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SERMONETTE                                          Treasure and Verba Buena Islands  TRAn�u  G SCHOOL                            PAGE  3
                                                                                             THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  NOV. 17,  1945
                                                                <tbaptl • • •
                                                                      DIVINE  SERVICES

                   GIVE  ME  THE  SAME  THING                                                  Come  on  you  swimmers  and   · Until  further  n, ,  mat­
                                                                                             divers,  here  is  your  chance  for   inees  will be  shown  at  all the­
               By CHAPLAI� J.C. JOHNSON, Receiving Ship                                      fame and glory;  Ensign R. Haw­  atres on  week days starting at
                                                                                             kins,  OTS  Athletic  Officer  an­  1500. Sundays starting at 1400.
                                                                                             nounces  that  the  Commodore
          The words  "give me the same thing" have probably been                             Trophy  Swimming  Meet  will  be
       uttered  in  bars  and  restaurants  throughout  the  world  much   Sunday  Services   held  November  27th. If  you  are
                                                                       Protestant  Worship                                 Treasure Island Theatre No. 1
       oftener than anywhere else, but we heard them said once in a   Treasure  and  Yerba  Buena  Islands   interested  in  being  part  of  an
       very  reverent  tone.                                    Treas,ue  Island  Chapel-0930 and  1030  OTS team stop by at the "muscle   Last  Showing  T,onight
                                                                Oom1mi_nion-1130  (Chapel)
                                                                                             factory,"  Room 128  ... The Offi­
                                                                Hospital  Chapel-1000
                                                                Theatre  No.  3-1030
          Two  old  Navy Chief  Petty  Officers  with our  outfit  were   Embarkation Ship's Service Chapel 0700   cers Bowling team smashes ahead   "ENCHANTED  FORES�•
                                                                                                                                          ··Brenda Joyce
                                                                                             with  teping  victories  in  all  Edmund Lowe
       close  buddies.  One  was  married. The  other,  a  bachelor,  was   Yerba  Buena  Island  '£heatre-0930   branches  of  the  tournament. Lt:
                                                                         Catholic Masses
       planning  to marry.  After  consulting  the Chaplain  about  the  Treasure Island Chapel-0630,  0720 and  (jg)  Miller  took  third  place  in   Sun.-M,on.,  N-ov.  18-19
                                                                   0820                      the singles with 519 pins,  (second   "THE FALL"l:aN ANGEL"
       plans for the wedding, the Chaplain asked him about his rela­  Theatre  No.  1-1030   place  bowled 520.)'  Lt.  Jones  and  Alice Faye   Dana  Andr.ews
                                                                Hospital Chapel-0630 and  0900
       tionship to his God. The Chief admitted none, but thought he  J,;mbarl<ation  l::ihip's  Service  Chapel  -  Ensign  Rowlett  took  fifth  place
       ought  to  establish  one.  Both  were  present  at  worship  next   Yerba  ,,uena  Island  'l'hcati·e-0830   in the doubles  while the five man   Tuesday,  Nov.  20
                                                                Uontess10ns  (Yjj  'l'neatre  u,rtce)  0800
                                                                                             �earn  of  Comdr. McWhinnie,  Lt.
                                                                                                                            "PURSUIT  TO  ALGIERS"
       Sunday  and both  stayed  for  the  examination and .baptism of   Mormon  :stua.y  Group   Sheller,  Lt. Hanford,  Lt. Dewey  Basil  Rathbone   Nigel  Bruce
                                                                i'neatre  l'lo.  �--V\::J;jV
       the  Chief  who  planned  to  marry.  After  the  examination  in                     and Ens. Norton  took fourth  .. .
