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   , . .    T. I. WAVES TROPHY WINNERS • •                                                  RADIO MATERIEL

                                                                                            On  Lea v e
                                                                                              Welfare  Officer  Lt.  Commander
                                                                                            W.  H.  Keplinger  departed  August
                                                                Officers,  instructors  and  civilian  26  for  a  well-deserved  two  weeks'
                                                              personnel  are  looking  forward  to  leave.  The  genial  and  popular
                                                              the  picnic  to  be  held  September  3  officer  will  visit  his  parents  and
                                                              at  Tilden  Park  in  Berkeley.  ·   close friends  in Ohio;  he  also  inti­
                                                                Another  all-school  dance  will  be  mated  to  this  reporter  that  he   The Operational Training School
                                                              held on September 6 at the Scottish  might  get  to  Cleveland  and  see  a   expresses  its  appreciation  to  the
                                                               Rite  Temple  in  San  Francisco.  big  league  ball  game.  Upon  his   commanding  officer  for  allowing
                                                              Dancing  partners,  music,  enter­ return  to  duty,  Mr.  Keplinger will   this  activity  to  have  the  Treasure
                                                               tainment,  and  refreshments  will  no  doubt  tackle  his  many  assign­  Island  band  each  Friday  noon.  To
                                                               be  provided  by  the  committee  in  ments  with  renewed  vigor,  par­  you, Bandmaster W. J.  Fitzpatrick
                                                               charge.  An  evening  of  fun  and  ticularly  in  the capacity  of  voting   and your men  in  the  band,  thanks
                                                               gaiety  is  promised  to  all  who  officer.  We  wish  him  a  pleasant   for  the- enjoyable  concerts  which
                                                               attend.                       leave  and  speedy  return  to  this   are  indeed  stimulating  and  defi­
                                                                Logan B. Murphy,  S2c student in   command  where  his  many  talents   nitely morale  builders.
                                                               the  Fire·  Control  School,  is  the   are  appreciated.   Send  Gift  to  Masquers'  Club
                                                               father  of  a  baby  girl.  Congratula­  Graduati-on         Last week our school sent a knot
   PEERLEs·s among  a.  pool of  fast  swimmers,  the  T. I.  WAVES  stroked  with  a  smooth  tions  to  the  proud  and  happy   Friday,  September  1,  class  30  and  fancy  work  board  to  Joe  E.
   metrical  cadence  and displayed  majestic  form in splashing  their  way to victory during
   the  Twelfth  Naval  District  Swim  Meet  held  at  Alameda  Naval  Air  Base.  Basking  in  parents!   completed  the course of instruction  Brown  for  presentation  to  the
   the glory of th11ir victorious  feat,  swim champions  (left to right)  Gail Hemke,  Marjorie   Wedding  bells  rang  for  one  of   and  graduated  from  this  school.  Masquers'  Club  of  Hollywood.  The
   Williams,  Lucy  Nelson  and  Amelia  Monico  pose· for  the photographer. A  photo  of  the   our graduating Gyro students when
   beautiful silver WAVES trophy is shown at their left.                                     Of the total, two were Marines and  Masquers'  Club  is  an  organization
                                                               M.  E. Dahlquist, EM3c of Oakland,   the  b a 1 a  n    c e  Navy  personnel.  of  actors  that. has  entertained  250
                                                                                             Scholastic  honors  went  to  F.  R.  men  of  the  Armed  Forces  for
