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       * *  T                                                        '  '  '                    Bandmaster W. J. Fitzpatrick Presented
                                                                                                Stage  Door  Canteen's  Highest  Award
                                RASTHEAD  *  *  .  '  '
                                                                   -.. "-. ..:
                                                                      '  '
       Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to  the
       officers,  enlisted  men,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and
       contributio,ns  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  and  Recreation  Department, -
       Treasure Island,  San  Francisco,  California. Phone:  EXbrook  8931,  Extension  59.
                          CAPTAIN R. W.  OARY,  USN
                · Commander  U. S. Naval  Training  and Distribution  Center   It  takes  only  one  "leatherneck"
                     LT.  COMMANDER  R.  S.  KIMBELL,  USNR       to  make  a  fight.  When  Lt.  �en.
                       Director  of  Welfare  and  Recreation     Holland  M.  "Howling  Mad"  Smith,
                                                                   Marine  Commander  in  Chief  for
                        STANLEY SOLOMON,  Y2c,  USNR              the  Pacific,  was asked  if we m_ight
                                                                  be  running  out  of  marines  in  the
                    CLYDE F. BABB,  Slc,  USNR,  Associate  Editor
       Robert  E.  Johnson,  Y3c,  Managing  Editor   Rex N. Olsen, Y3c,  Feature  Editor   Pacific,  he  replied,  "Hell,  no.  As
       Carolyn N.  Brown,  Y2c,  WAVES  Editor   George  J. Schecter,  Y3,  Staff  Artist   long  as  there  is  one  marine  there
                                                                  will  be -one  fight."
        TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,  1944
                                                                    The  "sausage-mill  maneuvers"
       1••�········································• .. •16,.     of the Allies are. cutting up Hitler's
       *                                                        �  forces in France striking the enemy  HIGHEST AW ARD  by  the American Theatre Wing War  Service,  Inc. of New York was
       i           Mom anti Ptui                                  of  the  greatest  airborne  offensive  to right)-S, Allen,  pianist;  P.  Hobson,  guitarist;  H. Liggons,  8-piece ba,o_d drummer;
                                                                                                presented to  the  Treasure Island  Swing  Band for  loyal  and outstanding  service at the
                                                                   with  surprise  and  boldness  in  one
                                                                                                 Stage Door  Canteen  of  San  Francisco.  The above photo shows  the  rhytJ:l_m  section  (left
       *                                    -,-                 �                               H.  Mitchell,  bass;  and M.  Sanders,  drummer.  The  reed  section  (left  to  righ,t)  is com­
                                                                t <;!rives  in  the  European  theatre  of  posed of  A.  Verdun,  0.  Alcorn,  L.  Fields,  V.  Kelley,  W.  Jackson,  J.  Buchanan,  B.  Pat­
       t       When I joined the home-town forces               !   war.                        J.  Page,  H.  Hogan,  G.  Matthews,  T.  Scates,  W.  Hugh<>s  and  R.  Dunlap.  Bandmaster
                                                                                                terson,  and  A.  O'Neil.  The  brass  section  (left  to  right)  shows  R.  Brown,  E.  Walker,
                                                                                                W.  Fitzpatrick  is shown  with the  baton.  The  inset  shows Verdun,  Kelley,  Jackson  and
       !       I got presents from all sources,                 !   A  triangular  wedge  appears  to   Buchanan  harmonizing.  Chief arranger D.  K.  Brown is absent from photo.
       !      . And a Christmas feast in courses                �                                    The  famous  Stage  Door  Canteen  of  San  Francisco,
                                                                !  be  the  tactical  objectives  of  the
                     Mom served 'fore I went away.
       !       In my bag, while I was dressing                  !  Allies  as  a  result  of  their  recent  often referred to as the "pleasure spot" for service men and
                                                                   establishment  of,  two  bridgeheads
                                                                                                women of the Bay Area and visiting uniformed personnel, has
       !       Gleamed a gem from Mom-a blessing-,--            !  across  the  Seine.  From  this  posi­  played host to most of Hollywood's stage, screen and radio
                                                                   tion  the  American  Third  Army
       !       With a handsome card expressing:                 �   occupies  a  strategic  point  for   celebrities  and  many  of  the  nation's  great  dance  bands  as
                     "Son, this Bible is your stay."
