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                                       ing  an  announcement  about  his
         MINE  FORCE  • •  •  matrimonial  intentions .
                                        This past week saw the departure
          It  seems  that  young  Mr. Cupid
         has  been  very  lucky  these  days  in   of  two  popular men from the  Mine
         capturing  converts  to  his  cause.   Repair  Shop. Roy  Berndt,  MM2c,
         The  yeoman  branch  of  the  Mine   was returned to  a  civilian status­
         Force  has  been  giving  him  plenty   the result of an over-age discharge.
         of  business  recently. First  it  was   Roy was extremely well liked by all
         Virginia  Durkee,  Ylc,  who  prom­  personnel of the Mine Force and all
         ised  lucky  Orval  Faringer,  CQM,   wish  him 'towers  of  success  in  his
         that  she  would  soon  become  Mrs.   meat  packing  business  in  Chicago.
         Faringer. Then  "Love  in  Bloom"   William Pilkington, GMlc, has been   CHAPEL  •   •   •   •
         Tim  Reece,  CY,  married  his  child­  ordered to Norfolk, Va., for further                 New Movie
         hood  sweetheart  from  Nebraska.   assignment. "Pilkie,"  who  owned a   Divine  Services
         Most  recently,  our  other attractive   flower  shop  and  nursery  on  the  Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands   Schedule
         Wave yeoman,  Beth Ellis, produced   peninsula  prior  to  entering  the
         a  very  terrific  diamond  on  her  left   Navy,  was  a  fine  shipmate  and  he            MATINEES  SUNDAY
         hand.  The  donor  of  the  ring  and  · will  be  a  capabl�  addition  to  any           All Three T. I.  Theatres at 1400
         recipient  of Beth's  pledge  for  mat-  ship's complement.
         rimony  in  the  future  is  Lt. (jg)   We  have  been  advised  that  Lt.                     EVENING    SHOWS
         Thomas  Sterling. The  bri degroom-  Lamonte  Durbrow,  III,  the  self-                        All  Three  Theatres
         to-be is  currently stationed in  Nor-  titled "handball champ of the  Mine                   - First  Show  at  1745-   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
         man,  Okla. By  pure  mathematics   Force,"  will soon be leaving us. His                     - Second  Show  1945  -   Last  Showing  Today
         this  leaves  but  one  yeoman  who   relief  is  enroute  to  "Pete's"  vessel.                       *                    "THE  BIG SHOWOFF"
                  •s'bly  been  shaken  by
         ha  s  no  v1  1              "Pete"  has  been  in  our  organiza­                        (Theatre  doors  are  opened  15   Arthur Lake   Dale Evans
         Cu  'd  Th's  love evader  1·s  Jerry   tion so  long that he  is  calling most            minutes  before  starting  time,
           pl  .
         Bare,  Y2c. When  accused of  "hold-  of the  Bay  Area  sea gulls  by  their  Protestant   and  at the end of the  first show    ¥  ¥  ¥
         ing out"  on his fellow yeomen,  Bare   first  names. We  will  be  sorry  to  Sunday  Worship Services-0930  and  1030  theatres  will  be  emptied of  per­  Sun.-Mon.,  March  18,  19
                                                                     Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)
                                       learn of his departure.
                                                                                                                                      "PAN  AMERICANA"
         had  nothing  to  say. However,  his   A  sudden  departure  was  made   Sunday  Worship  ServicA-0900,  Theatre   sonnel  and  refilled  with  those   Phillip  Terry   Audrey  Long
                                                                        No.  3.
         face  looked  like  a  matador's  cape,                                                    wishing  to  attend  the  second
         and so we are momentl!,rily expect-  from  our  midst  by  Lt.  William   Catholic         show)                                  ¥  ¥  ¥
                                       Paradise. Mr. Paradise  about   Sunday  Masses-0630,  0720,  0820                   Tuesday,  March  20
                                       the Mine Force for nearly a year as  snnday  Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.  3)                   "LEAVE  IT  TO  BLONDIE"
                                                                     Weekday  Masses-0630  (Small  Chapel)
               ��'f°t                  a maintenance officer. All of a sud­ Weekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small   "Gold Braids" Challenge  Penny Singleton   Arthur Lake
                                                                        Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.
