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PAGE  6           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  MAY  26,  1945
      Hollywood Pln-llp  Parade

                                                                                 •   •    •   •   Week!y Gym Schedules
                                                                          Divine  Services            Gym  Schedule-No.  1
                                                                  Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands   Sim ting-1300-1600  and  1800-
                                                                                                   Ping  Pong-0800-2100.
                                                                                                   Body Building-0800-2100.     Treasure  Island Theatre  No.  1
                                                                                                   Handball-0800-2100.        Last  Time  Today  -
                                                                                                   Basketball-0800-2100            "MURDER,  HE  SAYS"
                                                                                                   Trampoline-0800-2100       Sun.-Mon.,  May 27  and 28
                                                                             Protestant            Tumbling-0800-2100             "PATRICK THE  GREAT"
                                                                  Sunday  Worship  Services-0930  and  1080   Judo-0800-2100   Donald O'Connor   Peggy· Ryan
                                                                  Sunday,  Holy  Communion.  1130  (Chapel)
                                                                  Sunday  Worship  Service-1030  Theatre   Tennis-0800-2100   Tuesday, May 29
                                                                     No.  8.
                                                                              Catholic             Swimming - 0800-1500,  week      "GENTLE  ANNIE"
                                                                  Weekday  Masses-0630  and  1800  (Small   days,  Warfare  Aquatics;  1500-  James  Craig   Donna  Reed
                                                                  Sunday  Masses-0630,  082v     1600,  week  days,  Officers  only;
                                                                      (Chapel)                   1600-1800,  week  days,  Colored   Wednesday,  May 30
                                                                  Sunday  Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.· 1)                            POLACK  BROS.  CIRCUS
                                                                  Weekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small   personnel;  1100-1500,  Saturday,
                                                                     Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.   Recreational  swimming  for Col­  Two  Performance-1800  and 2000
                                                                              Jewish             ored personnel.                 NO  TICKETS  REQUIRED
                                                                  Sunday  Service-u!l30  Chapel  Reception
                                                                     Room                          Sunday-Pool secured.       Thursday, May 31
                                                                              Mormon                                          "THE  VALLEY  OF  DE.CISION"
                                                                  Sunday  Study  Group-0930   (Theatre   Gym Schedule-No. 2
                                                                     No.  2.)                      Recreational Swimming, 0800-  Greer Garson   Gregory  Peck
                                                                       U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL   1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en­  Fri.-Sat., June 1  and 2
                                                                  Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital   listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   "THE  PICTURE OF  DORIAN
                                                                     Chapel                      1700-1900  (enlisted);  Sunday,          GRAY"
                                                                              Catholic           1300-1600, 1700-1800 ( enlisted).   George Sanders  Angela.Lansbury
                                                                  Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital
                                                                      Chapel                       Recreational Swimming,  1600-
                                                                  Weekday  Masses-064  5   Hospital.  Cha_Pel   1700,  1900-2000  ( Officers  and   Treasure  Island Theatre  No.  2
                                                                  Confessions-Saturday 1800-1900  Hospital
                                                                     Chapel                      Waves);   Saturday,  1600-1700   Last  Time  Today  -
                                                                     .PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER    (Officers  and  Waves);  Sunday,   "THE  AFFAIRS  OF  SUSAN"
       BATHING  BEAUTY-If  this  were  an  advertisement  for  bathing  suits,   Protestant      1600-1700 (Officers and Waves).
       we  would  run  to  the  nearest  store  and  buy  a  dozen  just  out  of  sheer  Daily and Suncj.ay Worship Services-1430   Sun.-Mon., May 27 and 28
       enthusiasm.  But  since  it  isn't  we'll  merely  sit  back  and  enjoy  it-sti!I   (Ship's  Service  Library)   Boxing,  0800-2100.
       out -of  sheer enthusiasm. In the  event  you haven't guessed  her name,  1t   Christian  Servicemen's  League  - 1900   Body  Building,  0800-2100.   "SONG OF  THE  SARONG"
       is  Esther Williams,  and  the  name of  her  latest  picture  is  the  first  two   .  Sunday   Basketball, 0800-1900.   Nancy Kelly   William Gargan
       words  of  these lines.                                                Catholic                                        Tuesday, May 29
                                                                  Daily  and  Sunday  Masses-1600  (Ship's   Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.
                                                                      Service  Library)            Badminton,  0800-2100.       "ESCAPE  IN  THE  DESERT"
                                    way  now  to  the  semi-finals  in  the
                                                                     WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES
                      EX            RMS intramural basketball tourna­  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   Judo-0800-2100   Helmut Dantine   Philip Dorn
                                                                                                   Tum bling-0800-2100
                       POTENTIA     ment.  Scores  for  the first  round  of   Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   Trampoline-0800-2100   Wed.-Thurs., May 30 and 31
                                    the  single  elimination were  as  fol­  Tueaday-Organ Recital  (Hospital Chapel)              "MURDER, HE SAYS"
                                    lows:                         Tuesday-Wave Singers Rehearsal  (Chapel                     Fred MacMurray   Marjorie_ Main
                                                                     Reception Room)  1630·1800.
