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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, AUGUST 12,  1944           PAGE 3

     SATuORS  take  notice!  This  is
   by  way  of  explanation  concerning
   about  fifteen  bus  loads  of  beauti-
   ful  civilians  who  were  seen  on the
   Island,  Sunday, August 6,  and also
   to  prove  that  we  do  have  our
   generous  moments.
    The  girls  w e re  prospective
   WAVES  who  were enjoying  a  day
   on  Treasure  Island,  sponsored  by
   the  WAVES  recruiting  office  of
   the  Twelfth  Naval  District.  The
   program  of  the  day  start€d  with
   a  general  meeting  at  1200
   Theatre  No.  1.  The  girls  were
   then  guests  at  Sunday  dinner  _in
   the  Officers'  Mess  followed  by  a
   special  Chapel  service  at  1430.
     One  interested  bluejacket  who
   sang  for  the  Chapel  service  said
   that  he  had  never  seen  so  much
   color  in  that  building  since  its
   dedication.  It  might  almost  have
   been  a  study  in  hats,  so  varied
   wern  the  colors,  sizes  and  shapes.
   Under  the  circumstances  we  will
   not  go  further  into  the  subject  of
   today's  fashions.
    The  last feature  of  a  very  busy
   day  was  the  program  held
   Theatre  No.  2  at  1600.  Highlight
   of the  affair was  an  address  given
   by  Mrs.  Chester  Nimitz  on  the
   value of  the  service  being  render
   ed  by  WAVES  today.  Captain
   R.  W. Cary welcomed the girls and
   music  was  provided  by the  Chapel
   mixed  quartet  and  the  Treasure
                                  WAVE  ANNIVERSARY  Spotlights Lt.  (jg)  M.  E  Bruns,  seen in the picture at left   WAVES  enjoying the  excellent  birthday  dinner  prepared  by Chief  Cherington  and
   Island  band.                  ca,ught  in  the  act  of  ma.king  the  initial  cut  in  the  big  birthday  cake  which  was   the ·WAVES  galley staff while  in the  background  late-comers  enviously  waiting
   Vital  Statistics              decorated  by  Chief  Commissary  Steward  Velky.  Girls  are  seen  holding  the  red,   to  be served.  In the insert may be  seen the  members of the spotlight cast which .pro-
                                  white and blue  candy favors  presented to_ guests at the party.  Picture  at right shows   vided the . entertainment  program.  Girls  in  foreground  are  an  appreciative  audience.
    Our congratulations to two sum-
   mer  brides  of  the· past week.  Ann
   Kovar,  RT2c,  USNR,  was  married                                                  ..                                  SUCCESSFUL  DANCE
   to Louis  Messmer,  Lt.  (jg),  USNR  Operational                                         ARMED  GUARD
                                                                                                                           HELD  AT T.  I.  GYM
   in  the  Chapel  at  1500,  Monday,
   July  31  with  Chaplain  Foltz  read- Training  School                                   CENTER                        SATURDAY  EVENING
   ing  the  ceremony.            All  members  of  the  Operational                          Elsewhere in this edition you will   (Continued from page 1)
                                 Training  school  wish  to  congratu-
                                 late  W.  J.  Wasarhaley,  CEM,  on.                        see  pictures  of  the  joint  presenta- served  buffet  style  continuously
   Civilian  Personnel           receiving  the  Presidential  Unit                          tion  ceremonies  of  awards  to  men  throughout the  evening by Mrs.  v.
     For those who  are new  to  Trea-  Citation  1 as t   Saturday.  Chief                  who  are  stationed  on  Treasure  Is- Nielson,  Mrs.  J.  T.  Horn  and their
   sure  Island,  we  would  like  to  ac-  Wasarh~ey  has  been  instructing                land. The Armed Guard Center had  capable  assistants.  Th e  many
   quaint  you  with  the  Beneficial   in  our  Engineering  school  for  the               six men on the stand for an award,  floral  masterpieces  at  the  buffet
   Suggestion  S y s  t em  Committee   past year  and we  all  join  in  wish-              but at sea  many,  many more  were  tables  enhanced  the  surroundings
   which  is  composed  of  Navy  and   ing him  the  best  of  luck  and  suc-  Lt.  (jg)  R.  C.  Elmgren,  R.  L.  the  recipients of an award of com- with color for this festive  occasion.