                                       den  his  qualifications  were  needed
           Suu.i, lfu, <J. !I.         in a hurry in the Pacific and he left   Saturday-Jewish  Service-1300  Hospital  All Softball Moguls   SAN  FRANCISCO  VARIETIES
                                       via  dispatch.
                                                                                                                                          Stage  Show
                 /J�neL                 The  transportation  problem  for   Sunday  i::iervice-0830  Chapel  Reception  The PreComTraCen Officers Soft­  ¥  ¥  ¥
                      *                Ens.  Quantrell  was  solved  last       Mormon             ball  team  extends  an  invitation  to   Wed.-Thurs.,  March  21,  22
                                       week. By  taking  a  tail  light  from  Sunday  Study  Group-0930
                                                                                                                                 "HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME"
             BANKING  F ACILITJES      a  1930  Ford  and  jacking  it  up  on   No.  2.)   (Theatre  any  and  all  departments  that  are   Pat O'Brien   Geo. Murphy
                                                                                                  interested in some softball competi­
                                                                          U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL
               WESTERN  UNION          blocks, he  was  able to put together    Protestant         tion. Games  are played at the  Ath­    ¥  ¥  ¥
                                       enough bolts, screws and tin around  Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital  letic Field, Diamond No. 1, on Wed­ Fri.-Sat.,  March  23,  24
                 PosT  OFFICE          it  to  call  it  an  automobile.  One   Chapel             nesdays  from 1130  to  1230. Facili­  "KEEP  YOUR  POWDER  DRY"
              WAR  BoND  OFFICE        thing  Bill  is  not  worried  about  is   Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital  ties  are  available  in  the  new  gym  Lana Turner   Laraine Day
           Atl 4 services located in Bldg.   the  speed  limit. He  couldn't  do  35   Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel  for dressing and showers.
                                       m.p.h. downhill.
                                                                                                     All  athletic  playing  gear  is  fur­
             2;8, Ave.  H,  near 4th St.                             Confessions-Saturday 1800·1900 Hospital                      Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                      *                                                 PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER    nished.
                ·SMALL  STORES         Lost  and  Found              Daily Worship  Service-1430  Ship's Serv­  PreComTraCen Officers Team:   Last  Showing  Today
                                                                                                    Captain  L.  C.  Petross  (capt.);
                                                                                                                                      "WINGED  VICTORY"
                                        Gear and articles bearing the fol­
            Bldg.  21;,  10th St.,  between   lowing  names  have  been  turned  in  Christian  Servicemen's  League  - l\JUO   Commander 0. A. Dole, Commander   Edmund O'Brien   Jeanne Crain
                                                                        ice  Library.
                 Aves. M and N.        to the Lost and Found  property bu­  Sunday                 J.  A. Hill,  Jr.,  Lt. P. J. Townley,   ¥  ¥  ¥
               TRAVELERS·  Am          reau, located in the  Security  Office   Daily  Mass-1615  i::ihip's  Service  Library   Lt. D. A. Boone, Lt. C. F. Johnson,  Sun.-Mon.,  March 18,  19
                                                                                                   Lt.  C.  R.  Derhammer,  Lt.  J.  T.
                                                                                                                                   "A  SONG  TO  REMEMBER"
                                       in Building  No. 222.- This  property  i::iunday  Mass  - 0900  i::ihip's  Service
              RAILW A y  EXPRESS       will be returned to the owners upon   WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES   Whelan,  Lt. R. P. Heischman,  Lt.  Merle  Oberon   Paul  Muni
                                                                                                   C. L. Smith, Lt. (jg)  A. H. Mazzie,
                                       proper identification.
