Page 10 - Historical Study of Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island and Their Buildings
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Treasure Island, 1936 - 1994

                 1936   I·   Construction of Treasure Island begins.

                 1938   I·   Pan American Airlines starts its China Clipper service.

                 1939   I·   The Golden Gate International Exposition opened on February 18th.

                 1940        The Golden Gate International Exposition closed on September 29th.
                        1:  US Navy unofficially leases Treasure Island frow the City of San Francisco.

                 1941    •   City of San Francisco officially leases Treasure Island to the US Navy on
                             February 28th.
                         •   Treasure Island designated as Naval Training and Distribution Center (TADCEN),
                             Treasure Island.

                 1942        First WAVES arrive onboard TADCEN, Treasure Island to provide support for the
                             war effort.

                 1946        Pan America Airlines closes its China Clipper service.
                             Receiving Ship, San Francisco command is transferred from Yerba Buena Island.

                 1947    •   TADCEN,  Treasure  Island  is  designated  Naval  Station  (NAVSTA),  Treasure
                         •   After a major fire bums Palaces I, J, and K, all palaces and most remaining statuary
                        ,.   are razed.

                 1966        Enlisted  families  are  relocated  from  Y erba  Buena Island  to  the  new  housing  on
                             Treasure Island.

                 1969   I•   Twelfth Naval District establishes its headquarters at NAVSTA, Treasure Island.
                 1975        NAVSTA, Treasure Island is designated Naval Support Activity (NSA),
                            Treasure Island.

                 1977   I·   Twelfth Naval District is disestablished.

                 1980   I•   NSA, Treasure Island is designated NAVSTA, Treasure Island.
                 1993        The  Base  Realignment  and  Closure  (BRAC)  Commission  identifies  NAVSTA,
                             Treasure Island for closure in 1997.

                  P-4                          Historical Study ofYerba Buena Island,    September 1, 1995
                                                Treasure Island, and their Buildings
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