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      Wave Classes In Body           Armed  Guard  Drops 12th  Naval  Tflt to T. I.,  6-1
      Building Conducted By

      Professor Volz                                                                                                          Durdan Homers Inside

        Waves,  too,  aspire  to  the  body                                                     Armed Guard Spanks            Ball Park As Bender
      beautiful.                                                                                Tadcen For American
        Extensive  classes  on  reducing,                                                                                     Hurls Fourth Win
       weight  gaining,  leg  build-up  and                                                     loop lead; VR-2 Wins
                                                                                                                                Errorless baseball paved the way
      chest expansion are being conducted                                                         Softball  continued  to  hog  this  for  Treasure  Island's  6-1  victory
       in  Gym  No. 2  every  Monday,  Wed­                                                     week's  spotlight  with favorites go­ over the hapless Armed Guard Sat­
       nesday  and  Friday  by  Professor.                                                      ing  unmolested  in  league  play.  urday, on the local diamond. Seven­
       Charles  Volz.                                                                           Armed  Guard  took  undisputed  pos­ hit pitching  by CPM  Bender,  paced
        Women  are supposed to be  of the                                                       session  of  the  American  League  the  league-leading  navy  nine  and
       weaker sex, unable to cope with the                                                      with wins over Tadcen and the Ma­ enabled  the  loose-jointed  chucker
       tough  jobs  that confront  men daily                                                    rines  while  the  USS-0  and  VR-2  from  the  dispensary  to  chalk  up
       but from the way they toss  50 to 60                                                     commanded  the  National  pennant  win number four.
      pound  weights  around,  this  writer                                                     chase  with three  wins  apiece.   Exciting  games  are  not  always
       is  of  the  opirnon  that  a  woman  in                                                 American  League              determined  by  the  score  as  indi­
       top  physical  condition  could  give                                                      After  trailing  the  Tadcen  nine  cated  by  this  cross-town,  rivalry
                                                                                                by  three  runs,  Armed  Guard  came  clash.  Approximately  3000  fans
       any man a tussle.                                                                        back  in  the  second  inning  to  score  went  away  convinced  that  a  five­
        "Different  exercises  must  be                                                         two  runs  and  continued  their  run  run advantage meant nothing to the
       given to the Waves because of their                                                      spree with two more in the fifth on  Armed  Guardsmen,  as  they  stole
       softer,  smoother  muscles,"  states                                                     a triple by catcher Brown.    bases,  beat  out  infield  hits  and
       Volz. "Women  are  given  the  stam­                                                       Pre-Commissioning  turne�  in  a  played  heads-up  defensive  ball  in
       ina  of  men  but  lack  the  muscle  to                                                 twin  win  performance  with  a  4-1  trying  to  cope  with  the  batting
       stand the steady grind." This is not                                                     victory  over  the  Marines  and  an  power of Treasure Island.
       a muscle-building class but the con-                                                     11-3  triumph  over  the  Frontier
       ditioning  received  serves  as  an  in­                                                 Base. Tadcen defeated RMS  earlier
       termediate to both.           COURT QUEENS SMILE                                         in  the  week,  2-0,  but  the  radiomen
        All Waves  get a  thorough  exam-  E XHIBITING  the  fine  caliber                      kept  in  the  running  with  an  8-3
       ination  by  Volz,  prior  to  their  ac- tennis  played  by  women  through­            drubbing  over  the  Frontier  Base.
       ceptance  to  class. What  they  need  out  the  United  States  were  these             An  RMS  win  over  Armed  Guard,
       in  the  way  of  exercises  is  deter- four smiling lassies who stopped off             Monday,  will  throw  the  American
       mined by the thumb-nail observance  at Treasure  Island, Tuesday, during                 League  into  a  two team  tie.
       of  the professor.  Nothing strenuous  their  bay  area  tour  for  the  Armed            National  League
                                     Forces. Pictured  from  left  to  right
       is  given  to  them  at  first  but  is   are  Mrs.  Virginia  Wolfenden  Ko­              USS-O copped a hard fought con­
       worked  up  to,  through  a  gradual   vacs,  seventh-ranking  U.  S.  wo-               test over Receiving Ship 12-5, while
       period of time.               men's  player;  Miss  Barbara  Krase,                      VR-2  remained  in  the  unbeaten
        The  results  obtafoed  from  Volz  former  National  Jr.  Champ;  Miss                 ranks with a 5-1 win over  the vast­
       and his assistant,  Jackie White,  are  Nancy  Wolfenden,  up  and  coming               ly  improved  YO-HO  men.
       most  gratifying.  One  pupil has had   youngster  from  San  Francisco  and               In a free scoring contest the Post
                                     Mrs.  Pat  Canning  Todd,  rated
       a  swollen  tissue  in  the  left  hand   ninth  by  last  year's  rankings  and         Office trimmed  th.e Treasure  Island
       completely restored to normal while  a  sure  fire  bet  to  go  higher  this            Hospital,  24-17,  · while  Operational
       others  have  lost  from  five  to  10  year.  Almost  perfect  form  is  -dis­          Training  turned  back  the  Treasure   Lowe's  Safe  at  Second
       pounds while going through the re-  played by  Mrs. Kovacs on the right,                  Island  Dispensary,  11-6.
       ducing process. But this only comes  ·  as she blasts a backhand placement                  American League Standings    Neither  team  dented  the  scoring
       from  hard  work.             in  her  6-2,  2-6,  7-5  triumph  over                                     Won  Lost  Pct.  column  in  the  first  two  innings.
