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         T. I. Operators Work  Hard-· Ask  Only Patience             lSOO Calls  Hand led  " H E RE COME  T                    H E  WAVES" . . .
                                                                     Hourly by  T.  I.
                                                                     Switchboard  Girls

                                                                       An  amber  light  flashes  on.  The
                                                                     girl plugs a cord into the board and
                                                                     speaks ·a  few words into a  mouth­
                                                                     piece  suspended  from  her  neck.
                                                                     Anoth�r  light  f),�shes  on.  More
                                                                     .  clipped  words,  another  cord.  And
                                                                       Other  gi:t:ls  sit  on  either  side  of
                                                                     her,  some  in  Navy  blue,  some  in
                                                                     civHian garb. Nimbly, quickly, their
                                                                     fingers weave and unweave a com­
                                                                     plicated  pattern  of  red,  green,  and
                                                                     white  cords  across  the  panels
                                                                     before  them.
                                                                       All you hear is  a  slight clicking,
                                                                     inaudible words  whispered into  the
                                                                     mouthpieces  - soundproof  walls
                                                                     hush all  noise.
                                                                       This  quiet  chamber  in  the  base­
                                                                     ment  of  the  Administration Build­
                                                                     ing is  the heart of  the communica­
                                                                     tions  system  6f  a  gigantic  Navy
                                                                     base.  Every  daylight  hour  it
                                                                     handles  approximately  1800  calls
                                                                     for  Treasure  Island.
                                                                       Each  of  the girls establishes  150
                                                                     connections  every  hour,  300  when   BETTY  HUTTON  and  Bing
                                                                                                   Crosby head the cast in the new
                                                                     hard  pressed.
                                                                                                   picture "Here Come the Waves",
                                                                       What  do  they  ask  of  Treasure  currently-showing today at T.  I.
                                                                     Islanders  in  return  for  this  vital.  Theatre  No.  2.  The  film  will  be
                                                                     service?                      shown  at  No.  3  Jan.  31-Feb.  1,
                                                                                                   and at No. 1 Feb. 9 and 10.
                                                                       "Justpatience,"   says  Doris
                                                                     Powell,  Slc,  Wave  operator  from
                                                                     Yuba  City,  Calif.           RADIO MATERIEL  Naval  Training
         BELL-RINGERS-Wave and  civilian  telephone girls work side  by side  the switchboard in different shifts. SCHOOL        Schools
                                                                       A  staff  of  thirty  operators  man
         at  long  switchboard  in  Administration  Building,  each  putting  through   Eight  of  them  are  W;:1,ves.  Three  Basketball  Tournament
         150  calls per  hour.  Below  are  pictured  directory  service  girls,  who are                                          Visitors  at  last  week's  inspec­
         sometimes asked to locate a Treasure Island sailor by just his first name.   are specialists (X), the rest seamen   The outside athletic areas during  tion of the schools included Bureau
                                                                     strikers like Doris.          the  past  three  weeks  have _been  a   of  Naval Personnel Captains  D.  L.
