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THIS  WEEK'S  �·                                                      U.S.  Naval Training and Distribution Center

       NAVY                       ©                 T                             ASTHEAD                                              ���

     The  luxury  liner  Normandie,
   whose   career   includes   many
   months  spent  on  the  bottom  of
   New  York's  harbor,  has been  de­  VOL.  IV - No.  35         TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.              SATURDAY,  OCT.  6,  1945
   clared  excess  by  the  Navy  and
   turned ov,er to the Maritime Com­  Snaclt l!ars Now Open /or Business                 DISCHARGED NAVY MEN URGED TO
   mission  for  disposition.  Anybody
   want  to  bid?
             * *  *                                                                      APPLY FOR JOBS OPEN ON T. I.
     The  Navy's bid for enlistments,
   begun  on  a  large  scale  after  the
   Jap  surrender  announcement,  be­                                                                                 Civil  Service  Pay
   gan  to  show  profits  this  week.                                                   National War Fund
   Civilians from 17 to 30 trooped to                                                    Drive Opens; T. I.           Rates  Range  From
   recruiting_ offices  and  totaled  11,-                                                                            $7.52-$10.72 Day
   215  for  the  month  August  15  to                                                  Sailors Giving Freely
   September  19.  Also  present  were                                                                                  That there are many job oppor­
   some  50  per  cent  of  the  regulars                                                   The shooting  war against the   tunities  still  open  on Treasure Is­
   who  agreed  to re-enlist.                                                             Axis  is  over  and  won-but  the   land  and  that  discharged  Navy
             * *  *                                                                       war against want has still to be   enlisted  men  are  particularly  de­
     Good  fiction  material  would  be                                                   waged  in  the  peace.  That  war   sired  for  these  positions  was  an­
   the  war  record  of  the  USS  Ana­                                                   is  now  under  way.        nounced by the Civilian Personnel
   capa,  once  known  as  the  lumber                                                      The   National  War  Fund   bffice  this  week.
   ship  Coos  Bay.  She  has  been                                                       Driv,e   began   last  Monday   It  was stated that  much  of  the
   cruising  up  and  down  the Pacific                                                   throughout the  naUon.  Here  o,n  training  which  an  enlisted  man
   Coast  for  the  past  18  months  on                                                  Treasure   Island   bluejackets   has  received  in  the  Navy  can  be
   the  prowl  for  enemy  submarines                                                     have   already  demonstrated  utilized  in  civilian  positions.  For
   and  camouflaged as live  bait. Her                                                    their  approval ,of the  campaign  example,  . skills  acquired  as  a
   crew were regular Navy carrying                                                        by  giving  freely.         watertender are right in line with
   merchant  seamen  papers,  her   SAi LORS LINE UP for cokes and sandwiches at one ,of the six newly   Sailors  at  T.  I.  dug  down  those  required  to  hold  a  job  as
                                opened  Ship's  Service  Snack  Bars.  When  fully  in  operation,  the
   cargo was lumber covering special   stands  will  offer  a  wider  variety  ,of  refreshments  and  will  be  open   deep  and  came  up  with  the  engineman.  A  motor  machinist
   guns  and  gun  mounts  and  her  from  about  0800  until  1500.                      tune ,of $10,197.60 in last year's   becomes a civilian auto and diesel
   work  so  successfully  carried  out                                                   drive.  Indications  point  to  an  mechanic;  a  Navy  machinist  can
   that after her initial patrol enemy                                                    even  higher  do-re-ml  output  well  carry his Navy job  over  into
   ships  never  had  another  shot  at  Ship's Service Snack   "DON'T TRAVEL ON          from  personnel  here  during the   civilian life.  Other men who came
             * *  *
   the West Coast mainland.     Bars Feature Coffee,         STOMACHS/' SAYS              present  campaign.          into  service  with  prior  training
                                                                                            Chaplain  E.  C.  Andr,ews,  Jr.,
                                                                                                                      and  skills  in  mechanical  trades
     Admiral Halsey, 63-years-old on   Cokes and Sandwiches  T. I. COBBLER SHOP           has been designated as Tadcen's  can  attain  similar  positions  here.