                                                                     W:t:EKDAY AC:.rrv1-,:1ES   A  very  fast  LCI  team  spelled   Wed.-Thurs.,  N-ov.  21-22
       faith and baptism in the name of the Triune God,· the Chap­  Daily--.lY.La::-ses  ( i::iJnaH  unape1,  'l'reasurt:::
                                                                   J.SU\..u.UJ  J.lvv  auu  J.06v   doom for OTS in the first game ot   "FOLLOW  THAT  WOMAN"
       lain was about to pronounce the benediction when the married  Dai!y-vvu:tess1ons  \i:::HHJ.J.l vnapel, Treas­  the  season,  the  final  tab  was  56- William Gargan   Nancy Kelly
                                                                   ure  J.s1ana.J
       man spoke up:  "Chaplain,  give me the same thing."      lJaiiy-Masses  \Hospital  Unape!J-U64&  44  and  Wood,  Sp (A) 2c,  came   Fri-Sat., Nov. 23-24
                                                                .uau, - .ru.asstis  \�.1.uua..l'.l{c:u,.1.011  ::;1np  s
                                                                                             through  as  high  point  man  for
                                                                   i:servic�  \Jll&pe.1,  .1.ovv
          You probably  have a buddy. You might be together  in a  Daily  - .Lroi;;e::H.allt  h' 01·su1p  :::ierv1ce -  the  game.   "SNAFU"
                                                                   J.4ilU  \.lirnua1·.n..at10n  i:::J.up· s  c1:.1·v.1c�
       restaurant and find steak on the menu and order it. He says,   ll1ono.ay·-JjJessed Virgin  Soe1a11ty  (.l!'irst   Demobi lizati,on   Nanette Parks  Robert Benchley
                                                                                               To  the  ranks  of  civilian  first
       "Give me the same thing." No harm can come of that if you   J.Y.LOllCiay  O!  i;.Qc  JlJ.v.u.\'.,.a J  J.r,vv  \ uu1U-JJ.   class  we  have  contributed  the
       can pay the bill. You might be together in a bar and order a   J.1uesuay  - ].firaculous  Medal  .Noveua 1   following men:  Herschell, Sp ( T) -  -Treasure 'island Thea.tre ·No. 2
                                                                   1830  (Large  Cnapel/
                                                                ·ruesC1ay-Ulll"1suan  .:;c,ence  Group,  1800  le;  Petrik,  RdM2c; - Levy,  SKle;;
       drink. He says, "Give me the same thing." Harm can come of   Tuesa. .. y  - lioly  !-lame  .::ioc1ety,  1915  Olney,  GM3c;  McIntyre,  Cox;   Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                    (Vnapel  Keceptio11  .ttoomJ
       that.  Or you  might  be together in Church and he finds  your   (.:;mall  Onapel)    Bailey,  RdM2c;   Morris,  Slc;   "TOO  YOUNG  TO  KNOW"
                                                                Wednesdays  - Uhristiau  Service1ne.n' s
       God.  Maybe he'il be another one  to say,  "Give me the  same   League,  183u  l Unapel  itecept10n  Canepa,  BM2c;  Staggs,  GMlc;  Robert  Hutton   Joan  Leslie
       thing."                                                  Wednesday  - Organ  Recital  (Hospital  Swtochak,  CEM;  Hurd,  BM2c;   Sun.-Mon.,  Nov.  18-19
                                                                                             Stanfield,  CRM;  Mayville,  CM2c.