                                                                �  operations  and  will  be  able  to  added attractions to their program of fine entertainment.
       !       Mom has written things worth telling;            !   follow any or all of three courses.­  As an addition to their dance programs, the Treasure Is-
       !       How the Bonds back home are selling,             �  It  can  sweep  westward  along  the  land Swing  band  has  been  a  regu­  members along with special music­
      loud my girl is yelling:
                                                                !  northern  bank  of  the  Seine  toward  lar  featured  dance  band  there.  In
       !            . "Buy Bonds, buy Bonds ev'ry day!"         !   Rouen,  forcing  a  further  with­ recognition  of  their  service,  the   al  scores  arranged  by  the  staff
       !       Pop said: "Tell Jim we're denying             • !   drawal  of  the  enemy.  There  is  American   Theatre   Wing   War   arrangers  of  which  D.  K.  Brown,
       !       Ourselves  of things  while  we're  trying       !   evidence that is already being done.  Service, Inc.-Stage, Radio, Screen,   Mus2c  is  top  man  and  chief  ar­
                                                                                                                              ranger  ably  assisted  by  Braxton
       !       To have ev'ry dollar buying                      !   It  can  strike  north  toward  Beau­ Vaudeville,  Music,  and  the  Allied   Patterson,  Mus3c;  Samuel  Allen,
       !             War Bonds while we're making hay.            vais and Amiens winning the heads  Crafts-of New York presented the   Mus2c,  Raymond  Brown,  Mus2c
       !       "And tell Jim we have been planting              !  of  those  river  valleys  and  cutting  band their highest  award.  It reads   and  George  Matthews,  Mus2c.
                                                                !  communications  with  the  German  as follows:
       !       Double crops for a real SPANKING                 !   forces  on  the  coast.  Finally,  it  can   "The  American  Theatre  Wing   Treasure  Island  have  been  cordi­
                                                                                                                                Bluejackets  who are  stationed at
                                                                   unite  the  ·forces  from  the  two
       !       HARVEST that will swell our banking              -� bridgeheads  north  and  east  of   War  Ser�ice,  Inc.  of  New  York   ally invited  to frequent Stage Door
                     For more Bonds, that bring good pay.
                                                                                                presents  this  certificate  to  Treas­
       !       "Sale of Bonds will buy more warships,           !  of the capitol and paralyzing enemy   ure  Island  Navy  Band  in  deep   Canteen to meet the stars from the
                                                                   Paris,  completing  the  encirclement
                                                                                                                              film  capital  and  the  best  in  enter­
                                                                                                appreciation  of  loyal and outstand­
       t       Subs and cannons, tanks and airships,·           �                               ing  voluntary  service  in  its  Stage   tainment is  always provided at this
                                                                !  communications  with  the  Reich
               Rifles, bombs and jeeps for quick trips!"
                                                                                                                              "pleasure  spot".
       !             This is what Pop had to say.               !   through  Strasbourg.        Door  Canteen of  San Francisco."   Under  the  guidance  of  Mrs.
       !      Mom said: "Bonds we folks are buying,             !   The  American  peopl_e,  especially   The Treasure Island  Swing  band  Paige  Monteagle,  chairman  of  the
       i       Bring more money for supplying                   � the  citizens of  Chicago,  should  find   will  continue  its  dance  engage­ Stage  Door  Canteen,  over  2,000
       !       Planes to keep our dear ones flying              !   it  a  keen  source  ,of  satisfaction  t.o   ments  at  the  Stage  Door  Canteen  service men and women, each night,
       i             Until God shall have His way. .            !  look  back  with  pride  at  the  -out­  and  will  feature  many  original  find  gracious  hospitality  and  a
                                                                                                                         band  warm  reception  accorded  to  them.
       !       "Hence, when Nations plan together,              !   standing  recori:I  -0 f  t h  e     USS   compositions   written
       i .     And bring peace on earth forever,                !   Chicag-0  which  was  put  out  of
       !       Then, my son, I know you'll never                !  blasting  six  Jap  planes  out  of  the  [���i.���l�¥���!���������#.]
