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        Oakland Supply "Block Busters" Face Frontiersmen

                                                                                   •   •    •   •   Weekly Gym Schedules
                                                                            Divine  Services            Gym  Schedule-No.  1
                                                                    Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
                                                                                                     Skating-1300-1600  and· 1800-
                                                                                                     Ping  Pong-0800-2100.
                                                                                                     Body Building-0800-2100.     Treasure  Island  Theatre  � o,,-1
                                                                                                     Handball-0800-2100.                                   ,.
                                                                                                     Swimming  - 1300-1600  (en-  Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1700 •,
                                                                                                    listed  personnel).          Matinee Saturday & Sunday at 1400
                                                                                                     2000-2100,  Sat.  1800-1900,   Last Time  T,oday-
        CBM ·McBR.I DE ,of  Oakland Naval Supply will bring his punch  pr,oteges   Protestant        Sun.  1700-1800  ( colored  per­  "TH E  THREE  CABALLEROS"
        to  Treasure  Island,  Wednesday,  January  31,  to  oppose  the  "leather  Sunda'y' Worship Services-0930 and 1030   sonnel),  1600-1700  and  1900-  * *  *
        licks"  •Of  the  Fr-ontier  Base.  Along  with  the  fight  card  will  be  an  un­  Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)   2000  (officers),  Sat.  and  Sun.
                                                                                  ·  .
        usually  bright  floor  show.  Left  to  right:  D.  Moore,  D.  Sheridan,  CBM   Sunday  Worship  Service---0900,  Theatre   1700-1830 (non-swimmers).   Sun.-M,on.,  January 28  and 29
                                                                       ··No.  3.
        McBride,  W.  Clemmons,  Lt.  (jg)  C.  Courtright,  C.  Robinson,  W.  Cox   Catholic                                     "DANGEROUS  PASSAGE"
        and D. Robinson.                                            Sunday Masses-0630,  0720,  0820    Gym Schedule-No. 2       Robert  Lowery   Phyllis  Brooks
                                                                        (Chapel)                                                           * *  *
                                                                    Sunday  Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.  3)   Recreational Swimming, 0800-
                                      not  have  a  car  and  a· C  card  like  Weekday  Masses-0630  (Small  Chapel)   1500,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en­  Tuesday,  January  30
                                                                      Reception  Room.
                                      Joe. Doaks,  spend  money  like  Joe  Weekday  Confessions-,-Da.ily  before  Mass   listed) ;  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   "LET'S  GO  STEADY"
                                                                        and  from  0630  to  2000  (Chapel  Of­
                                      Doaks,  or  own  a  chain  of  meat   ·fice)                  1700-1900  (enlisted);  Sunday,   Pat  Parrish   Jackie  Moran
                                      markets like Joe Doaks,  but I  love  Tuesday-Holy  Name  Society  1915   1300-1600, 1700-1800 (enlisted).   * *  *
          A  Portland,  Ore.,  judge  tried  to   you so much I'd do anything in the   (Small  Chapel)
        reduce  the  number  of  divorces  by   world  for  you."               · Jewish             Recreational Swimming, 1600-  Wed.-Thurs.,  January  31,  Feb.  1
        tacking  this  sign  on  his  door:   Tenderly,  two  soft  white  arms   Saturday-Jewish,, Service---1300 ,Hospital   1700,  1900-2000  (Officers  and   "THE  SUSPECT"
                                                                                                                                           * *  *
        "Meditate  well  before  deciding  to   reached  around  his  neck  and  two   Sunday  Service-0830  Chapel  Reception   Waves);  Saturday,  1600-1700   Charles Laughton   Ella Raines
        divorce  him,  girls,  for  alimony  is                                 Mormon              (Officers  and  Waves);  Sunday,
        little comfort on a cold night."   ruby  lips  parted,  whispering  in  the  Study  Group  Meeting  0930  Theatre, ·No.  2   1600-1700  (Officers  and Waves).   Fri.-Sat.,  February  2  and  3
                   * *  *             troduce  me  to  Joe  Doaks."            Protestant             Boxing,  0800-2100.            "NIGHT  CLUB  GIRL"
                                      curve of his  shoulder,  "Darling,  in­
                                                                         U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL
        Love  Story,  1945                       *  *  *            Sunday  Worship  Service-0900  Hospital   Body  Building,  0800-2100.   Vivian  Austin   Edward  Norris
          They  were  dancing  at  a  swank                                     ·Catholic             Basketball, 0800-1900.       Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                                        "I guess I've  lost another pupil," Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital
        hotel.  He  held  her  tightly,  his  eyes   said  the  professor  as  his  glass  eye   Chapel   Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.