                                                                                                                                              ¥  ¥
           Both located in Bldg.  221,  IIth   E. R. Caveng,  S2c;  Fred  Felis­  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   Mgr.  Tuesday,  March  20
            St.,  between Aves. G and H.   simo,  Slc;  J. F. Tamulonis,  TM3c;   Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   Piease  contact  Lt.  (jg)  A.  H.  "CRIME  DOCTOR'S  COURAGE"
                      *                S. Luchini,  L. V. Boyce,  V. H. A.   Tuesday-Wave Singers Rehearsal  (Chapel   Mazzi-e,  Physical  Training,  Warner  Baxter   Hillary  Brooke
                                                                        Reception Room)  1630-1800.
             SmP's  SERVICE  No.  I    Guritz,  G. L. Wood,  H. E. Vans­  Tuesday-Miraculous  .Medal  Novena,  1830  Barracks  "I,"  Extension  230,  if  in­  ¥  ¥  ¥
                                                                        (Large  Chapel.)
           Bldg.  1;2,  9th St.  and Ave.  C.  coyk, Learndon.       Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800  terested in securing games.   Wed.-Thurs.,  March  21,  22
                       *                Following  is  a  list  of  items  re­ Tuesday  - Holy  Name  Society  1915                 "BRING  ON  THE  GIRLS"
                                                                        ( Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                                                                                    D  Minor  · · · · · · · · · ·······.Bach
                                                                        ( 8rnall  Chapel)
             SmP's  SERVICE  No. 2.    ported  to  the  security  office  as  be­  Wednesday  -  Christian   Servicemen's   Air  from  Overture  in   Veronic.a Lake  Sonny Tufts
                                       ing lost:
           Bldg. 8,  ;th St.,  between Aves.   27  wallets,  1  seabag  and  ham­  League  1830  (C h a  p  e    1  Rectption   D  Major  ................. Bach   ¥  ¥  ¥
                   Mand N.             mock,  1  suitcase,  1  ditty  bag,  1   Thursday  - Chapel  Choir   Rehearsal   Watchman's  song  .......... Grieg   Fri.-Sat.,  March  23,  24
                                                                        (Chapel  Gallery)  1800
                                                                                                                                        "THE  UNSEEN"
                                       sweater,  1 purse,  travelers'  checks.   Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   Lost Chord  .............. Sullivan   Joel McCrea   Gail Russell
                                                                        Reception  Room)  1630-1800
                                                                     �'riday  - Mormon  Study  Group  1900  Chorus:
                                                                        ( Chapel  Gallery.)        A  Swan  ................... Grieg
         WEDDING TO BE HEARD ONT. I. RADIO PROGRAM                        YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND     Fairest  Lord  Jesus           Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
                                                                     Sunda1  Worship   e-0930  Theatre   .............. Crusaders'  Hymn  Last  Showing  Today
                                                                                c!t i:"otl�
                                                                     Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre    Organ:                         "TOMORROW  THE  WORLD"
                                                                     Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office   Great Gate at Kiev ... Moussorgsky  Fredric  March   Betty  Field
                                                                      All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.   Little Star  .......... Moussorgsky   * *  *
                                                                                                   Hymn  Tune and Variations
                                                                                                    ....................... Sparks   Sun.-M-on.,  March  18,  19
                                                                     At The  Chapel ...                                            "THUNDERHEAD,  SON  OF
                                                                           Protestant Services      Week!y Gym Schedules         Roddy McDowell   Preston Foster
                                                                      "Essential  Elements  in Christian                                   * *  *
                                                                     Living"  will  be  the  topic  of  the   Gym  Schedule-No.  1   Tuesday,  March  20
                                                                     sermon  by  Chaplain  H. G. Gatlin   Skating-1300-1600  and  1800-  "WHAT A BLONDE"
                                                                     at  1030  Sunday,  ¥arch  18,  in  the   2100.              Leon Errol     · Veda  Ann  Berg
                                                                     Treasure  Island  Chapel. Chaplain   Bowling-0800-2100.               * *  *
                                                                     E. M. Reighard  will  speak  at  the  Boxing-0800-2100.     Wed.-Thurs.,  March  21,  22
                                                                     0930 service.                   Ping                "SUDAN"
                                                                      At both services Eugene C. Scott,   Badminton-0800-2100.   Maria Montez         Jon Hall
                                                                     Slc,  will  sing  "Come  Unto  Me"   Body Building-0800-2100.         * *  *
                                                                     ( Coenen)  as  a  tenor  solo  and  the   Handball-0800-2100.