   Modern  Gymnasium and  Recreation                           California,  and Miss Anita Howard   Lovo,  RT2c  who  attained  the  dinner  and  show  each  Saturday
                                                               of  Long  Beach,  California,  were
                                  n  er  a
   C  enter  Omp efe         d  O  Y  b  B  Uena               married on  August 28.        splendid  final  average of  96.3,  and  night  for  the  past  75  weeks.  A
                                                                                             is  deserving  of  high commendation  recent  Saturday  night  dinner  and
      Captain  Elmer  S.  Helmkamp,  USN.,  Commander  Receiving  Ship,   Many  Lost  Items  M  y   for  his  outstanding  achievement.  show was given for the officers and
   officially opened the New Gymnasium and Recreation Center at  Yerba                       These  men  are  now  qualified  to  men  of  the  Small  Craft  Training
   Buena last Wednesday.                                      . Be  Found  if Reported       perform  responsible  duties  in- Center  at San Pedro at which time
      This  attractive,  modern  new  gymnasium  and  recreational  build,
   ing, is located adjacent to the Athletic Field.  Practically within a stone's  to t  h  e  Security O  ice   volving  electronic  equipment,  and  our  Commanding  Officer  was
                                                                                             no  doubt  will  play  thei!'  part  in  present  as  a  member  of  Admiral
   throw bf the new barracks just recently opened, the new building houses   Reports of thefts,  lost and  found  achieving  victory  over  the  Axis  Denebrink's  party.  Joe. E.  Brown
   facilities  for  indoor  sports,  a  modern  theatre  with  the  best  equipment  items,  and  complaints  of  violence  powers.  A  number  of  graduates  is a· personal  friend of Commander
   available and other recreational activities.                and  injuries,  and  of  violations  of  will be retained for teacher training  Stone  and  a  very  active  member
      Activities  at  the  building  will  be  directed  by  Lieutenant  the regulations,  should be reported  and subsequent transfer to R.M.S.,  of  the Masquers' Club.
   P.  G.  Gay,  Welfare  and  Athletic  officer.  He  announced  the  formal  immediately  to  the  office  of  Lt.  Navy  Pier,  Chicago,  Illinois,  while  Returns to  Duty
   opening will be held  in about three                        Commander  William  J.  Quinn,  a  large  group  will  be  retained  for   One  of  our  old-timers  has  re-
   weeks.  A  well-rounded  program   Civilian  Personnel      security  officer.  The  office  is  instruction  on  other special  equip- turned  to  duty after  a  long  period
   will be_  arranged  for that occasion.   "There  is  going  to  be  a  change   located  in  the  east  wing  of  the  ment  prior  to  Com- in  the  Treasure  Island  Hospital.
     The feature of the new establish-                         Security Division Building, No. 222,  mander  Service  Force,  Pacific  Dodgson  is  now  fully  recovered
   ment is  the ten-lane bowling alley,   in  the  office  and  a  change  in  the   which  is situated  on the  north end  Fleet.   and  we  all  offer  him  a  hearty
                                 scene-."  Yes,  there  are  a  lot  of
   which  is  equipped  with  all  of  the   changes  going  on  in  the  Civilian   of the Island on Avenue E between   Au  Rev- ·,r   welcome.  Also  newly  arrived  are
   modern  devices  of  an  up-to-date   Personnel   Employment   Office.   11th and  12th  Streets.  Thi·s  week  sees   th  d  epar ure  o  f   A.   V .  Eishert,  F2c,  and  C.  Fred-
   "maple mart." There is also a large   Four  attractive  girls  from  this   Reports are received at any time   four more of  the old  guard  for  the   rickson, GM2c. Off to the bounding
   recreational room which is equipped   department-Doris  Pugh,  Audrey   between  0800  and  1700,  Monday   Radio Materiel  School,  Navy  Pier,   main  is  J.  A.  McNeese,  StMlc.
                                                                        a ur
                i  1
   Wl  'th poo  an  d b'll'ard  tables  .   Thomas,  Marny  Jaixon,  and  Flo   th  roug  h  S  t  d  ay.   E  mergenci es   Chicago.  E  n  s   i g n s  William  F.   "Fair  sailing!"
