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        From Square-Riggers to        EPIDEMIOLOGY  UNIT  HAS  WIDE  RESPONSIBILITIES Small Hospital Unit

        Sky Ships Is Saga of                                                                                                    Here Doing Large Job

        T. I. Aviation Chief                                                                                                    For Armed Forces
          "Early  bird"  is  the  expression                                                                                      One  of  the  11usiest  little  depart­
        that  best  fits  William  A.  Lamkey,                                                                                  ments  in  the  Treasure  ls!and Hos­
        chief  aviation  pilot  who  first  took                                                                                pital  these  days  is  the  Epidemi­
        to  the  air  in  the  days  when  air­                                                                                 ological  Team.  Headed by Lt.  C.  L.
        planes were little more than bamboo                                                                                     Spingarn  (MC)  USNR,  officer  in
        sticks  and haywire.                                                                                                    charge and Ens. A. N.  King, H  (S)
          He  is  ·licensed  aviator  number                                                                                    USNR,  the  team  concern�  itself
        183,  having  taken  his initial train­                                                                                 with  the  problems  of  contagious
        ing  at  Mineola,  Long  Island,  in                                                                                    disease control, preventive medicine
        1912.                                                                                                                   and  sanitation  for  Treasure  Island
          At  that  time  he  already  had be­                                                                                  and neighboring  Naval  Activities.
        hind him ten years in the Navy. He                                                                                        Dr.  Spingarn  was  graduated
        started out as ·an apprentice boy on                                                                                    from  the Columbia  University Col­
        the square-rigger  Essex in  1902.                                                                                      lege  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons.
        Trained  With  Arnold                                                                                                   At  this  college,  Doctor  Spingarn
                                                                                                                                was instructor and research worker
          When he received his license, the
        U.  S.  Army  was  forming  its  First                                                                                  in  Pharmacology  before  entering
        Aero  Corps,  under the  aegis  of  the                                                                                 the  service  in  1942.  Although  his
        S i g ,na l   C o rps.  Y  o u n g   L a m  k e y                                                                       contact  with  epidemiology  i.s  re­
        thought  i t   a  good  beginning.  Join­                                                                               cent,  this type  of  work  is  in  keep­
        ing up, he went down to San Diego                                                                                       ing with his  previous experience.
        for  instruction  and  studi-ed  in  the                                                                                  Ens. King holds a degree in Bac­
        same  class  as  "Hap"  Arnold,  later                                                                                  teriology  from  the  Montana  State
        to become chief of the USAAF.                                                                                           College  and  was  a  member  of  the
          "After  two  years  in  the  Army,"                                                                                   Washington  State  Health  Depart­
                                                                                                                                ment  in  civilian  life.
        Lamkey  recalls,  "I  saw  a  better
        future  in  commercial  aviation.  I                                                                                     In the  Epidemiology Laboratory,
        tied up  with  the new  Glen L. Mar­                                                                                    J.  L.  Coyner,  CPhM;  H.  Spikes,
        tin  Company  in  Los  Angel-es  as  a                                                                                  PhMlc; and B. F. Spangler, PhMlc,,
        test  and  general  flight  pilot."                                                                                     assisted by D. Hoffman, PhM2c and
                                                                                                                                G. Smith,  PhM2c,  perform  bacteri­
        Flew for Pancho Villa                                                                                                   ological  tests  on  milk  and  water.
          In  those  days  Pancho  Villa  was                                                                                   They also engage in  extensive sur­
        leading  a  revolution  against  the                                                                                    veys  for  carriers  of  many  con­
        government  of  Mexico.  He  re­                                                                                        tagious  diseases.  The  work  these
        quested  Martin  to  send  down  a                                                                                      men do is  for the protection  of  the
        plane  to  be  purchased  if  it  passed                                                                                personnel of the arm-ed forces.
        the  test.                                                                                                               In  collaboration with the Sanita­
          Lamkey  was  ordered  to  sell  the                                                                                   tion Department _of the U. S. Naval
        plane to Villa.                                                                                                         Dispensary  TADCEN,  members  of
          Putting  the . craft  through  its                                                                                    the  unit  inspect  galleys,  food
        aerial paces, Lamkey also sold him­                                                                                     handlers and barracks on Treasure
        self.  Villa  engaged  him  to  be  "the                                                                                and Yerba Buena Islands. They-also
        general's  aviator."          PICTURE  LEGEND-Top,  Personnel  of  Epidemi­                                             exterminate rodents and various in­
                                                                                    ler  innoculating  culture  tubes.  Bottom  left:  Chief
          Nobody  knew  anything  about   ological  Team,  Front  Row:  Dr.  Spingarn  and  Ens.   Coyner  counting  bacterial  colonies  with  a  Quebec   sect  pests.  With  its  mobile  labora­
        aviation  warfare  in  those  days.  King.  Second  Row:  B.  Spangler,  PhM1c;  J.  L.  Coy­  Colony  Counter.  Bottom  right:  Spikes  reading  the  tory  equipment,  the  team  is  ready
        Strafing  and  bombardment  from  ner, CPhM; and H. Spikes, PhM1c. Top right:  Spang-  results  of  a  bacteriological  analysis of  water.   at  all  times  to  study  and  control
        the air  were  a  thing  of  the  future.                                                                               epidemics in neighboring naval ac­
        It  was  Lamkey's  job  to  take  the   nine  of  their  bullets  pierced  the   Warns  Against  Military 2,000 Enlisted Men   tivities.  It  also keeps  an  extensive
        airplane  up  in  the  early  mor�ing   plane."                                                                         file on  statistical data pertaining to
                                       Pancho  Villa  was  done  for.  He
        hours  and  observe  changes  in  the   took  to  the  hills  with  200  of  his  Negligence and   Slated  for  V-12    the  incidence  of  common  com­
        disposition  of  troops  under  enemy                                                                                   municable  diseases.
