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T                        U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

       VOL  IV. - No. 5                                     TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                         MARCH  17,  1945
       American  Red  Cross Serves                                 New Special Liberty           Blue ackets Are  Warned of

                                                                           � �    �      �       Cleverly  Faked  Bills  In S. F.
       Thousands On Treasure Isle c:���                                   iv  ! !   e ���: a morn-
         Men of Treasure Island and their   Miss  Gladys  Watt,   formerly  ing,  March  1  6 ,  a  new  blue  and  or-  Watch  your  paper  money,  warns   These  bills  are  tendered  with  the
       families  took  30,000  headaches  and  stationed  at Aiea  Heights  Hospital  ange card replaced the old red card  the  secret  service. Treasure  Island  higher  denomination  uppermost  so
       heartaches  to  the  Red  Cross  for  in  Hawaii,  captains  the  staff  of  12  used  for  special  liberty.   bluejackets  are  asked  to  be  on  the   that  in  casual  acceptance  they
       treatment  during  the  past  twelve  as  field  director. In  their  medically   At  the  same  time  the  old  card  lookout  for  some  of  the  cleverest   seem to be what they purport to be.
       months.                       approved  program  of  recreation   became  obsolete  and  will  not  be                    The  other  counterfeits  are  $1
         To  handle  the  heavy  caseload,   they  are  assisted  by  many  volun­  honored at any of the pass gates on   split  and  raised  bills  that  have   bills  cleverly  raised  to  $10  by  clip­
       the  Red  Cross  maintains  two  sep­  teers.               Treasure and Yerba  Buena  Islands.   come  to  the  notice  of  the  secret  ping off  a  small  corner  of  the  cur-
       arate  staffs  on .the  Island,  one  in   Known  as  "gray  ladies"  because   Users  will  be  apprehended  and  re-  service  in  years,  William  Merrill,  rency.
       the  hospital  and  another  in  Build­ of  the  color of their  uniform,  some   ported.   San  Francisco  chief,  announced   Here,  says  Merrill,  is  the  way  to
       ing  17 4  to  serve  the  interests  of  of  the  volunteers  play  chess,               this  week.                   detect the  frauds:
       able-bodied  personnel. A  represen­ checkers,  and  other  games  with   The  same  provisions  which  ap-  The  split  bills,  he  said,  consist of   On  the  face  of  the  $1  bill  is  the
                                                                   plied to the "Special Liberty"  cards
       tative of  the organization is  on  call  the   s i c k ,    distribute   flowers   will  be  applicable  to  the  replace-  a $20  on one side of which ispasted  picture  of  Washington,  on  the  $2
       every  hour of  the  day  and  night.   throughout  the  wards,  and  write   ment card, and each command is re-  a $2 and a $10  on one side of which  the  face  of  Jefferson,  on  the  $10
         The  staff  in  Building  17 4  com­  letters  for  men  unable  to  do so  for   quired to maintain an accurate rec-  is  pasted  a  $1. According  to  Mer­ the  face  of  Hamilton  and  -on  the
       prises  28 workers  and is headed by   themselves.          ord  of  each card issued  in  order  to   rfll,  the  passers  have  discovered  a $20  the  face of  Jackson.
       Walter  E.  Todd,  field  director.   The  gray  ladies  provide  the  pa­  permit  a  check  on  the  individuals·   glue, hitherto unencountered by the   The  split  and  raised  bills  have
       Each  month  it  takes  action  on   tients with a shopping service,  pur­  using the cards at undisclosed times   secret  service,  which  leaves  the  been  so cleverly done,  Merrill  says,
       more  than  2000 ·  applications  for   �hasing  for  them  personal  items   at the pass gates.   currency  pliable instead  of stiff,  as  they  have  not  been  detected  until
       assistance  submitted  by naval  per-  '.l.nd  gifts  which  they  wish  to  send         is  usual.                    they  reached  the  banks.
       sonnel  here,  besides  many referrals   to  their  families.  About  900  such
       and  inquiries  from  military  au- services  are  rendered  each  month.                 Treasure Island Goes         Don't Speed if
       thorities  and  Red  Cross  chapters   Other  volunteers  form  arts  and   USO NEEDS MEN!