   o'ct�ber  30,  will  be  on  his  way                                                  representative,  and  money  col­  Veterans  are  hired on Treasure
   home  next  weelc.  Speaking  from   Designed  and  located  for  the   The  Army  may  travel  on  its  lected   ,on   Treasure   Island   Island  as  "war  service  indefinite
   Pearl  Harbor  he  stated  that  he  convenience  of  Treasure  Island  stomach, but the crew at Treasure   should be turned  , over to him at   appointments."  Such  a  status  is
   thought  General  Douglas  Mac­ men are six Ship's Service "snack  Island's Cobbler  Shop  knows  oth­  his ,offic•e, topside Barracks "E,"  granted only to the  following:
   Arthur  was  doing  a  good  job  in  bars" which sprang up like mush­ erwise about the Navy.   not later than  October 31.  1. Those veterans re­
   the  occupation  of  Japan  and that  rooms  at  various  spots  about  the   This compact shoe repair place,   The   National  War   Fund  open  Civil  Service  exan;iinations.
   Americans  at  home  should  look  island  last  week.   situated  directly  across  from  the   Drive not ,only  aids  members of   2. Persons previously  employed
   for  more  restrictions  on  Jap   Besides  relieving  congestion  at   main  post office,  handles upwards  the  armed  forces  and  their  by  the go·vernment  who are eligi­
   living  in  the  next  few  months,  the  main  stores,  the  small  re­  of  1500 shoes  a  week.   families, but also supplies relief  ble for transfer or reappointment.
   that the Allies were not making a  freshment  stands  will  make  un­  Starting out in May, 1943, with   agencies with  money,  and helps   3. Persons previously  employed
   "soft  peace"  for  defeated  Nips.  necessary the long trek to satisfy   a  complement  of  one  man  in  the   those  destitute  as  the  result  of   by the government who have been
   He  indicated he would ask for re­ that  occasional  odd-hour  hunger.  person  of  Willie   C.  Raines,   the ravages of war.   furloughed  or  discharged  due  to
   tirement  and  also  said  that  the   Coffee, cokes, milk, sandwiches,   SSMClc,  T.I.'s  shoe  mending  es­      reduction in force for a period not
   Navy  would  work  out  a  counter­  rolls  and hot dogs are  their stock   tablishment  now  employs  20.         to  exceed sixty days.
   weapon  for  the  atom  bomb  and   in  trade  and  when  in  full  opera­  Joe  "Red" Henderson, SSMC2c,  MONEY ALLOWANCE   All  other  appointments  are  on
   that  as  an organization the Navy   tion they will open about 0800 and  in  charge  of  the  Cobbler  Shop,  is  GRANTED  TO  MEN  a temporary basis.
   was as imperishable as the dough­  close  at 1500.       lamenting these  days. It seems as                        List  Openings
   boy.                                                                                  O N TRANSFER
             * *  *              The  first  stand  placed  in  com­ though  the  war's  abrupt  ending                 The following job vacancies are
                                                                                           Enlisted personnel being  trans­ now available and all enlisted men
                                mission  (in front of Ship's Service  brought about a slight decrease in
     Headline  Navy  news  this  week   No. 1)  ran into some trouble when  business "Not as many customers  ferred  will  be  advanced  money  who are being separated from the
   was  the  talk  given  by  SecNav                                                                                  service  here·  are  urged  to  apply
   Forrestal before the House Naval   crowds of sailors clustered around  now as before," Henderson states.  allowance  of  three  cents per mile   for  these positions at the Civilian
                                it  and  disrupted' traffic.  It  has
   Affairs  Committee.  House  mem­                           Prices  are  more  reasonable  at  plus  subsistence  or  furnished   Personnel  office  in  the  Adminis­
   bers were given  more specific de­  since  been  moved  to the  oppos-ite  the  Cobbier  Shop  than  they  are  transportation  requests  and  meal  tration  Building:  auto  mechanic,
                                side of  the  Terra  Cotta  circle.
