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        Hangs  Up  A New              Regimental  Bowling           "Haratious" The Owl- Marine Mascot I Homes  To  Be  Made

        Physical  Fitness S~ore       Tournament __ Finals;  Co.                                                               ·Available  For  Naval
                                      29  Edges  Out  Co.  31                                                                   Service  Families
                                                                                                                                  The Naval Housing Service today
                                        In  the  finals  of  the  hotly  con-                                                   inaugurated  a  program  to  obtain
                                      tested  RMS  bowling  tournament                                                          housing accommodations for Naval,
                                      that  has  been  under  way  for  the                                                     Marine Corps and Coast Guard per-
                                      past  month  between  picked  five                                                        sonnel  at  summer  resorts  and  in
                                      man  teams  from  each  company,                                                          summer homes in Northern Califor-
                                      the team representing company 29                                                          nia,  it was announced  by Lt.  Rich-
                                      edged  out company 31  by the  slim                                                       ard H. Hibbard, officer-in-charge.
                                      margin  of  61  pins.  The  winning                                                         With  the  closing of  the  su;mmer
                                      team was composed of F. M.  Broer,                                                        season,  many  houses  may  bE!coi:ne
                                      team  captain;  D.  G.  Elg;  E.  E.                                                      vacant  for  service  families  who
                                      Ferry;  F.  S.  Ebert,  and  W.  R.                                                       can occupy · them  the  year around,
                                      Fink;  and  was  coached  by  Paige,                                                      Lt. Hibbard pointed out in request-
                                      Sp(A)lc,  company  commander.                                                             ing that owners  get  in  touch  with
                                      The  tournament  was  such  a  suc-                                                       the  Chamber  of Commerce in their
                                      cess that plans are being made for                                                        local  communities  or  with  th e
                                      a  similar  tournament  in  the  near                                                     N av a 1  Housing  Service,  1095
                                      future  with  each  section  of  every                                                    Market  Street,  San  Francisco.
                                                                    ' 'HORATIPUS,''  dignified  owl  refugee,  is  pictured  after  his  convalescence  with
                                      company  to  be  represented.  In the   Platoon  Sergeant  Whalen,  veteran  owl  trainer,  at  the  Marine  Barracks  on  Treasure  (Telephone  Market  3828).
                                      regular  monthly  tournament  con-  Island.  "Horatlous,"  the Marine mascot, will be the distinguished guest of bluejackets   One  of  the  principal  objectives
                                                                    at the Marine Barracks daily between 1400 and 1600.
                                      ducted  on  the  duck  pin  alleys  for                                                   of the Naval Housing  Service is to
                                      officers,  WAVES,  and  enlisted   T.  I.  MARINES  TELL                                  obtain  housing  outside  of  the .con-
                                      personnel  the  winners  for  July                          G.S.K.  NEWS                  gested  San Francisco  Bay area for
                                      show Chief Machinist John Hantek,   'ALL'  ABOUT  OWL                                     service  families  .whose  presence
                                      Jr.,  leading  all  officers  with  the                       Contentment  filled  us  after  the  · there  is' not  essential.  Hundreds  of
                                                                      The  Marines  of  Treasure  Island
          Harold  A.  Gottfredson,  GM2c,   average  of  173.  Mary  A.  HicKery,   are  qualified  owl  experts,  and  are   Housewarming  Luncheon  on  Au- families  already  have  been  found
        hung  up  a  new  physical  fitness   Y2c,  the winsome  blonde  from  the   fully  abl~  to furnish first-hand  in-  gust  5th , when  Commander  Lantz  homes in Northern California cities
        score  at  ANTS  when  he  put  to-  Captain's  Writer's  Office,  showed   formation on any and all problems   thanked  the  boys  for  moving  the  at  a  convenient  distance  from  the
        gether  37  squat  jumps,  75  sit-ups,   the  way  in  the  WAVES  division   concerning  the  feathered  owl.   storeroom  shelves  in  record  time.  crowded  ports.  On  the  other hand,
        50  push-ups,  71  squat-thrusts,  and   with  an average  of  152;  while for   They  are  the  proud  owners,  or   He  only hopes  tha~  they  can  build  the  Housing  Service  attempts ! to
        18 pull-ups for a  73.8 score.   the  enlisted  men  W.  H.  Root,  Jr.,                  them back  as  quickly.       find  accommodations  for  ,service
                                                                    custodians  more  properly  speak-
          Gottfredson,  aged  20,  weight   RT3c,  rolled the top  score  average   ing,  of  one  "Horatious."  "Horati-       personnel  whose  presence  in  the
        210   pounds,   previously  scQred   of  190.  The  monthly  tournament   ous"  is  an  owl  of  forbidding   The  following  boost!!  in  rates   San Franci~co Bay area is essentjal
        55.6  on  the  same  test,  but  since   for officers  and members  of  ship's   character  and  great  wisdom  as  is   have  been  made  this  month:  L.  to  the conduct of the war.
