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,. --------------                                                                        THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1945            PAGE 7

                                                                   A fellow in service may soon dis­
     � /SlANIJ-TROTTER             we  choose  companionship  during   cover  that  his  life  has  been  seem­  SCORES AGAIN.  • •
                                   our  loneliness.
     � ........................... ..
                                     Too,  we  experience  so  many  ingly  ruined  by  such  a  hasty  mar­
                                   best  to  wait  until  the  war  is  over  for  him  to err in his  marital  union
      What are your views        I  changes  while  in  service  that  it  is  riage.  Especially  wh�n  it's  so easy
                                   so we can devote more time to pre­ by  basing  a  life-long  contract  on
     on war-time marriages?        pare  ourselves  for  marriage.  This,  illicit  biological  unions  which  have
       Bonita Robinson, S-1c(Y), Chemi­  I  think,  is  the  proper  thing  to  do  no  real  connection  with  the  many
     cal  Warfare.  I'm  definitely  against   because  if  two  people  are  in  love  things that_,Ji,lone make for lifelong
     war�time  marriages  because  my   with  each  other  they  can wait.   companionship.
     boy  friend  is  overseas  and  I  can't   * *  *                      * *  *
     marry  him.  Besides,  it's  neither   Charle�  E.  Perkins,  CM2c,  Pre-
     practical  nor safe  to  marry  during  Embarkation.  I'm  neither  for  nor   Elizabeth  Grooman,  PhM1c,  Dis-
     a  hostile period when its outlook is  a g a i n s t  w  a r -time  m  a rriages.   pensary No. 1. I'm in favor of war­
     filled  with  uncertainty.    Frankly,  I  think  that  it's  a  per­  time  marriage.  It is a  great  factor
       I  believe  that  a  person  should  sonal  thing  left  entirely  to  the   in  the  morale  of  any  fighting  man
  ._.  choose  and  marry  well,  basing  the  couple concerned.   to  have  someone  at  home  to  think
     choice  of  a  mate  upon  certain. in­  However,  I  believe  that  it  will   about, to hear from, to write to and
     trinsic values other than sex.   work  for  two  people  who  want  to   plan for.
       One  can't  really  be  sure  these  make it work.          A  wife  at  home  may  be  the
     days because we meet so many dif­  I'm  not  for  "love  at  first  sight"   stabilizing influence that keeps him
     ferent  P,eople  while  in  service  and  marriages  during  wartime  because   from  emotional  extremes  in  the
     sometime  experience  or  fancy  the  I  think  that  there  is  little  chance   face of danger, may give him some­
      thought  that  we  are  in  love  when  for  success.       thing  worthwhile  to  think  about
                                                                  when the going  gets  rough.
                                                                   In  the  marriage  of  one  service
                                                                  person  to  another,  both  partners
                                                                  will  have  the  advantage  of  similar
                                                                 experiences  and  the  returning  sol­
                                                                  dier  or- sailor  will not have to  face   AGAIN  THE  BELL  Telephone Company  brings  happiness  into  the  life
                                                                  the problem of returning to civilian  of a bed-ridden sailor. It is the policy of the telephone compa_ny to place
                                                                  life  alone.   * * *          long  distance bedside calls for patients at the Treasure  Island  Hospital.
                                                                                                Thi-s  time  Seymour  K.  Hanson,  S2c,  was  plugged  in  with  his  family  in
                                                                                                Los Angeles. Seen above helping in the call, left to right, are Ens. Carol
                                                                   Isom  Williams,  GM3c,  Receiving  Breeg  (NC),  Seymour  K.  Ha-nson,  S2c,  and  Esther  McKey,  Bell  Tele­
                                                                  Ship. I think that a  man can find a   phone  Company  representative.
                                                                  lot  of  things  to  do  besides  marry­
                                                                  ing.  Anyway, it's  pretty  difficult to   Treasure  Island  Defeats  Joe  Gordon's
                                                                  fight  two  wars  at  the  same  time­
                                                                  alien and domestic. And there is no   Hamilton Field Cagers, 67-39, at Kezar
                                                                  end  to  the  disappointment  of  "al­
                                                                 ·1otment  Janes."                Treasure  Island's  assault  on  the  don,  former New York  Yankee ace
                                                                   You  simply  can't trust  dames  to NCBA  basketball  title  continued  second sacker, couldn't seem to get
                                                                  be  faithful-whether  it's  war-time •unchecked,  removing  a  sadly  out- going  let  alone  pep  talking  his
                                                                  or  peace-time-and  if  a  guy  is  in classed  Hamilton  Field  five,  67-39,  team mates into the victory. At 30,
                                                                  his right mind, he won't give up his at Kezar  Pavili,on.   Gordon  still  has  plenty  of  that  zip
                                                                  freedom for  some of these  "dames"  Although  the  Army  cagers  were  that  made him  one  of  the greatest
                                                                  who  only  want  enough  security  to conceded  an outside chance  at pre- second basemen  in the  business.
                                                                  be  "footloose  and  fancy  free."  game  time,  it  was  evident  after  a   T.  I.  flooded  the  floor  with  re­
                                                                   R. L.  Franklin, Y1c, Training and minutes  play  that  the  sailors  fro m  serves,  using  the  second  and  third
                                                                  Distribution Center. It happened to T. I.  would  be too  much  " e x plosive  stringers  almost  the  entire  second
                                                                  me  about  a  month  ago  after  more cargo"  to handle.    half.  The  Army  casaba  men  had
                                                                  than  a  year's  formal  engagement  Playing  coach  Joe  " Flash"  G or-  their hands full trying to cope with