     The  gymnasium  is  equipped  to   Parucha  all  of  whom  work  in  the   may  report  after  this  hour  by   Nameny and Lester L. Thomas and   Basketball  Line-up
   provide  sports  opportunities  for   payro  11  d  ivision--will  J0m  the   telephone,  Local 74. Promptness  in   Radio  Electricians  Raymond  C.   The. Operational  Training  School
   everyone.  The  basketball  floor  has   offices  of  Supply  and  Accounting,   making  reports  to  this  office  en-  Engle and Laverne Tragesser have   basketball  squad  consisting  of
   ten  goals  situated  so  that  all  can   working  through  the  Disbursing   ables the personnel to make  an im-  been part of the R.M.S. Instruction   Heiser,  Ylc;  G  e r r a  r d ,  Ylc;
   be utilized at the same time, there-  Office  which will handle  all  of  the   mediate  investigation  and  height- Staff and have contri·buted i·n large   Sweaney,  BMlc;  McClean,  Slc;
                                                                                                                           Isom,  Slc; Somers, Y2c; Carpenter,
   by  providing  a  maximum  number   civilian  payroll  from  Treasure  Is-  ens  the  possibility  of  recovering   degree  to  the  overall  progress  of
   of  men  an  opportunity  to  practice   land.  The  actual  disbursing  was   th  e  property  or  apprehending  the   the  school.  All  hands  J'oin  in   B  Mlc;  Unruh,  CM3c;  Welcher,
                                                                                                                           c  ox;  an
                                                                                                                                  d  H  all,  Y2c,  have  played
   the1_·r  goal-shooting  ability.  Intra-  formerly handled through the  12th   gui  lt  y  party.  wishing  these  four  popular  _ in-  severa  1  prac ice  games  recently.
   mural  cage  leagues  will  be  organ-  Naval District.       T  reasure  Island  personnel  will   structors every succes in their new   Regular  combat  against  Treasure
   ized later  and  from these  games  a   Shifts  to  Administration  Building   have no difficulty in  finding  Room   billet.   I  land  t  earns  w1  ·11  t  t  soon.   A  ny
                                                                                                                                          s ar
                                                                o.  m
                                                                        1s  m
                                                               N  5 ·  th·  b  'ld'  mg;  a sign a  ove
   Receiving  . Ship  team  will  be   The  change  in  scene  is  that  the  the  east entrance reading, Security         man  interested  contact  one  of  the
   selected.                     Employment  office  will  soon  be  Division,  Lost  and  Found Property  Your  Friends  Would  Enjoy   members  or  their  coach,  Lt.  Lang-
     Also  in  the  gymnasium  are
                                 occupying  a  portion  of  the  main  Bureau,  indicates  the  way.   "The  Masthead"   Send  It  Home.  worthy.
   handball  and  squash  courts,  an  fl  oor   o  f   t h e   Ad  •  •  t  ti  on                        -
                                                    mm1s  ra
   apparatus  room  and  facilities  for   Building.  Everyone  concerned  is
   boxing  a n    d  wrestling.  Lt.  Gay;   happy  about  the idea  of  their new   Lost and Found   WHALE  BOAT CREW TOSSES OARS
   announced  that  movies  would  be   habitat,  which  will  make  for  a   The  following  lost  and  found ar­
   held  twice  nightly,  at  1700  and   more convenient location for future   ticles have been reported to the Se­
   2000  and  also  that  other  enter­  applicants.           curity Office located at the Security
   tainment  programs  would  be  pre­  Apprentices  N,ow  in  Training   Office  Building No. 222.
   sented when it is possible to obtain   More  news  from  this  activity   LOST-12  wallets,  1  handbag,  1  peacoat,
                                                                 1  pair  of  glasses,  1  suitcase,  3
   high  class   professional  enter­  informs  us  of  a cooperative agree­  and  hammocks,  1  fountain  pen,  1  slide
   tainers.                      ment between the U. S. Naval Dry­  rule,  1  bank  book,  1  shaving  kit,  1
                                                                 C.P.O.  coat,  1  typewriter.
     "Opening  of  our  new  building is   dock at Hunters Point and Treasure   FOUND-8  wallets,  3  handbags,  1  pea·
   expected to  provide an impetus for   Island.  The  training  section  of  the   coat,  1  pair  of  glasses,  1  ditty  bag,  1
                                                                ID  bracelet,  2  travelers  cheques,  2  gas
   our  athletic  program,"  Lt.  Gay   Industrial  Relations  and  Personnel   masks,  1  jacket,  1  raincoat,  1  C.P.O.
   said.  Heretofore,   personnel  at   Division of Hunters Point will train·   hat,  1  camera,  1  Army  blanket,  1  $25
                                                                 War  Bond.
