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                                                                                               THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 1945
                                   they  missed  seeing  a  few  years  Medic Bowling Winners
     Navy  Men  AAoat              their  favorite  old  films  and  some  Receive Kegler· Awards  f:: Th� ·c;;;; B�;k· H��; ·.: :1t
     To  See  Request              back.
                                    Favorites  Picked                                           • • • y • • • • • +  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • y • • • •
                                                                   The  1945  Hospital  Staff  Singles
                                     Invited  to  submit  titles  of  pic­
     Series of Movies              tures  they  want returned,  the  men  Bowling  Tournament  came  to  a
       The Navy this year will augment  put  such  films  as  "Lives  of  a  Ben­ close  last  Monday  night,  with  the
     the  movie  series  for  its  personn-el  gal  Lancer,"   "Mutiny  ori  the  following_ contestants  rolling  their
     afloat  and  at  overseas  bases  with  Bounty,"  "Holiday Inn," and "Rug­ .nay  to  the  Championship  and  a
     the  showing  of  50  top  pictures  of  gles  of  Red  Gap,"  at  the  head  of  medal  award  in  their  respective
     past years, to  be known as the  "re­ the  list.            jivisions.
     quest  series."                 Although  the  men  voted  against   .)ivision  Results:
       In  cooperation  with  the  Motion   war movies with false heroics, they   Nurses:  Ens.  Shaffery,
     Picture Industry  the  Navy  has  ar­  rated  films  with  authentic  war   game  series);  Charles,  393;  Buck­
     ranged  for  new  prints  of  some  of   themes  such  as  "Wing  and  a   ley,  387.
     the  older  pictures  as  the  result  of   Prayer,"  and  "Memphis  Belle"   Waves:  Skidmor,e,  414;  Knight,
     a  survey  among  bluejackets  who   among the  best  liked.   .408;  Conrad, 367.
     said  they  wanted  to  see  some  of                         Class  B. Officers:  Lt.  Keist,  431;
                                     Each  year  the  Navy  distributes  Lt.  (jg)  Brechtheisen,  385;  Lt.
                                   more  than  25  prints  each  of  300  Wheeler,  344.
     Cross-Word Answers            films  leased  for  use  primarily  at   Class  B  Corpsmen:
                                   overseas  bases  and  for  the  fleet.  Johnson,  371;  Eickman,
                                   Besides the 300 films  leased by the   Class  A  Corpsmen:  Benjamin,
                                   Navy, the Motion Picture Industry,  565;  Tell,  503;  Merle,  471.
                                   through  the  War  Activities  com­  Gold  and  silver  medal  awards
                                   mittee,  each  month  gives  to  the  were presented  to  the  Class  A  and
                                   armed  services  106  prints  of  three  Class  B  winners,  respectively.
                                   different  pictures  in  the  16  milli­  A  mixed  doubles  tournament  is
                                   meter  size.                  now  in  progress,  and  scheduled  to
                                                                 �ontinue  until  March  26.  Entry  in
                                   Exchanges  Made
                                     Navy  motion  pictures  travel   this  event  may  be  made  in  the
                                   with the Navy and play aboard one   Hospital Recreation Office on or be­
                                   ship  after  another  and  at  Naval   fore March 24.
                                   bases   overseas.  ·They  are  ex­
                                   changed  at  sea  when  ships  meet   "Darn  it,"  growled  the  cannibal,
                                   for  refueling,  they  come  into  port,  "leftovers again,"  as  he gnawed on
                                   and go  out  to sea  on  another  ship.  the two old maids.

      Red  Cross  Is  By  Your Side  In Sickness  and  In  Health

                                                                                               GIRL  BACK  HOME  NO.  25  in  The  Masthead  series  is  pretty  18-year­
                                                                                               old Audrey  Nelson, high school  student  at  Pittsburgh,  Penn.  She is  the
                                                                                               guiding  light  for  William  Wegert,  HA1c,  of  Dispensary  N-o.  2.  When
                                                                                               V-day  comes,  they  will  start  to  plan  for  that  little  journey  that always
                                                                                               ends at a  church.