        that time he has been working out   company  is  conducted  during  the                   Mitchell,  SK3c;  D.  E.  Flaggs,
                                                                    implied  by  his  name.  He  dropped                          "It  is  requested," _said  Lt.  Hib-
        in  the  body  building  department   noon  hour  when the  alleys  are  set   in on the Marines in a  battle-worn   SKlc;  J .  J.  Guiner,  SKlc;  H.  B.   bard,  "that  those  wishing  to  co-
        at the T.  I.  gymnasium.  His  home   aside  for  their  exclusive  use.  The   condition and they escorted him to   Dooley,  SK2c ;  J .  L.  Allen,  SK2c;   operate  with  this  program  get
        is  in  Circleville,  Utah,  where  he   alleys are available after 1800 each   the  Dispensary  where  he, received   J .  J.  Ailioto,  SK2c;  E.  J .  Dankert,   into  contact  with  the  local  owners
        attended  Piute  High  School  and   week  day  for  enlisted  personnel   treatment  for  his  broken  wing.   SK2c;  C.  E.  Abbott,  SK2c;  A.  H.   directly,  with  the  local  Chambers
        later  Utah  State,  participating  in   and  from  1000  on  Sundays.  New   During  his  convalescence,  the  soft   Brady,  SKlc;  and  WA VE  Lynn   of Commerce  that are assisting the
        football,  basketball,  and• track.   pins  and  balls  have  been  made   life  on  Treasure  Island  seems  to   Webber,  SK2c.   Navy in this situation, or with local
          Gottfredson,  upon  being  asked   available  and  the  alleys  are  kept   have  ruined· him  for  the  rigors  of   real  estate  dealers.  The  housing
        his opinion of the athletic program   in  excellent  condition  at all  times   outdoor  life  and  his  fondness  for   To  commemorate  the.  date · T.   situation is so acute that the Hous-
        at  T.  I.,  ~ad  this  to  say:  "The   by  Chief Bair and his  crew.  Bowl-  Navy  chow  has  resulted  in  his   Flagg,  SKlc,  and  Q. -,:- Esperson   ing  Service  is  in  serious  need  of
        school has a  very fine,  well-round-  ing  is  a  fine  recreation  and  all   permanent residence at the Marine   SKlc,  became  proud  pii,pas.  Such   listings.  If  Northern  Californians
        ed  program,  and  the  T.  I.  gym-  hands are urged to take advantage   Barracks.       events  always  occur  in  two's  in   have  a  vacancy  they  are  asked  to
        nasium  has  the  best  facilities  I   of  the  facilities  offered  in  the             GSK.  Chief  Cavano  and  W.  Wil-  provide  to  the  above  agencies,  or
                                                                      Even  though  "Horatious"  is  ex-
        have  ever  seen.  For  the.  person I school's  recreation  rooms.   tremely  dignified,  being  an owl  of   son,  SKlc,  are  recent  fathers  of   to  the  Housing  Service  directly,
        who  wants to  get in physical  con-                        high character,  he has volunteered   twins.                full  details  such  as  rental  price,
        dition,  T.  I.  is  the  best  place  I                    his  se~vices · in  .the  name  of  his                     heat,  cooking facilities,  number _of
        know."                        Operational                                                   Barbara  Wallis,  SK2c;  Natalie   bedrooms,  proximity of schools and
                                                                    country.  He will  receive  interested
                                                                                                  Neff,  SK2c;  Barbara  Seitz  Fitz-  stores,  and  transportation  facili-
                                      Traini11g  School             spectators  between  1400  and  1600   henry,  SK2c;  and  Chief  Murphy  ties.
