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PAGE  4           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  MAY 26,  1945
                                                                                                 ,  ..  The Girl Back Home ..  ·�
     UNCIO Is Se(ond               OflERAT�  ONAL                Hot Stuff No More -           l  .  .  ♦  ♦ ♦ ♦  ♦ ♦ •  ♦  ♦  ♦ ♦  • ♦  • ♦ •  ♦  •  • ♦  ♦  ♦ ♦ ♦ •  • ♦  • �
     International Gathering  TiA�lt�,UNG SCHOOL Busanda Says So                                • • • • • •  • • •  • • • •  • • •  • • • • • • • • • • •  • • •  • •
                                                                   Does  your  chow  taste  different
     For San FrandS(o                                            lately?
                                                                   Perhaps, that  is  due  to  the  ab­
       UNCIO  is  not  the  first  event  to                     sence  of  black  pepper, and  here  is
     bring  distinguished foreign visitors                       the explanation for its  absence:
     to  the  San  Francisco  Bay  area.   Sports                  The  United  States  supply  of
                                     Notice  tennis  enthusiasts!  Plans
     Back  in  1938  and  1939  America   are  afoot  to  organize  an  OTS  of-  black  pepper  is  critically  low  and
     was  still  at  peace. Even  Japanese   ficers'  tennis  team. All  interested   there  are  no  imports  of  this  pro­
     big-wigs  were  scurrying  about   sign up with Lt.  Fasick at the Phy­  duct  at  the  present  time. To  ex­
     town  and  being  very  polite  and   sical  Training  Office  this  week. A   tend  its  supply  over  as  long  a
     gracious.                     lively  time  is  promised  in  the  ap­  period  as  possible,  it  is  necessary  �
       Visito·rs  from  all  over  the  world   proaching  tennis  tournament  ... C.   for  the  Navy  to  reduce  its present
     were  crowding  Bay  Area  hotels  L. Smith, Cox, doesn't do things by  rate  of  usage, states  Memoranda
     then,  as now,  and  every day thous­ halves.  After  scoring  two  hits  in  1308-0  issued  by  the  Bureau  of
     ands  of  people  would  travel  to  the  OTS  vs.  Dispensary  baseball  Supplies and Accounts.
     Treasure Island,  the man-made site  game,  he  came  sliding  in  safe  on  All  activities  will  take  such
     of  the  Golden  Gate  International  home  base,  breaking  his  ankle  on  action as is necessary to reduce the
     Exposition.  The foreign guests soon  the play-tough luck, but that's the  use  and  waste  of  black  pepper.  No
     would find their way to the various  spirit  that won  11-4. We'll all miss  hardships  should  result  as  many
     pavilions  and  buildings  rr{aintained  hirri,   especially   Coach   Coates,  activities  have,  in  the  past,  con­
     by  other  nations-those  in  South  Sp (A) 3c,  as  he  was  one  of  the  sumed  pepper  at  low  rates  which
     America,  across  the  Pacific  and  in  mainstays  of  the  team.  Good  luck  are  higher  than  normal  civilian
     Europe.                       to  a  champ!  ... Notes  on  Volley  usage.
       Many of the delegates to UNCIO   Ball-Poor,  poor  Yeoman!  ... Poor,
     undoubtedly were visitors to Treas­  poor  Van  Nostrand, Sp(G)3c,  she   Arrangements  were  made  by  J.
     ure  Island  then.  They  wouldn't   broke  her little finger in a game  ...  J.  O'Neill,  Y2c,  and  a  staff  of
     know  the  old  place  now,  for,  as   Wednesday,  the OTS Officers' team  worthy  assistants.  In  the  hubbub,
     everyone  knows, the  U.  S.  Navy   triumphed  over  Pre.  Com. 9-6.  Lt.  knives  and  forks  were  left  behind,
     has  transformed  this  island  into   W.  R. Watkins  did  a  great  job  of  but  with  ingenuity  worthy  of  the
     one  of  the  busiest  naval  bases  in   pitching  for  OTS  and  Capt. C.  L.  greatest Navy in the world,  D.  Mit­
     the  country.  Where  once  a  lady   La  Barge  of  Pre.  Com.  hit  a  hot  chell, GMlc,  led  the  way  and  soon
     from  Kansas  bought  some  silver   line  drive  to  the  right  short  stop,  all  hands  were  whittling  their
     jewelry  at  the  Mexican  exhibit,   but  was  stopped  by  Lt.  D.  C.  spoons  out  of  the  available  timber
     Uncle  Sam's sailors  are  reading  in   Swartz,  who  made  a  sensational  and  the  potato  salad  was  duly  ex­
     the  library, making  long-distance   catch  to  make  the  last  out. Great  pedited.
