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                                                                                            LEAGUE  HAS  JUST  ENDED
                                                                                                 Did  you  know  that  approximately  30  softball  games
                                                                                            are played daily on Treasure Island?  Just think  how  many
                                                                                            people  are  participatililg  in  this  fine  out-door  recreational
                                                                                            and  body  building  sport.  Recreational,  because  the  people
                                                                                            enjoying the game have  a  chance to  relax their nerves  and
                                                                                            divert their mental thinking for a  brief period in this world
                                                                                            at war.  The finest  of equipment is  supplied  by the  athletic
                                                                                            field  for  those  who  do  not  have
                                                                                                                          played  by  the  girls  and  are  really
                                                                                            their  own  gear.  A  number  of  the
                                                                                                                          enjoyed  by the spectators.
                                                                                            commands on Treasure Island have   The  first  half  of  the  Treasure
                                                                                            softball  gear.               Island  softball  league  has  just
                                                                                              The  athletic  field  has  five  soft- ended.  The  league  had  nine  teams
                                                                                            ball diamonds  that are in use from  battling for  the  top  rung  position.
                                                                                            0800  until  2030  each  day.  The  The  teams  are  Armed  Guard,  In-
                                                                                            number  one  diamond  is  as  fine  a  dustrial,  ANTS,  D.  D.  Pool,  Fron-
                                                                                            softball  diamond  as  can  be  ;found  tier  Base,  T.  I.  Doc's,  Radio  Ma-
                                                                                            in this section of the country.  This  teriel  School,  Receiving  Ship · Sta-
                                                                                            diamond  was  laid  out as  to grade  tion,  and  Post  Office.  In  the  last
                                                                                            and  dimensions  by  Fred  J .  Douse,  game  of  this  series,  the  Industrial
                                                                                            Sp(A)lc.  Both Douse  and Howard  team  won  over  Armed  Guard  3-2
                                                                                            Hall,  Sp (A) le, supervised the  con- to  win  top  honors.
                                                                                            struction_.   Cooperative   working   The  second  half  of  the  league
                                                                                            parties  were  organized  by  the  will start about August 28  and the
                                                                                            Radio  Materiel  School  to  help  in  aforementioned  nine  teams  will  be
                                                                                            the  building  of  this . diamond.  The  out  there  again  to  see  who  will
                                                                                            maintenance  men  attached  to  the  come  out  on , top.  There  will  be  a
                                                                                            athletic  field  have  seen  that  the  newcomer to the league for the last
                                                                                            proper  care  was  given  to  the  dia- half.  This  team  will  be  the  Treas-
                                                                                            mond  to  make  it as fine a  playing  ure  Island  Gym  boys,  who  will  do
                                                                                            field  as  can  be found.     their best to be right up on the top
                                                                                              This softball game has developed  in  the  league  standing.
                                                                                            not  only  among  the  enlisted  men,   If you  are a  softball  player  and
                                                                                            but  also  among  the  commissioned  are not participating in the league,
                                                                                            officers.  The  WAVES  and  Nurses  contact  the  person  in  your  com-
                                                                                            are  enjoying  competitive  competi- mand that has charge of the teams
                                                                                            tion from  their colleagues attached  and  come  out  and  get  in  on  the
                                                                                            to  other Naval Stations in the Bay  fun.  We'll  be  seeing  you  on  the
                                                                                             Area.  These  games  are  very  well  diamond at game time.

                                                                                                                           Superi-or  Battler  _
                                                                                                                            Originating from Superior, Ariz.,
                                                                                                                          it  was  only  the  proper  thing  for
                                                                                                                          Al  Whitlow  to  become  a  superior
                                                                                                                          fighter.  Al,  who  is  one  of  the  in-
                                                                                                                          structors  at T.  I.  gymnasium,  has
   SOFTBALL  FILLS  THE  AIR  at the  athletic  field  as  Treasure Sp (A) le,  and  Umpire  Collier  await  results.  Insert  shows  Rose,
   Island  Gymnasium  team  primes  for  their  second  half  entrance  Sp (A) le,  being  tagged  at  th~  platter  by  Catcher  Barker.  Bot-  had ·a  colorful  career.'  Starting out
   into  the  Treasure  Island  Softball  League.  Top  photo  shows  tom  photo  shows  Foushee,  ChSp,  sliding  home  as  Barker   at the tender age of 12,  Al fought
   Sp (A) le Rose  set to  swat the  "ho sehide"  as  Catcher  Barker,  tags  him.                                        the  best  fighters  of  his  time  with
                                                                                                                           much  success.  He  fought  over  100
   3600 Attend Successful  Gym  Show;                          RMS  Loses  to                                             fights,  annexed  the  featherweight
                                                                                                                           and  lightweight  titles  of  Arizona,
   Treasure  Island Wins  Four to  Three                       DD  Pool  a-6                                               was  rated  the  second  best  fighter
                                                                                                                           in the  country  in  1931.