                                                                       . "We  couldn't  possibly  get  along
         Wanna Earn More               OPE RAT� ONAL                 without  them,"  stated  Mrs.  Evelyn   scene  of  great  activity,  for  42   Madeira,  Director of Training,  and
                                                                                                                                 W.  G.  Fisher,  Assistant  Director
         'Dough'? T.I. and Naval  TRAJNilNG SCHOOL                   Gilmour,  chief  operator  in  charge.   teams from  the  various  companies   of  the  Administrative  Division  of
                                                                                                   have  been  competing  in  eight
                                                                       "Our  civil  service  workers  are
                                                                                                                                 Training.  They  were  accompanied
         District_ list Openings                                     virtually  in  the  Navy  too,"  Mrs.   brackets for the regimental basket­  by  Captain  P.  W.  Northcroft  and
                                                                                                   ball championship. Under the guid­
                                                                     Gilmour  continued.  "Many of  them
                                                                                                                                 Captain  R.  M.  Rush  of  the  12th
                                                                     have husbands or other relatives in   ing  hand  of  Lt.  (jg)  Jessup,  Ath­  Naval  District.  Our  Commanding
           Treasure Island  and  the  Twelfth                                                      letic Officer, and the Specialists (A)
                                                                     the  service · or  simply  want  to  do                     Officer, Commander J. H. Falge, let
         Naval  District  Labor  Board  have                         their  bit.  That's why  they  come  to   attached  to  each  company,  the   us in on some interesting sidelights
         announced  available  positions  for   Battle  Conditions  by  Macon   Treasure Island to work when they   tournament  has  moved  smoothly   of  the  Annapolis  careers  of  our
                                         Not  satisfied  with  the  regular                        along with keen competition all the
         men  seei{ing essential employment                          could  secure  employment  in  more                         visitors.  Captain  Rush  was  known
                                       course  of  Lookout  Training,  Lt.                         way.
         here.                                                       convenient  places.                                         as  one  of  the  greatest  rifle  shots
                                       (jg) L.  F. Macon has injected sim­                           In  a  nip and  tuck  battle  in  their
           Industrial  shops  on  Treasure  ls­  ulated  battle  noises  and  actual   "We  need  more  like them.  Tele­        ever  at  the  Academy-Captain
         land  need marine and  maintenance   smoke into his Lookout curriculum.   phone traffic is constantly increas­  respective  brackets  right  down  to   Northcroft,  one  of  the  best  all­
         electricians,  shipfitters,  sheetmetal   The  students  receive,  as  nearly  as   ing.  We have a  12-position switch­  the final game, Companies 42A and   round athletes and a football player,
         workers, wood caulkers, pipefitters,   possible,  actual  battle  conditions   board  now  and  plans  for  a  larger   43A  squared  off  for  the champion-  helped defeat West Point in a well­
         drillers, general helpers  and  Diesel   during their training.   one are already in the making."   ship  game.  This  game  was  played   remembered game.
         machinists to help repair destr-oyer                          In one corner of  the room,  away   in  the  large gymnasium and a  fine   Our  boxing  champ,  Carter  N.
         escorts and coastal patr,ol ships.   Visual  Quizze.r       from the switchboard, sit two girls   crowd  of  RMS  students  were  on   Prine,  GM3c,  who  has  been  stack­
                                         The  various  departments  at Op­                         hand to support their favorite team.
           Women  are  asked  to  apply  as                          with  a  variety  of  lists  and  records                   ing  up  successes  to  his  credit
         chauffeurs to  transport  naval  per­  erational  Training  School  will  be   between them. This is. the directory   Comp_any  42A  sparked  by  team   aboard the USS  South  Dakota and
                                                                                                   captain  C.  C.  Henderson,  with  8
         sonnel in the Bay Area. Boys under   interested  to know  the Visual  Aids   service.  It  has  the  address  of        on  Treasure  Island,  met  with  bad
                                       Department  now  has  a  "Visual                            points,  was  on the long  end  of  the
         18  are  qualified  for  laboring  jobs.                    every staff officer and others on the                       luck at a recent Marinship tourna-
                                       Quizzer."  This devise throws a  pic­                       20 to 11 score. The game was close
           Information  may  be  obtained  at                        Island,  correct  to 24 hours.  Hourly                      ment.  A  right hook  to  the  head  of
                                       ture  on  the  bulkhead,  under  each                       all the way,  the half ending 10 to 9
         the U. S. Civil Service Commission,                         these girls supply almost  50 callers                       his  opponent  resulted  in  a  broken
                                       picture  are_  four  answers  to  the                       in favor of the final winners. In the
         630 Sansome street, San Francisco.                          with needed information.                                    hand-some power blow, Prine; We
                                       question,  the  students  write  their                      second  half  the  boys  from  Com-  are hoping for your early recovery
           Service  men  who  are  granted                             A  few  inquiries  they  cannot
                                       choice,  and  the  last  frame  gives   answer. Like this one:   pany  42A  played  great  defensive   so  you  can  accept  that  hoped-for
         permission  by  their  commanding
                                       the .correct answer.            "May I  speak to Joe?"  a  female   ball  and  allowed  their  opponen t s   assignment  to  flight  training,  and
         officers  may  accept  employment   Waves                                                 only  2  points  while  getting  their
         while  on  leave  or  liberty  in  the   Our  Waves  had  a  pleasant  sur­  voice asks.   own  offense  into  high  gear.  The   can  deliver  from  the  stratosph_ere
         following civilian occupations:  ship   prise  a  few days  ago  when  a  new   "Joe  who?"  the  directory  girl   winning team was composed of the   some  real  blows  to  a  real  enemy
         repair,  food  processing,  food  har­  radio  was  placed  in  their  lounge.   queries.   following players: H. N. Brockman,   below.