                                   game men!
     calls  to  home  or  playing  the  piano   Fun  Time .        Fireside singing,  led by K.  C.  Per-
     in the  new Welfare and Recreation                          kins,  Ylc,  and  his  trusty  guitar,
     building  which  occupies  the  same   "Cross  Gol9en  Gate  Bridge, take  improved  the  taste  of  the  already
     site  as  the  Latin  American  Court   the highway along the coast to the  wonderful  wieners  and  the  hearts
                                   tunnel  and  then  look  for  a  sign  to  of  the  residents  for  miles  around
     did  during  the  exposition.  Other   the left."  Those were the directions  were  gladdened.  Numbers  were
     countries  represented  at  the  court   given  for  the  picnic  and  wiener  drawn,  gifts  were  distributed,  and
     were El  Salvador, Panama,  Guate­
     mala,  Peru,  Colombia,  Chile,  and   roast  held  by  the  Yeomen, Store- a  number  of  people, among  them
                                   keepers and Specialist G's, Sunday,  Lt. Rhoads, Ed  Heiser, Ylc,  and
     Ecuador.                      May 20. About  50 persons  followed  Madonna  Schleiger,  Y3c,  found   SHE'S SOMEBODY'S STENO-Lucky is  the man who has  pretty  Paul­
       Two other Latin American  coun­  those  directions  and  at  Stinson  themselves· recipients  of  the  hon­  ine Saathoff  of New  Ulm,  Minn.,  for  a  secretary.  But  still  luckier  is  the
     tries, Argentina  and  Brazil, main­  Beach  had  a  really  wonderful  day.  ored  Pink  Elephant.  A  truly  won­  sail,or to whom she is engaged. He is  Harry  W.  Beyer, S1c, Armed  Guard
                                                                                               Center.  They  were  engaged  seven  months  ago  and  can't  make  up  their
     tained exhibits and pavilions in the   A  riotous  softball  game  was  the  derful time  was had by all  and  the   minds whether  or not  to wait until  after  the war.  We wonder  if  they've
     area  now  occupied  by  Marine  bar­  main  event;  the  only  trouble  being  grateful  appreciation  of  the guests   heard  the  maxim,  "He  who  hesitates  is  1-ost."
     racks,  the  Treasure  Island post of­  that  along  the  line  somewhere  the  is  hereby  extended  to  the  hard
     fice  and  the  Radio  Materiel  school  scorekeeper lost track of the teams  working  committee.  Sand,  onions,  Definitions of  the week:   Here's  what  the  little  dog  said
     European  nations  operating activi­ and  so  we  say  that  Operational  Redheads and all, it was a tired but   N � ght  club--an  ashtray  with  after  he  had  walked  -through  the
     ties in the same area were  France,  Training  School  defeated  Opera- happy  group_ that  returned  to  the  music.   tobacco  patch:  "Does  Your  Cigar­
     Italy  and  Norway.           tional  Training  School  6  to 3.   island  late  that  evening.   Mosquito-a flying blood bank.   ette  Tasfe  Different Lately?"
       And  the  heat is  being  turned  on
     Japan at Treasure Island,  meaning                                        ---
     that  where  the  Japanese  pavilion        SAN  FRANCISCO                      WHERE  THE  NATIONS  GATHER
     was is,  now the steam plant for  the
     island.  In the same area, where now
     are the laundry, the new swimming
     pools  and  the  Waves'  and  hospital
     corpsmen  barracks,  Hawaii  and
     Australia maintained their exhibits.
       The  Czechs were  making history
     then, as  now,  and  their  exhibit  in
     International  Hall  was  o.f  especial
     interest  to  lovers  of  democracy.
     Denmark and the Netherlands, two
     other  nations  which  the  Germans
     over-ran,  housed  their  activities  in
     the  same  hall. Portugal  and  Swe­
     den  were  there, also. International
     Hall_ is  now  a  gigantic  gymnasium
     where  American  sailors  keep  in
     shape to help right the wrongs per­
     petrated  on  the  little  nations,  as
     well  as  the  big.
       Where  now  stands  the  Treasure
     Island  supply  building,  New  Zea­
     land,  Australia  and  French  Indo­
     China  were  hosts  to  thousands
     every  day.                   Voice of  the  U.S.S.R.-V.  M.  Molo-                                                     His  Majesty's  Spokesman   An­
       And  where  once  world's  fair   fov,  Soviet  Foreign  Commissar.                                                   thony  Eden, _British  Foreign Sec'ty.
     visitors  saw  "Vacationland"  and
     travel  exhibits,  sailors  now  buy
     soap  and  ice  cream, razor  blades
     and  magazines.  O  n   the  wall  are
     two  mottoes.  One  reads:  "Etrnal
     vigilance  is  the  price  of  Liberty,"
     the  other,  "Peace  of  the  highest
     good  comes  as  the  ):J.andmaiden  of

     Cross-Word Answers

                                                                    AT  SAN  FRANCISCO  delegates  of  46  nations  - all  of  them
                                                                    grimly cognizant of  what war means-have gathered ·to  build a
                                                                    just  and  lasting  peace.  A  line  of  servicemen  and  women  stood
                                                                    beneath the  United  Nations flags  on the  stage  of  the  San  Fran­
                                   China Speaks-T.V. Soong, Foreign   cisco  opera  house  to  keynote  the  opening  of  the  conference  as   For  the  U.S.A.-Edward  J.  Stetti­
                                   i  nister  and  Chinese  Delegate.   Edward  J.  Stettinius  spoke.                       nius,  U. S.  Secretary of  State.
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