                                     Mrs.  Todd.  Notice  the  balanced
                                                                                                 Armed  Guard  ...... 4
         From  15  to 20  students  visit  the   stance  and the easy  stroke.                  Tadcen  ............ 3   O   1000  Treasure  Island  drew  first  blood  in
       professor   in   his   sanctum   of                                                      RMS  .............. 3   1   756  the  third  inning  when  Durdan  was
                                                                                                                           756  hit by one of Howton's  wild pitches,
       strength. Don't  be  the  self-consci­                                                    Pre-Com  .......... 2   2   500  stole  second  and  scored  on  Olsen's
       ous  type,  as  there  are  many  like  .• SPORTS ..                                                           4    000  long  single  to 'center  field. Olsen
                                                                                                 Marines  ........... O
       you  suffering  from  the  same  ail­                                                     Frontier Base  ...... 0   4   000  continued  to  second  base  when  a
       ment. Visit  Gym  No. 2  body-build­                                                             National  League       play  was  made  at  the  plate  for
       ing classes every Monday,  Wednes­                                                                        Won  Lost  Pct.  Durdan.  Olsen  scored  a  minu½_
       day and Friday at 1745.
                                                                                                 USS-O  ............ 3   0   1000  later  on  first-baseman  Williams'
                                                                                                 VR-2  .............. 3   0   1000  bingle.
                                                                                                 Rec. Ship  .......... 2   1   666   Treasure  Island  got  three  more
                                                                                                 Operational  Trg. . .. 2   1   666  runs  in  the  fourth  stanza  on  two
                                                                                                 T. I. Hosp . . ........ 1   2   333  hits  and  a  fielder's  choice. A  slow
                                                                                                 Post Office  ......... 1   2   333  curve ball hit Dick  Bartell, sending
                                                                                                 YO-HO  Men  ....... 0   3   000  him  to  first. Bartell  went  to  third
                                                                                                 T. I. Disp .  . ........ 0   3   000  on  Sheely's  single  and  scored  on
                                                                                                                               Boyko's  error. Bender  singl-ed  and
                                                                                                                               then both runners scored on Lowe's
                                                                                                 EXTRA!  EXTRA!                single.
                                                                                                                                 Armed- Guard  got  its  lone  tally
                                                                                                 For Bowling Enthusiasts!      in  the  fifth  on  pinch-hitter  Rose's
                                                                                                                               double  down  the  third  base  line,
                                                                                                 Enlisted  Men!                Rose  going  to  third  on  May's  long
                                                                                                  A  prize  of  5  FREE  GAMES  will  single  and  denting  the  home  plate
                                                                                                 be given  to the  winner of the high­ on Boyko's towering center field fly.
                                                                                                 est  score  weekly  at  both  Bowling   Durdan  poked.  one  of  Eyrich's
                                                                                                 Alley  No. 1  and  No. 2.     slow  outside  hooks  into  deep  right
                                                                                                   A  prize  of  15  FREE  GAMES  to  center  field  for  a  Treasure  Island
                                                                                                 the  holder  of  the  highest  monthly  homer  inside  the  park  and  ended
                                                                                                 score at both Alley No. 1 and No. 2.  the scoring for the day.
                                                                                                   Waves  Enlisted  Personnel  Win­  This  was  the  first  league  win
                                                                                                 ner, bowling in Alley No. 2,  a  prize  scored  over  Armed  Guard  by  the
                                                                                                 of 5 FREE  GAMES for the high-est  Treasure  Island  team  and  kept
       PLENTY  OF  WHITE  HATS-Empty  spaces  were   a  sock  in  either  paw. Young  won  the  judges  verdict
       few  and  far  between  at  Wednesday  night's  smoker.   on  sheer  aggressiveness. Tommy  Dolan  catches  one   weekly  winner  and  a  prize  of  1.5  them  in  first  place  of  the  12th
       Some  6000 fight  fans  filled the athletic arena to wit-  of  Fred  Ruffing's  left  hand  clouts  in  the  photo  at   FREE  GAMES  for  the  winner  of  Naval District horse-hide race.
       ness  an  action-packed  punch  card  and  a  humor-rid-  right. The  husky,  hard-hitting  Ruffing had  too many   highest  score  monthly.   Scoring:   R  H  E
       -died stage show. Giving chase to the f l eet-footed  Ray   guns for the game  Dolan and turned off the lights for      T. I . . ....... 002  300  001-6  8  0
       Rucker,  is little  Mickey Young,  a  125-pound lad with   the Irish boy in  the second .round.
