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        ARMED GUARD LEADS RELIEF DRIVE ..•                                                       Officials Term Island Fire Equipment "Tops"

                                                                     Headline  news  is  tonight's  all­
                                                                    navy dance at Gym No. 1. It should
                                                                    be  a  sure-fire  success  when  all  the
                                                                    Treasure  Island  wolves  put  in  a
                                                                    personal  appearance  and find eight
                                                                    hundred Waves ready to give them
                                                                    a  bad  time  (or  good  as  the  case
                                                                    may  be).  Waves  from  the  Twelfth
                                                                    Naval  District  activities  are  in­
                                                                    vited  and  you  may  run  into  some
                                                                    friends  from  boot  and  training
                                                                    school  days  who  are  stationed  in
                                                                    this area.  Remember no civilians al­
                                                                    lowed tonight, this is  strictly  a "be­
                                                                    tween  us"  Navy  affair,  beginning
                                                                    at  2000  when  the  band  will  swing
                                                                    out in honor  of  St.  Patrick  and  the
                                                                    boys and girls in blue.
                                                                    Hooray  for  Us
                                                                      Not  to  be  conceited  w.e feel that
                                                                    the  small  note  on  the  weekly  in­
                                                                    spection  report  of  March  3  fully
                                                                    deserves  a  little  back-patting.  We
                                                                    quote,  "Wave  quarters  were  found
                                                                    in  excellent  condition.  Wave  per­
                                                                    sonnel  should  be  complimented  on
                                                                    the  condition  of  their  quarters."
                                                                    .We think so, too.
                                                                    Remember  "Flying  Sparks?"   SACRAMENTO  OFFICIALS  inspect  Tr,easure  Island  fire-fighting
                                                                      You  will  probably  remember  the  equipment.  City  manager  E.  B. Sherwin,  left,  and  Fire  Chief  T.  Mulli­
        ENS.  PATRICIA  MERRICK,  above,  presents  Armed  Guard's  Navy  cartoon, "Flying Sparks," published  gan,  right,  confer  with  Lt.  Commander  R. E. Delaney,  Treasure  Island
        Relief  contribution  to Commodore R.  W.  Cary,  Commander,  U.S. Naval  in  The  Masthead  in  answer  to  ra­  Fire  Marshal,  as  a  Navy  fire-fighting  crew  demonstrates  a  cab-over­
        Training  and  Distribution  Center. In  charge  of  the  campaign  for  that  dioman  Lovell's  cartoon  titled,   engine  truck  with  aerial  ladder.
        activity,  Mrs.  Merrick  collected  a  t,otal  of  $2567.60.   "Treasure  Island  Waves."  The  girl
                                                                    responsible for upholding our stand­  Frontier Base Will     The  party-all  free-will  include
                                      the  ship  they  planned  to  victimize,                                                  dancing,  two  orchestras,  food  and
        Former Ring Champ Here  and come aboard her one by one.     ards  was  Virginia  McNaughton,   Hold 'Frisco Frolic'     drink. All  this  takes  place  at  the
                                                                    RM3c,  and  at  that  time  we  tried
                                        "Once  she  was  well  underway,   to have  her  picture  taken  for  pub­              Scottish  Rite  Hall,  1270  Sutter
        Has Slugged It Out With  they  pulled  out  revolvers. Over­  lication, but it seems she is  camera   Next Saturday Eve   Street  (at  Van  Ness),  San  Fran­
        Storms, Pirates, Japs         powering  captain  and  crew,  they   shy so we are going to press minus   Gobs  and  gals  of  the  United   cisco. The Time:  2000 to 2400.