                                                                                               American Red Cross            make  arrangements  and  assign
                                                                                                                             priority of such  requests  to the se­
                                                                                               Serves Thousands              curity officer for prisoners of Treas­
                                                                                                                             ure  Island  brig  and  of  the  Yerba
                                                                                               On Treasure Island            Buena brig.
                                                                                               Continued from page 1-
                                                                                                 Several  days  a  week  the  Red  Dungaree  League
                                                                                               Cross  shows  motion  pictures  in the
                                                                                               hospital.  It  arranges  birthday  par­  Softball Clouters
                                                                                               ties, complete with  boxes  of candy,
                                                                                               cakes, and gifts. A regular monthly   In Curtain Raiser
                                                                                               party  and  a  dance  are  held  for
                                                                                               convalescents  by  the  Red  Cross,   The  Treasure  Island  Dungaree
                                                                                               which  provides  refreshments  and  Softball  league  was  launched  with
                                                                                               brings  hostesses  out  to  the  Island.  all the pomp and splendor of major
                                                                                               It  makes  arrangements  for  shows  league  baseball  when  Lt.  Hitch­
                                                                                               to  be  presented  by  the  Armed  cock  tossed  the  first  "white  pill"
                                                                                               Forces  Entertainment  Committee.   across  the  platter,  signalling  the
                                                                                               Serves  Armed  Guard          game  to  get  underway.
                                                                                                 The   Armed   Guard   receives   Lt. A. H. Mazzie, PreComTraCen
                                                                                                      benefits  from  the  Red   Athletic  Officer,  brought  together
                                                                                               Cross, whose Cookie Brigade comes   two  strong  contenders  to  open  the
                                                                                               aboard  with  cakes  and  cookies  for   diamond  fray.
                                                                                               parties  held  at  the  Armed  Guard   Taking  advantage  of  six  well
                                                                                               Center  here.  The  fighting  gun   plac�d hits in the first three innings,
                                                                                               crews  are  moreover  given  phono­  USS  "R"  jumped  to  an  early  lead,
                                                                                               graphs, magazines, games, musical   4-0.  The DD  "A's"  retaliated in the
                                                                                               instruments and  other  recreational   fourth  frame  with  a  five-run  rally
                                                                                               articles  to  take  aboard  ship.   to garner the  lead.
                                                                                                 No question about it-the Ameri­  Both  teams  then  turned  on  the
                                                                                               can Red Cross deserves your fullest   heat  with  nip-and-tuck  play  that
                                                                                                                             ended  in  a  11-11  deadlock  after
                                                                                               support  in its  present  fund-raising   nine innings of  play.
                                                                                               drive. Officers who will  accept con­
                                                                                               tributions  have  been  designated  by
                                                                                               most  activities  on  the  Island,  but
                                                                                               if  yours  is  without  one  you  may  TO CONDUCT MOTOR
                                                                                               leave  your  donation  with  Lt.  L.  G.
                                                                                               Harrier,  officer  in  charge  of  Bar­ VEHICLE DRIVERS
                                                                                               racks K.
                                                                                                 Give  today-if  only  so  that  to­ TRAINING PROGRAM
                                                                                               morrow  you  may  receive!
                                                                                                                               The  safety  branch  of  SECP  will
                                                                                                                             conduct  a  motor  vehicle  drivers
                                                                                               BRIG PERSONNEL TO             training  program  on  Treasure  Is­
                                                                                               HELP MAN THE GALLEYS          land  during  the  period  of  April  9
                                                                                                 Effective  immediately,  brig  pris­ through  April  13,  it  has  been  an­
                                                                                               oners,  with  the  exception  of  those  nounced.  Tl;lis  program  will consist
                                                                                               in  certain  categories,  will  be  used  of instructions in Theatre No. 3 and
                                                                                               to  provide  working  parties  for  instructions  on  an  obstacle  course,
                                                                                               TADCEN  activities  and  primarily  for  transportation  and  all  safety
                                                                                               for.  the  TADCEN  Administrative  officers.  The  course  will  be  under
                                                                                               Command  (Commissary).        the  supervision  of a  representative
                                                                                                 These  prisoners  may  be assigned  of the safety branch of SECP ..
                                                                                               mess cook duties in the spud locker,   There  will  be  present  some  140
                                                                                               scullery,  honey  house,  and  such  officers and 60 civilians from activi­
     TWO  UNITS  of  skilled  social  workers  and  trained   there;  Miss  Gladys  Watt  {iii  circle)  is  field  director  other  duties  as  may  be  desired  by  ties other than Treasure Island. The
     volunteers bring  blessings  of the  Red  Cross  to  naval   of  the  hospital  unit.  At  bottom,  applicant  for  Red  the  Commissary  Officer.   security  officer  will  arrange  for
     personnel on T.  I. One is in the hospital, and a feature   Cross  assistance  is  interviewed  by  Walter  E.  Todd,   Such working parties may be ob- passes  for  civilians  and  officers  at­
     of  its  service  is  birthday  parties  for  patients,  like   field  director  of  second  unit,  located  I n  B u l ldi _ ng  174.  tained  by  making  requests  to  th  e  tending  the  instructions  a.s  may be
     that  pict·ured  at  top.  Miss  June  Yeates,  second  from   This  staff  serves  able-bodied,  arranges  parties  and   .   .  ·   .
     left,  is  in  charge  of  Red  Cross  -re<:reation  program   furnishes  comfort  I t ems  for  dispensary  pa t ient s  t oo .  Assistant  for  Operat10ns  who  will nec::essary.
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