   Yerba  Buena  has  been  forced  to   50 apprentices for duty here in their  --------------­
   seek  athletic  diversion  at  outside   apprentice  academic  course  at   Requirements  Listed
   centers.  This  has  proved  a  handi­  Hunters  Point.  This  instruction   Age  requirements  are:  Over  16
   cap  in  competitive  events  but  in   will  be  the  same  as  that  already   but  not  17  years  upon  application
   the  future we  are  certain  that  our   given to Hunters Point apprentices,   to_ the  program, .under  21  years  if
   teams  will  make  a  far  better   and  will  enable  each  apprentice   in  4F  classification  and  accepted
   showing  now  that  we  have  the   to  receive  his  high  school  diploma  by  shop.  He must  hav�  completed
   facilities to support  and encourage   if sufficient time and recommended   the  9th  grade,  while  10th  grade
   athletics.  "The  Welfare  Depart­  grades  are  obtained.  These  ap-  English  must  be  completed,  at
   ment  appreciates  the  co-operation   prentices  will  be  recruited  and   night  school  if  necessary.  There
   it  has  received  from  other  ac-  h.  d  b  y   T  reasure   I  1  d  an  d   are  many  interesting  subjects  to
                                  i r e
                                                     s an
   ti vi ties   a  n  d     departments   i n     carried on the rolls of this activity.   study,  such as Trade and  Sciences,
   organizing  our  new  athletic  and   Quota is  Not  Yet  Filled   Trade  Mathematics,  Mechanical
   recreational  program,"  Lt.  Gay   At  present  the  number  of  ap-  Drawing  and  Blueprint  Reading,
   concluded.                                                  U.  S.  History  and  Civics,  English
                                 prentices at Hunters Point is below   and Trade Theory.
                                 the  desired  quota  and a  recruiting   The  length  of  this  program  is
   MORE  BEANS  FOR  NAVY        program  is  underway  to  secure   27  months  and  those  entering
     A  solution  for  Navy  food  sur­  additional  apprentices.  When  the   should be prepared  to  stay with  it
   pluses  was  given  at  a  Senate  War   desired  number  of  men  have  been   until  the  end.  Successful  com­
   Investigation  C  o  m  m    i t t e e .  The   obtained  for  Hunters  Po1·nt,  they   pletion  of  this  course  entitles  the
   simple  method  to  prevent  the   will  be  glad  to  give  assistance  in   apprentice  to  a  High  School  Di­
   accumulation of food surpluses was   securing  additional men for  Treas-  ploma, a diploma from the Training
   offered  by  Rear  Admiral  T.  Earle   ure Island.         Section and status pay as Journey­
   Hipp:                           The  apprentices  employed  to   man  in  the  chosen  trade-Ship­
                                 work at Treasure Island will attend
     "If  we  get  too  many  cans  of                         fitter,  Sheetmetal  Worker,  Joiner,
   beans  on  hand,  we  simply  serve   school  one  week  out  of  four  at   Blacksmith,  Machinist,  Pipefitter,
   more  beans."                 Hunters  Point  and  for  the  re-  Eiectrician,  Rigger,  Coopersmith,
                                 maining  three  weeks  they  will   Boilermaker, and Shipwright.
                                 work in the shop  here on Treasure   Here is  a marvelous opportunity
   Quote-Worthy                  Island.  The  beginning  wages  are   for ambitious young men who want
     "Let  us  endeavor  so  to  live  that  $4,64  per  day  a  n  d     c9ntinued  \to  be  the  men  behind  the  men
                                                                                             "LEARN  BY  DOING."  Men  from  Armed  Guard  Center  (Pacific)  learn how  a  whale­
   when  we  come  to  die,  even  the  promotions  until  the  top  scale  of  behind  the  guns.  The  new  school boat  crew  tosses  oars,  in  practioo  for  future  sea  duty.  Scene  at  bottom  shows  them
   undertaker will be  sorry."   $7.52  is  reached.           term for  1944 begins September  4.   '• Shoving  off l' '  Departing  Armed  Guard  sailors  load  their  gear  on  trucks  which  will
                                                                                             carry  it  to  the ship  for  stowage.
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