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                                                                                                CITED· FOR  HEROIC  DEEDS  ...
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      Official                                                                           /!,
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      officers,  enlisted  men,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and
      contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  and  Recreation  Department,   s
      Treasure Island,  San Francisco,  California.  Phone:  EXbrook  8981,  Extension  59.
                         CAPTAIN R.  W.  OARY,  USN                    By  R.  E.  Johnson,  Y3c
                Commander U.  S.  Naval Training and  Distribution  Center
                                                                  Yanks  New  W -e«pon
                     LT.  COMMANDER R.  S.  KIMBELL,  US·NR         A  new  super  explosive  called
               Welfare  and  Recreation  Officer  -  Public  Relations  Officer
                                                                  pentolite  20  per  oont  more  power-
                        STANLEY  SOLOMON,  Y2c,  USNR             ful  than  TNT  is  being  used  in
                                 Editor                           rocket  projectiles.  Major  Gen.  L.
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  12,  1944  H.  Campbell,  Chief  of  Army
                                                                  Ordnance, said that a  "small quan-
                                    "Take  a  Letter,  Miss  B."   tity  of  the  explosive"  will  pene-
        ~~~                                                       trate  five · feet  of  reinforced  con-
                                      Introducing Dorothy Bakits, Y3c,
                                    of  Operational  Training  School.
                                                                  crete.  Yanks  are also  utilizing this
                                    Dorothy  is  a  stenographer  in  the
                                                                  anti-tank  explosives,  certain · type
        111'11  11'1Hl IE  111 IEW $ ,   Visual  Aids  Department  and  when   super  explosive  in  rifl€  grenades,
                                    the  call  goes out for  a  girl to  take   of  artillery  shells,  for  demolition
                                    :.iictation,  she  is  the  one  who  an- work  and  for  clearing  wrecked
      Veteran of  China  Seas       sw-er.s.                      harbors.
        Richard  M.  Spradlin,  CWT,  for-  A  native of Glendale,  California,
      merly of Kingman, l.{ansas, enlisted I she  left  the  Army   Navy's  "Ear  Warden"
      in the USN sixteen years ago, leav- Engineers  as  a  civi-   No  longer  will  th€  bluejackets
      ing his farm home when only seven- lian. to join the Navy   have  to  contend  with  the  fear  of
      teen years of age.  He  took his first  as  a  WAVE  about   shell-shock,  for  a  new  ear  pro-
      training at San  Diego,  Calif.,  later  3ix months  ago.  She   tector,  called  an  "ear  warden",
      attending  machin-            reported  •·  to  Cedar       which  guards  the  wearer  against
      ists'  school  at  Nor-       Falls, Iowa; for Yeo-         th€  severe· noise  shocks  of  ear-
                                                                  banging  blasts  b y   t h e   "Big
     . folk,  Va.  During the       man  training-  and
                                                                  Berthas"  and  the  high.  nose  levels
      next four years, Chief        then to Tr€asure Island for her first   ·of  diesel  and  airplane  engines,  has
      Spradlin  was ·  with         assignment.
                                      Dorothy  has  many  hobbies,  her   been  officially  adopted  by  the
      the Asiatic fleet,  and                                     Navy.  This  device  was  developed
                                    outstanding  talent  is  a  ·wonderful
       in  1932  was  in
                                    disposition  and  a  ready  smile.  We   by  the  University  of  California  at
      Shanghai during the                                         Los  Angeles  under  the · direction
                                    can understand why officers at Op-
       Japanese  occupation  of  that  city.                      of  the  National  Defense  Research
                                    erational  Training  find  it  a  pleas-
      He helped in the evacuation of mis-  ure to sa:y,  "Take a  l€tter, Miss B."   Committee.
      sionaries from Foochow and Shang-
       hai, returning to the states in 1933.  An  Excell€nt  Cook   $164-Yours  to  Collect
       For three years,  between 1936  and   L.  M,  Cheririgton,  CCStd,  is  in   If  you  have  not  read  the report 1·  !!!!~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       1939,  he  was  with  the  battle  fleet,  charge  of  the  recently  opened   of  the  Treasury,  you  may  be   Treasure  Island  activities  witness  awards  for  outstanding  performance  of  duty  at
       being transferred back to his Asia-  Waves'  galley.  Through his  efforts,   startled  at  this  fact.  There  is   Saturday  inspection,  August  5th.  Seen  at  top  (back  to  camera)  is  presentation  party,
                                                                  enough money in circulation in this  (left to  right)  Commander  E.  D.  Flaherty;  Commander  G.  A.  Miller,  and  Captain
