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PAGE  6         THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  NOV.  17,  1945

        PRE-COM CHALKS              Sex-Sational Water Carnival Thrills Thousands
        NAVIGATION,  54-47

         Led  by  the  sharp  shooting  of                                                                                 Curtis and Co. Sparkle
        Cummings  and  Hutchinson,  Pre­                                                                                   In Two Night Show;
        Com  chalked  up  their  ninth  win
        of  the  season  over  Matson  Navi­                                                                               Models Charm Sailors
        gation,  54-47,  last  Monday.
          The  end  of  the  first  half  found                                                                             You  would  have  stood  a  bP.tter
        Pre-Com  on  the  losing  side  of  a                                                                              chance  of  getting  into  Treasure
        30-28  score.  In  the  second  half                                                                              _ Island's swim extravaganza,  "An­
        Pre-Com rallied with fancy shoot­                                                                                  kles  Aweigh"  had  you  been  a
        ing  and  fine  defensive  work  and                                                                               water  minnow  or  a  sardine,  but
        went  on  to  win.                                                                                                 as  it  was  hundreds  who  weren't
         It  was  the  ninth  victory  of  the                                                                             so  lucky  were  turned  away  from
        season  for  Pre-Com  against  two                                                                                 the  Welfare  Division  production
        losses;  one  to  Alameda  and  the                                                                                vyednesday  and  Thursday  night.
        other  to  the  Califo,rnia  Bears.                                                                                 Words of welcome by MC Ernie
        ,  High  scorers  of  the  <,vent  were                                                                            3mith greeted enthusiastic sailors
        Cummings  of  Pre:Com  with  15                                                                                    3.S they squeezed and pushed their
        points,, Leslie  of  Matson  also  with                                                                            way  through  Gym  No.  2's  pool
        15 points,  and  Hutchinson of Pre­                                                                                doors.
        Cpm -�ith  12  points.                                                                                              Many  who  witnessed  the  open­
                                                                                                                           ing night of the sensational water
        Armed Guard Drops 4-2                                                                                              �pie  were  again  on  hand  Thurs­
        Tilt to Camp Parks                                                                                                 day  night  to  see  the  concluding
                                                                                                                           performance.  It  was  a  tribute  to
         T. I.'s  Armed  Guard  basebal 1                                                                                  the  performers  as  well  as  the
        team  was  defeated  by  the  hard­                                                                                3tage  hands,  officials,  sign  paint­
        hitting Seabees from Camp Parkr                                                                                    ers  and  electricians  who  played
        last  week.  The  Seabees  banged                                                                                  their  part  so well.
        out nine hits which were good for                                                                                   Al  Rebstock's  Radio  Materiel
        four runs while the Armed Guard                                                                                    swimmers  were  a  highlight  with
        collected  four  hits  for  two  runs.                                                                             their  fluorescently  lighted  boards
         Pitcher Harmon of  the Seabees                                                                                 •  drifting  silently  down  the  pool
        weakened  only  in  the  fifth  when                                                                               with  the  word  "Welcome"  spelled
        Armed  Guard  scored  two  runs.                                                                                   out  in  color.  Rebstock  and  the
        The  Seabees  scored  once  in  the                                                                                RMS  swimmers  did  all  their  re­
        second  and  three  times  in  the   SPLASH  PARTY-Had  there  been  another  night   That's  Marion  Pontaq,  churning  50  meters  in  her   hearsing in  their spare  time.
        fourth  which  was  enough  to  sew   in  the  week  it  would  have  meant  "overtime"  for   backstroke  specialty.  Funny  man  N , orman  Hanley   Individual performances by the
                                    the  lads  and  lassies  that  performed  in  Wednesday
                                                                                 is  performing  what  he  calls  a  graceful  swan.
        up  the game.               and  Thursday  nights  "Ankles  Aweigh"  water   (Inset)  Getting  a  little  spring  on  the  10  meter  cream of the swimming crop were
          Summary-           R. H. E.   pageant.  The five  l•ovely  mermaids  pictured on  the   diving  board  is  J,ohn  McCormick.  A  grand  finale   segregated between numbers. Miss
        Camp Parks 010  300  000-4  9  2   left,  all  capable  of  inspiring  men  t,o  sea  duty  are:   by  the  entire  cast  is  shown  in  the  bottom  phot,o.   Pat Sinclair  broke the stillness of
                                     (left  to  right)  Marilyn  Sahner,  Pat  Sinclair,  Ann
        Armed  G.   000  020  000-2  4  2   Curtis,  Marion  P,ontaq  and  Sue  Curtis.  ( Upp,er   If  you  look  closely  enoug_h  in  the  lower  left  hand   the  water  by  churning  the  50
                                                                                 corner  you  can  see  Clal'ence  Weigelt,  who  had
         Batteries_: Harmon and Weaver;   right).  The  picture  isn't  upside  down,  sailors.   just  completed  his  fire  dive.   meter  breaststroke  followed  by
        Smith and Ray.                                                                                                     Marilyn  "Sugar"  Sahner  in  the
                                                                                                                           free  style  swim.  Marion Falconer
        Bay Meadows Jockeys Run Second Best to                   Armed Guard Qualifies OTS Tops Pin League,                Pontaq showed the form that won
                                                                                                                           her  the 15'00  meter-championship
        Pre-Com Softballers; Movies Shown in Theatre  13 for District Semi's;  Edges Out Armed Grd.                        by  sprinting  through  two  laps.