       located  throughout  the  country.   skills  groups  and  teach  convales-  Treasure  Island  bluejackets  can  Over Top In Navy   You Want to Keep
         Monthly,   4000  telegrams  and  cents  to  weave,  make  belts  and
       2000  letters pass  in  and  out  of the  leather  articles  such  as  wallets,  now  or  soon  will  be  able  to  get
       office,  each  of  them  of  vital  con­ purses,  and  book  covers. The  Red  "fatherly  advice"  from  the  San  Relief Drive   Your License
       cern  to  the welfare  of  a Navy  man  Cr{)SS  also  furnishes  materials  and  Francisco  USO  at  111  O'Farrell   Yes,  the  Navy  did  it  again.   It has  been  noted  around  the  is­
       and  his  family.             instruction  for  patients  to  make  street,  as  the  USO  has· sent  out  a   With  Armed  Guard  Center  the  land  that  many  individuals  are  vi­
         Through this correspondence and   ship  and  plane models.   plea for men hosts-to give father-  largest  contributor  - $25 67.60  - olating  the  principles  of  safe  driv­
       the  guidance  of  skilled  social   For  men without  funds,  the  hos- ly advice once in a while to service-  final  figures  from  the  recent Navy  ing  and  the  regulations  pertaining
       workers  on  the  Red  Cross  staff.  pita!  unit  provides  comfort  items,  men.        Relief  drive  show  that  Treasure  to  set  speed  limits.
       Treasure  Islanders  are  helped  to   including  combs,  tooth  brushes,   Senior  hosts  will  be  on  duty  in  Island  gave  generously  to  this   The  attention  of  all  hands  is
       secure  emergency leaves,  make  ar-  shaving  cream,  and  0ther  toilet   the  club's  Stag  Room  and  during  worthy cause to aid  Navy men and  called  to  the  fact  that  the  permis­
       rangements for the  care  of parents   articles. In  the past year,  13,000  of   dances  to  :µLSwer  questions  by  their  families.   sion to operate motor vehicles with­
       and  children,  straighten  out  mari-  these  have  been  distributed,  be-  visiting  servicemen  and  help  with  Following  are  the  official  figures  in  the  limits  of  Treasure  and
      . ta!  difficulties,  and  solve  a  multi- s ides  cigarettes.  Close  to  800   personal  problems.                    Yerba  Buena  Islands  is considered
       tude  of  other  serious  problems  sweaters  were  given  to  patients                   of individual  activities:    a  privilege.
       arising  from  personal  and  family   who  needed  them,  and  100,000                   T ADCEN  ............... $  88 6.49   Accidents  and  near  accidents
                                                                                                 Naval  Training  School  . . . .  57.85
       situations.  Civilians  are  also  in- items  of  stationery.   BLUEJACKETS!I!                                          have been taking place at an alarm­
       formed of the welfare of  their rela-  (Continued on page 5)                              Pre - Commissioning  Train-
                                                                                                  ing  School  .............  4 4 7.70  ing  rate. Courtesy  of  the  road  has
       tives  in  the  service  who  are  sta­                       WAVES!!! ...                Operational  Training  Sch.  369.65  become  an  unknown  quality  in­
       tioned  here.                                                                             Receiving Ship,  S. F . . ..... 158 6.45  stead of a "pass word."
         In  the  course  of  this  work,  dur­  Coming Stage Attractions   St.  Patrick is  holding  a dance   Radio  Materiel  School  .... 1  4 20.65   Violators  of  speed  regulations
       ing  the  past  year  the  Red  Cross   "San  Francisco  Varieties"  will   for the  boys  and  girls  in blue to­  Armed  Guard  Center  (Paci-  and  rules  of  safe  driving,  and  per­
       lent  approximately  $150,000   to   be  the  next  stage  attraction  at   night,  March  17  at 2000  in  Gym   fic)  .................... 25 67.60  sonnel involved  in accidents will be
       sailors  on  Treasure  Island. With­  Theatre  No.  1,  starting  at  1910   No.   1.  All  hostesses  will  be   Pre-Embarkation  . . . . . . . . .  48.65  subject  to  disciplinary  action  as
       out  this  money,  thousands  might   next Tuesday night,  March 20. The   Waves. Tickets  for  enlisted  men   U. S. Naval  Hospital  .....  342.00  well as revocation of the permission
       have  been  unable  to  go  home  on   variety program will include  many   may  be  procured  the  wel­         to  operate  the  vehicles  concerned
       necessary leaves,  or supply the per­  entertaining  acts,  and  will  be  pre­  fare officer of their own activity.   Total  ................ $7727.0 4  on  Treasure  and  Yerba  Buena  Is-
       sonal  needs  of  their  families  and   ceded  and  followed  by  the  movie   Waves  will  not  require  tickets   In  the  week  the  drive  was  ex- lands.
