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   Three Teams Undefeated                                                                                                  Kovacs Baffles T. I.
   In Second Half of league                                                                                                Net Stars · 1n Heated

     At  the  conclusion  of  the  first                                                                                   Tennis Match Here
   week  of  competition in  the  second
   half  of  the  softball  league  there                                                                                    A  large  crowd  watched  . t h  e
   were  two  teams  that  have  been                                                                                      Army win from  Treasure Island  in
   the  surprise  of  the  league.  Armed                                                                                  matches  held  in  the  Treasure  Is­
   Guard has run  up a string of three                                                                                     land  Courts  recently.  Frank  Ko­
   conse::!utive  wins  without  a  set­                                                                                   vacs,  king of the tennis courts, was
                                                                                                                           th,e  star  performer.  It  was  a  fast
   back.  They  defeated  Industrial  6-4                                                                                  match and all present were pleased
   for  their  initial  win  and  the  first                                                                               with t h ,e  playing of  e a c h   c o n ­
   half champions _were always behind                                                                                      testant,  as  well  as  the  work  of
   and  the  game  was  never  in  doubt.                                                                                  Kovacs.  There will be more matches
   They then  defeated  Radio Materie1                                                                                     of  the  same  type  coming  up ,.  so
  _ 11-8  in  a  game  that  almost  ended                                                                                 watch  for  the  dates.  Lt.  (jg)
   up  in  a  track  meet.  Concluding                                                                                     Gruhler  of Armed Guard and B.  A.
   their  week of  competition  they  de­                                                                                  Barker,  Sp(A)lc  are  to  be  com.­
   feated  Advanced  Naval  Training                                                                                       mended  for  putting  over  such  a
   school  6-1.                                                                                                            fine  match.  Following  are  the
   P.  0.  Surprise  Team                                                                                                  Singl,es
     The  surprise  team of  the second                                                                                      Kovacs  (Army)  over Lt.  (jg)
   half  was  the  Post  Office.  They                                                                                     Gruhler  (Navy),  6-1,  6-3.
   came  out  with  a  splurge  of  hits                                                                                    Lt. Mulkey (Army) over Lt.  (jg)
   that  bounded  all  over  the  lot  and                                                                                 Johns.on (Navy).  3-6,  6-2,  6-2.
                                                                                                                             Sgt.  Flournoy  (Army)  o v e r
   beat  the  Receiving  Station  by  the                                                                                  Doyle  (Navy)  4-6,  6-3,  8-6.
   score  of  21-2.                                                                                                         Lt.  _ Laskin  (Navy)  over  Hill
     The  D.  D.  Pool  won  two  games                                                                                    (Army)  6-3,  6-1.
   and  are  !3till  undefeated  in  the                                                                                   D,oubles
   second half. They took into tow the                                                                                       Kovacs  and  Mulkey  (Army)
   Receiving  Station  10-1 · and  the                                                                                     over Lt.  Gruhler  and Lt.  C.  S.
   Radio Materiel school  9-1.                                                                                             Smith  (Navy)  6-4,  6-4.
     The  new  addition  to  the  league,                                                                                   Lt. Laskin  and  Brevnen  (Navy)
   the  gymnasium,  split  even  in  two                                                                                   over  Hill  and  Flournoy  (Army)
   games.  They lost to ANTS  8-6 and                                                                                      6-4,  6-3.
   beat the Receiving  Station 12-1.
     The  first  half  champions,  In­
   dustrial,  had  a  tough  week.  They                                                                                   SPORTS SLANTS . .
   lost  their  opener  to  Armed  Guard
   6-4  and  in  their  other  game  with                                                                                      THE  MIGHTY  MIDGET
   the Treasure Island Doc's they had                                                                                        Known  to  boxing  fans  as  the
   to  go  all  out  to  finally  win  15-13.                                                                              "_Mighty  Midget,"  Joe  SWOl'ek
   This  game  showed  that  the  Treas-                                                                                   formerly  handled  boxers  of  all
  - ure  Island  Doc's  are  not  to  be                                                                                   classes when he was a civilian back
   counted out of the league as  yet.                                                                                      in  his  native  Michigan.  He  has
     The  Receiving  Ship  is  a  great                                                                                    taken  up  the  cudgel  himself  and
   bunch  and  is  always  out  there                                                                                      has  participated  in  five  fights  at
   putting  up  a  fight.  Don't  be  sur­                                                                                 T.  I.  gymnasium  without  losing  a
   prised  to  hear  that  the  team  has                                                                                  single  engagement.  At  present  he
   defeated a contender.                                                                                                   is  assisting  in  teaching  the  boys
     Advanced Naval Training School                                                                                        the  manly  art  of  self  defense,  in
   has a  team  that  can  upset  anyone                                                                                   addition to other athletic activities.