         vesting,  high  octane  gasoline  re­                         "I don't know his last name.  But   C.  C.  Henderson,  R.  A.  Corbett,  E.   Furnish  New  Lounge
                                       The  Welfare  Committee  and  Lt.  he  said  everyone  on  the  Island
         fining and transportation, including   (jg) M. E. Beacom·did a fine job.                  Carras,  F.  B.  Dixon, F.  W.  Drury,.   The  room  which  serves  as  duty
         longshoring and warehousing.                                knows  him."                  L.  ArmStrong,  H.  O.  Ha_ rris,  J.  R.   officer's  stateroom  by  night  and
                                       Underway  With- No  Way  On     "Can  you  tell  me  something                            6 fficer's  lounge  by  day  has  been
                                                                                                   Cloney,  R.  H.  Gonser.  Dixon  acted
                                         Ens.  "Dee"  Smallwood  of  the  more  about  him?"  inquires  the                      undergoing some welcome changes
           Learn  Your Tennis          Gunnery  Department  says,  in  an­ patient directory girl.   as  co ch  and  Henderson  as  team   -new  fu rniture,  complete  with
                                                                                                   captain.  Company  42A  has  devel-
                                                                                                                                                  d  Th  s  (A)'  s,
            Tennis classes for enlisted per­  swer  to  the  suggestion  that  the   "Well,  I met  him at a  dance.  He   oped  into  mte  an  athletic  outfit   spnngs,  ha  s appeare  .   e  p
                                       water  shortage  on  the  Island  be  told  me  he's  a· specialist-that's   �            versatile  men  that  they  are,  have
          sonnel  of  Treasure  Island  will                                                       for  the regimental volleyba l  tour-
                                       relieved by using  salt water in our  why he has the white stripe around                  done a fine job of painting the two­
          start  next  Monday,  January  29   flushing  system.  "Don't  do  that!  his  right  shoulder."   nament was also  on by this co1;1-  toned bulkhead and ceiling. If  mu­
          for beginners interested in learn­  Some of  these  new recruits  on  the   'Bane  of  the  operators  on  the   pany under  the  d1rect10n of  Nav1s,   sicall  hl.clined,  and  not  too  hun­
          ing  the  fundamentals  of  the   Island would be seasick."   graveyard  shift  is  Navy  men  who   Sp( )2c,  company  commander.   gry,   : fficers  may  now  spend  noon
          sport. Classes wµl be given daily                          suffer  an  acute  attack  of  "tele-  The  mtra-mural  program  at  RMS   chow-time  amidst  all  this  luxury,
          except  Saturday  and  Sunday   Distinguished  Visitors    phonitis"  in  the  early  morning   is  showing   � teady  dev lopment   listening  to  their  favorite  records
                                         From  Washington,  D ..  C.,  came                                   .
          from  0900 to  1100 at  th_e  courts                       h  ours.   F  rom  lonely  duty  desks  or   under the gmdmg  and of the Ath_   which have been added recently.
          back of Gym No. 1.           Captain D. L.- Madeira,  Director of   city  booths  they  call  the  night  letic  Officer,  Lt.  (Jg)  Jessup,  and
                                       Training  of  the Bureau of  Person-                  .     it  is  the  plan  to  have  tournament
                                                                     op rators,  just  to  hear  a  friendly                     competition has been at fever heat.