   Civilian  personnel  represented  by   cess  in  the  future.   McGinnis,  and Ensign E.W. Boley,  mendation  which  has  been  mailed  The  success  of  the  dance,  apart
   Vern  Williams.  Since  our  civilian                       Jr.,  have  left  their  old  home  in  to  them  for  presentation  by  their  from  the cooperation of the guests,
   organization  has  "come  of  age",   Arrivals  and  D e p art u res :  the  Mine  Force  for  duty  on  new  commanding  officer.  The  Ii s t  of
   the functions of the Beneficial Sug-  "Greetings"  to  D.  H.  Hepburn,  AM  vessels.  Lt.  R.  E.  Prichard  those who were honored by SecNav
   gestion  System  Committee  have   QM3c,  D.  E.  Bradfield,  MMlc  and  and  Ensign  A.  0.  Richards,  Jr.,  for  outstanding  performance  of
   been extended to the Industrial De-  J.  W.  Hutchison,  S2c,  who are new  have  received  orders  to  the  class  duties -includes:  W.  L.  Kersey,  L.
   partment  by  appointment  of  Don-  members  of  ship's  company.  "Fair  at  Naval  Mine  Warfare  school,  S.  Dixon, R.  M.  Barton,  R.  E.  Car-
   ald  Palmer,  who  is  in  charge  of   Sailing" to W. M.  Lawrence, QM3c  Yorktown,  Virginia  and  have  been  ter,  H.  A.  Dentremont,  C.  B.
   the  Drafting  Department,  as  the   and  J .  W.  Atkinson,  CEM,  who  detached.  Lots  of  luck,  gentlemen.  Waites,  E.  F.  Dolence,  D.  F.  Hen-
   Industrial  representative  C?n  the   have  left  the  school  for  parts  far   We  have  nine  newcomers  in  the  derson.  From  the  Chief  of  Naval
   committee.                    distant.                      enlisted  ranks,  some of  them  com- Personnel came commendations for
                                                               ing  from  sea  duty  under  the  the  following:  C.  I.  Hawley,  P .
     The  Industrial  representative
                                   Sporting a  brand new half stripe  Navy's  replacement  program  and  Frye, A. F. Jacobs, C.  F . Mecom, E.
   states  that  he  will  approach  his
   share  of  this  task  with  a  great   is  Lt.  (jg)  Marjorie  Beacom  of  some  from  other  shore  stations  G.  Mangum, J . C.  Miles,  F. H. Rus-
   deal  of  humility  back-ed  by  experi-  the  Visual-Aids  department.  Miss  They  are  S.  L.  Taylor,  Slc,  Z  sell,  R.  0.  Roberts,  M.  C.  Wilhite,
   ence- both  in  offer_ing  suggestions   Beacom  supplies  the   feminine  Mason,  Slc,  S.  Tucker,  Slc,  T  R.  W.  Whitfield,  L  .D.  Beckham,
   himself and in appraising the ideas   touch to  our staff. Congratulations,  Cannon,  SM3c,  W.  Watkins,  S2c,  C.  B.  Vaughan,  W.  G.  Morales,  W.
                                 Lieutenant!                   W.  Pitts,  S2c,  T.  Wright,  Slc,  A.  McGaughey,  Jr.,  C.  P.  Davis,  J.
   of  others.                                                                                                            was  largely  due  to  the  untiring
                                                               and  L.  Jacobson,  QMlc.    M.  Zimmers,  W.  C.  Sessions,  A.  L.
     The  Navy  urgently  needs  sug-                                                                                     efforts  and  planning  of  the  dance
   gestions  pertaining  to  the  follow-  Although  J  oh n  W.  Kovalek,   Mine  Force  played  three  soft- Edwards,  J .  A.  Jurgens,  G.  Olsen,   committee.
   ing:                          WTlc,  successfully  evaded  the  ball games last week with one loss  L.  E .  Gibe,  C.  R.  Meadows,  D.  M.   Senior  hostesses  from  Berkeley,
                                 dangers  and pitfalls  of  war in  the  -Shipfitters  5,  Mine  Force  1.  Curtis, L. T.  Russell, W.  K.  Sutton,
     Increased  producti-on  -  im-                                                                                       Oakland,  and  San  Francisco  who
                                 South Pacific,  he  was  recently  en- Mine  Force  tied  the  Carpenters  A.  L.  Lindstrom,  F.  L.  Gassen,  R.
       proved  quali~y.                                                                                                   chaperoned the girls gave the com-
                                 snared  by  one  of  the  fairer  sex.  2-2.  They defeated  the Electricians  S. Haynes, G.C.Smith, Word. Scrib-
     More  efficient  use  of  man-                                                                                        mittee  their  best  cooperation.