                                                                                                                           Ann  Curtis  literally  streaked
         You  couldn't  have  lost  if  you  ed  for  a  pair  of  hits  in  the  first   Ray Williams Upset   Sparkling  pin  work  has  swung   through  the  water,  flashing  the
        had  put  your  money  on  the  Bay  inning. Polk, Congressional Medal                OTS  into  the  top  position  of   grace  and  speed  that  carried  her
        Meadows  Jockey's  club  to  place.  of  Honor  winner,  scored  the  sec­  Armed  Guard  and  Treasure  Is­ Treasure  Island's  bowling  tour­  to  23  national  and  two  world's
        The  tiny  mites  found  the  going  ond  and  final run  for  the jockeys  land  mustered  their  best  fighting  ney,  with  Armed  Guard  No.  1   titles.  They  all  figured  in  a  med­
        a  little  rougher  than  they  antici­ in  the  third  inning.   forces  and  threw  them  into  the  closely  tagging  behind,  as  the   ley  relay  later  in  the  evening,
        pated when they came out second   Alteri, chucker for  the jockeys,  fray  Friday  night  when  boxers  feminine  league  rolls into  its sev­  The  12th  Naval  District  swim­
        best in  a 3-2 softball contest with  was  hit  in  the  first,  third  and  representing  the  different  activi­ enth  week  of  play.   ming  champions,  Chuck  Coniglio,
        Pre-Commissioning  Sunday.   fourth  innings  for one run  tallies.  ties  in  the  12th  Naval  District   Garnering  a  total  of  11.627  Willard  Hanley,  Vincent  Ghessi,
          Brightly  garbed  in  red  and  In these innings Kisselburg, Cum­ went at each other in the opening  points  thus  far in  the  series,  OT�  Ted  Fotis,  Ollie  Kirgin,  Chuck
        white uniforms, the jockeys made  mings and Rudea  scored.   round  of  the  fistic  tournament  just  barely  spurted  past  the  Foley  and  Al  Rebstock,  honored
        colorful  spectacles  as  they  scam­  The  two  Bay  Meadows  teams,  held  at  Camp  Parks,   Armed  Guard  bowlers  with  a  guests  of  the carnival  committee,
        pered  around  the  bases  on  runs  the  girls'  championship  squad,   Preliminary   round   matches   score  of  11,607.  Armed  Guard'E  were  introduced  and  launched
        and  base  hits  before  a  capacity  and  the  jockeys  finished  up  and  were completely dominated by the   second  entry  is in  third  place,  an  into  what  they  hoped  another
        crowd.                       went  scoreless  in  the  final  five  Armed  Guard  fighters  who  won   unstable  nine  pins  behind  its  successful  year.
         Neither  team  was  at  a  distinct  frames.  Willie  Turner  hurled  the  six  of  the  eleven  bouts  they  par­  sister  team.   The  right  and  wrong  way  of
        advantage  at  any  time.  Both  shut-out  for  the  girls'  team.   ticipated  in.  Seven other  Gunners   High  game  honors  went  to  L.   diving  was  shown  in  contrast  by
        soored  early.                Prior  to  the  softball  game,  reached the second round on byes.   Hoching,  of  Disbursing,  and  she   righteous  Zoe  Ann  Olsen,  Vickie
          Browning gave up the  first Bay  movies  on  racing  and  breeding  At  least  a  half  a  dozen  of  the   duplicated  this  with  a  496  high   Taylor,  John  McCormick  and
        Meadows run when he was touch- were  shown  in  Theatre  No.  3.   above  mentioned  look  like  sure­  series  tally.   Frank  McGuigan who made their
                                                                 fire  winners.                 Other  standings  resulting  from   diving  debuts  a  splashless  one.
