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PAGE  4        THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  NOV.  17,  1945
                                                                 Alnav  321  Explains         Colorful  "Tip" O'Neil Protects
        "Mlgllty Mo'' Squeezes T/11011911 Canal  Nationa I  Service                           T  e Peace, Sa eguards Mess Lines!
                                                                 Life  Insurance
                                                                                                James  Joseph  O'Neil,  CWT,  is
                                                                   This is  the eighth in a series of
                                                                 Civil  Readjustment  Information   a  name  not  too  well  known  by
                                                                                              many  people,  but  mention  the
                                                                 Messages  and  discusses  the  im­  moniker,  "Tip"  O'Neil,  and  you'll
                                                                 portance of National Service Life   hear  a  hundred  men  saying:
                                                                 Insurance.                   "Sure, he's the guy who chases ya
                                                                 Save  With  Gov't  lnsu�ance   outta  the  chow  line. when  ya  try
                                                                   National  Service  Life  Insur­  to  crash  it!"
                                                                 ance,  which  every  serviceman  is
                                                                 given the opportunity to buy, will   One  of  the  most  popular  men
                                                                 be one of his most valuable assets   on  the  island,  "Tip"  is  the  guar­
                                                                 after separation from active serv­  dian  of  the  mess  lines  at  Nortb
                                                                 ice.  If  this  government  insurance   Galley.  His  job  is  to  see  that  all
                                                                 is  permitted  to  lapse  it  will  not   lines  are  in  order  and  that  no
                                                                 be  possible for the  veteran to buy   man  enters  the  galley  without
                                                                 similar  privat.e  insurance  protec­  proper authority. There  are many
                                                                 tion for himself and  his family  at   who  will  swear  that  no  one  ever
                                                                 the  same  premium.          has  while  "Tip"  is  patrolling  his
                                                                   During the period of service the   beat!
                                                                 premiums  are  generally  paid  by  Long  Navy  Service
                                                                 an  allotment  of  the  serviceman's   Behind the red-faced, 230-pound   man  in  the  Galley  K  quarters,  or
                                                                 pay;  after separation  from active  Irishman  are  some  24  years  of   following the conquests of his fa­
                                                                 duty  the  premiums  must  be  paid  active  service.  His  Naval  career   vorite  team,  Notre  Dame.
                                                                 direct  to  the  Veterans'  Admin- began  on  January 15,  1915,  when   Until  his  retirement,  he  will
        ONE  OF  THE  NAVY'S  mightiest  battlewagons,  the  USS  Missouri,                                                continue  to  guard  the  mess  lines
        is  pictured  here squeezing  thr,ough the  Panama  Canal  rec-ently.  The   istration.  he  enlisted  at  Boston,  Massachu­
        instrument of peace  was signed  aboard  "Mighty  Mo"  in Tokyo  Bay.  Have  8  Years  to  Convert   setts.  Since  that  date  he's  seen   with  his  eagle  eyes and bellowin·g
                                                                   Originally  the  insurance  was  duty  on  several  major  combatant   voice.  But-if  there's  a  man  on
                                                                 issued  as five year  level  premium  ships as  well  as auxiliary  vessels,   the  island  who  thinks  he  can
                                                                                                                           crash  the  Galley,  let  him  beware
                CIVILIAN  PERSONNEL                              term  insurance.  At  the  present  and  his  record  reads  something   of  the  wrath  of  boisterous  "Tip"
                                                                 time,  if  issued  effective  before  like  this:  battleships,  1 ½  years;
                                                                 January 1, 1946, it can be  kept as  troop  transport,  20  months;· de­  O'Neil!
                                                                 term  insurance  for  eight  years  stroyers,  14  years;  and  mine  lay­
        SAFETY TRAINING              future on the basis of the require­ (instead  of  five)  from  the  date  er,  2  years.  "Tip"  can  remember
                                     ments  of  training  as  set  forth  in  taken  out.
                                                                                              when  some  of  the  present-day
                                     this program. The current Super­  Any  time  after  the  policy  has  Rear  Admirals  were  breaking  in  CARRIER CHAMPLAIN
                                     upon  the  requirements  of  the  converted into ordinary life, tYven­ and  Ensigns,  but  some  of  the  SETS SPEED RECORD ..