   at  anytime.  Their  only  loss  to                                                                                       Sworek,  who is in his  thirties, is
   Armed  Guard  should  not  count                                                                                        the  proud  father  of  two  fine
   them  out  of  the second  half.  They
                                 FEATURING  A  TANTALIZING  "chop-service"  and  a  danger­  drive ·as  the  Navy  gets  set  to  repel  the  attack.  Center:  Kovacs  children-a  boy and  a  girl.
   defeated  the gymnasium team that  ous  backhand  smash  stroke,  Frank  Kovacs  (Army),  one  of   is  shown  as  he  seeks  a  footing  to  return  one  of  Lt.  (jg)  Gruh­  More  than  one  sailor  stays
                                 America's  greatest- tennis  stars,  exhibited  a  superb  technique
   is  flooded  with  material.   of tennis  playing  by trouncing Lt.  (jg) Gruhler  (Navy)  in two   ler's  cross-court  strokes.  Bottom  (left  to  right):  Lt.  Mulkey,
                                                                               Kovacs, Lt.  (jg)  Gruhler  and Lt.  Smith give the  staff photogra­ aboard  on  his  night  off  to  watch
     The  Frontier  Base  did  not  have  fast-moving tennis  sets,  6-1,  6-3.  Top:  The  Army spearheads  a   pher  a  close-up  shot  after a  sweltering match.   the  "Mighty  Midget"  work  out,
   a league game in  the first week  of                                                                                    thereby  gaining  many  a  valuable
   competition but has  a team that  is   T. I.  Docs  Defeat  T. I.  Represented  In  Boxing  Show                        ,up  for  his  own  use.  Always  a
   to  be  feared.  They  are  a  potential                                                                                favorite  with  the  crowd,  Joe  has
   outfit  and  may be  the team to  up­  Post  Office  Team       .Three 'boxers representing Treasure Island were on the
   set  fall  prediction  of  the  winner                      boxing show held on Saturday afternoon, August 19, at the
   of the  second  half and come under  - The  T.  I.  Docs  came,  they  saw,  Vallejo Ammunition Depot. The first T. I. entry into the sun­
   the  wire  to  grasp  the  champion­ and they conquered the Post  Office   filled  ring,  Al  Pecorora,  met  a  sharpshooter  southpaw  in
   ship.                         by  coming  home  with  an  11  to  5   Vallejo's dusky Frank McCall. The decision went to McCall on
                                 victory in  their game played at the   his superior physical condition, as he finished with a whirl­
   LEAGUE STANDINGS              Section  Base  field  on  August  22.
                                   Getting  off  to  a  good  start,  the  wind flurry. Benny "The Bull" Calla, Armeq. Guard member
                       WL  Pct.   Docs scored three runs in the first,  from T. I., stole the show  by  defeating  the  clever  Frankie
   Armed Guard         3  0  1000   and  continued  to  score  until  the   Whethers with his fighting heart_ and continuous left lead to
   D. D.  Pool         2  0  1000   fifth,  when  their  string  of  scores   Whethers'  head.  A  suspicious  fan •
                                 were halted. First man to score for
   Post  Office        1  0  1000   the  Docs  was  Daniels, followed ?Y   claimed  Calla  had  glued  his  left-  Prayer for the Duration
   Industrial          1  1   500                             I hook  to  Whethers'  nose.
