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THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 1945              PAGE 3
       Undisputed  Rugby  Football  Champs                         Baseball  Opener Chapman, Pugilist                          Diving Title

                                                                   Island-Sluggers Sink          Sen atio , Primes for         McGuigan Cops Aquatic
                                                                   Roma Wine in 16-2 Tilt        Spring F1st1c Bouts
                                                                                                   A  great  find,  a  great  fighter  is   Laurels for Treasure' Isle
                                                                     Pilote_d  by  Dick  Bartell,  former  Olympic  Club's  light-heavyweight
                                                                   New  York  "Giants"  diamond  ace,  titleholder,  agile  Scott  Chapman,   Treasure Island's aquatic mentor
                                                                   Treasure  Island  sluggers  pounded  MM2c,  who  was  reputed  as  top   Bill Eagan was right when he open­
                                                                   out  a  16-2  win over  Roma Wine  in  light-heavyweight  on  the  Pacific   ly  predicted  that  Frank  McGuigan
                                                                   a  recent  diamond  tussle.   coast  and  voted  "prospect  of  the   would  regain  his  Pacific  Associa­
                                                                     This swat  fray, the season's  cur­ month"  by  Ring  Magazine  sports   tion  crown  in  the  fancy  diving
                                                                   tain raiser, found  skipper  Bartell's  scribe.             event  of  P. A. championship  swim
                                                                   hickorymen  getting  off  to  a  fine   Harnessed  in  his  "fight  gear"  at   meet  which  was  recently  held  in
                                                                   start in the horsehide loop.   the  Frontier  Base  boxing  stable.­  the  Olympic  Club  pool,  San  Fran­
                                                                     Loaded  with  an  assortment  of  the  clever  ring  arti::,t  who  shared   cisco.
                                                                   minor  league  and  sandlot  players  ·1aurels  as  first  string  wingman  on  McGuigan,  Twelfth  Naval  Dis­
                                                                   the Island  Tars are gunning for all  the  annual  All-Buckeye  Eleven,  is  trict  fancy  diving  titleholder,  dis­
                                                                   comers  in  the  Northern  California  priming  for ring warfare  under the  played  old  form  in  nabbing  this
                                                                   baseball  circuit. The  able  pro  men­ sagacious  tutorship  of  Chief  "Ski" honor. His  experience  and  ability
                                                                   tor promises fans plenty of diamond  Dynkowski,  former   lightweight were the deciding factors in pacing
                                                                   action during the current season.  •  champ and South American middle­  Ollie  Goldsmith  and  Morley  Sha­
                                                                                                 weight  champ.                piro,  who  placed  se·cond  and  third
                                                                                                                               respectively in this colorful aquatic
                                                                   T. I. Swimmers Cop                                          event.
                                                                                                                                 In  the  200-yard  breaststroke,  P.
                                                                   Pac. Assn. Honors                                           A. championship,  Albert  Rebstock
                                                                                                                               of  Treasure  Island,  who·  garnered
                                                                     Treasure Island swimmers gained                           the  Twelfth  Naval  District  crown
                                                                   high  honors  in  the  recent  Pacific                      in  this  event,  splashed  his  way  to
                                                                   Association  championships  held  at                        a  close  second  place.  Rebstock,
                                                                   the  Olympic  Club  pool  in  San                           former  Penn.  A.  C.  breaststroke
                                                                   Francisco, bringing 1i.0me one first,                       ace,  displayed  championship  form
                                                                   one second  and one fourth  place  in                       as ·he  stroked his way  to the  finish
                                                                   high  competition.                                          line in the sailor style race.
                                                                     Frank McGuigan, CSp(A), form­                               Bob  Ray,  Treasure  Island's  220-
                                                                   er  junior  national  diving  cham­                         yard freestyle artist, was nosed out
       BRAVO!!-Conquerors  of  the  Northern  California  Rugby  Union  cham­
       pionship  are  the  Treasur,e  Island  rugby  players  who  won  six  out  of   pion,  winner  of  the  recent  Twelfth   of  this  event-the  toughest  on  the
       seven league  encounters.  Top  photo  shows  the  entire  squad.  Back  row,  Naval District diving championship       swim card.
       left  to  right:  Sullins,  mgr.;  McCarthy,  capt.;  Zimmer,  Easter,  Fassler,  and holder of many other titles and     Dale  Webster,  another  Treasure
       Lynch,  Pickett,  Douse,  and  White.  Second  row,  left  to  right:  Gallowa ,   diving  honors,  won  the  ten  foot
       trainer;  Lipsett,  Verducci,  Gorse,  Pinzone,  Davis,  Coates  and  P-ontut,,   board honors with the high score of   Islander, was unable to place in the
       mgr.  Front  row,  left  to  right: ·Gorgen,  Cole,  Skinner,  Levin  and  Foust.                                       backstroke  event  as  Jack  Weeden,
       Bottom  photo  shows  the  champs  in  action  against  the  Coast  Guard  147  points.  Al  Rebstock,  Sp(A),          Oakland  Swimming  Association,
       Pilots.  Easter,  in  the  foreground,  is  seen  putting  the  ball  into  play  deep  holder of several breaststroke titles   turned in a mercurial  swim feat as
       in the  Pilots' territory.                                  and  Treasure  Island  swim  instruc­                       he  zoomed  through  the  waves  to
                                                                   tor,  took  second  in  the  200  yard                      set  a  new  Pacific  Association  rec­
       Island  Rugby  Footballers  Trounce                         Radio  Materiel  Schools  swimming                          ord-time:  1 :40.8.