                                      assumed  control of the vessel. Aft-
                                                                                                                                 Men  are  encouraged  to  bring
                                                                    miss the opportunity of introducing  States Naval Frontier Base will go  dates but, if they be the "lone wolf"
          The  deadliest  opponents  of  a   erward, they guided her to an inlet  the  picture.  We  did  not  want  to
        Navy  boxing  star  are  met  outside   on the coast, removed all valuables,  one  of  Treasure  Island's  most  in­ to the beach Saturday night, March  type,  it  is  quite  all  right  to  waltz
        the  ring,  according  to  Chief  Boat-  and  did  what  they  would  with  the  teresting Waves.   24,  for  a  gala  evening  of  "Frisco  up  to  the  door  in  solo  flight.  There
        swain's Mate Harold "Jake" Jacobs,   passengers.             Virginia is from Hastings, Minn.,  Frolic."                will  be  plenty  of  attractive  part­
        well  known  in  Navy  sports  circles   "In 1935  the Tulsa tracked  down   and  really  deserves  her  rate  since    ners, courtesy of the USO.
        for  his  feats  of  pugilistic  prowess  one such vessel and rescued a large   as  a  civilian  she  was  a  radio  engi­  that  Christmas  tree  which  sprang   The Frontier Base's own topnotch
        a decade  ago.                group  of  American  and  British   neer  for  the  blue  network  in Mus­  up in  "barracks square" during the   orchestra  will  play  and  there  will
          on  his  very  first  day at  sea,  Ja-  school  children  before  any  harm  kogee,  Okla. She  also worked  as a  holidays and then mysteriously dis­  be  music  by  Peter  Butti's  dance
        cobs,  who  is  now  chief  master-at­  could  come  to  them."   control tower operator, did spot ra­ appeared?  The  gardeners  are  be­  ensemble.  Together  they  will  wage
        arms  at  Galley  K,  was  aboard  a   On December 7, 1941, Jacobs was  dio breaks  and held a  federal com­  ginning  to  lift  the  square's  face   the  "Battle  of  the  Bands."
        battleship  nosing  through rain  and  on  a  heavy  cruiser  undergoing  re­ mercial communications certificate.  and  soon  the  dust  bowl  will  be  a   S.  Dynkowski,  CBM,  is  dance
        rough weather to pick up survivors  pairs  at Pearl Ha'rbor.   As  a  side-line  she  is  a  cartoonist,  thing  of the past.   chairman, assisted by Chiefs Lewis,
        of  the  honeymoon  liner  Vestris,   "The  clanging  of  the  general  and the drawings on the "Telewave"   "Missing"   Schmidlin,  Campbell  and  Onderko,
        which foundered in a storm off Cape  alarm at 0755," Jacobs said, "meant  covers  during  the  past  year  came   One  of  the  most  popular  of  the  and  BMlc  Kennedy.
        Hatteras, N. C., in November, 1928.  just another drill to us. Rushing  to  from  "Mac's"  clever pen. Presently  Wave  corpsmen,  Phyllis  Parsons,
                                      my  battle  station,  I  was  stupefied  attached  to  Northern  California  PhM2c, has been detached from the
                                      to  behold  a  strange  plane  with  a  Sector,  Western  Sea  Frontier,  she  Treasure Island hospital to take up   A  waiter  in  the  diner  of  a
                                      red  ball  and  the  number  13  on  her  has  just  completed  a  year  and  a  new  duties  in  the  district.  Parsons  streamliner  approached  a  regal­
                                      wing  come  diving  in  and release  a  half  as  a  resident  of  Treasure  Is­ will  be  remembered  as  captain  of  looking  woman  and  bent  over  her
                                      torpedo  heade_d  directly  for  the  land.                 the  Wave  hospital  bowlers,  a  gal  solicitously.  "Pardon   me,"   he
                                     Oklahoma.  No,  that  was  certainly   No More  Playing  Hookey   with a  deadly  aim.    asked,  "are  you the  cold  salmon?"
                                      not another drill.             Several of the Wave members of
                                       "From  time  to  time  my  job  as  the  Wednesday  night  bridge  class                                       ,...
                                      duty MAA brought me above  decks,  have been among the missing at the
                                      and I emptied my 45 at the strafing  weekly  meetings. Since  the  bridge
                                     aircraft. I  shall  never  get over  the  instructor  comes  from  San  Fran·
                                     shock  of  seeing  our  great  men-of­ �isco and voluntarily gives her time
                                      war shudder and turn on their sides  each  Wednesday,  regular  attend-
                                     under  the  Japanese  onslaught."   1.nce  is  urged  of  all  those  wishing
                                       A  large hammerhead crane lean­ instruction. Bridge  is  one  of  the
                                     ing  over  Jacobs'  cruiser  from  the  social graces these days; better put
                                     dock kept the Jap planes from com­ in  an  appearance  at  1900  each
                                     ing  in  close  enough  to  deal  her  a  Wednesday  at  the  Recreation  Cen­
                                     damaging· blow.  But the vessel  had  ter.