   ANTS                1  1   500   Tolliver,  with  a  home  run  by L1b-  Plant  Loses  on  Technicality   My Ration Book is my shepherd,
   Gymnasium           1  1   500   brecht.                      Our third entry on 'the show was  I shall ever  want,  it maketh me to
   Frontier  Base      0  0   000   With  one  man  oh  in  the  second,   the  handsome  Bobby  Plant,  who  lay  down  on  beds  with  thirst  and
   T. I. Doc's         0  1   000   Gregory banged out a home run  to   fought  Vallejo's  best   puncher,  fear,  it  driveth  me  beside  silent
   R.M.S.              0  2   000   bring  in  two  more  runs.  From  the   Jesse  Walker  fpr the  third  time·  in  filling  stations,  with  re-cap  tires
   Receiving Ship      0  3   000   third  to  the fifth  innings  the Docs   inter-station  competition.   Plant  and  empty  tank.  It  restoreth  my
                                 acquired six more runs,  which were
                                 more than enough to clamp off the   never  looked  better,  but  in  his  anger.  It leadeth  me up stair steps
                                                               anxiety  kept  punching  Walker  in the paths of regretfulness to the
   Jap Wine Being                Post  Office's five runs.     when  that  fighter  turned  his  back  Ration  Board,  for  monthly  allow­  become a top-drawer ring man and
                                                                                                                           the  most  popular  fighter -in ·Max
                                   On  the  mound  for  the  Docs  was
                                                               to  escape  punishment.  Chaplain  ance.
   Used for Cleaning             newcomer  Mike  Gregory,  who  did   Flowers,  of  Vallejo,  admitted  giv-  Yea  though  I  walk  through  the   Marek's stable. Keep punching, Joe.
                                 a  good  job  in  the three innings he
                                 pitched. Johnny  Camp also pitched   ing the bout on his score to Walker  stores  of  the  shadows  of  empty
     Sake,  a  high-calibred  rice  wine,                      for  that  reason.  The  loss  of  this  shelves,  I will fear no  evil for  thou
   is  as  popular  with  the  Japs  as   for  the  Docs  in  the  last  fqur  in-  bout  will  not  keep  the  improving  are  with  me,  thy  points  and  thy  CUPID SCORES
   Coca-Cola  with  Americans,  but  to   n  in  gs  o  f  th  e  game.   Th  D  ocs  ne-  Plant  from  makmg  great, stndes  name  accompany  me.  Thou  pre-
                                                                                             pareth  a  table  before  my  family  DIRECT HIT
                                                         C  amp  .
                                         1  2b  T  1 o 1ver  as,
   our  G.  L's  on  Saipan  it  is  just   Up.  Da  n1e s  ht  If  ,   R  th  t  e1n  c,   m  the  sport.   ·
                                 3b  L"bb  rec
                                                    o  s
   something to use for washing their   Phillips  lb  Brown  cf  Gregory  p   Our  men  were  treated  to  a  fine  WI  •t  h  scanty eats.  Yes,  he  did  it  again!  Another
   hands and mess gear.  "This stuff,"   Nauheimer rf,  and  E�gles  sf.  '  st�ak _di�er  after  the  show.  Val-  Thou  anointeth  my  head  with  WAVE  joined  the  lucky  brides  6f
   observed a Marine Sergeant, "takes                          leJo's  Chief  Frank  Skuthan  should  last  year's  hat,  my  pants  with  1944  when  Harriet Johnson,  SK2c
   off  anything,  even  paint!"                               be  complimented  for  the  fine show  patchy  seats,  my  feet  with  No.  and  Robert  U.  Price,  SClc  were
     The wine was left behind in large   She drank  to the  Army,   and  his  consideration  for  our  "17"  sheet;  my  cup  runneth  over  married,  Saturday,  August  19  at
   quantities  c;m  Saipan  by  the  re­  She drank to the Navy,   boxers  a  n    d  visitors.  Vallejo's  with weak and unsweetened coffee.  2100.  We  are  getting  discouraged
   treating  Japs,  and  the  sergeant   Hang the expense-     boxers  are  slated  to  box  our  T.  I.  Surely  fear  and  uneasiness  shall  trying  to  pull  a  "scoop"  on  D.
   claims  the  boys  use  it  externally   At  the  end  of the  evening   team  in  a  return  engagement,  so  follow  me  all  the  duration  of  this  Cupid.  Any  advance  notices  o  f
   and,  if  conditions  continue,  may   She was under the table   watch  for  this  forthcoming  slug- war  and  I  will  dwell  in  the  bug- pending  wedding  news  will  be
   even bathe· in it.             All out for National Defense.   fest.                      house  forever  thereafter.   appreciated;
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