                                      Later he met Lamkey at Torreon to  Concealed Weapons
        .Generals  Obregon  and  Carranza.   "dorados," his PElrsonal bodyguard.                  Training  in  July             All the members of the Epiq.emi­
                                      settle accounts. The plane, at Villa's   In  a  recent  memorandum  issued   A total of 2,000 carefully selected   ological  Team  have  been  specially
                                                                                                                                trained for their work at the Naval
                                      request,  was  returned  to  Martin.   by  Twelfth  Naval  District  head­ -enlisted  men  will  enter  the  Navy  Medical School, Bethesda, Md. This
                                      Hunted  Subs                  quarters, personnel in this area are  V-12  program  on  July  1,  1945  for unit  is  one  of  many  stationed  at
                                        Not  long  afterward,  wh-en  the  again  warned  regarding  violations  training leading.ultimately to com­ large  naval  bases  in  this  country
                                      Navy  established  Pensacola  as  an  of  the  accepted  rules  of  military  missioned  rank  in  the  Naval  Re­ and overseas. These units are avail­
                                      aviation  training  station,  Lamkey  discipline.           serve.                        able  as  "trouble  shooters"  should
                                      re-enlisted, took training there, and   The memo is quoted as follows:   Enlisted  men will  be  selected for  the  threat  of  an  epidemic  arise.
                                      in 1917 went to France.        "A considerable amount of negli­ this  training  next  spring  and  start  Whatever  is  done  here,  is  only  a
                                       As  a  naval  pilot,  Lamkey  was  gence with respect to such military  classes  on  July  1,  1945,  in colleges  warm-up  for  the  job  that  the  unit
                                      stationed  in  Brittany,  and  flew  on  matters  as  uniform,  bearing  and  and  universities  under  contract  to  anticipates  doing  on  the  road  to
                                      submarine  hunts  over  the  Channel  salutes  among  naval  personnel  in  the  Navy  for  training  to  become  Tokio.
                                      waters.  French  planes  were  used.  this District is very noticeable. This  deck,  engineering  and supply corps
                                      Another  Narrow  Escape       is  largely  due,  presumably,  to  the  officers.
                                       In  1921,  in  France,  Lamkey  was  Jack of sufficient indoctrination and   Basic  requirements  include  the   Navy Pilot Training
                                      made  manager  of  the  garage  of  training of individuals who are new  following:  be  an  enlisted  man  on
                                      the  American  embassy ..  Here  he  to the  service.      �ctive duty;  a citizen of the United   Program to Undergo
                                      performed a minor miracle of auto­  · "The  hand  salute  is  an  index  of  States Jess than 23 years of age on
                                      mobile  repair  which  so  impr-essed   efficiency  and  morale.  It  should  be July  1,  1945;  unmarried  and  agree   Sharp  Increase
                                      an  American  officer  that  Lamkey   given  smartly  and  at  proper  dis­ to remain unmarried until commis­
                                      was  selected  to  go  to  England,   tance,  should  never  be  rendered sioned;  a  high  school  graduate  or   Former  aviation  cadets  and  stu­
                                      where  a  group  of  U.  S.  Navy  men   with cigarette, pipe, cigar, or tooth­ have  been  in  attendance  at,  or  ac­ dent  aviation  pilots,  who  were  sep­
                                      were  being  trained  by  the  British   pick  in  the  mouth,  or  with  one cepted  for  admission  by  an  ac­ arated from the pre-flight stages of
                                      in  lighter-than-air  flight.   hand  in  pocket.  Coat  should  be credited  college  or  university.  He  the  Navy's  aviation  training  pro­
              W.  A.  Lamkey,  CAP     "The British were constructing a   buttoned. When rendered by  a per­ may  apply  through  his  Command­ gram  since  June,  1944,  when  the
                                      dirigible for us  at the  time,"  Lam­  son not moving, the position of  "at­ ing  Officer.  No waivers  <>f  general  scheduled  output  of  fliers  was  re­
          "The  plane,"  Chief  Lamkey  re­ key  stated.  "When  the  ship  was   tention"  should  be  assumed.  It sea duty physical requirements will  duced,  are  being  given  an  oppor­
        lates,  "was  carried  on  flat  cars  on  ready,  it  was  decided  that  on  her   should  be  given  to  all  superior  of­ be  granted.   tunity  to  reenter  the  program.  Re­
        the railroad. We had 11 'cargador-es'  trial  flight  part of  the crew  would   ficers-Army as well as Navy.           assignment  will  commence  during
        who  would  load  and  unload  it.  Al­ be  British  and  part  American.  At                                           the  spring  and  summer  of  1945.
