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      Navy's Iler/al Targets In llctlon • • •                   100,000th Man Passes         THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  NOV.  17,  1945       PAGE  5
                                                                Through Intake Center;         DISCHARGE  DATA           Wave  Is  Cited

                                                                Awarded Victory Bond         •• • • • • • • • • • • • e • • • • • • • • •   For  Cool  Thinking

                                                                                             By  Ships'  Editorial  Associati-on   Treasure Island telephone ,oper­
                                                                  Number 100,000 proved a lucky   Personnel eligible for discharge  ator,  Wave  Virginia  M.  Ryan,
                                       ..                       digit  for  Seabee  Preston  S.
              <' "                                              Young,  CM3c.                will be transferred for transporta­  was  commended  by  her  com­
                                                                  Young  was  the  100,000th  man   tion  to the  U.  S.  unless  their ship   manding  officer  last  Saturday
                                                                                             is proceeding or about  to proceed  morning  for  her  handling  of  a
                                                                to  go  through  the  Intake  Center                     serious  situation  involving  the
                                                                for  discharge  within  the  past  60   to the states within a  period  of 45   life  of  a  Treasure  Island  hospital
                                                                days  and  he  was  duly  honored   days.  In  the  latter  case,  they  are   patient.
                                                                with  the  presentation  of  a  $25   retained on board in a duty status   Six  hundred  Waves  assembled
                                                                Victory  Bond  by  Capt.  Elmer  F.­  and transferred to  the  nearest  re-  at  the  Administration  building  to
                                                                Helmkamp,  Commanding  Officer   ceiving  station  upon  arrival.   hear  the  citation  which  was  the
                                                                                               Separation  centers  have  been
                                                                of  the  Receiving  Ship,  San  Fran­  established by the Navy in  Guam,   result  of  an  incident  occurring
                                                                cisco  Intake  Center.                                   last  October  5.
                                                                  Given  a  chance  of  either  phon-  Oahu and the Philippines t,o assist   Seaman  Ryan  was  on  duty  at
                                                                ing his wife in Red Lion, Pennsyl-1  those  who  wish  to  remain  over­  the  Treasure  Island  telephone
                                                                vania, or receiving the bond, Pres­  seas.                office  when  she  was  asked  to put
                                                                                               Officers  desiring to  resign from
                                                                t.on  accepted  the  latter,  "because   the  Naval Reserve will be advised   through an emergency call to San
                                                                of  the  more  lasting  effects."  Thir   how to do so at separation centers.   Francisco.  Electrician  Quarter­
                                                                award  came  upon  Young's  first   Enlisted  men  with  three  or   man  D.  J.  Unger  was  needed  im­
                                                                day  of  arrival  in  the  United   more  children bel,ow the  ag,e -of  18   mediately  to  repair  an  iron  lung
                                                                States  after  23  months  overseas                      at  the  Treasure  Island  hospital.
                                                                duty  with  the  Automotive  Small   are  considered  to  have  hardship   The  mechanical  failure  of  the
                                                                Parts  detachment  of  the  1029t·   cases  and  will  be  r,eleased  upon   respirator  seriously  endangered
                                                                Seabees.  He  returned  on  the   applicati-on.  M,ore than 80,000 men   the  life  of  a  patient  undergoing
       BEARING s1·LHOUETTES of enemy planes, training  kites give  stu­  transport  President  Polk,  from   may be  affected  by this ruling.
      dent  gunners  a _real  targ,et.  Kites :can  l,oop-the-1-oop,  dive  and  figure        Point  scor.e  for  Naval  Reserve   treatment in the  artificial lung.
      eight.  The  aeriijl  �argets  are  part -of  the  Navy's  complete  synthetic   Espirito  Santo  in  the  New  Heb­  aviators in the rank o.f ensign only   Miss  Ryan  found  Unger  after
       gunnery prog,ram._,                                      rides  group. _              has  been  lowered  to  36.  Fliers,   some  difficulty,  obtained  emer­
                                                                  After  his  discharge  from  the                        gency  transportation  and  police
                                                                Seabees, Young plans to return to   particularly in the rank of ensign,   escort  for  him,  and  through  her
                                                                                             are  greatly  in  excess  of  require­
      Three All�·Navy Entertainment Teams                       his former  job  as technician with   ments,  ar.e  not  adaptable  to gen­  cool ·handling of  the  situation,  he
                                                                the Philco Raoio  Company  in Red
                                                                                                                         arrived  on  the  island  to  make
                                                                                             eral assignment and can not be as­
      Begin_·Tour of  Pacific  Bases                            •Lion.                       signed profitably to relieve officers   necessary  repairs  in  sufficient
                                                                                             in other types of duty.     ti�.
               f  .
        Three  new  all-Navy  entertain-                        RESTRICTION LIFTED                                         Commended  by  Commodore  R.