                                                                   ()nape!)  l�lo  and  l4UU
                                                                Tb.urselay  - Ullapel  Unoir  Rehearsal
                                                                    (U11apeJ·Ga.ue.-y/  18UU   Facets                     "SHE  WOULDN'T_ SAY  YES"
                                                                Fi-iday-" ave  .:;rngers ;-,;enearsal  ( Chap­  Lt. Clinton Keay leaves the En­  Rosalind  Russell   Lee  Bowman
       Former NAIii Hangar Can lunlt 6,000                      Friday  - .i,1ormon  l::itudy  llroup,  1830   gineering  Department_ for  Wash­
                                                                   el  Reception  i·coom/  18uu
                                                                    \ Uhapei  u-allery /
                                                                Friday  - Jewish  l::iervices  (Hospital  ington,  D. C. and  a  grey  flannel   T-uesday,  Nov.  20
                                                                   vnapel)  190U
                                                                Saturo.a1  - vonressions  (Small  Uhape-1,  suit  . . .  Looking out for the  wel­  "SING  YOUR  WAY  HOME"
                                                                   'J.rt:::asure  .1::..1.a.u.uJ  J.4vv-�vvu   fare of the city of  San  Francisco,   Jack  Haley   Anne Jeffreys
                                                                i:,aturuay  - \Jo,111ess10ns  \ 1 -1osp1tal  Chap­   1
                                                                   t:::.1J  ll:>VV·.l�VV     we have Gus Grieve! on shore pa­  Wed.-Thurs.,  N-ov. 21-22
                                                                                             trol  . . . Oscar  Geror,  Slc,  and   "IT  ALL  CAME  TRUE"
                                                                AT THE CHAPEL • • •          the station wagon have made up,   Ann Sheridan,  Humphrey Bogart
                                                                                             they are together always  . . .  Did
                                                                                             you  know that  our own Lt. Wen­
                                                                     Thanksgiving  Services   dell  was  quite  the  cake-baker?   Fri -Sat.,  N-ov. 23-24
                                                                  Thanksgiving  will  be  observed  His  efforts  have  been so  success­  "ENCHANTED  FOREST"
                                                                at Protestant Worship services in  ful that the Yeoman, beneficiaries   Edmund Lowe   Brenda Joyce
                                                                the  Treasure  Island Chapel  Sun­ of  his great  talent are  said  to  be
                                                                day,  Nov. 18.               starting  a  "Watch  your  waist­  Treasur,e Island Theatre No. 3
                                                                  Chaplain  H. G. Gatlin  will  de­  line" campaign ... The Navy will
                                                                liver  a  Thanksgiving  sermon  en­  be putting Lt. Friedle on its com­  Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                titled  "We  Give  Thanks,"  at  the   missions  to  be  paid  list;  he  de­  "SNAFU"
                                                                1030  service  Sunday  morning. At   serves many congratulations upon   Nanette Parks  Robert Benchley
                                                                0930  Chaplain  Bernard  H. Kinzer   the  success  of  his  recent  "Ship­
                                                                will  speak  on  "The  Singing   ping  Over"  talk  . . . Lt. Simpson   Sun.-Mon., Nov. 18·19
                                                                Heart."                      joins  the  ranks  of  instructors  at   "THE  SPIDER"
                                                                  Special  music  at  both  services   OTs;  she  is  now teaching coding;   Richard  Conte   Faye  Marlowe
                                                                                             seems  like  a  scheme  to  increase
                                                                will include a special arrangement   the classes  to us!  . . .   Chief  But-
                                                                of  "Now Thank We All Our God"   !er,  delivering  eggs  in  the  mom-  Tuesday,  Nov.  20
                                                                (Cruger-Mueller)  sung by a dou­  ing,  is  quite  the  sight  to  behold.   "CR IM SON  CANARY"
       NO  LONGER A ROOST FOR NAAF PLAN ES Hangar "B" has been   ble  quartette,  and the  anthem  by   .  . .  Welcome  aboard  to· E.  F.   Noah Beery,  Jr.  Lois  Collier
       outfitted with some 3,000 bun ks so that ov,erflow personn,el T. 1.'s   the  Chapel  choir,  "O  Lord,  How   Casey,  SMlc;  he  comes  to  us
       Receiving  Ship  ma,y  hav,e  a  place  to  drop  their  weary  bodies.  On  Manifold Are Thy Works"  (Bam­  from the Section Base, and a tour   Wed.-Thurs., Nov. 21-22
       moments  notice,  Public  Works  scoured  from  Los  Angeles  to  the  by). Hugh Folkins, Sp (W) le, will                "SAN  ANTON 10 , ,
       Oregon border and  east  to Nevada to dig up the double-racks.   conduct  the  choir  and  Ross  Mc­  of  duty  on  the  YMS  145  in  the   Errol Flynn   Alexis Smith
                                                                Kee,  Sp (W) 2c,  will  play  the  fol­  Pacific  area.
       Navy Offers Vets            A Couple of Bucks Will       lowing  organ  solos:  "Ode  to                           Fri.-Sat.,  N-ov.  23-24
                                                                Thanksgiving"  (Beethoven)  and
                                                                                                                            "THIS  LOVE  OF  OURS"
       Trip East on Ships          Reinstate Insurance          "Triumphal  March"  (Grieg).   and  "God  of  Our  Fathers"   Merle Oberon   Claude Rains
                                                                                             (George  Warren).