                                                                    daily at the Marine Barracks.  The
        Disbursing Office               At the first of the annual Opera- only  price  placed  on  an  interview   are  toasting  themselves  in   Rear  Admiral  C.  H.  Wright,
        Is Well Organized  In         tional  Training  School  dance  last  is the purchase of a  $5  War Bond.   Southern  California's  sunny  clime.   Commandant of the Twelfth Naval
                                      Saturday night, a  fine time was had  We  understand  that  as  an  added
                                                                                                                                District,  has  pointed  out  that  "in
        New Location                  by all who attended.  The highlight  attraction, Platoon Sergeant Whal-                   many  nearby  communities  there
                                      of the evening's entertainment was  eri,  veteran  owl  trainer,  will  be  Industrial  Shops
                                                                                                                                are numerous  vacancies  for  Naval
            (Continued from page 1)   · the jitterbug exhibition given by i:i .. present to lecture at each audience   There  has  been  quite  a  profici- families at a  lower rental than are
                                      J .  (Limberlegs)  Hall, Y2c.  Hall, we  on  the  "Habits  of  the  Owl."   ency of cigars and candy down In- obtainable here, and whatever help
        USNR,  is paymaster, a  _ has been  are glad  to  say,  suffered  no  ill  ef-  Certainly  this  Marine  mascot  is   dustrial  way,  Contributing  these  can  be  renpered  by  these  regions
        at this station for approximately a  fects  from  his  exertions.  Immedi- worthy  of  your  consideration,  and  items have been B. G.  Falleri, BMlc,  will  assist  in  providing homes  for
        year and  a  half.  Most of the  crew
                                    .  ately after the dance, he was given I as  the  Marines  say,  "You -never  who  is  the  proud father  of a  little  service men and women whose duties
        in  disb~r~ing  ~am~  ~r_om  r~sponsi- a  . medical  examination  and  no  know  when  you  too,  may  be  the  girl;  E . W.  Ryan,  CM2c,  and E .  F .  in  the  San  Francisco  Bay  Area
        ble  positions  m  civilian  life  con- broken  bones  were  found-in  fact  proud owner of  an  owl."   Conrad,  CM2c,  who  were  both  fa- are  essential  to the  prosecution of
        nected with banking,  cost account- no  bones  were found!  No  one  has                  thers  of  baby  boys.  Congratula- the War."
        ing,  insurance,  etc.  Candidates  for  yet  discovered  the  answer  to  the  Off'   T   ,   tions, fellows!            The  basic  feature  of  the  Naval
        storekeepers school are interviewed  question of why Minter, GMlc, con-  I Ce rs  en n IS                               Housing  Service  program  is  an
        in  "boot  camp"  and  their  back•  ~inually  left  the  d~nc.~  to  "see  if  M  t  h A   t 28   It  looks . like  Indust_rial's  soft- agreement  which  is  signed  be-
        grounds  are  studied  carefully  be- it has  started to ram.   a  C    U 9 US            ball  team  is  well  on  its  way  to  tween  the  renter  and  the  service.
        fore  they'  are  assigned  to  further   - --                Officers' Tennis Tournament will  winning  the  championship.  They   While the landlord is not a  party to
        special  training.              Tonight the Port Watch of ship's  start 1?'-ugust 28 at T. I. Gym c_ourts.  have  defeated  all  teams  in  the   this  agreement,  he is protected _by
        Chief  Biehn  an  "Old-Timer"   company will take over where last  Trophies  and  med a ls  will  be  league,  winning  the  first  round  of   it.  It  guarantees  to  him  fair  and
          The  oldest  "old-timer"  around  week's  section  left  off.  For  the  awarded.  Call  Extension  50  at the  the series. The team is  coached by   equitable  treatment  in  regard  to
        the  NTDC  Disbursing  Office  is  finale,  an even better time is prom- gym,  or  contact  B.  H .  Barker,  Chief  Carpenter  Barton,  from  In-  the certainty of rents, prompt evic-
        Chief Pay· Clerk S.  A.  Biehn; USN  ised.  As  before,  music  will  be fur- Sp(A)lc, for entry.   dustrial's  Personnel  Office.  Good   tion  of  undesirable  tenants,  and
        (Ret),  who  reported  for  disburs- nished  by  the  Treasure  Island   -----.----       going, fellows,  let's keep  it up  and   payment of claims for  damage  to
        ing  duty  at  this  station  just  six  DanceBand._Lt.  (jg)  Jack, division  Industrial  Wins   win the championship!   property.
        days  before  Pearl  Harbor  when  officer,  promises  plenty of  refresh-  •             -------------------------------
        Treasure  Island  was  just  getting  men ts  will  be  on  hand.  Just  gral:  FI rs t  Ha If  Of
        under way as a  naval activity.  Mr.  a  date  and  come along to Alexan-                 Vice  Admiral  Bagley Makes
        Biehn  can  recount  many  interest- dria  Hall,  Eighteenth  and  Geary  T.  I.  Le a g u e                     Informal  Inspection  Here
        ing  stories  of  the  early  days  on  Street,  San Francisco.   The  Industrial  Division,. winner
        T.  I.,  when  headquarters  for  the   Operational Training School soon  of  the  first  half,  is  a  club  that
        disbursing  office  were  aboard  the  will have two less  bachelors:  A.  A.  doesn't  know  the  word  "defeat."
