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·*     U.  S.  S.  BOSTON  HAS  LOST  HER  SEA  LEGS  BUT  NOT  HER  SPIRIT  *                                          ment grew until there were guerilla
                                                                                                                                                   PAGE  3
                                                                                               THE  MASTHEAD,�SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  17,  1945

                                                                                                                             groups  operating  with  -their  hit­
                                                                                                                             and-run  tactics  wherever  t h    e y
                                                                                                                             could  strike  at  the  enemy.  Under
                                                                                                                             the  leadership  of  Marshal  Tito,
                                                                                                                             these  guerilla  fighters  have  been
                                                                                                                             united  into  an  efficient  and  wen
                                                                                                                             organized  army.
                                                                                                                               Marshal  Tito  lived  in  a  bomb
                                                                                                                             proof  cave  and  from  there  he
                                                                                                                             directed  the  activities  of  his  army
                                                                                                                             and  navy. Lt. Commander  Roberts
                                                                                                                             and  his  unit  helped  to  install  the
                                                                                                                             electrical and radio equipment used
                                                                                                                             by  Tito  to  broadcast  to  the  people
                                                                                                                             of  Yugoslavia.
                                                                                                                               There  are  three  major  factions
                                                                                                                             in  the  country;  the  Croations,  the
                                                                                                                             Serbians  and  the  Slovens.  Marshal
                                                                                                                             Tito  has  been  able  to  draw  these
                                                                                                                             factions together for the  first time,
                                                                                                                             to fight for a common cause.
                                                                                                                               In  this  army,  the  men  and
                                                                                                                             women fight  side  by side. Even  the
                                                                                                                             small children have a job to do. The
      HEADING A STAFF  of fourteen instructors, the commanding officer of  commanding  officer.  Evidencing  the  full  day  of  a  radio  student,  the   nine  and  ten year old�,  because  of
      the  radio school at  Verba Buena  Island and his  two  associates  are  pic­ upper right photo shows a group of strikers engrossed in code receiving
      tured  at  the upper left. Left  to right  they are  H. E. Nolen,  CRE,  USN;  practice under the careful supervision of CRM L. W. Cooper, instructor.   their  size  and  speed,  can  crawl
      J.  W. Mullins,  CRE,  USN,  and Lt. Commander  W. T.  Conkling,  USNR,  A receiving speed of 28 words per minute is  their  goal.   close  to  the  German  pillboxes  and
                                                                                                                             wipe them out with hand grenades.
                                    Heroine of the Past                                                                      The army  has  been almost entirely
                                                                                                                             equipped  with  material  captured
                                    Still Serves Her  Country                                                                from  the  enemy.
                                                                                                                               When  the  country  was  freed
                                                                                                                             from  the  Germans  and  Italians,
                                      The  historic  old  cruiser  Boston,                                                   the  partisan  army  joined  with  the
                                    last  remaining  unit  of  the  famous                                                   Russian army in their advance into
                                    "White  Squadron,"  forerunner  of                                                       Hungary  and Czechoslovakia.  Sup­
                                    our  present  great  fleet  of  fighting                                                 plies  can  now  be  taken  to  these
                                    ships,  and  the  only  ship  to  be  hit                                                armies  by  ship,  and  the  potential
                                    at the Battle of Manila Bay, is now                                                      fighting  power  is  considerably
                                    entering  its  fifth  year  of  naval                                                    strengthened.
                                    service  as  a  radio  training  school.                                                   The Yugoslavian Navy originally
                                    After  having  been  moored  along­                                                      consisted  of  a  single  - masted
                                    side  the  dock  at  the  Navy  Re­                                                      schooner. This schooner captured a
                                    ceiving  Station  on  Yerba  Buena                                                       German  Flak  ship.  The  capture
                                    Island  for  more  than  20  years,  it                                                   was  made  entirely  by  the  use  of
                                    was brought out of  retirement  and                                                       hand  grenades,  thrown  from  the
                                    given  a  new  lease  on  life  in  1940,                                                 deck  of  the  schooner.  After  this
                                    when  it  was  recommissioned  as  a                                                     amazing  feat,  and  with  the  of
                                    training ship for radio operators.                                                        the  guns  and  power  of  the  German
                                                                                                                              ship,  they  were  abe  to  capture  or
                                      The  Boston  was  placed  in  com­                                                      pick  off  other  enemy  vessels.
