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DURING  THE WAR  Ship's Service stones were hit by  much the  same shortages as   another  Ship's Service  activity.  Located  In  Barracks  D, it is the mecca of  Waves  in
           affected civilian stores in this country.  In the cigaret department  (right), cigarets are   search  of manicures,  finger waves aind  facials.  At  left,  watching the  "birdie"  is  one
           being  sold  by the _carton  aft-er  a  long  period  ,of rationing by on.e  means or anot�er.   of  the  Photography  Shop's  steady  stream  of  customers.  The  Tadcen  Photo  lab,  lo­
            Lighters, long a critical item, are beginning to appear in the showcas,es.  The crowning   cated  on  the  top  deck  of  Ship's  Service  No.  1,  develops  all  pictures  taken  by  the
           gl,ory of Julia Rankin, Sp(S)1c (center) is further gl,orified in the Waves  Beauty Shop,   studio.
           ALNAV  296                                                                             SHIP�S SERVICE ACTIVITIES REPRESENT
            HOW TO GET YOUR
           CIVILIAN JOB BACK;  %                                                                  ONE OF NAVY'S BIGGEST BUSINESSES
                                                                                                  Continued  foom  Page  1
           GOVT. Will  HELP                                                                       vised and require  fewer people  to   ment,  uniforms  and  trophies  are
                                                                                                                              purchased  with  this  fund.  The
                                                                                                  run them.                   Recreation Center, Hostess House,
             This  is  the  fifth  in  a  series  of   Old                                         The  mushroom  growth  of  this  library,  and  four  movie  theatres
           ten  Civil  Readjustment  Informa­                                                     station,  however,  soon  made  the  are  operated  with  the  money.
           tion  Messages  and  discusses  the   Man                                              original  store  in  the  Federal  Hymnals  and  flowers  for  the
           reemployment  and  employment  Profit                                                  building  inadequate,  and  the  now  chapel  are  furnished.  Magazine
           rights  of  veterans.        Carries                                                   largest No.  1  store was fitted out.  subscriptions, records, expenses of
             Any  serviceman  who  worked               '                                         The  later  construction  of  Pre- shows,  picnics,  dances,  printing
           for a  private  employer or for the   A                                                Embarkation  and  its  enclosure  of The Masthead-all these things
           federal  government  on  or  after  Heavy                                              made  necessary  the  operation  of  and more come  out  of  the money
           May  1,  1940  has  a  right  to  his                                                  a  third  complete store.   Ship's  Service  makes.  So  a  part
           former  employment if:        Load                                                      The latest addition of the snack  of each dollar spent finds its way
             1. His  former  job  was  not  a                                                     bars  makes Ship's  Service pretty  back to the purchaser in the form
           temporary  one.                                                                        well  scattered  throughout  the  is- of  welfare  and  recreation.
             2.  The  veteran  holds  a  certi­                                                   land.                       Shopping  Center
           ficate  of  satisfacto·ry  services  in                                                Million  Dollar  Turnover     Going  shopping  in  a  complete
           the  armed forces.                                                                      Over 750 civilian employees and  Navy  Ship's  Service  Store,  a
             3.  He  is  qualified  to  perfo·rm                                                  a  Navy  crew  of  80  enlisted  men  sailor  can  accomplish  inside  one
           the  duties  of  his  old position.                                                    are  needed  to  store,  distribute,  building  what  would  take  him
             4.  His  former  employer's  cir­                                                    sell,  and account for  Ship's  Serv­ from  one  end  of  a  small  town  to
           cumstances  are  the  same  and  he                                                    ice  merchandise. - The  value  of  the  other.  Let's  say  he  goes  to
                                                                                                  goods  sold  plus  that  of  services  Ship's  Service  No.  1.  Basically it
           is still in  business  and employing   credit  may  be  given  to  his  de­            rendered totals a monthly gross of  is a combination drug store, cigar
           men for such duties.         pendent.                     Electric  Tabulation         almost  a  million  dollars.   This  store,  stationery,  jewelry  store
             5.  The  serviceman  applies  for  Help  Find New Job                                figure  does  not  include  the  turn­ and candy shop, where he can buy
           the  old  pooition  within  ninety   If  the  veteran  did  not  hold  a  _To  Be  Taught  Post­  over of the travel offices  (one and  anything  from  a  shoelace  to  an
           days after release from the armed   permanent job before entering the   War  Naval  Officers   a  half  mi}lion  monthly),  whose  expensive  diamond ring.
           forces  ( certain  exceptions will be   service  or  does  not  want  his  old         funds  are  handled  commercially.
