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       •  •  •  COME TO THE GYMNASIUM  •  •  .1When You Go To The South Pacific                                                Large  New

                                                                   Story Enumerates Certain  "Do's and                         Dispensary  Opens
                                                                   Don'ts" For  Your  First Trip  Out                          on  Treasure  Island
                                                                        The Navy  reaches out to include many  little islands  in   On  August  28,  a  large  new
                                                                   the  South  Pacific.  However,  don't  believe  all  those  travel   dispensary was  placed in operation
                                                                                                                               on Treasure I�land.  It  is  "Building
                                                                   folders you have read-tropical paradise, cool Pacific breezes,   257",  and  is  situated  near  the
                                                                   romantic moonlight, lovely native dancing girls--rather anti­ Receiving   Ship   Administration
                                                                   cipate  a  sweltering  hell-hole,  scorching  mosquito-laden  building  and  just  opposite  the
                                                                   breezes, rain, rain, rain-and more rain!                    Treasure  Island  Brig  and  the
                                                                       Reports  from  that  sector  enumerate  certain  "do's  and   Gardener's  Compound.  This  dis­
                                                                                                                               pensary includes three  large wards
                                                                   don'ts." Don't bring too much clothing. Four suits should be   and  is  fitted  with  the  best  in
                                                                   ample;  each person launders his own clothing as soon as he  medical  and  dental  equipment.
                                                                   takes it off because they mold quickly  when soiled.  A small dispensary is designated
                                                                   issue  brush  is  availabe  for  wash­  if  you  bring  a  radio,  be  sure  to   as  Dispensary  No.  1  and is  prima­
                                                                   ing  clothes;  some  of  the  mud  is                       rily  for  the  use  of  all  Receiving
                                                                   very  adhesive  and  cannot  be  re­  bring  female  plugs  and  extension   Ship  personnel  and  WAVES  on
                                                                                                 cord.  A  small  pocket  compass
                                                                   moved by any of the usual methods   comes in very handy.    Treasure  Island.  All  othe · r  Treas­
                                                                   (soaking,  swearing,  and  hoping).                         ure  Island  personnel  will  continue
                                                                     Don't  stock  up  on  soap,  tooth   The most  useful single article  is   to  use  Dispensary  No.  2·  (across
                                                                   paste,  razor blades,  etc., but lay  in   a  canteen.  And  a  messkit  is  im­  from the  U. S.  Naval  hospital)  as
                                                                                                 portant.  Don't  forget  to  include  a   before.  Sick-call  in  both  dis­
                                                                                                 sewing  kit  compiete  with  buttons.   pensaries  is  held  at  0830,  1300
                                                                                                 Marine shoes are very comfortable.   and  1800.  Because  of  the  very
                                                                                                 A pair of light ·moccasins or tennis   heavy  work  load,  no  cases,  other
                                                                                                 shoes  are  useful  around  the  tent   than  emergencies,  will  be  handled
                                                                                                 or  camp  and  also  to  wear  inside   at  either  dispensary  other  than  at
                                                                                                 overshoes.  The  latter  item  is  very   the  regularly  designated  sick-call
                                                                                                 important. The mud is slippery and   hours.  All  examinations  for  ap­
                                                                                                 pretty  hard  on  shoes.  A  raincoat   pointment  and  promotion  will  be
                                                                                                 is  essential.  "You  have  never  seen   done at Dispensary No. 2 as before.
                                                                                                 rain  until  you  have  been  here  and   A twenty-four  hour medical officer
                                                                                                 you  will be drowned  in 60 seconds   and  dental  officer  watch  is  main­
                                                                                                 without  a  raincoat."        tained  at  both  dispensaries  for
                                                                                                   Do  bring  along  cotton  cord  or   emergencies.
                                                                                                 light  line,  a  heavy  knife  (a  small   WAVES personnel attending sick­
                                                                                                 Boy  Scout  axe  is  4.0).  Leather   call  at the new dispensary  will use
                                                                   Don't  Come  Like a  Christmas Tree  watch straps "sweat" out in a very   the front  entrance of  the building.
                                                                                                 short  time.  Cloth  type  is  much   Receiving  Ship  enlisted  personnel
                                                                   a  supply of foot  powder,  laxatives,  better,  bring  three  or  four.  The   attending  sick-call at the  new  dis­
                                                                   and  Lanolin.  Towels are scarce,  so  climate is terrific on watches,  so if   pensary  will  use  the  entrance  at
                                                                   do  bring  three  or  four,  especially                     the  rear  of  the  building  which
                                                                   small hand towels. Candy and gum                            adjoins the Receiving Ship barracks
                                                                   are  available,  but  remember  to                          and  which  has  a  large  "Sick-Call
                                                                   guard  against  the  heat  and  ants!                       Entrance"  sign  over  the  door.