        CONFERENCES NOW IN  visory  Training program is  based  been  in  force  one  year  it  may  b�  their  Navy  shoes  as  Lieutenants
        FULL SWING AT T. I.          "Work  Improvement  Program."   ty  payment  life,  or  thirty  pay­ yarns  he  spins  to  his  buddies  in
                                                                                                                             (SEA).-A  new  speed  record
          Safety  training  conferences for   Classes  for  the  purpose  of  ment  life,  but  must  be  converted  Galley  K  are  about  as  twisted  as   from Norfolk to Southampton was
       .  the  key  supervisory  personnel   orienting  new  employees  to  the  before  termination  of  the  eight  Paddy's  pig's  tail!   set  by  the  new  carrier  Lake
        were  inaugurated  here  recently.   rules  and regulations of Treasure  year  period.  The  converted  policy   The  Chief's  hometown  was   Champlain  which made the 3,135-
        These conferences are for the pur­  Island  will be in operation by the  will  have  guaranteed  cash,  loan,   originally  Peabody,  Mass.,  where   mile  run  in  four  days,  11  hours,
        pose  of  making  the  supervisor   middle  of  November.  This  will  paid  up,  and  extended  insurance   he  worked  for  two  years  prior  to   20 minutes. The 27,000 ton Essex­
        familiar  with  his  responsibilities   include  familiarization with leave  values  available  after  the  policy   his  enlistment,  as  a  tacker  with   type  flattop  averaged  29.18  knots
        in  regard  to  safety.  The  confer­  policies,  veteran  problems,  serv­ has  been  in force  one  year.   a  leather  manufacturing  com­  on her  first trip as  a  transport'.
        ence titles are  as follows:   ices  available  and  information  in   In  or  out  of  service,  whether   pany.  His  job  consisted  of  tack­
                                     regard  to  the  organizational  converted  or  not,  it  still  remains                The fastest previous record w:3.s
          1. Follow  the Leader.                                                              ing  wet  sheepskin  to  a  board,
                                     structure  of  Treasure  Island.   government  insurance.  All  poli­                 the  Queen  Mary's  crossing  from
          2. Cause and Cure of Accidents.                                                     using  pliers  to  stretch  the  skin,   Ambrose Lightship to  Southamp­
                                                                  cies  contain  the  provision  for  the   and  then  securing  and  allowing
          3. Safety  is  in Order.                               waiver  of  payment  of  premiums   it  to  dry.          ton,  a  distance  of  2,938  miles,  in
          4. Guard Duty.             CAPTURED  CREWMEN           in  case  of  the  continuous  total                      three  days,  20 hours,  42  minutes.
          5. Brain  Beats  Brawn.                                 disability  of  the  insured  if  the   Recalled  t.o  Service
          6. Right  Dress.           TELL  HOW  SUB              disability  continues  for  six  or   O'Neil  was  retired  in  Septem­  A  GI  went  into  a  hotel  lobby
                                                                 more  consecutive  months  and  oc­ ber,  '39,  but  recalled  to  active
          7. Doctor's Orders.        SANK  HERSELF               curs  before  the  age  of  sixty.   duty  in  May,  '42.  He  has  been  with  a  femme  and  registered.
          8. Principle  and  Interest.                           .  For  additional  information  on   fighting  the  battle  of  the  chow   "I'll have the  boy  take up your
          9. Stop,  Look  and  Listen.  The  sinking  of  the  U.  S.  Sub­ insurance  consult  the  Benefits   lines ever since that year. A good  bag  for you,"  said the clerk.
         10. Production  with  Safety.  marine  Tang  by  one  of  her  own  and  Insurance  Officer  on  your   deal  of  his  leisure  time  is  spent   "Never  mind,"  said  the  GI
          The conferences  are being  con­  torpedoes  is  one  of  many  stories  ship or station and at staging and   in  reading,  working  as  a  handy  gruffly.  "She  can  walk."
        ducted  by  H.  K.  Lambie,  affil­  told  by  rescued  crewmen  of  six  separation  centers.  Questions  o,·
        iated  with  the  California  State   submarines  previously  logged  as  private insm:'ance may be broug::t   WHATKNOTS
        Department of Education. Lambie   overdue and presumed lost in the  up at these  points.                                       o/�R�
        has  a  broad  background  in  the   Pacific  war.  Personnel  recovered
        safety  field.  Treasure  Island  is   from  Jap  prisoner  of  war  camps
                                     described  the  loss  of  the  Perch,
        fortunate  in  having  him  conduct   Grenadier,  S-44,  Sculpiri,  Tullibee  FINAL VICTORY BOND
        this series of  conferences.