     An  action-entertained  crowd  of  flurry  of  gloves  showing  T.  I.'s   The  RMS  baseball  team  closed
                                                                                                                            Way  back  in  1931,  Al  made  a
   3600  sailors,  officers,  and  guests,  Harry  Bond  looking  good,  but  the  first  half  of  the  T.  I.  League
                                                                                                                           trip  to  New  Zealand,  fought  the
   watched  another  successful  Gym  Vallejo's  Frankie  Weathers  pulled  schedule  with  an  8-6  loss  to  the         best men  they  had there,  returned
   Show where the T.  I.  Boxing Team  one out of the hat, landing a smash- DD  Pool  and  again  demonstrated             to the  States,  boxed until 1935  be-
   won  4-3  over  Vallejo'.s.  Ammuni-, ing right to the button which was a  that inability  to  hit  in the  pinches
                                                                                                                           fore  hanging  up  his  glo,ves,  He
   tion  Depot's  Boxing Team  on  Au- sure  KO.  But  T.  L's  able  seconds,  loses ball games. Whi!e_their show-
                                                                                                                           made  a  return  trip  to  New  Zea-
   gust  9th.  The  Vallejo  team  came  Marvin Moore and Al Whittlow, im- ing  in  the  the  league· to  date  has
                                                                                                      th1                  land  in  1942,  this  time  one  of
   to  our  rescue  as  the  scheduled  mediately ran in with the  towel to  been  disappointing,  the  team  Versatile  A  ete
                                                                                                                           Uncle  Sam's  fighting  men.  After
   Hamilton  Field  Army  Base  lost  stop the bout.  Vallejo won by T. K.  through  their  coach,  Ensign  Bill   Bob  Rose,  Sp(A)lc,  has  done  a   14 months of overseas duty,  he re-
   practically  all  their  team  in  a  0. in the first round.   Jessup,  states  they  will  enter  the  great  deal  for  the  men  at  Treas-
                                                                                                                           turned  and  is  now  teaching  the
   recent draft. Chief Skuthan, of Val- Winning  Streak        second  half  of  the  schedule  with  ure  Island  with  his  cheerful  co-
                                                                                                                           men  at T.  I.  gymnasium  the finer
   lejo,  is owed a 'great debt  of grati-  Opening  up  our  winning  streak  new  determination  to  win.  Coach  operation  and  "always  willing  to   arts  of  self  defense.
   tude for meeting this emergency so  was  Harvey  Barry,  who  slammed  Jessup,  who  has  been  playing  the  help"  attitude,  Bob,  who  is  an  all-  Recently  out  of  the . hospital
   cooperatively.             .  out  an  exciting win  over  Vallejo's  short  field  position,  plans  some  around  athlete,  is  quite  a  versatile   where he underwent treatment for
     The  show  opened  promptly  at  James Weaver.  Second to carry on  changes  that  should  improve  both
                                                                                             chap,  having  played  baseball  as  a  catarrhal  jaundice,  Al  is  back  in
   1900  with  announcer  Chief  Fred  the  winning  streak  . was  the  the offensive and  defensive quality
                                                                                             semi-pro in Little Rock,  Arkansas;  shape  and  still  punching.  Some  of
   Capers  bringing  on  a  bevy  of  "Mighty  Midget,"  Armed  Guard's  of  his  club.  Pitching has  been  one
                                                                      .     k        th  d   football,  also as a  semi-pro  (under  the  fistic  greats  he  fought  were
   gorgeous  femmes  from  the  Club  Joe  Sworek,  looking  sharper  than  o  f  th  b 1g  wea  nesses  on   e   e-       Eddie  Shea,  Terry  Cox,  ;Eddie
   Lido.  With  tqe  help  of  the  swing  ever  by  outfighting  the  clever  fense;  ·and  the  lack  of  the  old  the  supervision  of  Joe  and  Dutch   Anderson,  Pete  Nebo  and  Cali-
   band  of  T.  r.,  t_he . sailors  got  a  Jesse Walker for  the  decision.  Our  wallop  has  cost  most  of  the  losses  Sternaman  of  Chicago)  besides
                                                                                                                           fornia  Joe  Lynch.