                                                                                                                          W.  Cary,  her  citation  noted  that
      of  a  tour  of  Pacific  bases  with  SURVEY REPORTS:                                 Not  a  po j it i Ci a n    h r  perfor ance was i �   "keeping
      ment _units are in the first stages
      shows pointed particularly to "the   25 U. S@ CITIES FREE OF  ON SHIPPING HOME                                     with  the highest tradit10ns  of the
      hardest and toughest audiences in                         LUXURY ARTICLES              But  He  Scatters           'Naval  service."
      the  world."                 RECONVERSION WOES                                      .  Ja p  Crowds                  She  is  now  on  duty  at  the
        "Drop  the  Hook,"  "Broad  on                            You   a  now  send  that  radw                        I   Treasure  Island  telephone  office.
                                                                                                                          Her  home  address  is  121  Willow
                                                                      � �
      the  Beam"  and  "Full  Speed   NEW  YORK  (CNS)  - How   or electric iron or what-have-you,   (SEA).  - A  motor  party  of   St.,  Elmhurst,  Ill.
      Ahead"  are  the  names  of  the  speedily  reconversion  is being ac­  which  you  bought  in Ship's Serv- Yanks  stopped  in  the  town  of·
      units, made up entirely of ex-pro- complished  is  reflected  by  a  sur­  ice,  home  to  the  girl  or  wife.   Fukagawa  on  southern  Honshu
      fessional  ,entertainers  who  pre- vey  of  the  Committee  for  Eno­  Alnav-361  cancels  a  previous  and  broke  out  their  lunch.  Half­  100 MILLION RADIOS
      sent  their  shows  under  the  spon- nomic  Development,  a  research   Alnav  which  directed  that luxury  way  through  the  meal  they  were
      sorship  of  the  Welfare  Activity  organization  of  major  industrial­  items, purchased in Ship's Service  surrounded by a thousand curious   PREDICTED BY 1951
      of  BuPers.                  ists.  Walter  D.  Fuller,  of  CED,   stores,  were  for  the  personal  use  Japs. Suddenly six foot, 200-pound
        Among  the  stars  are  Walter   says  that  this  study  is  indicative   only  of  members  of  the  armed  war  correspondent  John  Clare   NEW YORK  (CNS)-A  recent
      Scheff,  baritone  soloist with  Fred   of  the  future  rather  than  a  posi­  forces and authorized civilian pa- jumped to the seat of the jeep and  survey  indicates  that_  America's
      Waring's  show  for  five  years;   tive  forecast.  Here  are  the  find-  trons. Mailing or shipping of such  yelled  at  the  crowd,  "If  elected  36,000,000  families  will  buy  100,-
      Arthur  Whittemore  and  Jack  I  ings:                   articles  by  individuals  afloat  or  road  commiss}oner,  I'll  fix  these  000,000  radios  in  the  next  5  or  6
      Lowe,   Victor-recording   piano   The 25  cities which  have  either   overseas  for  gifts  or  for  resale  damn roads so we can use 'em!"   years-or  almost  2.8  sets  per
      team;  Hiram  Sherman, actor;  the   completed  reconversion,  or ,have   was prohibited.   The crowd, in a panic, ran, fall- family. Although "only 47% could
       Buccaneers,  a  ·five-man  musical   no  major  unemployment  prob­  The recent Alnav declares open  ing · over  one  another  to  escape  think  of  anything  at  all  wrong
      combination.                 lems  are:  New  Haven,  Conn.;   market  on  alarm  clocks,  ciga- from  the  jeep  and  its  terrifying  with  their  present  radios,"  when
                                   Boston,  and ·  Lawrence,  Mass.;
        Others  are  Billy  Ambrose,  who                       rettes,  cigarette  lighters,  coffee  occupants.  As  the  Yanks  started  production  is  resumed,  20,000,000
      has  danced  before  European  roy­  Utica,  N.  Y.;  Wilmington,  Del.;   makers,  electric  shavers,  electric  to  laugh  the  Nips  halted  their  families  will  buy  new  sets,  it  is
       alty;  George O'Leary, formerly of   Trentori and Newark,  N.  J.;  Har­  irons,  fountain  pens,  hunting  flight,  sheepishly  drifted  back.  predicted.  The  survey  was  con­
       Olsen  and  Johnson's  "Sons  .o'   risburg  and  Philadelphia,  Pa.;   knives, mechanical pencils, pocket  Soon  they were  laughing  heartily  ducted by an  independent market
      Fun"; Albert and Robert Charpen­  Canton,  Ohio;  Charlotte,  N.  C.;   knives,  radios,  razor  blades  and,  with  the  Americans  even  though research  organization  for  Syl­
                                   Richmond,  Va.;  Tampa,  Fla.;
       tier,  headliner  acrobatic  team,   Grand   Rapids   and   Saginaw,   watches.       they  didn ' t  get  the  joke.   vania  Electric  Products,  Inc.
       and  Warner  Broth,ers'  ,Ja,ck  Ed­  Mich.;  Des  Moines,  Iowa;  Rock-
       wards,  gagster.