       themselves.                   "Leave  It  To  Blondie."      for  admittance.  All  hands  are   tended,  an  additional  $1187.98  was
       Red  Cross  in  Hospital       Coming  to  Theatre  No. 3 Thurs-  urged  to  be  present,  to  dance,   contributed. The  money  has  been
        Almost  as  essential  as  medicines  day,  March  22  at  1800,  is  the  USO  eat  and  honor  the  Irish  at  2000,   turned  in  to  the  Treasurer,  San
       and  doctors  is  the  ministration  of  show  "Say  �en. " Advance notices   in  Gym  No.  1.   Francisco  Auxiliary,  Navy  Relief  Waves Will Battle
       the Red Cross  to the sick in Treas- say it is  one  of  the best.                       Society.                      For District Trophy
       ure  Island  Naval  Hospital. All  the
       services  the  able-bodied  receive
       and  more  are  furnished, · for  staff   JEANETTE  MACDONALD  THRILLS  AUDIENCE  OF  2,000  Monday Night
       workers  know  that  brooding  over
                                                                                                                                A promise of two rough and fast
       family  problems  may  retard  the                                                                                     basketball  games  is  in  store  for
       patient's  recovery.  FurtherJT!Ore,                                                                                   spectators  who  attend  the  final
       they assist all men surveyed out of                                                                                    play-offs of the 12th Naval District
       the  Navy  for  medical  reasons  to
       file  Government  Disability  Com­                                                                                     Women's  basketball  tournament  to
       pensation claims.                                                                                                      be  held  at  Gym  No.  2,  Monday,
                                                                                                                              March  20  at  1830. Mare Island  will
                                                                                                                              play  the  women  Marines,  while
       SACRAMENTO OFFICIALS                                                                                                   Moffett  Field  is  matched  against
                                                                                                                              the district  headquarters  team.
       INSPECT ISLAND FIRE­                                                                                                   is  a  tame  game  should  be  on hand
                                                                                                                                Those who think girl's basketball
       FIGHTING EQUIPMENT                                                                                                     to  watch  these  four  quintets  who,
                                                                                                                              since  the  beginning  of  the  tourna­
        Headed  by  City  Manager  E.  B.                                                                                     ment,  have  demonstrated  the  fast­
       Sherwin  and  Fir.e  Chief  T. Mulli­                                                                                  playing technique which has landed
       gan,  a  group  of  Sacramento  city                                                                                   them on  the  top  of  the  contest lad-
       officials  visited  Treasure  Island  re­                                                                              der.
       cently  to  inspect  the  island's  fire­
       fighting  equipment  preparatory  to
       possible  purchase  of  similar  equip­                                                                                Anniversary Party
        Focal  point  of  interest  for  the                                                                                  At Old St. Mary's
       visiting  officials  was  Treasure  Is­
       land's  cab-over-engine  truck  with                                                                                     The  service  center  in  the  Old St.
       75-foot  aerial  ladder  which  Fire                                                                                   Mary's  church  at  California  street
       Chief  Mulligan  described  as  "the                                                                                   and Grant avenue, in San Francisco
       finest  piece  of  equipment  of  its                                                                                  will  observe  its  first  anniversary
       type  I  have  seen."                                                                                                  tonight,  Saturday,  with  a  birthday
        The veteran fireman said a truck                                                                                      party for all service  personnel  who
       of  the  same  type  equipped  with  a   "l'LL  DREAM  OF  YOU"  was  one  sa.ilor's  honest   number,  "Battle  Hymn  of  the  Republic,"  where  the  wish  to  attend. Dancing  will  be  in
       90  or  100-foot  ladder  "would  be  tribute  as  he  left  Theatre  No. 1  last  week  after  the   predominantly  male  audience  joined  Miss  MacDon­ full  swing  throughout  the  evening
       the  answer  to  all  of  Sacramento's  performance  of  one  of  the  screen's  most  beautiful   ald  to  bring  the  last  song  of  a  wonderful  program   with  an  all-girl  orchestra  furnish­
       problems."                    and  generous  stars,  Miss  Jeanette  MacDonald.  Pre­  to  a  close.  Seldom  has  a  more  charming  and  gen­  ing  the  music. There  will  also  be
                                     senting a  request program,  the  titian-haired soprano   erous  artist  been  presented  on  Treasure  Island,  or
        Arrangements  for  the  inspection  sang  one  after  another  of  the  songs  she  has  made   a  performance  more  enjoyed  by  all  hands. Officially  an interesting program  to finish off
       were  made  by  Lt .. Commander  R.  famous  on  screen  and  radio.  Favorites  were  "Ah,   representing  the  Twelfth  Naval  District  and  Treas­ the  evening's  celebration  of  a  year
       E. Delaney,  Treasure  Island  Fire   Sweet  Mystery  of  Life,"  "Indian  Love  Call,"  "Don­  ure  Island  were  Admiral  and  Mrs.  Royal  E.  Inger­  of service to the personnel of armed
                                     key  Serenade,"  in  which  the  audience  obligingly
       Marshal.                                                                   soll,  Rear  Admiral  and  Mrs. Carleton  H. Wright   services in the bay area.
                                     whistled  a  flute  accompaniment  and  her· concluding   and Commodore and Mrs. Robert  W.  Cary.
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