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*      ENEMY  SUBMARINE  SINKS  AMERICAN  SHIP  *                                                            PAGE 5
                                                                                                 THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1945
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        Sea  Rescue                                                                                                               Masthead Splinters

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        ken  master  of  the  Johnson,  and
                                                                                                                                  The  next  time  an  empty  car
        Lt.  W yn n  Del  Yates,  Navy  Armed                                                                                   passes  you,  and  the · driver  seem­
        Guard officer,  were among the  men                                                                                     ingly  fails  to  notice  your  right
        on the first raft sighted.
                                                                                                                                thumb extended skyward, don't say
         Lt. Stanley L. Barr, commanding                                                                                        bad  things  about  him  or  his  an­
        officer  of  the  Argus,  said "we  took                                                                                cestry.
        those  first  16  men  at?oard  in  three                                                                                 For  if  you were  standing  in  any
        minutes  flat.  The  men  worked  in                                                                                    of  the  following  spots,  he  probably
        silence  and  with  set  faces  .  .  .  ex­                                                                            would  have  stopped.
        pecting  at  any  minute  to  get'  a                                                                                     Opposite  Main  Barracks  (ave­
        'fish' ourselves."                                                                                                      nue  "M"  between  5th  and  8th
          The  men  were  completely  cov­                                                                                      streets);  opposite  Federal  Galley
        ered  with  oil  but  they  were  grate­                                                                                (avenue  "M"  and  4th  street);  op­
        ful  for  the�toily  coating,  it  m_ade                                                                                posite  Naval Hospital  (avenue  "H"
        them look like the res,Lof the debris                                                                                   and 4th street);  Tower of  Sun Cir­
        and  saved  many  of  th !lpl   from  di­                                                                               cle  (avenue  "C"  and  4th  street)
        rect  hits by  the  sub  de_c·k gunl¥.                                                                                  and  between  Barracks  "C"  and
          A  lifeboat  that  bore  the  marks                                                                                       (avenue· "C"  and  2nd  str.eet).
        of  strafing  and  was  rammed  and                                                                                       If  drivers. stop  to  pick  up  pas­
        bent  by  the  sub,  was  Jocated· next.                                                                                sengers  at  any  other  points,  they
        Four  miles  away  a  motor  w,ha!e­                                                                                    will  be  denied  the  privilege  of
        boat was sighted and the'!ast,of'the                                                                                    dri:ving  on  the  Island.
        survivors  brought  aboard.                                                                                             .Leaving:
          The  Argus  sank  the . rafts                                                                                           Lt.  Gregory  P.  Maushart,  Postal
        floating debris,  a hazard to naviga­                                                                                   Officer,  was  detached· from  Treas­
        tion,  and  headed  for  port,  loaded                                                                                  ure Island  last  week. Lt.  Maushart
        to  the  gunwales  with  grateful  hu­                                                                                  was the first officer assigned to the
        man  cargo.  The  officers  spent  30                                                                                   post  office,  and  with  a  shortage  of
        straight  hours  on  the  bridge  and                                                                                   help  and  dogged  determination  he
        general  quarters  were  maintained                                                                                     built  the  present  efficient  and
        24 hours a day.                                                                                                         smooth-running  post.  office.  .Lt.
          The  officers  had  trouble  getting                                                                                  Maushart's successor  is Lt. Lucius
        to  the  bridge  without  stepping  on                                                                                  D.  Turner,  IV.
        men  sprawled  on  the  deck.  Every                                                                                      To  Lt .. Maushart,  The  Masthead
        bunk  had  been  given  to  the  John­                                                                                  staff  wishes  success  and  happiness
        son  men,  the  lifeboats  and  gear                                                                                    at  his new station.
        lockers  turned  into  sleeping  quar­                                                                                  Bay  Bridge  Books:
        ters.  One  man  slept  in  the  spud                                                                                     Your  1944  San  Francisco-Oak­
        lo�ker. The  men  had  lost  every­ GRAPH IC  PHOTOS  by  U. S.  Navy  photographers   After  the  sturdy  little  craft  arrived  here  with  her  land  Bay  Bridge  Books  are  good
        thing  and  the  Argus  crew  gave   show  the  Treasure  Island-based  patr,ol  vessel,  the   l-0ad of survivors,  a "Well done, Argus"  message was   until  February  28,  the  Pass  Office
        them  clothing  and .footwear.   USS  Argus,  and her  intrepid  crew  laying  a gallant  forthcoming  from  Captain  Pa,ul  P. Blackburn,  com­  has announced.  As soon as you  get
                                      role  in  rescuing  survivors  of  the  Liberty  ship,  John   manding ,officer,  Northern  California  Sector, Western
          Officers of the Argus had nothing  A. J-0hnson  which was  sunk by an enemy submarine  Sea  Frontier.                 your  new  plates  for  the  ole  jitney,
        but  praise  for  the  merchant  men  between th� Pacific Coast and  the  Hawaiian  Islands.                            you  are  eligible  to  apply  for  your
        and  the  Armed  Guard  crew.  They                                                                                     1945 Bridge Book.
