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        *  *                             HEAD  *  *                                                    Shamrock�s of Emerald  Isle

       Official  TrNUHtrP  Is1nnd  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cos �  to  the
       officPrs.  P-nlistrd pPrsonnel,  and  employees  of  r�rPasure  Isla ! 1d.  All  co 11111un1 � at1ons  and
       contributions  shon1rl  he  directed  to  The  Editor,  Rf'crent1on  and  Lntert  amme;1t  Di­
       vision,  Treasurt> Isl�nd, San Francisco,  California.  Phone:  EXbrook 3931,  Extens10n 69.
                                                                   Island  C.S.O.  Gets  Plaque
                         COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN               Captain  H.  E.  Schonland,  chief
                 (\rn1mandt>r  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   staff  officer  ,of  Treasure  Island,
                          CLYDE  F. BA13B.  SJ c.  USNR            Tuesday  was  presented  with  a
                                   Editor                          plaque of  a portion -of the  bridge of
                                                                   the  USS  San  Francisco  in  a  cere­
              Robert  E.  Johnson,  Y3c  - Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y3c,  Associate  Editors   mony  at  the  Mayor's  office,  San
        Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Y2c,  Waves  Editor   Robert  H.  Perez,  BM2c,  Spo,·ts
                         Frederick Drimmer, SK3c, Reporter           Captain  Schonland  was formerly
                 (The  lllasthead  nses  Camp  Newspa.p<'r  Ren·ice  lllaterial)   damage  control  officer  of  the  gal­
                                                                   lant  cruiser  and  received  the  Con­
        TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  MARCH  17,  1945  gressional  Medal of Honor for con­
                                                                   ducting  fire  fighting  crews  below
                                                                   deck after the cruiser was seriously
        (Statements  and  opinions  herein  are  those  of  the  writer  and  are  not  to   damaged in the Solomons.
       be  construed as  reflecting the views of the Navy  Department.)       * * *
                                                                   Now Hear this  ...
       EDITORIAL-                                                    The  Navy  needs  transportation
                                                                   officers,  25-50.
                                                                     Would-be  marine  transportation
                                                       •  •        officers  should  be  experienced  port·
                                                                   terminal,  pier  or  marine  superin­
                                                                   tendents  between  30  and  50  years
            Civilian  personnel  of  Treasure  Island  are  to  be  con.gratu­ old.
        lated. They have won for themselves the  Navy's  "Well Done".   Men  between  25  and  50  holding   With  Gaelic  dress  to  celebrate  St.  Patrick's  day  on  March  17.  "In
        They  have  filled  just  about  every  type  of  job  necessary  at  this   high  positions  in  management,  op­  their  eyes  there's  the  blue  of  Kilarney;  on  their  cheeks,  there's  the
                                                                   eration  and  maintenance  divisions  rose  of  Kildare;  on  their  lips,  just  a  wee  bit  of  blarney."
        Navy base. They have helped recruit additional workers for such  of  truck  and  bus  companies  are
                                                                                                                              I McGuire Trims Woods
        jobs,  and they  are continuing their help  in this  line.  They have   qualified for land transportation of­ r;;;-,;;:·,;;;;1,11
                                                                   ficer candidacy. A  college degree is
        adapted  themselves  to  changing  conditions,  and  have  in  � any  required  for  men  under  30.   �   ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,.,  In Handball Tourney
        cases made excellent suggestions for improvement of techniques   All applicants must be physically   ;�·  :t� ;VO/' compulso:y  military  As  Favorites Topple
        and methods in the job of helping to  win the war.  Not only on   fit.   * *  *            training d11ring peacetzme?