          Another  member  has  been   and  Tang.                 DRIVE ON! AND YOU
        added  to  the  Civilian  Training   The  Tang  on  October  25,  1944,   CAN HELP, MATE!
        staff.  G.  T.  Kelley,  Supervisor   had  fired  23  torpedoes  and  had
        Trainer, formerly at the Alameda   just  let  go  her  24th-the  last  one
        Air  Station,  has  joined  the  staff.   aboard-at  a  Jap  merchant  ship.   So you bought war bonds faith­         MAKIN&  REL/ff MODELS DF
        Prior to his experience at  the Air   But  the  torpedo  turned  from  its  fully  and  frequently  during  the       �NEMY  5/./0RES  E�Rl.Y IN-n/E
        Station,  Kelley  was  a  Supervisor   course and bore down on  the sub- war?  That's  fine.  But  you  can't         WAR) NAVY EXPE.R.TS ABOARD
                                     marine  so  fast  that  the  Tang  see  subtracting  $18.75  from  your                  S/.ll? USED  SAN[)  GR£EN
                                     could  not  avoid  it,  even  though  pay  for  a  Victory  Bond  now  that              BlDTY!N& PA.PER AND COFF£E.
                   FOR  Sll/>ellVISORS   she  was  going  at  emergency  full  there  is  no urgent  need  for  guns,          61?.0IINDS/
                                     speed.                       munitions,  ships  and  planes?
                                       Another  story  came  from  men   That's  not  so  fine,  brother!
                                     of  the Sculpin, sunk by gunfire in   Look  •  •  •  there's  good  reasons
                                     November,  1943,  northeast  of   why the Treasury department has
                                     Truk.  The  Japs  took  off  39  men   set  from October  29 to December
                                     and  three  officers  and  put  them   8  as  the  dates  for  the  final  Vic
                                     aboard a carrier bound for Japan.   tory  Loan  Drive.  Here's  some  of
                                     The  carrier  never  got  there--she   them:  the government  must  care
                                     was sunk  by  the  U.  s. submarine   for  our  wounded  and  disabled;
                                     Sailfish,  and  19  of  the Americans   veterans  must  be  paid  off  and
                                     aboard the carrier were lost. Four   ,provided  with  benefits.  Then,
                                     years  before,  the  Sculpin  helped   too, it costs to guard the peace in
          You'Rf.  A  LITTL£  Too  LAT£,   save  the  Sailfish  (then  the  Squa-  Germany  and  Japan.  Finally,  a
            SUPERVISOR  MC QUIT.!T   !us)  when  the  latter  went  dow n  widespread sale of bonds strength­
          THE  TIME To TALK.  5AfE,Y:S                            ens  our  economy  by  keeping  the
             l3HOR£ A MAN'S HURT/    off  Portsmouth,  N.  H.'
                                                                  lid  on price inflation.
                                                                   You're  right,  buddy!  Good  rea­
                                       The  O.O.D.,  making  a  special
        _Trainer  with  the  4th  Air  Force  inspection  through  the lockers  of   sons  all.  Do  your  part  by  invest­
        at  Tonopah,  Nevada.        a barracks, came across a fifth of   ing  in  a  Victory  Bond.  NOW!
          Training  for  all  employees  has  White Horse.                                        ATTt� S\ YEARS OVERSEAS
                                                                                                  IN T�E -ARMV, CLAVDE E.
        taken  on  a  broader  aspect  since   'Don't  you  know  this  locker  is  NIX  "MEIN  KAMPF"   iOME.S WAS  ReL£A5£D
        the  inauguration  of  the  Navy  only  for  clothing ? "  barked  the   (SEA).  - Adolf  Hitler's  Mein   wm� IOI  POJNfS-fti=N
        "Work  Improvement  Program."  O.O.D.                     Kampf  has  been  officially  banned  ·   1./E ·(IOJNEIJ TIIE #,4VY/
        Both IVa and IVb supervisors and   "Yes,  sir,"  replied  the  sailor,  in Germany,  along with works of
        employees  are to  be rated in  the  "that's my night  cap."   2,200  other  authors.
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