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      PAGE 2       THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  17,  1945
       Coxswain Has One                      Many Nurses of Treasure Island  Giving So  Others May Live                 *  So You Haven't Got  But

       Silver, Four Bronze                                                                                                    One Life, Eh? Well, Share
       Stars on Pacific Ribbon                                                                                                It With a Wounded Man

        Louis  U.  Spell,  lion-hearted  cox­                                                                                   Yeah,  we've  got  a bloody  war  to
       swain from Autryville, N. C., is one                                                                                   fight  and  it  will  take  blood  and
       "rebel" who does not pass the hours                                                                                    "guts"  to win  it.
       fighting  over the War Between  the                                                                                      As  the  Pacific  campaigns  are
       States.                                                                                                                intensified,  more  men  will  be
        Bull Run and Gettysburg are pale                                                                                      knocked  out  of  action.  You  can't
       memories  beside the  hot  action  he                                                                                  give them  "guts"  but  you  can  give
       has  seen  at  Midway,  in  the  Coral                                                                                 them  blood-your  own  life-giving
       Sea,  at  Tarawa,  Guadalcanal,  the                                                                                   whole  blood-so they  can get  back
       Gilberts and the Marshalls.                                                                                            into  the fight.
      .  Enlisting in July, 1940, Spell wi.s                                                                                    At  present. nearly 20,000 pints of
       aboard  a  heavy  cruiser  escorting  a                                                                                life-giving  whole  blood  have  been
       convoy to the  Philippines when the                                                                                    rushed  to  Pacific  combat  areas
       Japs descended upon Pearl Harbor.                                                                                      from  the West Coast  by  Naval  Air
       "Strip  for  Action!"                                                                                                  Tran�port Service planes, according
                                                                                                                              to Captain J. E. Dyer, Commander,
        H  i   s  s  h  i p    w a s  immediately
       stripped for action. He helped throw                                                                                   NATS, West Coast.
                                                                                                                                The Navy's aerial transport fleet
       overboard  comfortable  chairs  from                                                                                   has  become  a  gigantic  vein-'lili:e
       the  wardroom,  extra  chow  tables,                                                                                   system which performs the. miracle
       benches,  and  books-all  fire  haz­
       ards.  They  were  weighted  with                                                                                      of  reviving  wounded men by trans­
                                                                                                                              fusions  6,500  miles  away  frorri  the
       sandbags  so  the  Japs  could  not                                                                                    spot  where  the  blood  was  donated
       trace the convoy.                                                                                                      by  patriotic  citizens  at  the  West
        The  convoy  was  re-routed  to                                                                                       Coast  blood  banks.
      Brisbane.  The  "Aussies"  gave  him                                                                                      The  whole  blood,  collected  from
       and his shipmates a royal welcome.                                                                                     San  Francisco  and  Los  Angeles
       Everything  was  on  the  house  for                                                                                   Red  Cross  banks,  is  iced  at  the
       the men of the first American man­                                                                                     Oakland  NATS  center,  packed  in
       o'-war  to  put  in  at  an  Australian                                                                                lightweight  portable  refrigerators,
       port  after  the  initial  Japanese  at­                                                                               and  put  on  the  planes-all  within
       tack.                                                                                                                  a few hours.
       Pearl Harbor Havoc                                                                                                       Lt.  Harry  Blake,  Navy  doctor
        In  January  he  made  Pearl  Har­                                                                                    from  the  Bureau  of  Medicine  and
       bor.  A  film of diesel  oil  covered its                                                                              Surgery,   predicts   that   NATS
       waters.  The  wreck  of  the  Arizona                                                                                  planes  will  be  ferrying  approxi­
       still  smoked.  Everywhere  were                                                                                       mately  a  ton  of  the  precious  fluid
       beached and  capsized hulls of war­                                                                                    a  day  to  the  forward  areas.  Will
       ships.                                                                                                                 yours be  included?
       Longest  Cruise in History
        In February, 1942, Spell's cruiser
       patrolled the Coral Sea with a task                                                                                     A  FORMAL NOTE, PERHAPS?
       force. They shot down 18 Jap "Bet­  THE  ENTIRE  aft-ernoon  watch  of  nurses  at  the   of  nurses'  blood  in  centrifuge  machine,  which  sepa­  CAMP  GORDON  JOHNSTON,
       ties"  without  damage  to  a  single  Hospital  recently  .visited  the  Treasure  Island  Blood   rates  plasma  from  whole  blood.  Lower  right-Ens.  Fla.  (CNS)-Before S/Sgt. Charles
       American  vessel.  An  entry  in  his  Bank  before  going  on  duty  and  donated their  blood.   Elayne  D.  Shaffret  donates  blood  under  watchful  Kraly,  La  Salle,  Ill.,  writes  to  his
       service  record  states  that  this   Accompanying  pictures  show  various  steps.  Upper   supervision  of  Ens.  Nellie  B.  Cheledinas,  who  gave   girl  he  show-ers,  shaves,  combs  his
                                                                                  her own  a few  minutes later. Ens.  Dorothy  C.  Hal"d­
                                     left-Marlys  M.  Lay,  PhM3c,  obtains  blood  sample
       cruise,  during  which  his  ship  did   from Ens. Nell M. Penkunas. Upper right-Ens. Jane   ing  (left)  and  Cheledinas  look  at  containers  which   hair  and  changes  into  OD's.