        closed,  and  danced  as  though float-  rolled down the  sink.  Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel   Badminton,  0800-2100.   Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1800
                                                                    Confessio.ns-Saturday 1809-1900 Hospital
        ing  on  air.  The  music  stopped.      *  *  *               Chapel         .,  ·                                      Last  Time  Today-
        "Let's go out on the patio," he asked.   Cox:  "Does·  your  baby  boy  call  PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER   House Voices      "H ERE  COME  THE  WAVES"
          Outside  he  took  her  in  his  arms   you  'daddy'  yet?"   Sunday  Worship  Service  - 1000  Ship's                           * *  *
                                                                        Service  Library
        and whispered in  her ear,  "Darling,   CBM:  "No, the doctor advised us Christian  Servicemen's  League  - 1900   Approval of Hunter's   Sun.-Mon.,  January  28  and  29
        I love you very much. I may not be  not  to tell  him  who  I  am  until  he  Sunday                                        "MUSIC  FOR  MILLIONS"
                                                                    Sunday  MIIISs  ·- 0900  Ship's  Service  Point Expansion
        rich arid 4-F like Joe Doaks,  I may   gets a little stronger."  Protestant  Communion  - 1100  Daily                    Margaret  O'Brien   Jose  Iturbi
                                                                        ''Protestant Chapel''
                                                 * *  *                 Library                                                            * *  *
                                        A  Pixon,  Calif.,  newspaper  ran      Catholic            With  the  passage•of  the  Navy  Tuesday,  January  30
          Recruiting Campaign         the  following  ad  recently:  "Owner  ·  Sunday  Mass  - 0900  Ship's  , Service   public  works  bill  by  the  House  of   "SWING  HOSTESS"
                                                                     Daily  Mass-1615  Ship's  Service  Library
                                      of a truck would like to correspond
                                                                                                                                           *  *  *
          For Civilian Workers        with  a  widow  who  owns  two  tires.   WEEK.LY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES   Representatives  recently, .Hunter's  Martha  Tilton   Iris  Adrian
                                                                                                   Point  is .designed  to  be  "one of  the
                                      Object  matrimony.  Send  pictures   Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  1830,-  largest  Navy  bases  in  the  world  Wed.-Thurs.,  January  31,  Feb. 1
                                                                      Recreation  Room.
           In  an  effort  to.  secure  badly   of  tires.          Tuesday-Miraculous Medal  Novena,  1830   devoted   exclusively   to   repair   "NATIONAL  VELVET"
                                                                     •  Small  Chapel
          needed  civilian  workers  for  the    * *  *              Tuesday-Christian  Scie,nce  Group  1800   work.''          Mickey  Rooney   Jackie  Jenkins
                                                                        (Chapel  Reception  Room)
          12th  Naval  District,  a. drive  be­  When  asked  what  she  considered  Tuesday  -,-·  Holy  Name  Society  1915   The  Hunter's  Point  projects  are   *  *  *
                                                                        (Sm&!!  Chapel)
          ginning  February  1  and  ending   the  biggest  thrill  of  her  marriage,   Wednesday  - Christian  Servicemen's  included  in  legislation  authorizing  Fri.-Sat.,  February  2  and  3
         March  15  will  urge , civilians  to   a  recent  S.  F.  bride ,replied:  "It   League  1830  ( C h  a  p    e I  Reception   $1,500,000,000  for  Navy  construe-  "THE  FIGHTING  LADY"
          "Man  Your  Battle  Stations."   certainly  was  thrilling :when  Henry   Thursday  - Chapel-  Choir  Rehearsal  tion. Two-thirds of the sum will  be  with  narration  by  Robert  Taylor
           The  12th  Naval  District  Pub­  took  me  to  the  license  bureau.  It   (Chapel  Gallery)  1800   spent  on  advance  bases  in  combat
         lic Relations Office is Working in   was  another  thrill  when  the  min­  Friday-Wave  Singers·Rehearsal  (Chapel   zones.   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
                                                                        Reception  Room)  1630-1800
         collaboration  with   the  12th   ister  pronounced  us  man  and  wife.   Friday  - Mormon  Study  Group  1900   Appropriation   of   $43,420,880,
         Naval  District  Labor  Board  in   I  got  an  awful  bang  out  of  seeing   (Chapel  Reception  Room)   according  to  the Associated  Press,  Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1800
         .the  drive,  which  will  take  the   Henry  sign  the  register  'Mr.  and   VERBA BUENA:ISLAND   is for further  construction work at
         form of a competitive campaign.   Mrs.'  I  do ·believe  though,  that  my   Sund&)"  'Worshi , � ;�h�\� e---930  Theatre   the  base.   Last  Time  Today­
           Conducting the drive on Treas­  biggest  thrill  was  thumbing  my  Sunday  Mass--'-830  Theatre   Adopted  by  a  House  voice  vote,   "NATIONAL  VELVET"
                                                                                                                                           * *  * .
         ure  Island  will  be  Lt.  H.  D.   nose at the house detective."   Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -  the bill was then sent to the Senate.