                                                                  action  by  tw-0  torpedo  hits  after
                     Miss a feast on Christmas Day."
       !                              By Charles  A.  McDonald   � sky  in  a  furious battle ,off  Guadal­                   Waterfr-0nt  Coverage
                                                                  canal.  Recently,  a  new  cruiser
                                                                                        r ,  more  Diamond  in the  Rough
                                                                � Chicago  bigger,  f a
                                                                                    s t e
       ,._**********************************************J         heavily  armored  and  packing  a   From the jungles and swamps of   Someone  once  wrote  a  book
                                                                               power  than  the  the Pacific area to almost any part  called  "I  Cover  the  Waterfront.''
                                                                   greater  fire
                                                                   Chicago  that  went  down  was  of  the  United  States  and  par­ The  title  brings  to  mind  that  part
          Your  Friends  Would  Enjoy  "The  Masthead"  - Send  It  Home.   launched.  Soon  t h  i s     pow�rful  ticularly Treasure Island, the name  of  Treasure Island  which  faces the
                                                                  cruiser  will  begin  plowing  through  "Rosy"  Pellerin  is  practically  a  bay  -on  the  Oakland  side.  There  is
                                                                  mighty  waters seeking  r-evenge for  byword.  Everyone  knows  him.  His  an  interesting  activity  on  that
       WAVES  SCUTTLEBUTT                   •   •   •             her predecessor  and  she  will  bring   unselfish  devotion  to  the  enlisted   section  of  our  local  waterfront
                                                                  honor  to  the  city  whose  name  she                      whose  official  title  is  U.  S.  Naval
        The  College  of  the  Holy  Name  New  Ad·diti-ons       I  bears.                     personnel  and  their  welfare  is  to   Frontier  Base  and  to  satisfy  our
       has  offered  the  use  of  their  gym­  WA VE  Barracks  232  has  been   American   naval  forces  a  r e     be  commended.  Here's  to  "Rosy."  curiosity  we  went  down  _to  see
       nasium  as  a  dormitory for enlisted  fortunate  in  welcoming  Ens.  M.  L.   .  _    _   Recently  returned from  eighteeJJ
                                                                  hi tmg  the  J apanese  on  a  3,500                        Helen  Dill,  Y2c  who  was  one  of
      women  o n  Saturday  n i g h t s.  Robertson, who has recently become                    months  overseas  duty,  "Rosy"  the  six WAVES who first  reported
                                                                  mile  front  in  the  Western  Pacific
       Located  at  2036  Webster  Street  in  the  new  barracks  officer.  Mrs.               Pellerin, BMlc is now supervisor of  there  on  duty.
                                                                  and  hold  a  vice-like  control  of
       Oakland,  the  gymnasium  will  be  Robertson  reported  for  duty  as  a                            M.A.A.'s,  Public  Re­  Helen  told  us  that  they  were
      offered  with  the  following  under­ Yeoman  third  class,  July 17,  1943.   8,000,000  square  miles  of  Pacific
                                                                  waters and islands once  dominated        lations  man,  and  certainly lacking  in  salt when  they
       standing.  Girls  may  register  for  She  was  sent  to  Officer  Candidate
                                                                  by  the  enemy.  At  present  the         general Welfare man  reported  a  year  ago.  They  didn't
       beds at the YWCA at.1515 Webster  School  in  February · of  1944  and
                                                                  western  naval  front  extends  from      for  the  D.  D.  Pool.  know  a  hatch  cover  from  a  gun
       St.,  either  by  writing  or  by  tele­ after  completing  her  training  took                                        tub,  both  could  have  belonged  to
                                                                  Paramushiro  •  .  .    3,500  miles  south  A  veteran  of  two
      phoning GLencourt  7900. They may  over  the  duties  of  Chief  Clerk  of   to  the Bismarck Sea.                      the pot  and pan  department for  all
      check  in  after  1500  on  Saturdays  Training  and  Distribution  Center.                           wars  and  with eight   they  knew,  "but  we  learned  fast,"
                                                                                                            years  of  naval  duty
      and  leave  their  bags,  but  must  be  Relieved  by  Chief  Ship's  Clerk                                             she added.  "The sign that intrigued
                                                                    Perhaps  the  most  sensational
       in  by  0130  Sunday  morning.  The  McCarthy,  she  is  now  the  WAVE                              to  his  credit,  he  is   me  was  one  over  a
                                                                  events  of  this  war  will  take  place
       service   is  completely   free   of  ·officer  in  charge  of  Barracks  232.           still  in  there  "punching."  His
                                                                  in  the  "powder  keg"  of  Eur-ope­                        doorway  which  said,
       charge.                      Welcome  aboard,  Mrs.  Robertson.                          experiences  in  the  South  Pacific
                                                                  the Balkans, Hitler's stooge nations                        'S a  i l m  a  k  i n  g ',  I
                                                                                                are  too  numerous  to  mention.  At
                                                                  who  have  as  many  faces  asl                             thought  sails  were  a
                                                                                                random  we  have  picked  out  an
                                                                  "Medusa's  snaky  hair."  First  over-                      thing  of  the  past,
                                                                                                incident  typical  of  "Rosy."