                                    mission  in  1887,  just  four  years                                                      A ship loaded with 20,000 pounds
                                    after  the  necessary  authorization                                                      of  Danish  butter,  destined  for  the
                                    for  her  construction  was  made  by  ABOVE  IS THE OLD BOSTON, held prisoner by the  mud  at  her  moor­ German  troops  in  the  Greek  and
                                    Congress.  She  comprised  the  sec­ ing under the Oakland Bay bridge.                    Dalmation  sector,  sailed  into  the
                                    ond  in  the  famous  "Alphabet  or                                                       Adriatic  Sea.
                                    White Squadron,"  at that time  the   After Spending Months With Yugoslavian               "It  was  the  best  butter  I  have
                                    most  modern  warcraft  afloat.  The                                                      ever  tasted  and  we  had  all  we
                                    squadron  was  sent  first  on  a  cour­  Leader, Lt Commander ·Roberts Returns to T. I.   wanted  for  two  months."  Lt.  Com­
                                    tesy  vj_sit  to  European  waters  and                                                   mander Roberts testifies to this be­
                                    then  returned  for  the  Chicago                             "Marshal  Tito,  the  Yugoslavian  cause, the German troops never got
                                    World's  Fair.  At  the  Battle  of                         leader,  is  a  very  intelligent  and  a  whiff  of  the  delicacy.  The  ship
                                    Manila  Bay the Boston was struck                           clever  man.  He  is  an  outstanding  was  captured  by  the  combined
                                    twice,  one  Spanish  shell  passing                        ex;imple  of  the  driving  force  the  forces  of  allied  navies!
                                    through  her  smokestack  and  the                          people  of  Yugoslavia  have  mus­  Lt.  Commander  Roberts  said,  "I
                                    other  piercing her hull and landing                        tered  against  the  oppressors  of  have  more  respect  for  the  Yugo­
                                    in  the  ward  room  but  failing  to                       their homeland."              slavian  people  than  any  other
                                    explode.  After completing  her  reg­                         This  statement  was  made  by  Lt.   people  in  the  world.·  They  are
                                    ular  sea  service  the  craft  was                         Commander  Edward  J. Roberts  of   honest, polite, clean and hard work­
                                    moored  at  Yerba  Buena  to  act  as                       San  Rafael,  Calif.,  who  is  back  on   ing  people.  They  are  proud  people
                                    receiving  ship.  A  few  years  ago  it                    Treasure  Island  after  months  of   who  live  under  hardships  that
                                    was  planned  to  sell  her  for  scrap                     close  association  with  the  partisan   would·  defeat  other  nationalities,
                                    but  while  being  towed  off  the  is­                     leader.                       but  they  never  utter  a  word  of
                                    land she began leaking so badly the                           Commanding  Officer  of  a  special   complaint. They are strong, rugged
                                    plan  was  abandoned.                                       mission,  Lt.  Commander  Roberts   men  and  women  who  will  fight  to
                                      Now  known  as  the  USS  Des­                            spent  13  months  in  the  Mediter­  the finish."
                                                                                                                                "At  one  time  we  had  chocolate
                                    patch, the ship is now being utilized                       ranean  war  theatre.  He  was  also   bars  which  we  practically  forced
                                    as a  radio  school,  handling  an  av­                     in  command  of  a  motor  patrol   them  to  accept.  They  hadn't  seen
                                    erage  of  200  radioman  aspirants.                        group  operating  in  the  Adriatic   any  chocolate  in  so  long  that  they
                                    To  enter  the  school,  prospective                        Sea.                          were  reluctant  to deprive  us of the
                                    students  are  required  to  pass  an                         He had nothing but praise for the   delicacy.  They  love  cigarettes,  but
                            test  before being  assignw                     Navy  men  assigned  to  this  special   they  wouldn't:  think  cf  bumming'
                                    to  a  class  "A"  school.  In  a  maze                     mission. They lived on "C" and "K"  one  from  anyone."