                                                                                                R.  W.  Cary.  Those  receiving  awards  are  (left to  right)  Captain  T.  E.  Reynolds,  Lt.
       tic  station  at the  close  of  1939.   wonders  hav€  been  accomplished   country  to  provide  each  man,  W.  E  Nickels,  Lt.  J'.  H.  Emmerson,  W.  J'.  Wasarhaley,  CEM;  A.  C.  Chillemi,  PhM2c;
        In 1937  Chief Spradlin was  back   with  the  "food  question."   woman and· child with $164.54.  The   0.  L .. Davis,  CPhM(PA);  LB.  King,  HAlc ;  T.  L.  Belcher,  Slc.  Officers,  sailors,
       in  Shanghai  at  the  time  of  the   On April 27 he came to Treasure                   marines  and· the  military  band  are  seen  standing at attention in the  center view  while
                                    Island·  to  oversee·  installation  of   Tr,easury also reported  that money  awards  are  made  by  Captain  R.  W .  Cary  from  the bandstand.  Pictured at  bottom  are
       evacuation  of  American  citizens.                                                      six Armed  Guardsmen  (left  to  right)  J'.  Heathington,  GM3c;  W.  L.  Case,  GM3c;  C.  F.
       From  1939  until  1942,  lJ,e  had  duty   equipment, and work   in  circulation  in  July  reached  an- Hull,  J'r.,  SM2c;  W.  H.  Early,  Slc;  W.  A_ Mc_Gaughey,  J'r.,  GM3c;  V.  H.  Guritz,  Slc
                                                                                                and  A.  R.  Coley,  Slc,  Receiving  Ship.
                                                                  other  new  high  of  $22,726,812,783.
       aboard  an  oil  tanker  which  was  with  the  contractors
       sunk  by  the, enemy.  Coming  back  on ·the  ney.r  Wav-es'                                                           States  for  their  bravery  and  skill
       to the states, he was again assigned  galley .. The new mess   New  Fleet  Commander     Capt~in Cary Aw·ards          in  €xecuting  successfully  forced
       to  duty aboard another tanker and  hall was put in com-     Rear  Admiral  Robert  0.  Glover                         landing  assaults  against  a  number
                                                                  has assumed command of the U.  S.
       was  the . first  to  serve  the  mission  June  29  and                         Distinguished Medals          of  strongly  defended  Japanese  po-
                                                                  Seventh  Fleet  Service  Force,  suc-
       Gilbert  and  Marshall  Islands  after  since  that  time  has   ceeding  Commodore  R.  G. ,. Coman,                  sitions  in  the  South  Pacific,  De-
       American  occupatiQn.  During  the   been under the guid-                                To Gallant Blue-Jackets       cember  1942.
                                     ing _hand of Chief  Cherington.
       past  few  W€eks,  lJ,e  has  been  sta-                                                   The  courage  and  the  glory  be-  Bureau of Naval Personnel com-
                                      Enwring  the  service . -at  Great  A  Marine  First
       tioned on Treasure Island awaiting                                                       long  to  those  men  who  daily   mendations  were  received  by  four
                                    Laj{es  on April 4,  1942,  Chief Cher-  For  the  first  time  in  its  combat
       assignment.                                                                                                            Armed  Guard  men,  C.  Hull,  SM2c;
                                    ington left behind .hiip ten years of  history,  the  Second  Marine  Divi- serve  above  and  beyond  the  call   W.  Early,  Slc; W .. McGaughey, Jr.,
        qhief  Spradlin  is  married  and   experience  in  the  restaurant  busi- sion  had  Colored  marines  serving  of  duty.  Saturday,  August  5,  the
                                                                                                                              GM3c  and  V.  Guritz,  Slc  and  the   ~
       maintains a  residence in San Diego.  ness, doing work with leading caf-e- with them  in  the  bloody  battle for  the  combined  activities  of  Treas-
                                                                                                                              award  of  the  Purple  Heart  for
       He  is. an  enthusiastic  baseball  fan  terias  in  the  Middle  West.  His  Saipan Island.  In one  of th€ir furi- ure  Island  paused  to  honor  those   wounds  sustained  in  actiion  was
       and  f~r  eight  years  piayed  on  former  home  was  in  Des  Moines,  ous battles,  two of  these  men were  men  who  recently  earned   the
                                                                                              a  awards  which  this  country has  set
       nearly  every  baseball  diamond  in  Iowa.  His  main  hobby  is  sports.  wounded  by  shrapnel  during   I
                                                                                                aside  for  those  who  render €xcep-
       the  South Pacific,  some  games  be-  After  spending  thirteen  months  in  shelling  by  Japanese  artillery.   tional  service.
       ing  with  teams  in  Japan.  He  has   the  A1eutians,  he  was  made  com-
                                    missary  steward.                                             Captain R.  W.  Cary,  USN,  Com-
       an  interesting  hobby  of  gathering                      Quote-worthy                  mander  U.S.  Naval  Training  and
                                      Chief  Cherington,  USNR,  was
      odd  sea  sh€lls,  from  which  he                            "Don't  part  with  your  illusions,  Distribution Center, made the pres-
                                     recently transferred from the Naval
       makes  attractive  necklaces  and   Training  Center  to  the  Armed   when  they  ar€  gone  you  may  still  entations  in  the  presence  of  Com-
       bracelets.  He  has  a  large  selection   Guard  Center,  thence  to  the  Char-  exist,  but you have ceased to  liv€."  mander E. D.  Flaherty, USNR, and
       of  shells  from  all  parts  of  the  Pa- ter  Pool  ,and  is  now  awaiting  sea       Commander  G.  A.  Miller,  USN .