                                                                     "The  necessary  education  and
        though I held no military rank, my  first  I  felt  slighted  because  I  was   admonishment  of  juniors  in  these   If You Are Getting a   Approximately   7,000   aviation
        mechanic  was  a  major  in  Villa's  not  one  of  the  Americans  slated   matters  rests  with  the  immediate       cadets  and  students  were  affected
        forces."                      to take her up.               superiors.                    Discharge  Read This  by  the  June  cutback.  In  order  to
        Villa's  Fall                  "On  that  flight  she broke  in two   "The  uniform  for  enlisted  per­  The  Information  Division  of  the   return  to  the  program,  they  must
         One  morning,  about four  months   over the Humber River and burned   sonnel while on liberty is dress blue  Office of Price Administration, San   have  been  in  good  standing  at  the
        after  he  joined  Villa,  Lamkey  had   immediately.  More  than  50  men   baker.       Francisco District lists  the  follow-  time  they  were  shifted  to  other
        just  come  down  from  a  reconnais­  were killed. It was a narrow escape   "Identification  cards  and  liberty  ing  suggestions  for  �ischarged   duties,  or  elected  to  withdraw  vol­
        sance  flight  when  he·  heard  the   for  me."            passes will  be  carried  at  all  times.  servicemen:     untarily to other duties in the Navy.
        sound  of  heavy  artillery  fire  close  An Inventor Too    "The possession of knives or guns   Apply  to  your  War  Price  and   A  letter from  the Bureau  of  Naval
        at hand.                       Between  1928 and  1943,  when  he  by enlisted personnel  while  on  lib- Rationing Board in your home com­  Personnel  will  shortly  notify  all
                                                                                                                                eligible  personnel  that  they  now
          "We  waited  anxiously  for  de­  was  called  back  to  active  duty   erty is prohibited."   munity  for War Ration Book  Four   have an opportunity to reenter  the
        velopments.  Soon  peons  with  their   Lamkey  worked  with  airplanes,  a               (food  book).                 program.  They  will  then  have  to
        wives and children came' streaming   good  part  of the  time  as  a  civilian             Apply  to  your  Board  for  Book   submit  applications.  Each  man's
        down  the  roads.  That  is  always  a   employee  of  the  Navy.   No.  1  on  this  week's  Wolf  Pa­  Three  (shoe  stamps).   application  will  be  considered  on
        sign  of  disaster.  Over  my  me­  Listed  in  "Who's  Who  in  A via­  rade:  "I'll  be  loving  you  in  hall-  If  you  are  buying  or  resuming   the  basis  of  his  record,  the  Navy's
        chanic's  objections,  I  ordered  the   tion"  and  in¥entor  of  a  tow-target   ways."   title  to  an  automobile,  apply  to   n-eeds,  and  his  availability.
        cargadores  to  load  the  plane.   repeat mechanism used by the Navy                     your Board for an  "A" Book  (gaso­
                                      to  train  aerial  gunners,  the  chief                     line  rations).                Re-accepted  students  will  be  en­
          "The  poor  civilians,  looking  for  is now  attached in a  general utility   "My  uncle  was  wrecked  on  a   If you buy a used car be sure you   tered  at  a  stage  of  training  com­
        an  escape  to  safety,  clambered  all  capacity to the Naval Auxiliary Air  desert island with 25 beautiful girls  do  not  pay  over  the  ceiling  price.   mensurate with their position at the
        over  the  trains.  I  gave  the  order  Facility  on  Treasure  Island.  He  is  and  when  they  found  him  he  was  Get  an  OPA  certificate  of  trans­  time they were separated.
        to  start.  Hardly  had  we  begun  to  57  years  of  age.   nearly dead."               fer and turn it in to your War Price
        move whenObregon's cavalry broke   "But  now  and  then  I  fe-el  my   "From  exposure?"   and  Ration  Board.  This  is  im­  Clothes  may  make  the  woman,
        out  into the open, headed right for  oats,"  he  declared,  "and  up  I  go   "No-from pulling  down  the dis­ portant  as  no sale  is  legal  without  but  they  certainly  can  break  her
        us.  We  made  it  just  in  time,  but  for  a  flight  again."   tress signals  the  girls  put up."   a certificate of transf-er.   husband.
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