   tails  of  future  Navy  wants.  The                     on  the  civilian market. Half soles  tickets.  Men  being  transferred  to   cement  finisher,  electrician,  en­
                                 Other  stands  are located  in  the  and  heels cost about $2.50 ashore,  separation  centers  should  be
   post-war  fleet  would  have  three   vicinity  of:  Building  221,  Bar­ at  Treasure  Island  the  same  job  granted this allowance at time  of  gineman,  gardener,  painter,  pipe­
   categories,  "active,"  "ready"  and   racks  E,  Building  218  and  �ec­ is  done  fo·r  90  cents.              fitter,  plumber,  sheetmetal  work­
   "laid-up  for  emergency."  This   Ship  muster  field.  The  sixth  is               transfer.                    er, machinist, filer, general helper,
   "biggest"  Navy  would  hold  300   under  construction  and  has; not                                             and  classified  laborer.  Pay  scales
   ships  on  active  duty,  100 ships in   yet  been  situated.   llTTlE IOS'N VOICES DISSET. • •                    range  from  $7.52  per  day  for
   a  ready  status  and  some  700                                                                                   classified  labor  to  $-10.72  for  a
   which  could be  called out for  em­                                                                               saw  filer.
   ergencies.                   War Bond Office Closes;
     Still  to  be  settled  was  the
   battleship  vs  air  question,  final   T ADCEN Disbursing                                                         RATING EXAMS SET
   disposition  of  Pacific  bases  and                                                                               FOR  OCTOBER  17
   future  use  of  and  protection   Officer Takes Over                                                                Examinations  for  advancement
   against the atomic bomb.                                                                                           in  rating  will  be  held  at  1300,
             * *  *              Responsibility  for  the  handling                                                   Wednesday,  October  17,  in  the
     Japanese  diaries  aff-orded  the  of War Bonds  shifted to the  Tad­                                            C.P.0. mess,  Federal  Galley.
   allied  forces  some  valuable  mili- cen  Disbursing  officer  last  week                                          Recommendations from division
   tary  information  according  to  as  the  War  Bond  office  in  the                                              officers  must  be  at  the  Tadcen
   men  who  graduated  from  the  Post  Office  building  was  dis­                                                  Personnel  office  not  later  than
   N a vy's  Japanese  l a  n  g  u  a  g  e    established by station order.                                         noon  of  Friday,  October  12.  Only
   schools. After Pearl Harbor there   Inquiries  relating to bonds pur­                                              recommendations received on time
   were 100,000 Japs with a working  chased for  cash  prior  to the clos­                                            and  only men up for examination
   knowledge  of  English  to  every  ing of the office,  and all questions                                           and advancement will be examin­
   American  with  even  a  remote  concerning  civilian  payroll  sav­                                               .ed for change and advancement in
   understanding  of  Japanese.  Navy  ings or  military  allotments  should                                          rating.
   men  were· rushed  to  school  and  be  directed  to  the  Disbursing                                               Personnel  failing  to  qualify  by
   following  graduation  sent  to  the  officer.                                                                     examination  must be  recommend­
   Pacific  area  to  translate,  inter-  Lt.  Howard  A. Lincoln,  former                                            ed  for  re-examinati.on  on  a  later
   pret  and  decode  Japanese  mes- War  Bond  officer,  has  been  dis­  THE  MASTHEAD last  week  ran  a picture and  story  on  the  Merritt regular  date.  Japs  who  thought  the  charged  from  the  Navy  via  the   brothers  reuniting  after  four years.  One  of the  Merritts,  Harry,  who  Navy  training  courses  are  is­
   Yanks  could  not'  read  or  under- point system.       is  a  Chief  Boatswains  Mate  stationed  at  the  Armed  Guard  Center   sued  and  renewed  daily,  Monday
                                                            here,  has  a  bouncing  baby  boy.  When  sh,own  the  picture  of  his  pop
   stand their  language  were  gener-  Commanding  officers  and  their  and  uncle  in  the  Treasure  Island  paper,  Harry  Jr.  gave  forth  with through  Friday,  in  the Education
   ous  with  diaries,  military  refer- subordinates  are  urged  to  con­ a  loud  cry.  It  seems  as  though  the  tiny  tot  was  peeved,  to  say  the  office,  Room  169,  at  the  Admin­
   ences  and  casual  conversation.  tinue  their  efforts  to  encourage   le,ast,  because he wasn't included in  the pix.  Feeling no end -of misery  istration  building.  Progress  tests
   You  know  the  answer-we  won  personnel  to  save  now  for  the   at this sudden turn of events, we submit this photo .of Harry  Madison  may  be  taken  on  any  afternoon
                                                            Merritt,  Jr.,  to  our  readers.  What  say  "Little  Bos'n,"  are  we  for­
   the war!                    future by buying more bonds.   given now?                                              of the above days.
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