                                                                        Theatr-e No. 3
        Incoming veterans will be given   NEW YORK  (CNS) - Several   Corporal Kathleen Reece of the   Organ Recital           Verba  Buena  Movi,es
       an  opportunity  to  volunteer  for  billion dollars worth of lapsed Na­  Marine  Corps  Women's  Reserve   Allan  J. Gastren,  PhM2c,  will
       transportation  to  East  and  Gulf  tional Service Life Insurance held   will  be  guest  soloist  at  Worship   play  a  special  Thanksgiving  or­  Last Showing Tonight
       ports  aboard  thirty  ships  of  de­ by World War II vets can still be   services in Theatre No. 3  Sunday   gan recital at the Hospital Chapel
                                                                                                                           "FOLLOW  THAT  WOMAN"
       stroyer size or larger, the Twelfth  reinstated,  usually  for  only a few   at 1030. She will sing "Thanks Be   Wednesday, November 21, at 1215.  William  Gargan   Nancy  Kelly
       Naval  District  headquarters  an­ dollars,  says  the  Institute  of  Life   to  God"  (Dickenson),  in  observ­  All  Naval  personnel  and  their
       nounced this week.          Insurance, the information organ­  ance  of  Thanksgiving.  Andrew:   guests are invited to hear the fol­  Sun.-M,on., Nov. 18-19
        Intended  to  prevent  a  backlog  ization  of  the insurance industry,   Flanders, Slc,  a student at Radio   lowing program:   "THIS  LOVE OF  OURS"
       of dischargees awaiting transpor­ which  urges  servicemen  to  keep   Materiel  school,  will  be  organist,   Overture to the Opera "Alcina"   Merle Oberon   Claude Rains
       tation  at  Pacific  ports,  the  pro­ their  GI  policies.   and the  sermon will  be  by  Chap­  . . ... , ................. Handel
       posal  was  made  by  Adm. Royal   Policies  can  be  put  back  in  lain J. W. Baus.   Aria  .............. Mendelssohn  Tuesday,  Nov.  20
       E. Ingersoll,  commander  of  the  force  if  they  have  lapsed  if  -'P·   Chaplain  C.  H. Loveland  will  Old  French  Chanson   ".BIRTH  OF  THE  BLUES"
       Western  Sea  Frontier,  and  ap­  plication  is  made  in  6  months,  speak  on  "Being  Grateful  for   ........... Composer  unknown   Bing Crosby
       proved  by  the  Bureau  of  Naval  provided  the  owner  was  in  good  Obstacles"  at Thanksgiving  serv­ Andante  con  moto  ( Symphony
       Personnel in Washington, D. C.  health when the policy lapsed. In  ices  in  the  Hospital  Chapel  Sun­  No. 5)  .............. Schubert   Wed.-Thurs.,  Nov.  21-22
                                   the case of unconverted insurance,  day,  November  18,  at 1000. Allen                      "THE  SPIDER"
        Californian  in  Florida  fruit  payment of one month's back _t;>re­ Treat,  PhMlc,  baritone  soloist,   Ode  to  Thanksgiving .. Beethoven   Richard Conte   Faye Marlowe
       store,  picking  up  a  watermelon:  mium  is  all  that  is  L·e-;:ess�ry.  will  sing  "Thanks  Be  to  God"   Come,  Ye  Thankful  People.Elvey
       How much is this cucum1er?   Converted policies, of which there  (Dickenson) ,  and  Allan  Gastren,   Triumphal  March ......... Grieg  Fri.-Sat.,  Nov.  23-24
        Clerk:  All  right,  buddy,  put  are  but  few,  muse  ':>e  paid  up  in  PhM2c,  organist,  will  play  "Ode  Conce,:t  Fantasy  on American   "SAN  ANTONIO"
       down that grape.            full.                        to  Thanksgiving"  · (Beethoven)  ,   Airs .................. . Diggle  Errol Flynn   Alexis Smith
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