                                   ford,  Ill.;  Indianapolis,  Ind.;  San
        Scouts  of  the  Navy  �iaison   Antonio,  Fort  Wayne,  El  Paso  CMDR. FLAHERTY
      Unit, Entertainment Branch, New   and  Austin,  Tex.;  Sacramento,
       York  City,  visited  co_ntinental   Oakland  and Long  Beach,  Calif.  LEAVES ARMED GUARD:
       bases to recruit talent, while oth-·   Three  cities  where  a  3-month
       er  entertainers  were  called  back   reconversion  period  is  required  FOR DISCHARGE
       from  ships  and  overseas  bases.   are  _Akron  and  Cincinnati,  Ohio;
       New shows are being prepared in   and Bridgeport,  Conn.   Commander  E.  D.  Flaherty,
       New York, to follow the ones now   The  20  cities  which  require  a   commanding  officer of::tlie Armed
       on  tom;·.                                               Guard, was  discharged this week.
                                   6-month  period  are:  Waterbury,
        In  addition. to  these  entertain­ Conn.;  Albany,  N. Y.;  Buffalo,  N.   At  a  mass  meeting rcif  p·ersonnel.
                                                                Monday,  November  i2;  Cmdr.  1
       ment  units  is  a  conference  team,  Y.;  six to eight months  (its re·port
                                                                Flaherty  said·.  farewell  to  his;
       an officer  and  four  men,  who  are  said);  Elizaibeth and  Jersey  City,
                                                                "shipmates"  and  congratulated,
       to  visit  bases  and  ships  to  help  N.  J.;  Youngstown,  Toledo,  Day­
       work  up  "home  talene'  shows.   ton, Ohio·; Washington, D. C.;  Bir­  them  on  the  job  they  accom-:
                                   mingham, Ala.; Flint, Pontiac and  plished  during  the  four  years  of'
                                                                war ..
                                   Detroit,  Mich.;  Sioux  City,  Iowa;  Relieving  . ·Captain ·- Culp  as I
                                   Milwaukee, Wis.;  Memphis, Tenn.;  Arm.ed Guard commanding officer,
       Warning to Sailors­         La.;  Houston,  Tex.;  San  Fran-  in  June,, 1942; -Comµiander  Fla-
                                   Kansas  City,  Mo.;  Shreveport,
                                                                                       f  b
       Stay, Out of Closets        cisco  Calif.                h t  h  as"  een  on  e ve  o  . a -  1
                                                                 er  y
                                                                sence .·from-- the' American  Presi-,
                                     Those  cities  requiring  a  year·   .   · ·      .    ,
        Of the 58,000 daily inquiries the  f  or   .  f  11 u   reconversion  me  u   dent  Lmes  where he  was  general 1
                                                           1  d  e :
                                                                office  manager.  He  plam;1_ to  re-
                                                                            ...  '
       Navy·Information  Center  in  New  Providence, R. I.; Syracuse, N. Y.;   t  urn  °  e  resi  en   ·                                 \ -
                                                                              d  tr  mes.
                                                                    t  th  p
       York  has had  since the  Fleet  has   Erie,  Pa.;  Columbus,  Ohio;  At-  New  commancling  officer  is
       been  in,  most  baffling  was  one  lanta,  Ga.  (although  60%  of  the   former   Executive  offi.cer,  Lt.                         ,;r .• -
       from  a  woman  who  reported  her  unemployed  will  be  rehired  with­  Comdr.  E.  E.  Jaques.
       son  AWOL  from  his  ship  and  in  6  months,  if  they  want  the                                                                   6--
       wanted  to  know  what she  should  jobs);  Duluth,  Minn.;  Seattle and                                                             : �c,..
       do.                         Spokane, Wash.;  San  Diego,  Cal.;  Springfield and Worcester, Mass.;
                                                                                                                                                - 't, ..:. .
        "Get  him  back  to  his  ship  as   South  Bend,  Ind.  (13,000  of  the  Wilkes  Barre,  Pa.;  Chattanooga,   L                     ��
       soon  as you  can,"  she  was told.   estimated  unemployed  will  be re­ Tenn.  ( estimates  75%  to  be  re­  7
                                   hired  in  6  to  8  months  and  the  hired  in  6  months) -;  Evansville,                8()8 ,D,fTTt:RSON
        "But  I  can't!"
                                   balance  shortly  thereafter);  Mi­ Ind.;  Louisville, Ky.;  Min;neapolis,                      (I.SIi�
        "Why  not?"                ami,  Fla.                   Minn.;  Deriver,  Colo.  (although   THE  HOIST
        "Because  his  girl __ friend  has   Ten  communities  which cannot  no  grave  unemployment-problem
       locked  him  in  a  closet  and  she  now foresee the  day when all  the  is  anticipated)  Portland,  Ore.;   "Gangway, mate, she's flying the 'Fall in  Directly.Behind'
       won't  give me  the key."   unemployed  may  be  rehired  are:  Berkeley,  Calif.                            messagel"
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