        Delta  Queen,  an  old  river  boat  Canepa, BM2c, will today take unto  Last  Thursday,  the  Industrial  and
        then  under  charter  to  the  Navy.  himself  Lona  Smith,  of  Redwooc  Armed  Guard,  runner-up  for  thE'
        In  those  days  public  funds  were  City,  to  have  and  to  hold  from  first  half,  met and  the former  won
        often  disbursed  from  a  rickety  henceforth.  A.  J.  Feliciano,  BM2c,  by  the  score  of  3. to  2.  Going  into
        counter  improvised  from  packing  recently married Elsie Canepa, alsc  the  last  inning,  two  runs  behind,
        b9xes,  and  the  Disbursing  Officer  of Redwood  City-and in  addition.  the  Industrial  team  managed  to
        frequently  had  to  wear  rubber  became the brother-in-law of Bo_at- score three runs, enough to salvage
        boots  in  his  office  to  keep  his  swain's Mate Canepa. Both men go,  the  game  when  everything  looked
        feet dry.                     grand  girls  and  we  wish  therr.  gloomy. The Industrial team should·
        They've  C.ome  a  Lorig  Way   worlds  of  happiness.  Congratula•  be  proud  of  their  feat  of  winning
          They  have  come  a  long,  long  tions,  men!            the first half after losing their firs,
        way  in  three  years  and  we  have     ---                league  game  of  the  season .  to
        only  to  look  at  the  large  airy,   Chief  Boatswain's  Mate  W.  R.  ANTS. Below are the league stand-
        well-lighted  new  disbursing  office,  Craig was absent last Saturday du€  ings for  the first  half.
        located  topside  of  the  new  Post  to the launching of a  new member   T.  I.  Softball  League  Standing
        Office building to realize how much  of· the  Craig Class.  Gross  displace-  ·   W   L   Pct.
        change  has  occurred  in  a  very  ment-nine  and  one  half  pounds;  Industrial  ....... .. 7   1   .875
        short  time.                  type-BOY! Congratulations, Chief.  Armed  Guard  . ... . 6   2   .750
          There are no obstacle courses on · Arrivals and  Departures   D.  D.  Pool  .. . ... . . 6   2   .750
                                                                                                  VICE  ADMffiAL  DAVID  W.  BAGLEY,  Commander  Western  Sea  Frontier,  visited
        the  way  to  the  disbursing  office   "Hello" to J.  E. Masquelier,  Flc,  Frontier  Base  ..... 5   3   .625  Treasure  Island Friday to  make  an  informal inspection  of  the  Western  Sea  Frontier
        and  if  any  information  is  wanted  reporting, for  duty  with  our  Engi- ANTS  . . . ...... . .. 5   3   .62t   Activity on this Island,  under  command of  Captain  Paul P . Blackburn. Pictured above
                                                                                                  are  (left to  right)  Vice Admiral  David  W.  Bagley,  USN,  Commander  Western  Sea
        on  such  a  pressing  matter as  pay,  neering  School.  "Fair  Sailing"  tc  T.  I.  Docs  ......... 4   4   .500  Frontier;  Lt.  Commander H.  T. LeFavoure, Jr.,  USNR,  Operations Officer  of Northern
                                                                                                  California  Sector  Western  Sea  Frontier;  Commodore  Burrell  C.  Allen,  USN  (Ret),
        the  new  disbursing  office  is  the .A.  J.  Kreienseick,  Slc,  leaving for  Post Office  . .. ..... 1   7   .125  Chief  of Staff Western  Sea Frontier;  Captain  Paul  P.  Blackburn,  USN,  (Ret),  Com-
        place to do  your shouting.   duty aboard a  new destroyer.   Receiving  Ship  . .. . O   8   .000   mander Northern  California  Sector  Western  Sea  Frontier;  Commander  Marshall  L.
                                     1                                                            Smith,  USN  (Ret),  aide  to  Commander Western  Sea Frontier.
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