                                       nel,  a:ccompanied by Captain w.  G.   �                    play  in softball,  touch  football  and
                                       Fisher, ·Assistant  Director  of  Ad-  1  voice.   .   .    ping pong in the near future.   As  we ·go  to  press  Ben  Cohen  has
                                                                       The  girls  are,  sympathetic,  but                       fought his way into the final round
                               II minisfra'tion (Division of Training).
                          ...          From  .t,lie  12th  Naval  District  our  ;: ey h ve more urgent calls to put Pocket  Billiard Tournament   and  will  oppose  the  winner  of  the
          I                        I   guests��were  Captain P.  W.  North-  have  been  furnishing  tliem  their has been in evidence all the way. In  of  the  three  tournaments  in  next
                                                                                                     The three-way pool tournament is  yv.  R .  .Varn  and  V.  M.  Holmes
                                                                                                   in full  swing  and  keen  competition  match.  We will  report  the winners
                                       croft,/� Director  of  Training,  12th
                                       Naval  District,  and  q aptain  H.  E.
                                                                     cigars  recently.
                                                                                                   the  Ship's  Company  competition,  week's  column.  Specialists  (A)
                                   I  Schonland,  Chief of  Staff of Treas-
                                                                       Undel'., our  last  week;s  "Things Tucker,  Sp(A)lc,  and  Justice,  Tucker,  Navis  and  Matsick are  to
                                   JJ  ure Island (Executive Office).       !
                                                                     We Didn.t Know" column, we men- Slc (Y),  will  shoot  it  out  in  the  be  congratulated  on  their  good
                                  j: . Congratulations to Lt . (jg) H. V.
                                                                     tioned  the  fact  that  Lt.  D.  C. finals.  In the officer and chief petty  work in, organizing and conducting
                                      · Freidle  and Lt.  (jg)  E.  .  F.  Keleher
                                                                     Schwartz  was  an  excellent  salad officer  division  the  semi-finals  will  the successful tournament.
                                       on  the  fine  J·ob  they  are  doing  in
                                                                     maker and had his own recipes for bring  together  Chief  Bos'n  Dalzin  Graduation
                                       the "March of Dimes  Campaign."
                                                                     the  dressing.  It  seems  Captain  H. and CRT Walden while Lt. Carpen­  On Friday,  January  26,  Class  41
                                      · Things We  Didn't  Know      F. Breckel of Radio Materiel School ter and Radio Electrician Mayberry  reached  the  end  of  the  academic
                                        "R. B. Berres, Y2c, and N. S. Swift  is  also interested  in salads and  re­ will  oppose  each  other.  From  this  road when a substantial number of
                                       claim to be the champion  handball  quested Lt. Schwartz to furnish him corner  it  lool{s  like _the  Bos'n  and  men successfully completed  the ad­
                                       players  of  Operational  Training  with his recipe. We'll have to check the Lieutenant will battle it out  in  vanced course of insbuction. Honor
                                       School.  For  proof  of  their  claim  with  Captain  Breckel .and  see  just the  final  round.  In, the  regimental  man of his  class  was  D . .  P . . Collins,
                                       they  will  direct  you  to  Lts.  A.  O.  how  good  Lt.'  Schwartz  is  at  this class .represented by students from  RT2c, with the excellent average of
                                       Davidson  and  D.  C.  Schwartz,  who  salad  business.      the .  companies  the  interest  and  94.66  per  cent for  the  course.
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