                                      1. 67A-25           65A-24  Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal  Novena,  1830   W  aves  M  k  e   Fri.-Sat.,  June  1  and 2
                                      2. 60B-31           55B-18      (Large  Chapel.)                                                 "CONFLICT"
                                      3. 57B-34           60A-29   Tuesday�Christian  Science  Group  1800 5   Softba 11 a    Humphrey Bogart    Alexis Smith
                                                                      (Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                      4. 66A-20           58B- 8   Tuesday  - Holy  Name  Society  191
                                                                      (Small  Chapel)
                                                                                         1  Reception  Tou
                                    RMS  Smoker                   Wednesday  -  Christian  p  e  Servicemen's   gh  Game        Treasure  Island Theatre  No.  3
                                                                     League  1830  (C h a
                                      The  results  of  an  eight  bout   Room)                                               Last  Time  Today  -
                             \      J;>oxing  card  held  last  Thursday   Thursday  - Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal   Three  games  were  played  off  in   SALOME, WHERE SHE DANCED
                                                                      (Chapel  Gallery)  lROO
       RADIO MATERIEL  SCHOOL       night,  May  17,  in  the  RMS  Gym­  Fridav-Wave  8inizers  RPhearsal  (Chapel   the  Women's  Softball  League  last   s  un.-Mon., May 27 and 28
                                                                      Reception  Room)  1800
                                    nasium,  following  a  combined  box­ Friday  - Mormon  Study  Group  1900  week  with · the  following  results.
                                                                                                                                    "Pl LLOW  TO  POST"
       7th  War  Bond  Drive        ing,  wrestling  and  vaudeville  bill   ( Chapel  Gallery.)   Tadcen  Personnel  took  the Receiv­  Ida  Lupino   Walter  Huston
                                                                        VERBA  BUENA  ISLAND
        During  the  last  Pearl  Harbor  put on by the Welfare  and Recrea­  Protestant        ing  Ship  team  26  to  2.  Snider  and
       Day  War Bond  Drive,  personnel  of  tion  department,  were  as  follows:  Sunday  Wor•hlp  Rervic<'-0930  Theatre   White both  scor-ed four runs out  of   Tuesday,  May 29
      the  Radio  Materiel  School  were   Lightweight  Class:   T  o    m  m    y  Sunday  Mass-0880  Theatre   six  chances  at  the ball  to  help  pile   "CHINA  SKY"
      asked  to  buy  $67,500 in war  bonds.   Stough,  Co.  C  fought  a  draw  with   Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -  up th� final  score  for Personnel.   Randolph Scott   Ruth Warrick
      They  exceeded  this  quota  by  pur­  Ernie  Bass,  Co.  C.   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.                               PLUS
       chasing  almost  $69,000  worth  of   Welterweight   Class:   Frankie                      The closest game of the week was   PERK UP, USO SHOW
       bonds.  This  outstanding  job  was   Brann,  Co.  79  decisioned  Gordon   h  h         between  two  sworn  enemies,  the  Two Complete Shows-1730 & 2015
      possible  through  the  sup.port  of   Flammer,  Co.  61  and  Jess  Willard   At T e  C apel ...   MAA's  and  the  Doc-ettes.  Final   NO  TICKETS  REQUIRED
       every  officer  and  man  connected   French,  Co.  77 fought a  draw  with   Protestant Services   score  was  7  to  6  in  favor  of  the   Wednesday,  May 30
       with  this  school-Radio  Materiel   Carl  Bush,  Co. 73.                                MAA's with no more than two runs   "FLAME  OF  THE  BARBARY
      School had again led the field.                               Memorial  Day  services  will  be  acquired by any player. Dethman of   COAST"
        We  are  now  preparing  plans  for   Middleweight  Class:  Bill  Sol­ held at 1030 Sunday, May 27, in the  the  MAA's and Lay of the Doc-ettes   John Wayne   Ann Dvorak
       the  Fcmrth  of  July  Independence   lecito, Co. 70 lost the bout to Stuart  Treasure Island Chapel when Chap- both  chalked  up  two  trips  across
       Day  cash  bond  drive.  Our  quota   Allen,  Co.  73.     lain H. G.  Gatlin  will  speak  on the  home plate.        Thursday,  May  31
       has  not  been  set;  however,  we  be­  Light-Heavy  Class:  Bob  Negri,  title  "Lest  We  Forget."  At  0930   Nurses  and  the  combined  team,  1730 & 2015
       lieve  that  it  will  be  substantially   Co. 70 decisioned Eddie Benson, Co.  Chaplain  Robert  K.  Staley  will   "Bluejackets,"  played  another  fast  "FLAME  OF  THE  BARBARY
       the  same  as  the Pearl Harbor  Day   79;  Forest  Arnold,  Co.  73  deci­ preach on  "Taking Our Faith Seri-  game with the winning Bluejackets
                                                                                                                                 "ALL IS WELL"-USO Show
       drive. This means that all of us will   sioned  Doug  Anderson,  Co.  71.   At  both  services  John  Tremaine   taking the  Nurses,  8  to 5.  McBride   One  Performance  Only-1900
                                      Middleweight Class: Bob Jungles,
       again  be  asked  to put  our  surplus   Co. 74 decisioned Charley Best,  Co.  Sp(W)lc,  will  be at  the  organ  and   helped  the  Bluejackets  to  fame  by
       funds  into  war  bonds.  The  drive                       Hugh  Folkins  Sp(W)lc,  will  sing   a  total  of  three  runs  scored out  of  NO  TICKETS  REQUIRED
       runs  between  June  22  and  July  7.   71.                                             three times at bat.           Fri.-Sat.,  June  1  and 2
                                      That  the  boys  put  on  some  good  the  solo  "There  is  no  Death"
      From  now  until  June  22  let's  all   fights  was  evidenced  by  the  thun­ (O'Hara).  The  anthem,  "Oh  for  a   .. .  "SONG  OF  THE  SARONG"
      save all we can so that each officer   dering  applause  which  threatened  Closer  Walk  with  God"  (Foster)          Nancy K-elly    William Gargan
       and  man can buy  at least  one War   to bring down the  bulkheads in the  will  be  sung by  the Chapel  Choir.  My  Idea  ...