                                                                                                                                 Displaying  dexterity  in  each
        Treasure-Island has this been the case, for the same thing has oc­ Japs'  New_ Weapon    J-ohn  H.  Lewis,  PhM2c,  Receiving.   court  tangle,  camera-clicking  Mc­
                                                                     Reports  from  the  Pacific  area
        curred all over these United States.                        say  that  the  Japs  used  a  new   Ship.  Peacetime  compulsory  mili­  Guire,  Treasure  Island  handball
            Civil service employees of Treasure Island should feel proud   weapon,  a  1000  pound  rocket,  in   tary  training  would  be  one  of  the   champ,  set a  fast  pace for  tourney
                                                                                                 country's  g.reatest  assets  and  :i;
        of the record they have made, and should individually determine  their fight for Iwo Island. The· shell   think  that  such  a  law  should  be   foes  in  turning  back  Woods,  21-15
                                                                                                                               and  21-3  in  the  first  round  of  the
        to do an even better job at whatever post they are assigned. Their   was  described  as  having  a  nose   adopted  and  enforced.
                                                                    fuse  and  a  rocket  motor. Gunnery   To be ready to bear arms in  time   tourney singles event.
        service is necessary. They should consecrate themselves anew each  experts  said  it   probably  was   of  peaoe  is  one  way  to  remain  at   Handball  courts  took  a  terrific
       , day to the �task of producing more work and better work in shorter   launched  by  jet  propulsion,  carried   peace  with  other  war-minded  na e   pounding as Clark upset the stellar
                                                                                                                               handball  artist  and  doubles  title­
        time.                                                       through  the  air  by  rocket  power   tions.              holder,  R.  Easter,  21-16,  6-21,  21-
                                                                    and  then  detonated  by  the  nose
                                                                                                   Frankly,  I  don't  think  wars  can
            When the  history of  this  war is  written,  it will have  to  in­ fuse.             be prevented,  but  the country that   _12_  Results of the first round of play
                                                                              * *  *
        clude everyone, man, woman, and child, in Great Britain, in Rus­  Cotton  Gas  Tan ks     is  most  prepared to safeguard  her   follow:  Pontuti  de. O'Connor,  21-9,
                                                                                                  way  of  life  stands  a  better  chance
        sia, in China,  in the United States, for total war has meant that   Cotton  duck  is  the  new  substi­  of  emerging  from  the  conflict  with   21_10;  Gallagher  de. Colahan,  21-9,
        no  one is  exempt  from duty  of one  kind  or  another.  The  civil   tute  material  for  gas  tanks.  They   the  least  possible  loss.   21_10;'  Taylor  de.  Rokosh,  21-18,
                                                                                                            *  *  *
                                                                                                                                21_19;  Bener  de. Rose,  21-8,  21-8;
        service employees constitute the second line of our defeme. They  are  fitted  with  plywood,  according            .  I   Phelan  de. Oaker, -21-14,  21-19, and
                                                                              * *  *
                                                                    to  a  press  release.
        truly are veterans.                                                                       Joseph  Duncan,  Cox,  YPC --  K lein  won  a  forfeit  over  Johnson.
                                                                                                  don't  see  very  much  logic  in  com-
                            *     *    *     *                      Floating  Post  Office        pulsory  military  training  during
                                                                     A  Fleet  Post  Office  that  really   peacetime. Once  we  start  studying   CHESS  PLAYERS
                                                                    floats was established at a stopping   the arts of warfare, we may become
                                             • •                    point  for  the  Fourth  Marine  Di­  so  involved  in  war  techniques  that  PLEASE  NOTICE
                                                                    vision en route to attack Iwo Jima.
                                                                                                  sooner or later we'll become a war­
                                                                                                                                 The  elimination  tournament  for
                                                                      To  provide  the  latest  mail  from   like  nation.      chess  players  sponsored  by  the
            According  to  one  theatre-goer  there  seems  to  be  a  movie   home for the thousands of Marines   If  the  German  people  had  spent  Recreation  Building  needs  more
                                                                                                  more  time  studying  arts  to  help  contestants. Our announcement last
        sequence which has bluejackets on Treasure Island cooing in their   scattered  among  more  than  300   advance civilization instead of  arts  week  brought  results,  but  just  to
                                                                    ships  and craft  of  all  types,  and  to
        sleep and that is the lavender and pink woolen underwear nu ber facilitate  the  rapid  distribution  of   to destroy it,  we wouldn't have had  make the play more interesting, we
        which Rita Hayworth and Janet Blair do in the Columbia musical,   this  mail,  a  far  western  branch  of   another world  war  on our  hands.   are trying to ferret  out every play­
                                                                    the  Fleet  Post  Office  was set  up on
                                                                                                   It  is  easy  to  become  war  con­ er  on  the  island.