                                                                  and I  think  there's  nothing  like  it.                   the  "greener"  lads.
                                                                   People  who  understand  each
                                                                  other,  basing  their  understanding  Telegrams Answering·    Jack  "Happy"  Haines  sparked
                                                                  upon  confidence,  will  find  that  the                    the  T.  I.  attack  with  14  points
              "We'll  have  to  keep  him  in  the  army-he's     war  has no bearing on marriage at  leave Extension Requests   while  some  steady  shooting  by  his
                     no  longer  flt  for  civHian  life."        all.                                                        running mate,  Crum,  earn,ed  him  a
                                                                    I  think  that  most  prospective   Not to be Sent Collect   12-point  digit  collection.
                                                                                                                                Treasure  Island  rang  up  10
     ·------------� CROSS WORD -------------------------------------                            nel on leave in response to requests  Zunic  and Haines  before  Hamilton
                                                                                                  Telegrams  sent  to  naval  person­ points  on  the  efforts  of  Durdan,
                                                                                                for  extensions  of  leave  are  consid­ Field  could  scratch.  The  T.  I.
                                                                                                ered  government  business  and  are  machine  never  faltered,  scoring
                                                         ACROSS                  DOWN
                                                   I-Privation            I-Preceded            to  be  sent  at  government  expense.  almost at will  throughout the half,
                                                   5-Box                  2-Harem  room           A  memorandum  from  the  Chief  holding a lop-sided 33-19 advantage
                                                   9-Steal                3-Title of respect    of  Naval  Operations  states  that  at  the  whist1e.
                                                  12-Prepare for publi-   4-Spirited horses     commanding  officers  should  not
                                                      cation              5-Cubic measure                                       Rokosh,  Ducich  and  Jewel  were
                                                  13-Baked clay plate     6-Measure of capacity  telegraph  replies  collect.  While  the   instrumental  in  the  second  half
                                                  14-Sunset               7-Musical instrument  amount  involved  is  not  large,  it  is   with  their  "basket  fillings"  from
                                                  15-Venture              8-Portuguese  coin    felt  that  naval  personnel  should   almost  every  possible  angle.
                                                  16-Permitted            9-Confidences         not  be  obliged  to  spend  personal
                                                  18-Ground              10-Above                                               Youth  told a  convincing  story in
                                                  20--Ventilates         11-Resting  places     funds  for  the  conduct  of  official   this basketball yarn.
                                                  2f-Be busy about trifles  17-Narrative        business.
                                                  24-Spanish pitcher     19-Newly-hatched
                                                  26-Ascended                salmon             couples  make  their  mistake  when
                                                  27-Intimate  acquaint-  21-Gone  by           they  base  the  possible  outcome  of   BOXING  SMOKER
                                                      ances              22-American lake
                                                  30--Willful  transgres-  23-Charitable  gifts  their  marriage  upon  the  failure  of
                                                      sion               25-Hearken             other  married  couples.  To  me,      Fr,ontier  Base
                                                  31-Blood vessels       27-Pear-shaped  fruit  that's  a  cynical way  to  make  a  de­   vs.
                                                  33-Hint                28-Music for two       cision.                            Oakland Naval Supply
                                                  34-Tormenting          29-Places
                                                  36-Low chirping note   32-0ccupies              Simply  because  we  see  some      FLOOR SHOW
                                                  38---Chinese society   35-Species             women  leading  a  life  of  infidelity
                                                  39-Believers in diety  37-Directs             while their husbands  are  in  service
                                                  40-Incite              39-Performers                                              Gals,  Gags,  Humor
                                                  42-Unaccompanied       40--Nimble             is  no  real  reason,  certainly  not  a   from
                                                  44-Woman under         41--Genuine            just one,  to place  all  women  in the   San  Francisco Niteries
                                                      guardianship       43-Jump                same  category.  Any  person  who
                                                  46-Protuberance        45-Age                 goes  into  marriage with  that  kind   FREE- FREE
                                                  50--Move swiftly       4 7-Crude  metal
                                                  51-Bring  up           48-0bstruction         of  opinion  will  sooner  or  later  be­
        (Reprinted  from  Winter  Issue,  1944,  of  "Official  52-Sketch  49-Female  sheep     come  jealous  and  suspicious  of his   Wednesday,  January  31
      Crossword  Puzzles,"  copyrighted, 1944,  by Dell  Pub­ 53-Affirmative  (P. 8) Crossword Solution wife's fidelity; and such will finally   Gymnasium 1 - 1900
      lishing Co. Solution on page 8.)            54-Venomous  serpents                         doom all  chances  for  making  mar­
                                                  55-Dry                                        riage  a  su,:cess.

          Male Call                                                                                                              Cold Dressing

             /�  TJ.IE  GUVG  IN
            \I B COMPANY COULD
             �EE  ME  NOW  TI-IEY
              WOUL.DN'T  SEL.IEVE
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