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PAGE  12       THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  15,  1945
          PENSIONS PAID BY             YIPPEE! THE RODEO'S COMIN' SEPT. 19 .. 20 ••• BR/NO YOIJR GIil

          DEATHS IN WAR

            Death  pensions  are paid by  the
          Government for death suffered by
          members  of  the  armed  forces  of
          the  present  emergency.  Pensions
          are payable for death either while
          in service,  or outside, if  it results
          from  a  service  connected  dis­
            A  widow  gets  the  pension  for
          life or until she remarries; unmar­
          ried  minor  children  may  continue
          to receive a pension until· they at­
          tain  their  majority  if  they  are
          completing  education  at  a  school   1
          or  college  approved  by  the  Vet- :·
          erans'  Administration.     1
            If  a  veteran  dies  in  service,  his  ·
          widow will receive $50.00  a month
          with  $15.00  allowance for the first ,
          child  and  $13.00  for  each  addi­
          tional child;  total pension will not
          exceed  $100  per  month.  Parents
          may  receive  the  pension  if  they
          are found to have been rlependent
          on the deceased person.     [
            Pensions  paid for deaths of  ex­
          servicemen with service connected
          disabilities are ·  lower and have in­
          come  limitations.  In  these  cases
          widows  receive  $35  per  month
          with $15  for the first child and  $5
          for  each  additional  child.  These
          non-service  connected  death  pen­
          sions  cannot  be  paid  to  a  widow
          without  children  o-r  to  an orphan
          whose income exceeds $2,500. Par­
          ents are not eligible to these non­
          service  connected  death  pensions.
            For  further  information  on
          death  pension  prov1sions,  see  the
          Benefits  and  Insurance  officer  of
          your  command.

          Chiefs Meet to  Discuss
          Plans For New
         . Recreatfon Building

            Representative  chief  petty  of­
          ficers  from  every  activity  on  the
          island discussed plans for the new
          Chiefs'  Club  at  a  meeting  held
          Wednesday,  September  5.  Build­
          ing  229,  now  a  Ship's  Service
          warehouse,  will  be  converted  to
          house  the  club.
            According  to  H.  F.  DeSomber,
          CPhM, Secretary-Treasurer of the
          Chiefs�  Club,  plans  for  the  build­
          ing  have  been  approved  and  are
          open to examination by  all  CPO's
          at the present club in Ship's Serv­
   /      ice No.  2.
            The floor  plan for the new club
          calls  for  a  pool  room,  recreation
          room,  bar  (beer),  a  dance  floor,
          and  space  for  letter  writing.  A
          part  ·of  the  building  will  be  de­
          voted  to  a  lounge  and  reception
          room,  where  chiefs  may  bring
          guests  and  wives.-
            "The  new  club  will  be  much
          larger  than  the  present  one,  and
          it  is  hoped  it  will  provide  ade­
          quate  recreation  facilities  for  all  NEXT  WEEK  is  the  week  and  with the  "Parade -of  Nations" and  of  the  gr::eat  rodeo  speciaEsts  of  be  free  hot  dawgs  for  all  you
          CPO's," DeSomber concluded.   Wednesday and Thursday are the  "Grand Entry and  Introduction -of  this  country.    fellers  and  plenty  of  fun.  Grab
                                       days  for  the  big  Treasure  Island  Officials,"  followed  by  the  first   This  will  be  one  of  the  largest  your  gal  and  come  early  for  the
                                       Rodeo  sponsored  by  the  Welfare  section of the  Brahma bull riding.  outdoor  shows  ever  held  on  the  time  of  your  lif'e."  Tickets  for
                                       Division  of  the  Training and  Dis­  The  two Treasure  Island bands  island.  Two  performances  jam­ guests may be obtained  from your
          "Hardship" Defined  to       tribution  Center.  The  program  of  will  furnish  music  for  the  events  packed  with  thrills  and  excite­ Welfare  officer.  Naval  personnel
                                       events  will  begin  promptly  at  and  in addition  to the  riding  and  ment!  In  the  words  of  the  old  will  not  require  tickets  for  ad­
          Clarify Place of             1330  at  the  new  Athletic  Field  roping contests you  will see  some  cowhand,  himself,  "There's  gonna  mis·sion.

          Discharge for Navy           tion,  who maintain  an  automobile  of employment, or who have had a   U. S. Fleet Losses   cruisers,  70  destroyers,  47  subs
                                       at  their  present  place  of  duty,  change  in  residence  as  noted
                                                                                                                              and  numerous  smaller  craft.  An­
            Navy personnel who qualify for   who  have  a  definite  offer  of  em- .above,  may  be  separated  from   Total 2,003 Ships   other  5,346  vessels  were leased to
          separation  from  service  will  be   ployment  at  a  place  other  than  service  at  a  center  nearest  the     our  Allies.
          ordered  to  personnel  separation   that to which  they are  entitled  to  United  States  port  where  their   (SEA).-American  fleet  losses   With  the  surrender  of  Japan
          centers  serving  address  to  which   be  returned  upon  separation  or  debarkation is scheduled.   for  World  War  II  totalled  2,003   our  combatant ships embraced  23
          under  current  laws  and  regula­  who  have  changed  their  perman­  Personnel  eligible  for  separa-           battleships,   20   carriers,  eight
          tions  they  are  entitled  to  be  re­  ent  residence  since  date  of  entry  tion  who  wish  to  request  it  under   ships of 792,000  tons including one   small  carriers,  70  escort  carriers,  -./
          turned upon separation from serv­  into the service, may be separated   the  conditions  of  "hardship,"  de­  battleship, five carriers,  six escort   two  battle  cruisers,  22  heavy
          ice  except  under  certain  cases  of   at  personnel  separation  centers   fined  above,  must  do  so  to  their  carriers,  six heavy and three light  cruisers, 48 light cruisers,  373  de­
          hardship,  d�fined by  the Navy  in   serving  the  area  in  which  their   commanding  officer  at  the  time    stroyers,  365  escorts,  240  sub­
          Alnav 234.                   �uty stations are located.   and not later than their orders for  Women's Reserve October 1, 1945.  marines.  Overall  cost  of  the
            Persa>nnel  on. shore duty· within   Men  at  sea,  whose  depenqents  separation  are requested.   Additional  details  may  be  found  Na_vy's  new  construction  for  the
          the  continental  U.  S.,  whose  de- are  at or  adjacent  to a  U. S.  port   This Alnav is effective for male   by  consulting  the  Alnav,  dated  last  five  years  is  approximately
          pendents  are  at  their  duty  sta- of debarkation,  who have an offer  personnel  September  15  and  for   September 4,  1945.   $19,100,000,000.
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