                                 Today  John  celebrates  his  third  3-2.  The  men  have  shown  great  ner,  W.  L.  McGee, H. A. Baker, W.
       power.                                                                                                               This  dance  was  the  first  of  a
     I mp roved  methods  of  opera-  (weekly)  anniversary.  During  the  improvement  in  the  short  time  H.  Early,  V.  H.  A.  Guritz,  C.  F.   series  which  will  be  given  for  the·
       ti-on,  maintenance  and  con-  last two  or three days,  it has been  since the  team  was  organized.  We  Hull,  Jr.,  E .  P . • Howell.  Purple   Colored  Bluejackets  on  Treasure
                                 noticed  that  John  has  nearly  re- feel  that soon  we  will  have one  of  Heart Awards  went  to  the  follow-
       structi-on.                                                                                                         Island.
                                 turned  to  normal.           the  best  teams  in  the  industrial  ing:  J. A. Heathington, W. L.  Case,
     Improved tools and  machinery.  _
                                                               league.  The  enlisted  men  have  and G.  E. Maule.
     Greater  safety.
     Prevention of waste,  conserva-  Ordered to  the u . .s.  Naval Mine  challenged  the  officers  to  a  soft-  To  the  men  so  honored,  Com-
       tion  of  critical  materials.   Warfare  School,  Yorktown,  Va.,   ball game which will  be  played off  mander E.  D.  Flaherty, Command- Industrial Shops
     Elimination   of  -unnecessary   for  a  period  of  instru.ction  are  Lt.   Tuesday,  August  15,  at  1200  at  ing Officer,  sends his warmest con-  Industrial  Department   m e n
       work.                     L.  E.  Sheller,  Lt.  (jg)  H.  V.   the  athletic  field.  All  Mine  Force  gratulations.  Hats  off  to  our ship-  m o v e  ahead  after  overcoming
     R,educti,on  of  costs.     Friedle,  L.  L.  Rascewski,  CGM,  S.   personnel  are  urged  to  come  and  mates  who  are  doing  a  big  job  in   some  stiff  obstacles.  Their  efforts
                                                               support their team.           a  bett€r way.
     Improved  office  methods  and   F.  Wittstnuck,  GMlc,  and  E.  Ged-                                                have  been  rewarded  with   the
       procedures.               dings,  GMlc.                                               Private  War                 following  changes  of  rates:  From
     Improved  working  conditions.                            hepcat  on  the following  week  end.   The  Nevavez  family  of  Los  An- S2c  to  Slc  were  Prince  Albert
     The   Navy's   procedure   for   Tonight  the  school  will  hold  the  Music  for  both  sessions  will  be  geles has the honor of having seven  Dixon,  Calloway  Dunning  an d
   handling  suggestions  will  be  ac- first  of two  dances for  ship's  com- furnished  by  the  Treasure  Island  sons in the service. Six in the Navy  Harry  McAllister.  Joseph  William
   knowledged promptly by the Bene- pany.  Like  the  two   previous  band.  Our Kansas  Jayhawker Wil- and one  Marine,  and  the argument  Ferguson  was  advanced  from  Slc
   ficial  Suggestion  Committee  for  danc~s,  it  will  be  held  at  Alex- bur  Hart,  QM3c,  will  possibly  is  on  as  to  how  one  of  the  sons  to  SK3c;  Gerald  H.  Garver  from
   your activity.  Each suggestion will  andria Hall,  Eighteenth  and  Geary  entertain  with  some  of  his  fancy  strayed.  However,  from  the  Los  ML2c to MLlc;  and John W. Mein-
   be  fully  investigated  and  upon  Streets  in  San  Francisco.  In  order  stepping  (mountain style).  Hart is  Angeles Examiner we quote a  note  zer from MLlc to CML.
   completion  of  the  investigation,  to accomodate our growing organi- a  world  famous  exponent  of  hill- from  the Secretary of the  Navy to   "Pop"  Meinzer,  who  just  made
   the  suggester  will  be  informed  of  zation,  the  dance  will  be  held  on  billy  dancing  -  please  note  the  the lads' mother:  "I have the honor  chief,  has  been  in  the  service
   the  final  decision.         two  consecutive  Saturday  nights.  Oakland  Post-Enquirer  for  July  to extend to you the commendation  thirty-six  years.  His  promotion,
     Cash awards ranging from  $1  to  This  Saturday  the  Starboard  sec- 24.  If  you  can't  find  a  copy,  just  of the Navy Department ... on the  well  deserved  and  timely,  was  as
   $250  will  be  paid  for  suggestions  tion  will  trip  the  light  fantastic,  see  Hart-he  has  a  gross  or  two  fact  that you  have  serving  in  our  much  a  thrill  to  "Pop"  as  it  was
   adopted.                      while  the  Port  watch  will  turn  stowed  away  in  his  locker.   Nation's Armed Forces seven sons."  to  his  friends.
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