                                    of   o.scmators,   condensers   and                         rations for 23 weeks. Through this   America is the "promised land" to
                                    quartz crystals,'students are taught                        and  the  attendant  hardships  there   the  Yugoslavian  people.  They  like
                                    the complex duties of a Navy radio­                         were  no  complaints  and  no  disci­  Americans and they wish to be like
                                    man  in  a  period  of  19  weeks.  Re­                     plinary  problems.  The  courage  and   them. They are devoted to Marshal
                                    quirements  to  pass  the  course  en­                      efficiency of the men were a source   Tito and both he and his people are
                                    tail  a  typing  speed  of  40  words                       of  great  pride  to  the  "00"  who'   surfeited  with  the  German  way  of
                                                                                                said,  "the  men  were  a  credit  to
                                    per  minute  and  a  sending  or  re­                       the  American  Navy  and  the  local   living.  They  look  forward  to
                                    ceiving  speed  of  approximately  28                                                     fashioning  a  government after  the
      THE  SCENE  at  top  was  taken  In  words  per minute--with no  errors.                  people thought the world of them."   American  principle,
                                                                                                  Coffee  is  a  "must"  in  the  Navy
      the  control  room,  where  recorded  Failure  to  meet  these  and  other
      code signals are "broadcast" to the                                                       and  an  electric  coffee  pot  turned
      receiving room below. In the center   standards  results  in  assignment  to              .  up  as  part  of  the  gear.  Electricity
      are  W. B. Prechtl, RM1c, and CRM   general detail.                                       to operate it?  There wasn't any . . .   CINCPOA-­
      A. D.  Roberts,  instructor,  working  Assuming command of the Yerba
      with  one  of  the  many  ingenious                                                       so the  men  adapted  a  generator  tQ
      testing  devices  contained  in  the  Buena  Island  radio  school  in  Oc­  Lt. Commander  Edward J. Roberts,   produce the "juice" for the precious   New Dateline For
      radio  repair  shop.  At  bottom  is tober  of  last  year  was  Lt.  Com­  who  recently  returned  to  Treasure   coffee  pot.  Then  the  dehydrated
      again the control room showing this mander  W.  T.  Conkling,  USNR.  Island  after  more  than  a  year  of  rations  "weren't  so  bad"  with  the   Nimitz Bulletins
      time  the  reels  of  perforated  tape
      which  are  used  for  the  same  pur­  Mr.  Conkling  has  had  a  long  ca­ duty  in  the  Mediterranean  theatre.  luxury  of  GI  American  "Joe"!
                                                                  Among his more Interesting adven­
      pose  as  the  recordings  in  sending  reer in the radio field, starting with   tures was making the acquaintance   The  Navy  men  soon  learned  to   The  new, dateline  for  war  bulle­
      radio  signals.               radio gunnery in  World War  I  and   of  Marshal  Tito,  while  supervising   say  "Stravo!",  the  Yugoslavian  tins  in  the  Pacific  is  CINCPOA,
                                    advancing to the U.  S. Naval Com­ installation  of  electrical  equipment  greeting and salute of comradeship.  meaning  Commander  - in  - Chief,
        A  certain  local  Seabee  who  got  munications  Reserve  in  1920.  He  for  the  fighting  Yugoslav  Partisan  The  most  unusual  custom  to  be­ Pacific  Ocean ·  Area.  CINCPOA  is
      married not so long ago was  asked  was recalled to active duty for  the   leader.        come familiar with, was the barter  Admiral  Chester  W.  Nimitz.
      the  other  day  how  he  like  married  present  emergency and assigned to               system. This country has no money   His  new  advanced  headquarters
      life.  His  reply  was:  "Oh,  we  have  the Office of Naval Officer Procure­  inside  the  Golden  Gate  might  not   system  and  uses  barter  as  the  on  an  island  thousands  of  mile::i
      a  lot  of  fun.  My  wife  cooks  some­ ment  as  radio  officer  procurement   be  as  glorious  as  fighting  with  means  of  exchange.   west  of  Pearl  Harbor  can't  be
      thing and I try to guess what it is."  officer.  Assisting  Mr.  Conkling  at   Commodore Dewey, but the gallant   When  the  Germans  and  Italians  named  for  reasons  of  security  but
                                    his  present  post  on  the  old  Bos­ old  Boston  is  still  serving  her  were  goose-stepping  over  the  soil  from  his  front  line  position  the
        Then  there  was  the Texas Wave   ton  are  two officers and  a  staff  of  country  by  supplying  badly  needed  of  Yugoslavia,  the  underground  admiral  will-as  he  forecasted­
      who thought a  boycott was  a  male   14  competent  instructors.  radio  operators  for  our  fighting  movement  was  the  only  hope  of  hurl  mounting  blows  against  the
      davenport.                      Being  mud-bound  on  an  island  fleet  of  today.       organized  resistance.  This  move- J�ps.
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