                                                                   Breaststroke,  and  Dale  Webster,
       Rugged  Coast. Goard  Pilots,  14-6                         flash,  took  fourth  in  the  150  yard   The beginning of Chapman's fisti­
                                                                   backstroke. Both  the  breaststroke  cuffs  dates  back  to  1940  when  he
                                     ized  12th  Naval  District  rugby   and backstroke events were in very  donned  his  first  pair  of  mittens  to   "Flash"  Gordon,  Former
       Coates,  Fassler  Pace        league  next  season.         fast  time  against  top-notch  com- fight in Marion,  Ohio's Golden Glove
                                                                   petition.  We  should  hear  more  tournament. He dropped the verdict
       Islanders in  Fray              NCR U  LEAGUE STANDING   T.  about  Dale  Webster  in  the  back- to his  opponent  via  the  foul  route,  Wrestling Champ,
       To Clinch  Rugby Title        Treasure  Island  ...... 6   1   0  stroke  event.  It took the winner  of  but  came  back  the  following  year  Joins Athletic Staff_
                                     U. of  Calif .  . ......... 5   1   0  the national  championships  to  beat  to walk off with championship hon-
        - Treasure · Island's  rugby  squad,  Olympic  Club  ........ 2   2   3  him  in  this  meet,  and  Webster  is   or.s.   Teaching  body-contact  sports,
       spearheaded  by  the  stellar  play  of   Albany  N.L.F. . ...... 1   5   2  just  beginning  his  swimming  ca-  Prior  to  donning  his  Navy  uni- judo  and  wrestling,  at  Gym  No.  1
       Coates  and  Fassler,  clinched  the  Coast Guard Pilots .... 1   6   1  reer.            form,  "Chappie"  made  his  last  ap- is  Joseph  "Flash"  Gordon,  former
       undisputed  championship  of  the                                                         pearance  in  the  boxing  arena  as  a  king of the mat.
                                                                                                 favorite  in  JAC's  Golden  Glove
                                                                                                                                 While a student of the University
       Servicemen's   Rugby  Union   of
       Northern California when it romped                                                        tournament. His  ring  triumph,  the  of  Southern  California,  the  quiet,
       triumphantly over a stubborn Coast                                                        eighth  in ten  starts,  gave  him  the  unassuming bone crusher pursmid a
                                                                                                 middleweight crown.
       Guard  Pilots,  14  to  6,  in  a  game                                                                                 major in the  department  of  Physi­
       played  at  San Pablo Park, Berke­  .. SPORTS ..  Coming  here  in  1943  with  a  cal Education. After completing his
       ley.                                                                                      promising  ring  record after  gradu- undergraduate  studies,  he  turned
                                                                                                 ating from Hampton Institute's MM  to  professional  wrestling  and  be­
         Fassler,  who  is  leading  scorer
       for  the  Islanders,  initiated the  cru­ 'Eagle-Eye' Art Burris   Oak Knoll Humbles      school,' the 175-pound ring  ace  was  came  the  titleholder  of  the  junior
                                                                                                 assigned to the fight stable of "Ski"  heavyweight  championship  of  the
       cial  attack against the Pilots  when                                                     Dynkowski,  who was impressed by  world.
       he tallied three of his team's points  Nabs AGC's Scoring   Island Hospital to            his  ring  generalship  and  excellent
       in  the  first  half  of  the  fracas  on  a                                              footwork  in  a  local  bout.
       plinalty ·  kfok.             Title With 230 Digits  Win Medic Cage Meet                    When  the  scrappy  warrior  was
         Gorse  followed  up  the  attack  by   As  the  curtain  falls  on  the  hoop   The  highly-touted   Oak  Knoll   ready  for  stiff  belters,  he  fought
       r1;1nning up another  three  points  on   season,  our  st'atistician's   book  Hospital  cagey  basketball  squad   some  of the best fighters in North­
       conversion tries.             shows  that  center  Art  Burris,  the  ran  roughshod  over  the  league­  ern  California,  displaying  ring
         Coast  Guard  made  a  sharp  re­ Tennessee  flash,  was  high  point  wrecking  Treasure  Island  Hospital   prowess  in  62  naval  engagements
       buttal attack in the same half when  man  with  230  digits,  one  fifth  the  hardwood  aces,  50  to  39,  in  Gym   of  which  he  amassed  a  string  of
       Haynes, Pilots' mainstay, displayed  club's  season total of 1058.  P. Mer­ No. 1  during  the  initial  stage  of   victories  totalling  52  while  losing
       rare form and precision while scor­ chant,  stellar,  tallied  160  this week.   eight  bouts  and tying  two.
