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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  MAY  26,  1945           PAGE  5
                                                                     Polt/clt  Bros.  C/RCIJS

                                                                     Treasure Island, Wednesday,May 30

         Last  week   Women's  Army                                                   THEATRE No.  I
      Corps  celebrated  its third birthday.                                    Two Exciting  Performances
      Its  members  have  served  around·
      the  globe  under  unusual  circum­                                             1800          2000
      stances  and  have done  a  grand job                                 PROGRAM  FOR  THE  EVENING
      at  home. They  were· originally  or­
      ganized  as  an  auxiliary  unit  and                          Jack Webb Act  .  .  Ruth Antalek, Margaret Carter
      carried  the  word  "Auxiliary"  in                                   Daring and Spectacular Trapeze Artists
      their  official  title.  Proving  their
      worth  they  were re-organized as  a                           "Bobo"  Barnett  and  His  Captivating  Canines
      regular part of the U. S. Army and                             America's Foremost Clown and His Canine Entertainers
      became  the  Women's  Army  Corps,
      or Wac.                                                        Jane Meredith               Aerial Trapeze Performer
        The  largest  of  all  the  women's
      services,  they  now  have  15,546                             The  Saxons    .  .  .  .  .  .  .   Roly  Poly  Artists
      women in service overseas, and 85,-                                     The Apex in Sensational Originality
      000  on duty  in  this country.
        Quoting a song familiar to Waves,                            Reubin  Castang  and His  Hollywood  Chimpanzee
      it  is  a  pleasure  to  wish the  Wac  a                           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  "Little  Joe"
      happy birthday, and to say,  "To all                           The Most Versatile Animal Trainer of Two Continents
      the  girls in  khaki, say all  the  girls
      in  blue,  'Here's  to  You'."                                                 Polack Bros.  Clowns
      Wanted!                                                        ''Bobo" Barnett, Eugene Randow, Ed. Raymond, f  ohnny
        One  enlisted  woman,  forty-two                                    Bogonghi, f  ack Klippel, Dennis Stevens
      years  of  age  or  over. Reward:  One
      discharge  in  good shape, and auth­                                   Dwight Moore's Dog and Pony Revue
      orized  return  to  civilian  status  by                                     Polack Bros Clown Band
      the  Navy  ·Department. Please  re­
      port  anyone  filling  the  description                        The Four Sidneys        Beautiful,  Sensational Cyclists
      to  this paper at once.  A  recent Bu­                                          Massimalino Truizzi
      reau  letter  has  authorized  her  dis­
      charge and time is precious! No one                              The  Most  Sensational  fuggler  in  All  the  World
      under  forty-two ...  will  do!                                                 The Great Antaleks
      880  to  1
        The  Navy  boasts  880  male                                        Famous Family of V  pside Down Artists
      tains  to  one  woman  wearing  four                                               Hubert Castle
      stripes. That  shows  you  how  valu­
      able one good woman can be.                                         "The World's Master on the Bouncing Wire"
      T.  I.  Tourists                                               Master  of  Ceremonies   .  .  _.  .  .  .   Jack  Klein
        Summer  trips  are  making  sea­                             "The Man From Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"
      soned travelers out of Treasure  Is­
      land Waves.  This Sunday there will
      be  a  water taxi  trip  and  picnic  up   31.  All games begin at 1800 and are  WAVE SPONSOR ONLY  Bond  Sales in April   April  purchases  showed  an  in­
      the  bay,  and  last  Wednesday  sev­  held at the Athletic Field.  The Doc-  WOMAN DELEGATE   Total $36,333, I 28      crease of  23 per cent over the total
      eral  of  the girls went  on a  YP  ex­  ettes  now  have  a  score  to  settle                                         for the same month last year, while
      cursion. Keep  your  eye  on  the bul­  with  the  MAA's  who  beat  them  7  Dean  Virginia  C. Gildersleeve  of   Steadily  increasing  Navy  War   the  $176,441,152  total  for  the  first
      letin  boards  in  the barracks,  there   to  6  in  their  game  played  last   Barnhard  College  is  the  only  bond  purchases  in  April  totaled   four  months  of  1945  reflected  an
      will  be  more  trips  in  the  near  fu­                   woman  delegate  to  be  sent  by  the  $36,333,12 7. 50,  bringing  the  cumu­  increase  of  30  per  cent  over  the
      ture.                         Tennis as  Usual              United States to the United Nations  lative total since the bond program   corresponding  period  in  1944.
      Life's  Little  Pitfalls        In  spite  of  watches,  extra  duty,  Conference  in  San  Francisco.   was  established  to  $1,159,034,166.
        If  you  are  walking  down  the   visiting  r.elatives  and  exigencies  of   The appointment of Dean Gilder­  Of  the  April  volume,  $18,861,-  Drunk  (on  phone):  "Is}J.  dis
      street in Oakland or San Francisco   the service, the tennis matches are  sleeve  should be of  special interest  268.75  were  civilian  purchases  Spruce  tree,  tree,  tree,  tree?"
      and gold or blue braid crosses your   being played off as fast as possible  to  all  Navy  women  since  she  was  under  the  payroll  savings  plan;   Voice:  "No,  this  is  Walnut  fir,
      path�Salute, lady!            and  will  be  held continuously  until  one of the  original consultants and  $15,1 75,618.75  were  allotment  pur­ fir,  fir,  fir."
        If  you  fail  to deliver  this  neces­  the  end of  the  Novice  tournament,  sponsors  of  the  Women's  Naval  chases by uniformed personnel, and   Drunk:   " 'Scuse  me.  Wrong
      sary  courtesy  you  may  find  your­  time  and  weather  permitting.   Reserve.         $2,296,240  were  cash  purchases.   lumber."
      self facing your commanding officer   Just  Between  Us       Demonstrating  her  approval  of
      at mast. Rumor has it that regular   We  feel  that Conrad, Wieczarek,   the  work  done  by  the  Waves,  she
      officer shore patrols have their eyes   Schultz, Somers and Bergsvick, who   has  chosen  Lt. Commander  Eliza­  US  0-Camp Shows
      on offending Waves.  Also, that such   took  a  trip  to  Lake  Tahoe  last   beth Reynard, Commandant of Sea­
      patroling  officers  are  in  full  uni­  week-end  should  div.vy  up  some·  of   men at  the  Naval  Training  School,
      form,  even  down  to  gray  gloves.   their  gambling  proceeds ...  seems   the  Bronx,  New  York,  as  her
      However, gray gloves or not, salute   they  crossed  the  Nevada  state  line   special  assistant  while  the  confer­
      and be safe or ...  be sorry.   to  watch  the  wheels  go  round ...   ence  is in session.
      At  Bat  This  Week           Mildred  Bedke,  Armed  Guard  yeo­  Miss  Reynard  was  the  second
        Scheduled  baseball  games  for  man,  is  now  officially  attached  to   Wave  to  be  sworn  into  the  Navy,
      this  week  are  Personnel  vs. Blue­ Armed Guard boatswain  Briggs ...   and  the  first to  be  awarded  a mili­
      Jackets, Tuesday, May 29, and Doc­ her exec gave her away  ...  We neg-·   tary  decoration.  Secretary  For­
      ettes  vs. necShip,  Thursday,  May  lected  Johnson,  Garner  and  Schul-  restal presented  her  with  the  com­
                                                                  mendation  ribbon  and  citation  in
                                                                  recognition  of  her  service  in  the
      T. I. Marine Serves  State  Department  At  UNCIO           training of Wav,e recruits.
                                                                    Navy  women  honored  Dean  Gil­
                                                                  dersleeve  in  a  unique  way  last
                                                                  month  by  making  her  the  third
                                                                  civilian  to  take  a  review  at  the
                                                                  recruit  training  school  in  the
                                                                  Bronx. Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek  and
                                                                       Roosevelt  are  her  prede­