         Ellett,  Civilian  Personnel  Of­       * *  *               All  Service  Personnel  Ai:e  Welcome.                    Sun.-Mon.,  January  28  and  29
         ficer  and  a  committee·  of  civil­  It  was  their  first  date  and  they                                             "BELLE  OF  THE  YUKON"
         ians  to  be  announced  later.   were  both thinking· about the  same                    Recreation  Center           Randolph  Scott   Gypsy  Rose  Lee
           Civilians  are urged to  begin a   thing.  She  called  it  mental  tele­ At The  Chapel ••.                                    * *  *
          "survey"  of  their  own  friends   pathy.  He  called it  beginners'  luck.                    Activities            Tuesday,  January  30
         as  prospective  Navy  employees.       * *  *                    Protestant Services                                         "TAHITI  Nl·GHTS"
                                                                                                                                           * *  *
         Rules  and  prizes  for  the  forth­                         The Jubilee Singers will be heard   Bridge  classes  for  beginners:   Jinx  Falkenberg   .David O'Brien
         coming  drive  will  be announced   After  a  man  finds  out  that  a  in.Negro spirituals at both 0930 and  Monday, January 29, at 1830;  Wed­
         next week.                   woman  is  no  angel,  he  tries  to  as­ 1030  worship services in the Treas­ nesday,  January  31 at· 1900.   Wed.-Thurs.,  January  31,  Feb. 1
                                      certain  to  what  extent  she  isn't.   ure  Island  Chapel  Sunday,  Janu­  Spanish  classes  for  beginners:
                                                                                                                                  "HERE  COME  THE  WAVES "
                                                                    ary  28,  and  the  chapel  choir  will  Monday,  January  29 at 1900;  Wed­  Betty  Hutton   Bing  Crosby
                                                                    s'ing  as  an  anthem,  '"Cherubim  nesday,  January  31  at 1900.
          The Wolf                                by Sansone!  Song" (Bortn�ansky). Special organ   A  few  mor:e students  may be  ad­    *  *  *
          Copyright  194S by UOnard Sinsone.  di, Ymp  Newspiper  Scr,ice   music  by  Ross,·McKee,  'Sp(W)2c,  mitted  this  week  to  the  above  Fri.-Sat.,  February  2  and  3
                                                                    will  include  "Variations  on  an  old  classes.              "DANGEROUS  PASSAGE"
                                                                    Hymn Tune"  (Sparks)  and  "Grand   Advanced  Spanish  class,  Tues- Robert  Lowery   Phyllis  Brooks
                                                                    Choeur"  CQubois).  John  Tremaine,  day, January 30 at 1900.
                                                                    Sp(W)lc; directs the choir.     Hobby -shop  activities,  including
                                                                     · "A 'New  Name ·for  a  New  Man" painting  in  various  media,  model  VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                    will  be  the  title  of  a  sermon  at  plane  and  ship  construction,  etc.,   Shows start at  1715 and 2000
                                                                    0930 by Chaplain George E. Thomas  are  open  to  all  those  interested.
                                                                    and  at  1030  Chapiain  H,  G.  Gatlin  Please  call  at  hostess  office  for   Last  times  today
                                                                   ,  will speak on "The  Furnace  of  Ad­ further- information.   "BELLE  OF  THE  YUKON"
                                                                                                                                           * *  *
                                                                    versity."                                                   Randolph  Scott   Gypsy Rose Lee
                                                                             Theatre  No.  3
                                                                      Chaplain  Robert  W.  Towner  will                              Sunday  ancl  M,onday
                                                                    be  the  speaker  at  the  0930  service   Cross-Word Answers     . January 28  and  29
                                                                    in Theatre No. 3. There will be spe­                             "NIGHT CLUB GIRL"
                                                                    cial music.                                                 Vivian Austin    Edward Norris
                                                                                                                                           * *  *
                                                                    DON'T,SPREAD  IT  AROUND:                                         Tuesday,  January  30
                                                                    -MARINES  LIKE  BATH  SOAP                                       "BATHING BEAUTY"
                                                                      South  , Pacific  (CNS)-No  one                           Red Skelton     Esther Williams
                                                                    would  even-suggest  that  the  mem­                                   * *  *
                                                                    bers  of  the  4th  Marine  Air  Wing                           Wednesday  and  Thursday
                                                                    unit  are  sissies-but  they  do  like                          January 31 and February 1 ,
                                                                    perfumed  soap,  Reason  is  that  the                         "FAREWELL MY LOVE_LY '
                                                                    water  available  to  them  for  show­                      Dick  Powell  * *  * Anne  Shirley
                                                                    ering,  shaving, etc.,' is brackish and
                                                                    odorous.  The.  odor,  best  described                            Friday and  Saturday
                                                                    as  sulph1,n:-d:iis,  made  bathing  un­                           February  2 ·�and  3
                             "A simple 'hello' will do!"            welcom:e' until  the  arrival  of _high­                        "MUSIC FO'R  MILLIONS"
                                                                    powered,  sweet  - smellifrg  soap.                         Margaret  O'Brien   June  Allison
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