       ing  six  tallies  on  penalty  ·kicks.  points.  Playing-coach  Lt.  (jg)  H.   By  virtue  of  their  hard-fought   One  of  his  greatest  fights  was
       This  would-be  fatal  stab  at  the  Fischer,  former  All  - American   victory,  the  Oak  Knollers  became   his  T.K.O. victory  over  Cpl.  Buddy
       bluejackets  fell  short  and  only  in­ guard,  while  helping  hold  the  foes   the 12th Naval hospital cage cham­  Gomez,  a  29-year-old  professional
       spired  the  gallant  Tars  to  turn  on  to  a  season's  total  of  969  points,   pions in the final game of the medic   mauler. Re  showed  greatest  form
       the  heat  that  burned  the  gridiron  scored  159 tallies.   hardwood conclave.         in defeating Delaware Brady, P.A.
       as  they  unleashed  added  fury  in                                                      champ, in  the  Steel Gloves  boxing
       pelting  a  merciless  blow  that  left                                                   conclave. He lost to the same fight­
       the  game  Pilots  victim  of  similar                      More table Tennis             er in the Diamond Belt tourney the
       might felt  by  other  league foes.                                                       same  year,  1944.
         In  the  second  half  of  the  rugby                     Players Are Wanted              Chapman  was  decisioned
       fray,  Coates  led  the  Islanders'  vic­                                                 Jackie  Burke  in  the  12th  Naval
       torious  thrust  by  tallying  another                        The  response  to  last  week's  re­  District  final  go  but  came  back  to   "Flash" successfully defended his
       half  dozen  points  on  penalty  kicks                     quest  for  entries  in  the  Treasure   cop  the  Olympic  Club  liglit-heavy­  title  for  three  years  prior  to  don­
       while  Fassler,  with  his  educated                        Island table tennis tourney has been   weight title.        ning  the  uniform  of  the  United
       toe,  converted.                                            excellent. But-we want more!  You   A  great  puncher,  with  terrific   States  Navy.  Entering  the  Navy
         By  virtue  of  this  win,  Treasure                      still  have  time  to  get  your  name   speed,  high-spirited  and  stout­  without  the loss of  his  mat laurels,
       Island became the first service team                        on  the  register  and  be  eligible  to   hearted,  "Chappie"  has a great fu­  l}e  will  not  be  able  to  defend  his
       to win the Northern California Rug­                         play.                         ture in the fight game.       title  until  after  the  war.
       by  Union  championship.                                      The  official  register  is  in  the                        While assuming duties  on the  in­
         Winding up a spectacular season                           lobby  of  the  Recreation  Building  Officers'  Bowling    structors'  staff  in the  physical  fit­
       under  the  joint mentorship of J. J.                       on  the  bulletin  board. Just  sign  it                    ness   department,   "Flash"   has
       Verducci  and  R. Easter,  the  rugby                       -or  call  Ex.  32-and  you're  all League Notes,Y. B. I.  agreed to appear on the gym smok­
       squad, captained by Dan McCarthy,                           set  to  enter  the  game.      The  Five  Highs  are  still  leading  er  card.  Athletic  specialist  Babe
       colorful  fullback,  received  trophies                       Play is open to everyone and will  the  league  by  one  game  with  the­ Rodriguez,  a  colorful  professional
       from referees of the Northern Cali­                         be  run  on  an  elimination  basis  be­ Snafus  and  Handicappers  tied  for  wrestler,  will  engage  the  gigantic
       fqrnia Rugby Union and the Nor�h­  The team won 21 and lost 7 with   ginning  March  26  and  winding  up  second  place. In  the  play  of  last  champ  in the squared  areria.
       ern  California  Rugby  Union.  Each   an  average  of  34.8  per  game  to   March  30.  Deadline  for  entry  is  Tuesday  evening  a  mistake  in  av­  Few  wrestlers  have  enjoyed  a
       play�r received an individual medal,   their opponent's 34.6.   March  24  at  1200.      erages  of  the  Goatees  and  Handi­ more  successful  mat  career  than
       geld  plated,  with  a  championship   The "B" team, piloted by CSp(A)                    cappers  showed  the  Goatees  win­ the mat king. "Flash" has appeared
       inscription.                  H. Wineroth  of  California-Poly­ a  season  total  of  1199  to  1108-for  ning the odd game by one pin.   in Canada and Mexico. He has been
          Lt;  A. N. Higgins,  Physical  Fit­  technic who tallied 179  points, won the opposers. Schulte leads the team   Following  are  standings  of  the  in   tough   competition,   having
       ness  Officer,  feted the  players  at  a   16  and lost  11.  with  185  ma-rkers,  followed  by  four  highest  individual  scorers:  wrestled  such  greats  as  Ji�  Lon­
       recent  banquet  and  announced  the   Armed Guard averaged 44 points  Connolly with 181 and Enzenperger  Fassino,  172;  Roderick,  163;  Carl­ dos,  "Strangler"·  Lewis ·and· Don
       tentative plans  of· the  to-be-organ- per game to their opponent's 41 for  with  100.    son, 162;  Craig, 161.        George.
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