                                                                     Chapel  Choir  will  be  heard  in  the   Basketball-0800-2100   Fri.-Sat.,  March  23,  24
                                                                                                                                        "FRISCO  SAL"
                                                                     anthem  "Listen  to  the  Lambs"   Volleyball-0800-2100     Turhan  Bey    Susanna  Foster
                                                                     (Dett).  Special  organ  music  by   Trampoline-0800-2100
                                                                     John  Tremaine,  Sp(W)lc,  will  in­  Tumbling-0800-2100
                                                                     clude  "Petite  Pastorale"  (Carey)   Judo-0800-2100        YERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                     and  "Festival March"  (Gaul).   Tennis-0800-2100            Shows  Start  at  1715  and  2000
                                                                            Catholic  Services
                                                                      In  addition  to  daily  and  Sunday   Gym Schedule-No. 2   Last  Showing  Today
                                                                     masses  during  the  Lenten  season   Recreational Swimming, 0800-  "TOMORROW  THE  WORLD"
                                                                     The  Way  of  the  Cross  is  now  ob­  1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en­  Fredric  March   Betty  Field
                                                                     served  daily  at  1200  in  the  Treas­  listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   * *  *
                                                                     ure Island Chapel.             1700-1900  (enlisted) ;  Sunday,   Sun.-Mon.,  March  18,  19
                                                                            Noonday  Concerts       1300-1600, 1700-1800  (enlisted).   "FRISCO  SAL"
                                                                       A  series  of  noonday  organ  con­  Recreational Swimming, 1600-  Susanna Foster   Turhan  Bey
                                                                     certs  are  being  presented  at  the   1700,  1900-2000  ( Officers  and   * *  *
                                                                     new  organ  in the  Hospital  Chapel   Waves);  Saturday,  1600-1700   Tuesday,  March  20
                                                                     (Building 33) each Tuesday 1215 to   (Officers  and  Waves);  Sunday,   "WATERLOO  BRIDGE"
                                                                     1300  and  are  open  to  all  Treasure   1600-1700 (Officers and Waves).   Robert  Taylor   Vivian  Leigh
                                                                     Island  personnel.  Tuesday,  March   Boxing,  0800-2100.
                                                                     20,  Ross  McKee  Sp(W)2c,  will  be   Body  Building,  0800-2100.    *  *  *
                                                                     assisted  in  a  program  of  organ   Basketball, 0800-1900.   Wed.-Thurs.,  March  21,  22
                                                                     solos and choral music by the Wave   Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.     "THE  UNSEEN"
                                                                                                                                                    Gail Russell
         THE  WEDDING  OF  Miss  Margaret  Holland  of  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  and
         Donald  Aiken,  S1c,  of  Radio  Materiel  Schools, _will  be  reacted  via  tran­ Singers  from  the  Treasure  Island   Badminton,  0800-2100.   Joel McCrea  * *  * .
         scription  Sunday  (tomorrow)  on  Treasure  Island's  weekly  radio  pro­ Chapel.           Judo-0800-2100
         gram  at  1115 over  KG0,  San Francisco. The  ceremony  took  place  in  the   The  program  will  include:   Tumbling-0800-2100   Fri.-Sat.,  March  23,  24
         chapel  March  3.  The  program· Sunday  will  be  devoted  to  the  Treasure                                                "PAN  AMERICANA"
         Island Chapel,  and  will  include  an  interview  with  Captain  H.  G.  Gatlin,   Organ  Solos:   Trampoline-0800-2100   Phillip Terry   Audrey Long
         senior  chaplain.                                           Toccata and Fugue 'in
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