           made in cases of hospitalization).   job  back,  he  will  receive  assist­  A  course  of  instruction  in  the   A  glance  at  the  records  of   But clustered about it in arcade
             Reemployment  committees  of   ance  in  finding  a  new  one.  The   operation  of  electric  tabulating   Ship's  Service  No.  1  will  tell  you   fashion are several service  facili­
           the  Selective  Service  boards  in   U.  S.  Employment  Service  offices   equipment  is  now  open  to  inter­  that  anyone  going  to  work  in  the   ttes. Topside he can get a haircut
           home  communities  will  assist   in  home  communities  will  have   ested officers and warrant officers   accounting department there must   in  the  barber  shop,  where  26  of
           veterans in obtaining their former   special  representatives  to  assist   of the regular Navy or to reserve   soon  become  accustomed  to  the   Treasure  Island's  45  barbers  cut
                                                                                                                               the  hair  of  about  1200  sailors  a
           jobs.  They  will  also  assist  the   the veteran in job counseling and   officers  and  warrant  officers  who   use  of  large  figures.  At  the  jew­  day.  In  the  lobby  on  the  main
           veteran  if  he  is  deprived  of   job placement.        have  applied  for  transfer  to  the   elry  counter  alone,  over  $138,000   deck is a counter where a girl will
           seniority  rights  or  his  previous   Apprentice  training  programs   regular  Navy.  Reserve  officers   worth  of  rings,  bracelets,  and
           wage rate, or is discharged within   are  being  carried  on in  many in­  must  not  be  above  the  rank  of   other ornaments were sold during   send flowers for him anywhere in
                                                                                                                              the United States.  Nearby, he can
           a  year  without  cause.     dustries.  Such  programs  offe·r   lieutenant or over  36 years of age   August  of  this  year .. By  com­  rent a typewriter for twenty cents
                                                                     in order to apply.
           Raise  Exam  Points          steady .employment together with   The  instruction  will  include  a   parison,  the  $26,000  spent  for   an  hour.
             Veterans who held Federal Civil  training  in  specialized  skills.  In   two  week  familiarization  pe·riod   drugs  in  the  same  period  seems   If  he  wants  to  send  home  a
           Service jobs, ratings or places on  some  instances  the  educational   at a Navy tabulating installation,   small.   picture  of  himself,  the  Photog­
           the eligibility list will be returned  subsistence  of  the  GI  Bill  of   a  four  week  intensive  factory   On  Business  Basis   raphy  shop  will  take  a  portrait,
           to  employment  or  reinstated.  Rights  is  paid  the  apprentice  in   course  in  methods,  procedures,   All Ship's Service activities are   finish it, and sell him a frame for
           Credit  will  be given  for  the  time  addition to the pay he receives on   scheduling of work loads, etc., and   operated  on  a  strictly  business   it. There's even a place to wrap it
           spent  on  active  duty  with  the  the job.              additional training in a tabulating   basis.  Just  like  any  firm,  Ship's   for  mailing.
           armed  forces..  Certain  Federal                         installation  before  assignment  to   Service  has  to  pay  for  itself  and
           Civil  Service  positions  will  be                                                    make  some  profit.  Markup  of   If  he  hasn't  time  to  walk  to  a
           open  only  to  veterans  as  long  as  Wrighi Won't Rebuild   duty in this  field.    goods  sold  is never  above  10  per   mess hall  ( or just wants to buy a
                                                                       Line  officers  with  background
           veterans  are  available_  to  take   His Hotel in Tokyo   in  personnel  administration,  ex­  cent,  and  out  of  this  must  come   meal  for  a  change).  a  sailor  can
           them.                                                     yeomen,  line  officers  with  com­  the  cost  of supplies,  wages,  gen­  get  breakfast,  lunch,  or  dinner in
             Veterans  who  wish  will  be   CHICAGO  (CNS)  - F  r a  n  k                       eral expenses,  fixtures and equip­  the Ship's  Service  restaurant.
           given  preferential  treatment  in  Lloyd  Wright,  famed  American   munications  experience,  supply   ment-the  total  of  which  eats  a
                                                                     corps  officers  and  pay  clerks  ex­
           that  their  examination  grades  architect who built Tokyo's earth­  perienced in  stock control,  inven­  seven per  cent  hole  in  the _profit.  60,000  NA VY  PI LOTS
           will be  raised  five points.  If he  is  quake  repellant  Imperial  Hotel,   tory systems,  disbursing and gen­  This  leaves  a  three  per  cent  net   (SEA)  - The  Navy's  flight
           disabled, ten points will be added,  received  this  telegram  from  the   eral  supply  and  civil  engineering   profit.
           and  in  some  positions  he  will  be  Jap baron who runs  it:                                                    training program produced 60,000
                                                                                                                              pilots and 40,000 aircrewmen since
           excused  from  meeting  physical   "Hotel  still  stands  as  monu­  corps  officers  with  previous  ex­ Profit to  Welfare
                                                                                                   Every  dollar  of  that  three  per  Pearl Harbor. Although 1,885 stu­
                                                                     perience  in  stock  control  and  in­
           qualifications  and  age  require- ment to your genius.  Please come   ventory  systems  are  being  asked  cent is turned over to the Welfare  dents,  instructors  and  crewmen
           ments.                       back  and  rebuild  a  damaged   to make immediate  application.   Fund  to  be  allotted  subsequently  were  killed  in  the  program,  by
             Where  the  veteran  is  not  wing."                     Interested  officers  m e e t i n g  to  the  Welfare  Departments  of  1944 the number of fatal accidents
           physically able to take  civil serv-  Replied  Wright:  "Let  them  re-  above  requirements  should  re­ T. I.  activities  for  the  benefit  of  per  1,000  flight  hours  was  less
           ice  employment  the  ten  point  build it themselves."   port  to  the  Personnel  Office  for  naval  personnel  on  the  island.   than  that  for  the  period  from
           PAGE  8     THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  20,  1945  further  information.        All  athletic  and  gym  equip- 1936-41.
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