       Bond.                                                              Catholic  Services                                  VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
        Word from Washington indicates   gym. The entertainment committee                       Were I in the mood to make merrie
       this  drive  will  be  the  last  for  the   went  all  out  in  bringing  from  the   Trinity  Sunday,  May  27,  will   be   Looking for fun· and a snack   Last  Time  Today-
                                     beach four professional performers  observed at all Catholic services on
       Navy  and  that  from  now  on  em­                                                      With  maybe  a dance                  "CH IN A  SKY"
                                     who  made  the  evening  a  success.  Yerba Buena  and  Treasure  Island.
      phasis  will  be  on  allotments.  Let's   Attractive  Leona  White  enter­ Marking  the  close  of  the  Easter   Light  talk  and  romance   Sun.-Mon.,  May  27  and  28
       make  this  last  drive  the  biggest   tained  the  audience  with  some  season this will also be the last op­  I'd choose me a fun loving WAC.   "CONFLICT"
       achievement  the  Radio  Materiel                                                        But  when  contemplating  marriage  Humphrey  Bogart   Alexis  Smith
      School  has  ever  accomplished.  For   clever tap dancing accompanied by  portunity for  Catholics  to  perform   And  peace  and  contentment  I
       further information visit your Bond   Grant  Nichols  at  the  piano.  Caro­ their Easter duty.   crave;                Tuesday,  May  29
       Officer  in  Building  No.  28,  Room   line  Trask  performed  some  mysti­             If then I am ready               "STAGE  DOOR  CANTEEN"
       107. And-"Save to buy a Bond!"  fying  magician  tricks  with  appro­  More  and  more  officers  are  tak­  To settle down steady   All-star  Musical
                                     priate dialogue and "Happy" Bruno  ing advantage of a good workout in                     Wed.,  May  30,  at  1700
       RMS  Softball                 brought  down  the  house  with  his  the  Recreation  swimming  pool  at   I'll  get  me a  permanent  WAVE.
        '.J.'uesday,  May 15,  the RMS  team   "Charlie McCarthy" act. Lois Koch,  Gym No. 2. Hours that are especial­  -Contributed.  "SALOME,  WHERE  SHE
       took  the  back  seat  to  the  Tadcen   Y2c,  from  the  Security  Office  and  ly  good  for  officers'  swimming  are         DANCED"
       men  by  a  score  of  2  to  0.  Shaw,   Billie  Longoria,  who  works  at  the  the  noon  hour,  again  from 1600  to   Yvonne  Decarlo   David  Bruce
       RMS  pitcher,  turned  in  a  fine  per­  Administrative   Office,   Treasure  1700, and in the evening from 1900   First  gal:  "I bet  that  sailor  was   USO  Stage  Show-2000
       formance  but  the  alertness  of  the   Island,  received  well-earned  ap­ to 2000. The Recreation pool  is 105   embarrassed when you cau�ht him   "PERK  UP"
       fielders  of  Tadcen  was  the  deter­  plause and encores for  their  lovely  feet  long . . .   about 25  lengths for  a   looking through the transom."   Thursday,  May  31
       mining  factor  in  the  game.  RMS   singing  of  popular  songs.  Lois  has  full  half  mile  swim.   Second  gal:  "He  sure  was.  I   ;,SALOME,  WHERE  SHE
       now has 2  wins and 1 loss thus far   sung  a:t  previous  smokers  at  RMS               thought he'd  never  get over  it."     OANCED"
       in  the  league.              and  was  heartily  welcomed  back.  apples  and  are  iooking  forward  to   .           Fri.-Sat.,  June  1  and  2
       RMS  Intramural  Basketball   All  hands  had  a  most  enjoyable  the  next  smoker  which  is  under   Lying covers  a  multitude  of sins   "THE  AFFAIRS  OF  SUSAN"
        Four  teams  have  battled  their  evening  topped  off  with  cokes  and  way  for  June.   -temporarily.             Joan  Fontaine   George Brent
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