                                                                    Somebody  said  that  four  out  of
                                                                  five  woman-haters  are  women.

                                                                  man,  all  corpsmen  at  Dispensary
                                                                  No. 1.  ..  They  too  are  serving  at
                                                                  first-aid stations set  up  during the
                                                                  conference  in  downtown  hotels  ...
                                                                  Beth  Mason  has  been  giving  Gar­
                                                                  ner  a few  lessons in French  ..  .Last
                                                                  week she had a chance to get a lit­
                                                                  tle  practical  experience  when  she
                                                                  took  care  of  a  non-English  speak­
                                                                  ing  patient  ...  Now  she  can  say
                                                                  water  in  French  and  h-er  French
                                                                  patient  has  learned  the  English
                                                                  equivalent  ...  Donna Freeman came
                                                                  back  from  last  week's  OTS  party
                                                                  with   perpetual   embarrassment
                                                                  written  all ov-er her face  ...  Thanks
                                                                  to the mess crew the breakfast line
                                                                  goes  so  fast  these  days,  you're
      AT  UNITED  NATIONS  CONFERENCE-Nelson  A.  Rockefeller,
      Assistant  Secretary  of  State,  gives  message  to  Marine  Sergeant  James   hardly  in  before  you're  out  ...  Oh
      A. Padden,  an  orderly  for  the  Naval  Board  -of  Advisors,  in  the  State yes,  there  will  be  a  station  dance
      Department  for  the  duration  of  the  United  Nations  Conference.  Tem­ next  Saturday,  June  2,  you  are  all
      porarily  detached  from  the  Guard  Company  at  Treasure  Island,  the  invited and will not need tickets for   Helene  Denizon
      sea-going  Marine  has  seen  action  in  both  the  Eur-opean  and  Pacific   admittance.   HEADLINER  for  "Perk  Up"  new  USO  show  is  vivacious  Helene  Deni­
      theatres of war aboard a  naval  vessel.                                                 zon,  ballet  dancer,  appearing  on  the  stage  of  Theatre  No.  3  May  29.
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