauby  was  a  con­  2100.   identification.
      Pacific  bases  but  the  war's  end                     s'tant  threat  at  the  plate,  slam­  Bowling-0800-2100.   C. C. Case,  SF 3c;  L. E. Neal,
  '- -  halted further  planning.  ball stars in action Sunday. Game  ming  three  hits  out  of  four  times            W. A. Stady,  R. G. Whitsell,  J.
   -                                                                                           Boxing-0800-2100.
        Don't  fail  to  see  these  soft- time is 1400.       at bat.                         Ping  Pong-0800-2100.     Edwards,  G.  W.  Fields,  B.  T.
                                                                                               Badminton-0890-2100.      Allen,  StM 3c;  Mariani,  B.  H.
                                                                                               Body Building.,--0800-2100.   Storti,  R. Nelson,  PhMlc;  E. A.
                                                            �·                                 Handball-0800-2100.       Hall,  N. B. Gibbs,  M.  W. Keaver,
                                                                                               Basketball-0800-2100.     J. A. Corsage,  T. M. Johnson,  C.
                                                                                               Volleyball-0800-2100.     L. Woods,  W.  G.  Smith,  D.  L.
                                                                                               Trampoline-0800-2100.     Chapin,  0.  A.  Kernohan,  A. E.
                                                                                               Tumbling-0800-2100.       Fuller,  R. 0. Norten,  G. A. Dou­
                                                                                               Judo--0800-2100.          diet,  N. J. Roe,  D. · Sears,  W. 0.
                                                                                               Tennis-0800-2100.         Morningstar,  G. H. Smith,  E. J ..
                                                                                               Swimming-0800-1500,  week   Dillon,  G. B. James,  F. F. Keck,
                                                                                             days,  Welfare  Aquatics;  1500-  R. M. May,  L. E. Digges,  S. M.
                                                                                             1600,  week  days,  officers  only;   Kutch, C. L. Snyder,  K. C. West­
                                                                                             1600-1800,  week  days,  colored   enhaver,  J.  E.  McCoppin,  G. B.
                                                                                             personnel;  1100-1500,  Satur­  Wright.
                                                                                             day,  recreational  swimming   The following  articles  and gear
                                                                                             for  colored  personnel. Sunday,   have  been  reported  lost:
                                                                                             1 3 00-1800.                  Four  seabags  and  hammocks,
                                                                                             Gymnasium  No.  2           suitcase,  46  wallets,  4  watches,
                                                                                                                         guitar,  ID  bracelet,  2  peacoats,  3
                                                                                               Recreational  s w i m mi n g,
                                                                                             0800-1600,   1700-1900,   2000-  money  orders,  ring,  money,  trav­
                                                                                                                         elers checks.
                                                                                             2100   (enlisted);   Saturday,
                                                                                             0800-1600,  1700-1900  (enlist­
                                                                                             ed);  Sunday,  1  3 00-1600,  1700-  SOME  DELIVERY
                                                                                                                           Papa  Stork:  "Well,  guess  I'll
                                                                                             1800  (enlisted).
                                                                                               Recreational  s w i m m i n g,   go  out  and  deliver  a  few  baby
                                                                                             1600-1700,  1900-2000  ( officers   girls."
                                                                                                                           Mama  Stork:  "Well,  guess  it's
                                                                                             and  Waves);  Saturday,  1600-  up  to  me  to  deliver  some  baby
                                                                                             1700  (officers  and  Waves);   boys."
                                                                                             Sunday,   1600-1700   ( officers   Baby  Stork:  "Think  I'll  go  out
                                                                                             and Waves).                 and  scare  hell  out  of  some
                                                                                               Body  Building-0800-2100.   sailors."
                                                                                               Volleyball -0800-2100.    OUR  NAVY  BILL
                                                                                                                           Speaking  of  bills!  The  Navy
                                                                                               Judo-0800-2100.           spent  $26,600,000,000  during  1944
        OuTs1 oe·  .BREAKWATER                                                                 Tumbling-0800-2100.       (including  lend-lease),  with  the
                                                                                               Trampoline-0800-2100.     returns  not  yet  totaled  for · the
                                                                                                                         current year.
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