                                                                  tures  pr-obably  will  come  from                          but it seems that the
                                                                  ther-e  as  in  World  War  I.  Already   During  his  duty  at  Midway,  he   art of 'sewing a  fine
                                                                  Turkey,  Romania  and  Bulgaria  was  instrumental  in  keeping  the   seam'  is  still  part of
                                                                  have   severed  their  diplomatic  morale  of  the  men at  a  high level.  a  sailor's  stock  in  trade.''
                                                                  relati-ons with Germany  and it is in  With  no  facilities  available,  but   We  wanted  to  find  out what  the
                                                                  all  likelihood  that  Yugoslavia  and  with  plenty  of  initiative, he  organ- main  function  of  Frontier  Base
                                                                  Hungary  will  continue  seeking  a   ized a publication and arranged for  was,  and  Helen carefully  explained
                                                                  way out with  the  aid  of  the  Allies.
                                                                                                athletic  recreation  and  various  that  their  work  was  concerned
                                                                                                                              with  the  repair  and  servicing  of
                                                                                                other  diversions  for  the  enlisted
                                                                    It  seems  as  though  Reich's                            Navy craft.  "The sailmakers  make
                                                                  Marshal  - Herman   Goering  has                            hatch,  gun  and  winch  covers  and
                                                                                                  " 'Rosy' has the  knack of getting
                                                                  assumed a new role as an authority   .   ,,  .              do  all  kinds  of  canvas  repair,  and
                                                                                                thmgs  done   is  a  phrase  heard     .                .
                                                                  of  German  etiquette.  In  a  Nazi                         th  ey  are  JUS  one  o  f  th  e  service
                                                                                                often  from  his  officers  when  they
                                                                  publication  he  stated,  "It  must  be                     departments  that  work  on  the
                                                                  considered bad taste  to publicly  eat   discuss "Rosy.''  He has  this  to  say   ships."
                                                                  a  ham  sandwich  ( ? )  whose  origin  about  the  Navy:  "Wherever  you   It  has  been  a  year  since  Helen
                                                                  is  generally  suspicious  even  if  go,  if  you  picked  a  hundred  ci­ reported  to  Frontier  Base,  then
                                                                  nothing  illegal can  be  proved.  And  vilians and a hundred enlisted men,  known  as  Section  Base.  In  that
                                                                  now,  when  cigarettes  and  cigars  the  IQ  is  always  greater  with  the  time  she  has  acquired  a  second
                                                                  have  scarcity  value,  it  cannot  be  man in naval service.   class  rate,  a lot of  Yeoman experi­
                                          Navy War Bond Cartoon Service   considered  an  expression  of  the   His advice to youngsters starting  ence  and  a  good  deal  of  informa­
                                                                  people's  community  feeling  when  out  in  the  Navy  is,  "If  you  are  tion about ships and their servicing.
        "But  the  turret  isn't  cr9-cked,  Captain!  It's  just  our  War   men  are seen  strutting  along  with  willing  to  work and learn,  there  is  She  has  lost  some  of  her  North
        Bond  sales  chart!"                                      fat  cigars."                 no  limit  to  your  aspirations.''   Carolina  drawl.
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