   great floor show and hearty laughs  third  win  came  when  the  -classy  during the first  half play_   boxing  as  a  professional.
   when  the  gals  brought  them  onto  and  handsome  Bobby  Plant  used   The  return  of, Barnett  and  Re-  Prior  to  joining  the  Navy,  he
   the  deck  for  a  partner  hip-bump- all  his  fighting  heart  to  outpunch  gan,  who  have  been  on  the  injured  conducted  a  14-piece  orchestra  in
   ing  routine.                'Vallejo's  strong Gillis  Robinson.  In  list,  should  give  new  strength  to  Chicago.  Last  year  he  was  a  very
   T.  I.  Loses  First  Thr,ee  Fights   the wind-up, our fourth win, Armed  the  infield;  and  with  the  shifting  well  liked Master-at-Arms  at Bar-
     The  bouts  began  with  T.  I.  on  Guard's sharpshooting Jackie Burke  of  the  hard  hitting  Nosari  to  the  racks  "I"  and  "J"  besides  acting
   the  losing  end  for  the  first  three  had  a  tough one in Vallejo's  Julius  outfield  the  defensive  play  should  as  an  investigator  in  solving  six
   fights,  but  finishing  strong  by  Guinyard.  This  was a  nip and tuck  be  improved.  All  hands  are  count- cases.  At  present  he  is  in  charge
   annexing the following four fights.  affair.  Burke nipping out lefts and  ing  on  an  improved  showing  dur- of  the  athletic  program  at  the
   Ed  Draughn,  Vallejo,  won  a  deci- rights  and  Guinyard  tucking them  ing  the second  half  schedule.  The  Pre-Embarkation Center under Lt.
   sion  from  light  - heavyweight  on  the  chin,  until  referee  Collier  roster  of  the  team  is  as  follows:  (jg)  Arthur  Jarrett,  who  had  one
   Archie  Rasley.  Referee  Jimmy  and  judges  Lt.  Hunt and  Warrant  Jessup,  catcher and  coach;  Regan,  of  the  foremost  bands  in  the
   "Judo"  Comer  had  his  speed  to  Officer Baumeister awarded the de- infield  and  team  captain;  Tucker,  country.
   thank  for  evading  the  swinging  cision  to  Burke.      Cooper,  Barnett,  infield;  Caslavka,   Whenever  any  kind  of  welfare
   leather  of  these  two  boxers.   Billy Ahern,  of the  San Francis- Nosari,  Paige,  Harkins,  Price,  out- show  or  event  takes  place,  Rose's
    The  next  Vallejo  boxer,  Robert  co  "Examiner"  was  timekeeper.  field;  Navis  and  Thorne,  pitchers.  services  can  always  be  depended
   Burgess, 135,  won a  close nod over  Chief  Max  Marek  will  take  the                  upon,  which  is  only  one  of  the
   the  hard-punching  Tom  Piteri,  T.  I.  Boxing  Squad  to  Vallejo  for   A  sleeve is a  loose contrivance in  reasons  the  sailors  swear  by  him
   Armed  Guard  boxer,  and  a  new- a  return  match  August 20.  Watch  a shirt or coat which, if you're play- and not  at him.  Keep  up  the  good
   comer  to  the  T.  I.  Boxing  Squad.  for  the next action-show and come  ing poker, you'd better not have an  work,  Bob,  you're  doing  a  swell
    The  third  set-to  started  with  a  early  for  a  good  seat.   ace  up  yours.       job.
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