                                                                   Cigarettes  are  available  along  the                        The second deck  of  the  new  dis­
                                                                   line  at  sea-store  prices,  but  do                       pensary contains the dental depart­
                                                                   bring  a  cigarette  case  because                          ment.  This  department is  probably
                                                                   paper  sacks  get  soggy  with  your                        the  largest  and  best  equipped
                                                                   constant  sweat.  Also  carry  an oil­                      department  of  its kind in this area
                                                                   skin  tobacco  pouch.                                       both  for  regular  dental  work  and
                                                                     Travel lightly.  Don't  bring  fancy                      for  prosthetic  work.  It  is  planned
                                                                   leather  shaving  cases,  etc.  The                         to have  all  hands  on  Treasure  Is­
                                                                   constant  dampness  ruins  leather                          land  given  a  dental  examination
                                                                   luggage,  etc.  Do  bring  a  hand                          here  and  necessary  dental  work
                                                                   mirror of  good  quality.  Cheap ones                       done.  A  general  schedule  for  this
                                                                   rust in  a  few  days and  are worth­  Rain, .Rain,  Rain   is  being  distributed  to  all  depart­
                                                                   less.  Wooden  shower  slippers  are                        ments.  Entrance  to  the  dental
                                                                   quite  useful  if  you  have  room  for   you  have  to,  bring  the  cheapest.   department  is  through  the  left
                                                                   them. Be sure to bring a flashlight   Waterproof  watch  is best.   entrance  in  front  of  the  building
                                                                   with extra bulbs and batteries. Sun   As  for  money,  $50  is  ample­  and  up  to  the  second  deck.
                                                                   glasses  come in mighty handy,  too.  you  can  buy  unique  native  work
                                                                   A punk-type  cigarette lighter with  (although some of  it  is imported).
                                                                   plenty  of  extra  flints  will  be  your  They do  have pay days  there,  even  Safety  of  Ships
                                                                   best  bet,  because  you  are  not  al­ if  they  are  a  little  late.  But  why   C   •   C
                                                                   lowed to  carry lighter fluid in your  worry,  you  will  find  out  that  a  arrymg  argO  Up
                                                                   gear.                         stick  of  gum   � ill  be  worth  more
                                                                     Bring along your own cards, and  than a  double fm  anytime.   to Armed  Guard
                                                                                                                                   (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                                               edge  of  the  "Land  Down  Under."
                                                                                                                               The  supplies  and  materials  which
                                                                   Pan-American  Group Leaves                                  are  necessary  to  k e e p  them
                                                                                                                               fighting  in  all  kinds  of  weather
                                                                   Treasure Island                                             form  another  important  job  to  be
                                                                                                                               done  at  home.  "Send  a  man  to
                                                                   Letter  to  Captain  Cary       A  letter  of  appreciation  was  sea!"  That  sounds  like  a  simple
                                                                                   August  22,  19441 written August 24 by Captain R.  W.   statement, actually it means a com­
                                                                   Captain  Robert  W.  Cary     Cary,  Commander  U.  S.  Naval   plicated and extensive job. ·
                                                                   Commandant,  Treasure Island   Training  and  Distribution  Center,   The  Rewards
                                                                   San  Francisco,  California   to L. C. Reynolds, Manager Pacific-  The rewards for service rendered
        "THEY  LOOK  LIKE  MEN"  after  a  course  in  body  building  at  Treasure  Island's  Dear Captain  Cary:   Alaska  Division,  Pan-American   speak  for  themselves.  Over  eight
       well-equipped  gymnasium.  Body  building  is  one  of  the  many  activities  designed  to   As  we are  getting  settled  in  our  Airways System, Mills Field, South   hundred  awards  have  been  handed
       prepare  bluejackets  here  for  the  most  important  battle  ''over  there.''  The  staff                             down  to  Pacific  Armed  Guards­
        photographer  caught some interesting shots  as  the bluejackets prime for battle. Top­ new  environment  at  South  San   San  Francisco,  Calif.  The  letter  men.  The  Silver  Star  medal,  the
       a tumbling workout.  Center-balance,  strength,  ag!l!ty and muscular coordination are  Francisco  Airport,  all of us in  Pan   follows:   Bronze  Star  medal,  the  Purple
       instructors  carefully  scrutinize the precision and  skill  of the  men  as  they go  through
       required  to perform  the trampoline  feat. E.  R.  Foster,  Sp (A) le,  prepares  to  show how   American  are  reflecting  on  our
       it  is  done  as  Van  Meter,  Sp (A) le,  looks  on.  Bottom-G.  Pavlich,  Sp (A) le;  Dwight   " I  want to thank you very much  Heart and  many more form ·a  part
       Davis,  Slc;  and V. J.  Collier,  Sp(A)2c, are shown instructing a class in weight lifting.  very happy <;lays_at Treasure Island.   for your  gracious  letter  of  August  of  their  shield  of  honor,  but  the
                                                                   For  the  entire  organization  I  wish   22.  I  can  assure  you  that  it  is  greatest  tribute  to  the  job  they
       U.S. NAVAL                     �\\\\%\\     .,,,.,,,,,,\  to  bespeak to you our appreciation   greatly appreciated by Commander  have  done  is  the  complete  effort
                                                                   for  the  hospitality  you  showed  us
       FRONTIER BASE                    Tl,/1 weelt t1I tl,e       and for the tolerance you displayed   Miller,  Major  Milham  and  myself.  the  United  States  has  made in  the
                                                                                                   "We are very sorry that the very  Pacific.