        "Tonight and Every Night."                                  a  barge  moored  in  the  lagoon  of  a   scious when you feel stronger  than   All  you  have  to  do  is  sign.  the
                                                                    Pacific. atoll.               any  other  country,  and  it  is  my  register  on  the  · bulletin  board  in
                                                                      This  novel  idea  proves  to  be  a   hunch  that  we,  too,  would  become  the  lobby  of  the  Recreation  B.uild­
       · Naval  Training              in  the  March  issue  of  "Our  Navy"   great morale booster  for the  1e· th-  1n  aggressive,  imperialistic  coun­ ing  or  call, Ex,. 32  and  give_ yoµr
                                                                               * *  *
                                      names  several  of  our  students  of
                                                                                                  try with a powerful army, navy and  name to  one  of.the  h9stesses .. , ..
        Schools                       May  and  June  1943.  Listed  as                           air  force.   * *  *          tries  is  March  24  at 1200  and  play
                                                                                                                                 Remember,  the  deadline  for  en­
                                      "missing"  are  Floyd  T.  Phillips,  Fleet  T·ug  Bags Nip  Planes
        Social  Events                FC2c;   Norman   E.   Addington,   The USS Apache, a little tug, has   Maxine   Mille.r   SKD1c,   Armed  starts  March  26.
          Officers, instructors, civilian per­  FC3c;  and  Jesse  L.  Shine,  FC3c.  proven  her  prowess  at  fighting   Guard  Center.  I  think  compulsory
        sonnel,  wives  and  children  are  all  We  read  these  names  with  regret  enemy  aircraft. While  steaming. as   military  training  is  the  only  thing   SOLDIERS  TO  GET  BUNKS
        taking  those  bathing  suits  out  of  and  with  hope  that  the  finality  of  part  of a salvage group  headed  for   for  us  after  the  war.   IN 97  FRENCH  HOTELS
        moth-balls,  and  are  finding  those  the  term  "missing "  is  not  estab­ Lingayen  Gulf  in  the  Philippines,   Never  should  we  be  caught  so   Cannes,  France  (CNS)-Ninety­
        hfking  shoes in  preparation for  to­  lished.             she  shot  down  three  Jap  planes   unprepared  as  we  were  this  time.   seven  big  hotels,  including  some
        morrow's  picnic.  Searsville  Lake,   Kapusta?-            and forced a fourth to crash  in  the   Compulsory  military  training   of  the  world's  most  luxurious,  at
        south  of  Redwood  City,  will be  the   It  just  means  sauerkraut  in   water  near  her-all  the  action  be­  never  hurts  anyone-in  fact,  it   Cannes  and  Nice  have  been  re­
        scene  of a day in the country, with  Czechoslovakian ... anyway, that's   ing packed  into nine minutes.   teaches  lots  of  men  self-reliance.   quisitioned  for  the  use  of  Ameri­
                                                                               * *  *
        boating,  swimming  and  hiking  what Chief Pavlik says!  The recent                      Besides  this  it  is  one  of  the  best   can  troops  during  periods  of  rest
        planned. Food  will  no  doubt  prove  survey for linguists has brought  to   Nimitzes  Sponsor  Destroyer   ways I know to protect our country   and  recuperation  from  combat  on
        to be ·one of the main attractions­  1ight   much   hidden   talent,   It   A  new  destroyer  for  the  United  from  the  aggressor  nations  that   the  Western  Front. First  phase  of
        and  we  are  hoping  the  weather  sounded  like  an  international  con­  States Navy, the USS Buck, second  thrive on warfare.   the  program  which  will  go  -into