       cific.                       duty.                                                        . Obed  L.  Davis,  PhMlc,  was  the
                                                                  NAVY 1 SO  YEARS OLD          recipient  of  the  Silver  Star  Medal
            ONE  WAY  TO  BRAND  HIM                                This  year  marks  the  150th  an-  awarded  for  his  ''conspicuous  gal-
                                                                                                lantry"  in  the  treatment  and
                                                                  niversary  of  the  United  States
                                                                                                evacuation  of  wounded  men  from
                                                                  Navy.  The  first  floot,  which  came
                                                                                                battle  areas  at  Guadalcanal,  No-
                                                                  into  being  during  the  Presidency
                                                                                                vember  8,  1942.  Lester  B.  King,
           ~\ I/__,-/
                                                                  of  George  Washington,  consisted
                                                                                                HAlc,  also received this award for
                                                                  of six ships and about 2000 men. To-
         ~ ~ ~----                               ~                                              the treatment of fourtoon  wounded
                                                                  day our Navy, fighting the greatest
                                                                                                marines  during  a  severe fire  fight
                                                                  war in  history,  includes  more  than
                                                                                                regardless  of  the  danger  to  his
                                                                  400 warships and an officer and en-
                                                                                                own  life,  in  the  battl€  of  Tarawa,
                     f~l  -------- ·
                                                                  By  giving  our  utmost  to  our  indi-
         ~ /~l~-~t~  .                                            listed  personnel  of  ove.r  2,500,000.   November,  1943.
                                                                                                  The  recently  authorized  award
                                                                  vidual jobs here on Treasure Island,
                                                                                                of _the  Bronze  Star  Medal  was  re-
                               . . .  s
                                                                  we  can  help  substantially  to  make
                                                                                                ceived  by  Lt.  Walter  E.  Nick€ls,
                                                     ) l l        .. ,f victory.                USNR, for exceptional courage and
                                                                  the Navy's  next anniversary a  day
                                                                                                outstanding  devotion  to  duty  in
                                                                                                extinguishing  fires  in  a  dangerous
                                                                                                cargo  of  ammunition  and  explo-
                                                                   "All  Is  Well" Scores  sives  while  taking part in  the  am- made  to J . Heathington,  GM3c;  W.
              (:::- '   ;
              7,1-                                                 Big  Hit At Theatre          phibious  invasion  of  Italy.   Case,  GM3c  and  A.  Coley,  Slc.
                                                                                                  The  United  States  Ship  O'Ban-
                                                                                                                                TheS€  are  American  fighting
            ~ltJ  ·_                                              ·tertainers;  Collins  and  Peterson,  Citation  for  her  outstanding  per- ped.  The  words·  courage,  heroism
                                                                    Hosting  a  fop-heavy  cast of  en- non  received  the  Presidential ·unit  men  well-trained  and  'well-equip-
                                                                  :comical  masters  of   ceremony,  formance  in  combat  against  _the  and  gallantry  certainly  a p p 1 y
                                                                  played  to  a  packed  house  at  the  Japanese.  She  gallantly . stood  by  where  they  ar-e  concerned,  but  it
                                                                  'Treasure  Island  Theater  No.  1  on  to  rescue  survivors  from ·a  friend- is  the. American  way  of  doing,  the
                                                                  Monday and Tuesday nights as they  ly  ·torpedoed  merchant  shi'p .  re- American  code  of  living  which
                                                                  shared  stage ·laurels  ·with  Al  Sap- gardless  of  her own damaged  con- prompts  them  to  serve  where  and
            lt\,STAMPS c//                                          Th€  cast  of  entertainers ·put  on  pedo  hits  on  enemy  vessels.
         ~~ICTORY                                                  rias'  big  time  vaudeville  show- dition,  and  returned  to  her  base  when  th€y  are  needed  regardless
                                                                   "All  Is Well."
          4   BUY                                                                               unassisted  after scoring thr€e  tor- ·of the  risk  involved.  ·
             l . )l.' ITt.11
          /1,/l1,i(i. "".~!'•                                     one  of  the  best  shows  ever  per-  The  officers  and  men  of  the   Y2c:  "We can't  have  any fun  to-
                    _,___,..,))                                   formed  at  this  theater.  The  show  First  Marine  Division,  Reinforced,  night.  All  I  hav,e  is  small  change."
                                                                  contained  a  sparkling  variety  of  under  the  command  of  Captain   Frisco  Gal:  "Well,  what  do  you
               JoHI.I  i/1.JDffJAI-~-
                                                                  acts,  popular  song  hits,  acrobatic  Theodore  E.  Reynolds,  were  cited  think it tak€s to se,nd  Junior to the
        U .. S-Trcasury Dept •.                                   feats  and  other  specialties.   by  the  President  of  the  United  movies,  a  fiv-e  dollar  bi II?"
                                          The Columbus, Ohio, Citi'
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