       not  once  drop  anchor,  lasted  76  L. Kendigh  has  her  blood  pressure  checked  by  Ens.  hold  their  blood.  They  know  what  it  will  mean  to
       days-the  longest  in  American  Mary  C.  Furnari.  Lower  left-Ens.  Sara  A.  Mc­  wounded  fighting  men  who  would  like  to  get  back   Rem�-
       naval history up to that time.   Neese  and  James  E.  Marr,  PhM2c,  plac-e  containers  into  the  fight.
       The  Navy  Comes  Back                                                                                                              lt Takes Both
         Spell put into Pearl Harbor again  Forrestal Announces  the Joyful Tears,  Laughs, Gripes                                         WAR  BONDS
       in  April,  1942.                                                                                                                    AND  TAXES
         "I  was  amazed  to  observe  what   Establishment of  Navy  Fill  Phone Center's Guest  Book
       progress  had  been  made  on  our                                                                                                  To  Win  Victory
       wrecked vessels," he declared. "The   Unit Commendation      Comments  on  women,  weather,  writes,  "and  your  help  let  me  call
       West  Virginia  was  already  almost                        war,  and  everything  that  service- her  that  day."
       fit for duty-only a few months be­  Secretary  Forrestal  announced  men  think  about-that's  what  the   At  busy  hours  it  is  sometimes
       fore  I'd  seen  her  back  turret  guns  today  that  the  Navy  had  estab­ Pacific  Telegraph  and  Telephone   difficult  to  put  a  call  through.  A
       rising  out  of  the  water.  The  navy  lished,  with  the  approval  o{  the  Company  fished  up  when  it  placed  gunner's·.mate  from  Pennsylvania
       yard was working  day  and night."  President,  a  unit  citation  that  will  in  its  center  in  the  Recreation  answers  the  complainers  however.
       The Yorktown, Wasp, and Hornet   be  junior  to  the  Presidential  Unit  Building  a  guest  register  for  He  says:  "Phone  calls  here  may
         In June,  1942, Spell  was  at Mid­ Citation  and  will  be  known  as  the  remarks  so  it  might  improve  its  take  a  long  time  but,  brother,  try
       way.  "Good  luck  and  good  hunt­ Navy  Unit Commendation.   service  on  the  Island.  And-oh yes  making one south of the equator or
       ing,"  Admiral  Nimitz  had  wished   The  Commendation  w i 11  be  -some  of  the  sailors  even  men­ west  of  the  180th  meridian!  The
       his  men.  It  was  that,  with  some  awarded  by  the  S-ecretary  of  the  tioned  the  telephones.  jungle  rot  will  get  you  before  you
       losses for our side. Spell's ship tried  Navy  to any  sh_ip,  aircraft, detach­  Operators'  Good  Looks   even get the operator."
       to save  the burning  Yorktown,  but  ment  or  other  unit  in  the  Naval   Apparently  one  feature  of  its  Talk About  Weather
       a Jap torpedo bomber got in a fatal  Service,  which,  subsequent  to  De­  service  that  the  Telephone  Com-  Peopl-e  may  talk  about  the
       hit anyhow.                   cember  6,  1941,  has  distinguished   pany  need  not  worry  about  is  its  weather  and  yet  do  nothing  about
         One  night  in  September  he  saw  itself  by  outstanding  heroism  in   op,erators'  looks.  "Oh  boy!'·'  ex- it,  but  sailors  on  Treasure  Island
       flashes  on  the  Coral  Sea  horizon.  action  against  the  -enemy,  but  not   claims  a:  gunner's  mate.  "Yes,  I'm  have  their  own  solution  to  the
                                                       a ard of  the
       They  came  from  the  guns  of  de­ sufficiently to  justif �  �  from Brooklyn  and  the  girls  there  problem.  They'll  take  th-e  weather
       stroyers  giving · the  gallant  Wasp  Presidential  Unit  Citation.  It  also  · cannot  compete  with  the  pretty  that  prevails  at  home.  "I  always
       her coup de grace.            will be awarded to any similar unit
         On  Navy  Day,  1942,  Spell's  ship   which  has  distinguished  itself  by   girls Bell Telephone employs here."  heard  of  sunny  California  but  all
       took  part  in  the  battle  of  Santa   extremely  meritorious  service  not   A  salty  Casanova  with  a  more   I've  seen  so  far  is  rain,"  asserts  a
       Cruz, off Guadalcanal. He remained   involving combat but in support ot  direct  approach  writ-es:  "I  think   seaman  from  New  York.  "I'll  take
       by  his  20  mm.  gun  in  sky  aft  all   military  operations.   the  blond  that  is  working  here   New York City 12 months a year."
