Page 8 - Historical Study of Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island and Their Buildings
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                  Yerba Buena Island, 1579 - 1994

                  1579        Sir Francis Drake sails by the opening to San Francisco Bay, but does not document
                              the existence of the Bay.

                  1769   I•   Gaspar de Portola first documents the San Francisco Bay.

                  1775        Juan Manuel de Ayala is the first person to survey and map San Francisco Bay and
                              gives Yerba Buena Island the name "Isla de la Alcatraces".

                  1826    •   Captain Beechey of the British research ship Blossom copies Ayala's map but puts
                              "Isla  de  la  Alcatraces"  on  an  island  to  the  northwest  of Y erba  Buena  Island.
                              Consequently, he is the first to use the name "Yerba Buena Island" for this island.

                  1835    •   Private ownership begins:
                          •   183 5 - 1849 - Nathan Spear is the first American claimant and first to introduce
                                    goats  to Y erba Buena Island.  Because  of this  the  Island  becomes  locally
                                    known as "Goat Island".
                          •   1849 - 1850- Edward King buys claim from Spear but never occupies the island.
                          •   1850- 1856-Thomas Dowling and Mr. Jennings claim and live on the island.
                          •   1856 - 1866-Thomas Dowling, Charles Scott, and John Vandewater claim the
                                    island in a partnership.
                          •   1866 - 1867 - Benjamin S. Brooks buys all claims to the island and then sells to
                                    Egbert Judson.  Brooks, Dowling and Judson continue to live on the island
                                    until the Army confiscates the island in 1867 and forces them to leave.

                  1850     •   Mexican control ends, United States takes control of California.
                          •  President Filmore claims all coastal islands for the US Government which
                              is later interpreted to include Y erba Buena Island.

                  1867        Army establishes it's presence and claims the island forcing the
                         1·  end of Private ownership.

                  1868   I·   Army establishes artillery base on the east cove.

                  1871   I·   Army Fourth Artillery Detachment assigned to Yerba Buena Island.

                  1872   I•   Army base is officially listed as an Army Quartermaster Depot.

                  1875        A lighthouse and buoy depot, operated by the US Lighthouse Service,
                         1·  is established on the south point of the island.

                  1879   I•   Army Fourth Artillery Detachment transferred to the Presidio of San Francisco.

                   P-2                           Historical Study ofYerba Buena Island,    September 1, 1995
                                                  Treasure Island, and their Buildings
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