                                       ---------                                                 Baseball Catchers, Ahoy!      A. G . ...... 000  010  000--1  7  2
                                                                                                                                 Batteries:  Bender  and  Sheely;
       6000 Smoker Fans Jam T. I. Gym                              tough against  the  wicked punching   Don't be shy-         Howton,  Eyrich  and  Boyko.
                                                                     Tommy  Dolan  found  the  going
       Wednesday,· Eor_ io Kayos White In Thriller                 Fred  Ruffing  and  werit  out  via  the   Come  out  and  apply­
                                                                                                   Why be a watcher-
                                                                   K.O. route  in  the  second  round.
         Something  new  in  the  way  of   As a farewell gesture before leav-  A self-styled windmill in the per-  When you  can be  a catcher?   Pre-Commissioning
       Smoker entertainment captured the  ing  for  Shoemaker,  CSP(A)  Max  son  of  Minor  Huff  put  the  skids   (Wm. Shookaspar)   Proves to Be One of
       attention  of  some  6000  sailors  and  Marek went through a liquor adver- under  Bob  Gilmore  in  the  first   Treasure  Island  Baseball  team
       their guests Wednesday night when  tisement pantomine that eventually  round  with  a  two-fisted  barrage.  wants a couple more good catchers.  T. 1/s Busiest Groups
       the boxing ring  was converted into  had  him good  and  "loaded."   Gilmore  had  trouble  with  his  gear  Here's a chance for good experience
       a  miniature  stage,  with  all  its   Titans  of  the  mat,  Bob  Pickett  prior  to  entering  the  ring.   in  high  class  company.  See  Dick   Treasure  Island's  might  doesn't
       glamour,  for  the  foot-light folk.   and  Charles  Pallei  wrestled  10   Roy  Rucker  and  Mickey  Young,   Bartell,  Athletic  Field  Office.   stop at just one activity. Represent­
         Masters  of  entertainment,  Roy  minutes  to  a  draw  while  light- a  couple  of  "paperw-eights"  at  125         ing  the  blue  and  gold  for  Treasure
       Paige  and  Ken  Wise,  had  the  pa­ weights Jim Mata and Clyde Brown  pounds, almost stole the show  with  type  of fighter, survived a  bad first  Island in the San Francisco Recrea­
       trons in the aisles with their riotous  did  likewise  in  the  other  mat  fea- their  punching  ability. Young  fin- round  from  Louie  Williams  and  tional  Softball  league  are  the  Pre­
       display  of  comedy. Although  Wise  ture.                  ished  fast  in  the  closing  round  to  then came back to give the smooth- Commissioning  ball  players  from
       handled  the MC  duties for  the eve­  Knockouts  featured  the  boxing  nab a  narrow decision from the de- punching  Williams  a  body  pasting  Barracks E  and F.
       ning  he  did  find  enough  time  to  bouts.               termined Roy Rucker.          in  the  next  two  sessions  to  garner  Along  with  their  unblemished
       throw  Paige  around  so  that  he  re­  Ernie Woods and Hank Watkins,   One  of  those  pier  three  brawls  judges  Harry  Greene  and  Bob  record  in  municipal  play is  a  "won
       sembled  something  that  had  been  two  husky  lads  at  a  160  pounds,  betw-een  Ernie  Perrotti  and  Louis  Perez's verdict.   two,  and  lost  two "  record  compiled
       run  through  a  wringer  before  the  played  tag  for  the  first  two  cantos  Kieviet almost ended in disaster for   Joe  Eorio  and  Bob  White  wrote  in  the  12th Naval  District. All this
       act was over. St. Claire and Durand  with  neither  obviously  trying  to  the  latter. Kieviet  managed  to  get  finish  to  the  boxing  program  with  does  not  seem  enough  to  keep  the
       were  graceful  in  their  acrobatic  hurt  the  oth-er. They  both  opened  the  decision  but  only  after  he  had  Eorio  kayoing  the  luckless  White  destroyer  men  busy  as  they  are
       routine  while  the  Three  J's  were  up in the third round with Watkins  been shaken up twice by the round- with  a  two-mitten  attack. Refere-e  presently  occupying  a  berth in the
       sending  the  bellbottoms  with  their  doing the most damage and getting  house blows of Perrotti.   Hal  Rickard  intervened  and  saved  Treasure  Island  Invitational  Soft­
       torrid  singing.              the  decision.                  Clarep.ce  Weigelt,  a  boring-in  White from further damage.   ball Tourney.
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