        came aboard in orderly fashion and                          duty from Headquarters, South Pa­ believe  me,  it  was  sheer  agony  not   Visitor:
        "turned  to"  to  assist  the  Argus                        cific,  Reece's  tour  of  duty  in  that  knowing  just  how  much  damage   "Rosey" Pellerin, BMlc, DD Pool
        crew.  They  showed  great  fortitude   ���                 area  has  included           they  were  causing."         Welfare and Recreation Supervisor,
        and there were no  complaints  even                         service on two of the           Reece  and  his  brother  were  on   was paid a surprise visit yesterday
        from wounded men, officers related.   lllnl  'll'IHI IE  U'II IEW S   Navy's  most  famous  the old Yorktown when it was sunk   by  his  son,  Ens.  Don  Pellerin,
          The  Il).ost  hair  raising  story  was                   carriers- the York­           at the battle of Midway.      USNR.  "Rosey"  hasn't seen his son
        told  by  a  mess  attendant  who  was                      town  and the  Enter-           Strictly  a four year mah and go­  for  the  past two years, and had  to
        among  the  men  on  the  battered   Indiana  Item          prise. As a "flat-top"        ing  into  his  fifth  year,  Reece  has   bat his eyes twice when he saw him
        raft.                           Indiana is  famous for  good food,  sailor  on  one  or  the   been  chief  since  April  of  1944.  Ex­  in  the  officer's  uniform.  Ens.  Pel­
          "It kept drifting closer and I had  beautiful scenery, fine horses and is  other  of  these  ves­  cepting boot  training of. course, his   lerin graduated from Northwestern
        to reach out and push the raft away  the  home  of  Wendell  Willkie  and  sels,  he  was present   first  "hitch"  in  the  Navy  has  been   University  under  the  Navy's  V-12
        from  the  side  of  the  sub."   Lois  Koch.  Lois  is  at  present  on  at  many of the major engagements  spent  aboard  ship  and  overseas.   program.
          Six  bullets  went  through  the  duty at  the Security office,  and her  in the Pacific during 1941 and 1942,   His  home  is  North  Platte,  Neb.,
        clothing  of  one  man  and  another  Navy  career  has  only  reflected  her  including  the  battles  of  the  Mar-  and  as  soon  as  he .and  the  Bureau   Mascots:
        was on a piece of floating wreckage  interesting   civilian   shalls, Wake Island, Midway, Guad- of  Personnel are agreed on another   If  your  outfit  wants  a  mascot,
        when the sub bore down on  him.   background  and  tal-  --,,.--.--,   alcanal,  and  the  second  battle  of  leave,  he  plans  to  return  and  seek   then  the  USO  at  111  O'Farrell
                                                                                                                                street,  San  Francisco,  will  be  able
          "I  jumped  into  the  water,  but on  ent.  She  studied  for   the  Solomons.  Reece  was  on  the  the  hand  of  his  "girl  back  home."
        the wrong side ... the sub side. It  two  and a half years   Enterprise  when  it  carried  the  His all-Navy family consists of two   to  fill  the  menu.  All  you  have  to
                                                                                                                                do  is  to  call  GArfield  7377,  Ex­
        was  right  next  to  me  but  it  went  at  Ouachita  College   fighters for the first raid on Tokyo,  seafaring  brothers,  both  of  whom   tension  17  (information  desk)  and
        on  past  .  .  . so  close  I  could  touch  in Arkadelphia, Ark.,   and  when it  received the  Presiden­ are  on  leave  from  duty  overseas   tell  who  ever  answers  the  tele­
        it."                          majoring  in  voice           tial  Unit  Citation·  in  February  of  at  the  pr-esent  time.   phone that  you  would like  to  have
          These  stories  were  told  aboard  and  music.  Follow-  1944.                           When  the war  ends, Chief Reece
        the  rescue  ship  and  related  by Lt.  ing her enli.stment in   "One  incident· in  p·articular  I  re­ plans to have himself fired by Uncle   a  mascot. The  O'Farrell  USO  is
        (jg)  Edwin  C.  Smith,  Jr.,  Execu­ the  Waves  she  went  for  the  usual   member  quite  clearly,"  said  Chief  Sam,  brush  up  on  business  tech­  fully  qualified  as  recently  they  re­
        tive Officer, who also told about the  boot training in New York City and                                               ceived  a  request  for  a  turtle,  and
                                                                    Reece:  "In the  battle of Santa Cruz   niques,  and  later  become  his  own   after  scouring  the  city  were  able
        first  mate,  laughingly  called. ''their  from  there  to  the  yeoman  school           ·boss.
                                                                    we  were  attacked  by  thirty-seven                        to fill the request.