        T. I. P�ays Host to Bay Meadows Joclteys                 worse off than expected as two of   the  tourney's  sixth  week  of  pla;i   Norman  Hanley  and  Clyde  Diaz,
                                                                   Treasure  Island  was  a  little
                                                                                              are  Personnel,  Commissary,  Dis­
                                                                                                                           a  pair  of  noisy  thuds,  created
                                                                 her  favorite  sons  suffered  first   pensary,  MAA,  RMS,  Disbursing,   laughs  as  well  as  a  high  water
                                                                 round  defeats  while  two  others,   and  Hospital,  lined  up  in  tha1   wake  with  their  slap-happy  tank
                                                                 who  weren't  expected  to  be   order.                   antics.  They  were  definitely  not
                                                                 around  when  the  silverware  was                        of  championship  caliber.
                                                                 presented,  reached the next round   ATTENTION              House  of  Charm  models,  well
                                                                 on  upsets.                            BASKETBALLERS      proportioned  and well trained pu­
                                                                   Acting  guest  referee  was  the   Another  basketball  season   pils of the fashion parade, strutted
                                                                 former middleweight champion of   has  rolled  around  and  with  it   before  the  clamoring  throng  in
                                                                 the  world,  Freddie  Apostoli.   has  come  the  customary  cry   up-to-date  creations,  One  was
                                                                   A  costly  Armed  Guard  upset   for experienced players.   particularly  well  garbed  in  a
                                                                 was  the  Art  Robinson-Ray  Wil­  Coach  Art  Whitmer,  new   polka  dot  play  suit.
                                                                 liams  shindig  won  by  Robinson.   Gym  No.  2  mentor,  has  been   Six lovely ladies from the Fair­
                                                                                               running  his  "s t r i p p 1 i n g s"
                                                                   The  boys  travel  to  Albany  for   through  practise  sessions  for   mont  Hotel  thrilled  the  capacity
                                                                 the  semi-finals  this week.   the  past  two  weeks  and  al­  crowd  with  a  water  ballet  that
                                                                   Other  bouts  of  prominence:   though  ,the  squad  is  long  in   sparkled with grace, precision and
                                                                   H. Gibson  (T.I.)  def.  B.  McQuarle   numbers it is definitely short in
                                                                  (A),  135  lbs,                                            Clarence  Weigelt  climaxed  the
                                                                   H,  Bond  (T.I.)  def.  G.  Pebbles  (A),   experience.   evening's  performance  with  a
                                                                 135 lbs.                        All  hands  are  welcome  to
                                                                   J.  Jordan  (F.C.)  def.  J.  Loudenslager              spectacular fire dive.
                                                                  (T.I.),  160  lbs.           tryouts  that  are  being  con­
                                                                   D. Scrimger  (AG)  def. J. Rench  (T.I.),
                                                                 160 lbs.                      ducted in Gym No. 2 daily.
                                                                   J. McBeth  (AG)  def. R. Levine  (C,P.),
                                                                 147 lbs.                                                    "What are  ,thics ? Well, I shall
                                                                   T.  Maragliotta  (S.B.)  def.  D.  Ellite               show  you.  Suppose  a  lady  c0mei;
                                                                  (AG),  147  lbs.
                                                                   A.  Rogge  (AG)  def. J. Pratter  (S.B.),   D.  Jenkins  (AG)  def.  J.  Bryant  (A),  into the store,  buys a lot of goods
        IN  AN  AFTERNOON-L('ING  SHINDIG,  including  a  dinner,  a  show   147 lbs.         175  lbs.                    and pays me 10 dollars too much.
                                                                   D.  Dontium  (CP)  def.  S.  Muranyi
                                                                                                C. Newport  (AG)  def. Bob  Stezer  (A),
        at  Theatre  3  and  later  a  softball  game,  Bay  Meadows  jockeys  and  (AG),160  lbs.   175  lbs.             Then,  there  is  the  question  of
                                                                                                Definitions:  AG---Armed Guard;  CP­
        officials  entertained their T. I. hosts last  Sunday.  Above,  Bert  Thomp­  L.  Kruse  (AG)  def.  J.  0.  (FC),   Camp  Parks;  A-Albany;  FC-Fleet  ethics.  Should  I  or  should  I  not
        son-,  West  Coast  Rep.  of  Jockeys'  Guild,  introduces  to  a  Theatre  3   160  lbs,
                                                                   H.  Rhan  (A)  def.  D.  Norris  (AG),  City;  T.I.-Treasure  Isla.nd;  SB-San
        audience  some  of  Bay  Meado"'!s  haybumer  pilots.    175 lbs.'                    Bruno.                       tell  my  partner?"
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