         In  a  letter  to  the  Commanding    l/lRIIRY            in  the  various  trials  and  tribula-  pleasant  associations  of  the  past   Wars  are  fought  and  won  with
       Officer  of  U.  S.  Naval  Frontier                        tions which I am sure our activities   with  your  Pan -Air  organization  supplies,  and  our  Pacific  victories
       Base,  John  E.  Cushing,  Assistant   \\\\\%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'   must  have heaped  upon  you.   had  to  be  broken  off  but  we  are  prove  that  our  supply  lines,  far
       Dep.  Administrator,  Pacific  Area   Fiction                 In  addition  to  your  own  kind   certainly delighted that you all feel  extended,  have  been  unbroken.
       expresses  his  appreciation  to  the                       assistance  we  are  grateful  for  the   that  your  days  at Treasure  Island  These  supply  lines  have  been  pro­
                                       Mr.  Angel  Comes  Aboard  -- continual  cooperation  of  Y o u r
       officers  attac;:J1ed  to  this  command.   Booth                                         were happy  ones. I can assure  you  tected and maintained at high costs.
         "Your attention is 'directed to the                       entire  personnel,  in  particular that   that  your  activity  caused• us  no  Armed  Guard  service  used  to  be
       spendid cooperation of your officers   God's Front Porch-Frings  ···   of  Commander  Miller  and  Major   inconvenience  whatever  and  I  will  referred  as  "suicide  assignment."
       received  by  my  office  in  disposing   The  Pass-Savage   MlII:iam.  I  shall  appreciate  your   be  most  pleased  if  I  could  antici- Thanks_  to  the  excellent  training
       of  the  multitude  of  problems   Winter  Wheat-Walker     voicing  our  gratitude  to  al!  of  .  pate that all of my  other activities  which  Armed  Guard  men  now
       arising  from  the  redelivery  of   Fish  and  Tin  Fish-Wylie   them.                   on  Treasure  Island  would  cause  receive  the  cost  in  lives  has  been
       requisitioned  fishing  and  other                            With the very kind assistanc.e of  ·  me as little trouble as Pan Air did.  greatly  lowered.  The  newspapers
       vessels.                       Non-fiction                  Commander  D_eJoy  we are rapidly   "We  will  be  very  happy  to  visit  will carry  the story of  the  battles,
         "The  problems  have  been  unex­                         placing  our  :ri.ew  establishment  in   your new home when  you are com- but the  story  of  logistics  has  been
       pected  and  of  such  specialized   Tarawa,  the  Toughest  Battle.  in  order.  As  soon  as  bur  operations   pletely  established  there  and  we  written  by  the  men  who  fought,
        nature  that  rules  for  their  dis­  Marine  Corps  History-Hannah   are in presentable form it will be a   hope  that  the  physical  separation  lived  and  died  that  vital  supplies
       position  cannot  be  categorized.   Psychology  for  the  Fighting  great  pleasure  to  have  you,  and   will  not  completely  sever  our  con- might reach  the fighting  fronts  on
         "Especial  thanks  are  due  to  Lt.   Man-Infantry Journal   your  staff pay us  a  visit.   tact  with. each  other.  We  will  be  schedule.  That  story  w i 11  be
       R.  B.  Shelley  and  Lt.  Commander   Plastic  Horizons-Weil          Sincerely:         glad  to  be  of  any  assistance  to  finished  only  when  such  men,  by
       M. J.  Conlon,  who  have  worked  Letters of  Alexander  Woolcott­  Signed,  L.  C.  Reynolds,   you in the  future if and when you  their efforts, can erase  World War
       closely  with  A.  W.  Young."  Woolcott                    Manager,  Pacific-Alaska  Division. I need  it."            II  with the single word  "Victory!"
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