                                                                                                             * *  *
        man  will  favor  sun-bathing  as  an  gress  as  we  came  upon  various   in  this  war  to  bear  the  name,  slid   effect  as  soon  as  the  military  situ­
        optional  "activity."         groups  trying  out  their  little  used   down  the  ways  at  the  Bethlehem  Pfc.  Wallace  G.  Olson, Marine  Bar-  ation permits, involves accommod_a­
          The   feminine   contingent   of  knowledge  of  foreign  tongues!   Steel Company's yards here recent­ racks.  I'm  in  favor  of  compulsory   tions  for  relays  of  15,000  enlisted
        NTSchs,  civilians and Waves, were  French  prevails  in  the  personnel   ly  under  the  sponsorship  of  Miss  military  training  during  peacetime   men  and  3500  officers.  The  final
        entertained  by  Miss  Rowena  Stet­  offioe;  Norwegian and  Czech  in the   Mary  Nimitz,  of  Berkeley,  daugh­ because I think the discipline wou'd   phase, timed for the end of the war
        son  last  week  at  a  dinner  party  in  shop.  Chief  Bowers  says  twenty­  ter of  Fleet Admiral C. W. Nimitz,  do  much  to  broade�  the  individual   in  the  European  the?,ter,  is . de­
        her  Berkeley  home,  followed  by  a  six  ye_ars  of  dis-use  makes  a   Commander  in  Chief,  U. S. Pacific  viewpoint.   signed  to  handle  relays  of  50,000
        skating  party  at Ic�l�nd. It  was  a  language  rusty,  but  he  can  still   Fleet and  Pacific Ocean Areas, and   From  a  military  standpoint,  it   enlisted  ·men  and  15,000  officers,
        most  enjoyable  evening,  and  won   speak  better  Polish  than  most  of   Mrs. Nimitz.   would  be  valuable  in  that  America   and  will  fill  more  than  400  hotels
        several  new devotees  for the silver   us!                                                                             with  uniformed  personnel.
        blades.                                                      DISPENSARY  BOWLING  LEAGUE  TEAM                          would always be ready to safeguard
        Arrival-                      World  of  Sports                          Standings For Week Ending March 9   High   High  her  glorious  heritages  and  defend
          Congratulations  to  Thomas  L.   Last  Sunday  a  party  of  fifteen   G   W      L   Won    Pins   Avg.   Gms.  Series  them  in  case  of  an  attack  by  an
        Belcher, · Slc;  of  our· Ship's  Com­ took  their  fishing  gear  to  Muir  Bear Cats  ..... 45   35   10   78   30689   689   802   2341   enemy.
        pany,.  and  Mrs.  Belcher,  on  the Beach,  and  report the fishing  to  be  Cornsqueezers  .42   32   10   76   30288   721   936   ·2471  Military training  will ·a1so · give  a
        birth  of  a  son. Young  Thomas  ar­ very good.            Hula  Bears  .... 45   27   16  ·   64   29065   646   789   2208
                                                                                                                           2078  fellow  a  chance  to  look  over  the
                                                                    Mud  Hens  .... 45
        rived  on  Mar-ch  7;  weighing  in  at  Several  instructors  are  tuning  Groaners  ...... 45   24   21  ·   53   26863   597   764   2024  fields of opportunities as  far  as  his
        11  pounds, 7 ou,nces.        up  for  the  Twelfth  Naval  District  Sadie  Hawkins  45_   19   26   42   26204   582   788   2064   life's  work is  concerned.
        Missing  in  Action-          golf  tournament  to  be  held  at   High Average-Larson, 179.                              I  think·  that  the  proper  age  for
                                                                        High Game-LeClai<t', ,'244: ·
          The  official  casually  printed  Sharp Pa_rk on April 8.   High Series-Leclair, 611                           such training  is  18.
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