        Jonah"  by  the  crew.  "Abandon  in Stillwater,  Okla.
        ship"  was  a  familiar  call• to  this   Oklahomans  are  known  to  be   Jap  planes  and  were  hit  three             Of  course,  this  agency  only  fur­
        mate,  since  it  marked  the  eighth   friendly toward strangers, but Lois   times-the· third  blasting  a  large   Definition  of  the Week:  Lipstick  nishes mascots of the four foot ani­
        time  he  had  heard  it  aboard  tor­  really  won their hearts. Possessing   .hole  in  the  side.  I  was  standing  in  -a  red  menace  that  a  girl  can't  mal world.
        pedoed  ships.  He  was  torpedoed   a  beautiful  mezzo-soprano  voice   the  flag  shelter on  the  bridge,  and  keep  on  and 'a  man  can't  get  off. Gl-obal  Gismos:   I
        three times in one  day between  Gi­  and  an  excellent  musical  back-                                                ·  Over at Frontier  Base, Willis La
        braltar  and· Malta  and  had  spent   ground, she gave generously of her                                               Vergne,  QM2c,  recently  penned  his
        23  days  in  a  lifeboat  in  the  North   talents,  singing  for  many  local  or-  INSTALL T.1.-MADE CONVEYOR BELT af LAUNDRY name  on that _dotted  line  again  for
        Atlantic.                     ganizations  and  churches  while  in                                                     some more nyvie life ...  From  Gal­
          Built  in  Keil,  Germany,  in  1929,  training  at  Stillwater.  Finding  a                                          ley  K  comes  the, information  that
                                                                                                                                it  takes  1,000  pounds  of  bacon  for
        the  Argus  was  the  pleasure  and  few spare minutes from all this .ac­
                                                                                                                                one  breakfast,  and  that  the  ro­
        rui·hing yacht owned by Max Fleisch­ tivity  she  also  §lerved  as  editor  of
        mann of Santa Barbara, Calif.  The   the  station paper and graduated  as                                               tating  oven  has  60  pans  and  is
        Navy bought and commissioned her   one of  the  outstanding  members· of                                                able to  cook  4,000 pounds  of  meat.
        in  1934.  She  was  on  coast  and   her  regiment.                                                                    That's a lot of red points . . .   Along­
        'geodetic  survey  duties  until  1942   . Soon  after reporting t9 Treasure                                            side· the  Ship's  Service  Warehouse
        when she was assigned to the Naval   Island. as  a  yeoman  striker  she                                                there  is  a  small,  neatly  printed
        Local  Defense  Forces,  12th  Naval   made  her  rate  as  Y3c,  and  almost                                           sign. The sign has the legend "keep
        District,  as  a  patrol  craft.  On  ac­  .as  so@n  the· island  discov-ered  that                                    .off  the  grass."  The_ sign  guards  an
        tive  sea  duty  she  has  been  in  con­  a very charming and talented Wave                                            ankle deep  mud  hole.
        tinuous  operation  since  that  time.   was  one· of  the  new  members  of
        Three  hundred enlisted men  and at   ship's company. Since that time she                                                 Our  observll,tion  shows  that  the
        least  100  officers  have  received   has  become  an  important  part  of                                             noblest  of  all  dogs  is  the  hot  dog:
        training and their first taste of salt   the  Wave  singers  and  the  chapel                                           it feeds the hand that bites it.
        water aboard her.             choir  and has  helped  generously  in
          Two  officers  have  served  on  the   islapd  entertainment.  Using  her
        Argus  since·  they  went  aboard· as   leisure  to  study  voice  her  future                                             WATER
        student  officers  in  1942.  The  cap­  plans  include  two  recitals  to  be
        tain;· Lt.  Barr,  is  a graduate  of  the   given  in  San  Francisco  and  Oak­
        University  of  California,  class  of   land during the  coming month.
        1930.  A  right  halfback  on  the  Cal
        team  for  four  years,  he  played  in  ·Bupers  Booster
        the Rose Bowl  in 1929.  He  worked   Testifying to the effectiveness· of
        in Fresno, Calif., prior to his Navy  the  Navy's  rotation  program  is
        commissioning.  Lt.  Smith,  also  a  Chief- Y'eoman T.  M. Reece;  a  com­ BOTTLENECK-SMASHER-This  conv-eyor  belt  now  carries  laundry
        graduate  of  the University of  Cali­ paratively  new  arrival at the  Mine· from checking and· marking department to assorting- table,  to be classi­
        fornia  and  a Rugby and soccer  en­ Force- office  in  the  Administration  fied  for washing.  Belt was  constructed  by  carpenters working under  G.
                                                                    .E. Hoffman, SSM ( L) 1c, to specifications drawn ·up by Laundry Manager
        thusiast, made his peacetime  home  Building.               Michael Koshell,  seen in right foregr-ound. He expects it to hike produc­
        in Piedmont, Calif.             Recently  reporting  for  stateside  tion 600-800 bundles weekly.
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