                                     to complete her repairs at Mare Is­ Treasure  Island  Broadcast  Home
                                     land.                           Now  is  the  time  to  write  home
                                       The  ex-pugilist  saw  hot  action  'lnd  remind  your  family  that  the
                                     again  in  the  Coral  Sea  and  at Sai­ NBC  blue  network  will  carry  the
                                     pan,  yet  he  found  it  mild  in  com­ Easter sunrise ;iervice ;held at 0530,
         Tn  the  following  years,  Jacobs   parison  with  his  experiences  on  a  Pacific  War  time,  April  1,  on  a
        emerged  as  a  promi1>uig  young   baby  flattop  off  Samar  Island  on  national hook-uo, and that the  mu­
       Navy boxer, becoming welterweight   October  24,  1944.  She  was  one  of  sic will be provided by the Treasure
        champion  of  light  cruisers  of  the   six  CVE's,  including  the  Gambier  Island choir, Jubilee choir and ma!-:;)
       Atlantic  Fleet.  He  fought  more   Bay,  which  were  surprised  by  a  quartet. If  you  are  interested  in
       than  60  amateur  bouts.  While  sta­  powerful  task  force  of  Japanese  joining the choir for that broadcast
        tioned  at  New  London,  Conn.,  he   warships  during  the  battle  for  be  on  hand  for  practice  at  the
       won  the  amateur  middleweight   Leyte.                    chapel,  Thursday  at  1800. This  is
       championship of that state, in.1934   No  sooner  had  Jacobs  reached  one way of sending your voice right
       d�feating  the  middleweight  cham­  his  station  on  the  flight  deck  than  into  the  living-room  at  home  and
       pion  of  the  Coast  Guard  at  New   a  14-inch  Jap  shell  came  whizzing  who  could  think  of a better Easter
       London  before  a  crowd  of  5,000   by  so  close  he  felt  the  breeze  it  greeting to your whole family.
       fans.                         made.                         Wave  Comments  This  Week
         It  was  in  1934 that Jacobs found   "The  Nips  came  closer  and  clos­  .. . (After  Jeanette  MacDon­
       himself pitted against  other  adver­  er,"  Jacobs  said,  "and we could  not  ald's concert) The  music was  love­
       saries,  who  dicf  not  conform  to   outrun them. At one time they were  ly,  but  oh,  that  dress.  It  reminds
       Marquis  of  Queensbury  rules.  He   just  eight  miles  away .. On  land  !Jle  of  the  time .. . It  isn't  that  I
       was  transferred  to  the  gunboat   that's  a  considerable  distance-at  mind  studying,  but  there. isn't  any
       Tulsa  of  the  South  China  Patrol,   sea,  they  looked  to  be  hardly  half  complement  .  .  .  last  but  not  least,
       fighting pirates who preyed on ves­  a  block  behind  us.  We  expected  can  it  be  they  are  bringing  back
       sels  plying  between  Shanghai  and   them to overhaul our ship and blow
       Hong Kong.                    her  out  of  the  water."    bushed  by Admiral  Halsey.
         "Those pirates,"  Jacobs declared,   But the hand of doom was stayed   Still,  it  was  touch-and-go  for  a
       "had a clever technique. They would  when  the  Japs  gave  up  the  three­ while.  Chief  Jacobs  was  pretty   W IMSICAL  WAITRESSES.  Leon  Errol  goes  all  out  for  attractions  by
       disguise  themselves  as  respectable  hour  chase,  perhaps  to  go  to  the·  winded when  that round  came  to a   havmg  these  lasses  serve  the  buckwheats  in  his  mansion  in  RKO  Radio's
       travelers,  buy  tickets for a  trip  on  assistance  of  their  own  fleet,  am- close.    farce  comedy,  "What  A  Blonde."  They  are  Rosema_ry  La Planche,  Virginia
                                                                                                                      Belmont  and  Patti  Brill.
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