       day,  firing  a  total  of  3500  rounds,   Personnel  serving  in  a  unit  at   today  is  really  cute.  What  we   The  serviceman's  ironic  sense  of
       with two gun stoppages. They took   the  time  the  commendation  was   couldn't  do  on  a  date  together.  I  humor  balances  his  inclination  to
       aboard 300 crew members from the   won will be authorized to wear the   loved  you  at  first. sight."   gripe.  A  motor  machinist's  mate
       Hornet, and again he witnessed the   Navy  Unit Citation Ribbon, which   Valuing  the  operators'  beauty,   writes:  "They  can have their West
       sinking of a  great American naval   will consist of  a wide myrtle green   but  prizing  them  more  highly  for   Coast.  I'll  tak,e  the  East  any  day."
       vessel  by  our  destroyers.   stripe in  the center  with a  smaller   another  quality  is  a  private  in the  His  mates  were  quick  with  their
        Trial  by  Fire              cardinal  red,  spanish  yellow  and   Marine  Corps  just  back  from  two   shafts,  penciling  them  below  his
         On  November  30,  1942,  Spell's   royal  blue  stripes  ext-ending  to  the   years  in  the  Pacific.  "The  good   entry.  Comments  one:  "I  wish  you
        ship was part of a force detailed to   edge,  in  that  order,  on  either  side.   service  (five  minutes  to  N.  Y.),"   could too."  Another:  "Tell it to the
       keep  the  Japs  from  landing  rein­                       he relates,  "scared me  at  first. I'm   ch_aplain."  And  a  third:  "My  sym­
       forcements on  Guadalcanal.  It was                         all for women  operators here. Only   pathy,  ole  boy."
       2300,  with- rain  falling,  when  she  of  the  way  through  fire,  before  hope  rest  of  U.  S.  feminity  is  as   The telephone  company  may not
       received  an  almost  mortal  blow  in  reaching  safety."   politely  able  to  handle  the  jobs  get much help from these remarks,
       the fourth battle  of Savo Island.   At  Gilberts  and Marshalls   they've  had  to  take  over  because  but  it  certainly  must  have  lots  of
         A  torpedo  smote  the  heavy   Returning  to  duty in  the  Pacific,  of  the  war."   fun  reading  them.
       cruiser amidships, piercing her fuel  Spell  was  assigned  to  a  battle­
       tanks.  A  sheet  of  flame  about  200  wagon.  Under  its  protecting  guns,   Records  Veterans'  Joy
       feet  high  shot  into  the  air  and  fell  our  forces  landed  on  Tarawa.  In   Servicemen  who  have  been  re­
       backward,  striking  sky  aft,  Spell's  December,  1943,  Spell  took  part  in   ceived  aboard  aft-er  long  overseas   Nazis  Have New Way
       battle  station.              the bombardment of  Nauru Island,  duty  find  the  Telephone  Center  a
         "It  knocked  me  flat,"  Spell  re­ between  the  Gilberts  and the  Mar­ haven  of  heart's-ease.  "It's  good  Of Arranging  Books
       called.  "I  jumped  to  my feet,  hold­ shalls. Here he fell a victim to com­ to  be  back  in  the  U.  S.  A.,"  de-
       ing my hands over my  face to  pro­ bat fatigue. Malaria followed.   clares  a  machinist's  mate.  "The   BRUSSELS  (CNS) -When  the
        tect it from the flames. Sky aft was   Spell  is  now  attached  to  the   Bell  S:y-st-em  brought  me  close  to   Nazis  occupied  Brussels,  they  in­
        a  blazing  death  trap.  I  had  to  get  Naval Training School on Treasure   my  dear  wife  and  children,  the   stituted the "New Order" in  all the
        out-but  the  ladder·  to  the  main  Island.  His  Purple  Heart,  the  one   closest  in  41 months."   libraril!-'3.  Deciding  the regular cus­  ANN  WILL  DO!  In  top  billing
        deck  had  been  shot  away.   silver  and  four  bronze  stars  on  his                 tom  of  arranging  books  according   opposite  Tom  Conway  in  "Two
                                                                                                                                O'clock  Courage,"  Ann  Rutherford  is
         "A  boatswain's  mate  and  I  tied  Pacific  ribbon  identify  him  as  one   A  fireman  from  Milwaukee  is  to  subject  was  wrong,  they  ar­  qualified  to  show  the  other  girls  in
       a  heaving line to the  end  of  a  gun  of many "rebels" fighting the Japs,  equally  grateful.  "Arrived  in  the  ranged  them  according  to  size,  "to   RKO  Radio's  beauty  line-up  that  she
       barr-el.  We  slid  down  38  feet,  part  not  the  Yankees!   States  on  my wife's  birthday,"  he  give the place neatness and order."   has  what  it takes.
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