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         CHAPEL"       •    •   •    •                                                            VERBA  BUENA  ISLAND
                DIVINE  SERVICES               · ing  ,;~ ~piceS
               TREASURE  ISLAND                                                                   Bananza Teams Take
                                           .. f'sLore  ~·j  ~iJ                                   Mat,h  In  Pin  Fest

                                                                                            1     a  treat  Thursday  night,  October
                                                                                                    Bowling  enthusiasts  were  given
                                        Saturday, October 21,  1944.              GS              12,  with the opening of the  Officers   T reasure  Island  Theat re  No.  1
                                                                                                  Bowling League, getting under way
                                        Do you rhumba?  If you'd like to·
                                                                                                  with four top-notch teams trying to   COMING  ATTRACTIONS
                                       learn,  Gladys  will  teach  you  to-  Have  you  heard  the  one  about
                                                                                                  make it plenty hot for  each other.  Continuous  Show  Starting at 1700
                                       night at 8:00 at the USO  Club,  111  the  absent-minded  husband  who
                                                                                                    As a  specialty, an all red pin with   Free Matinee  Saturday and
                                       O'F arrell  Street.           sent his wife to the bank and kissed
                   Protestant                                                                      "hit  the  Jap"  written  across  the   Sunday  at  1400
         Sunday Worship  Services-0930  and  1030   USO  CLUB -  70  · Oak  Street  his  money  goodbye?   width, was hidden amongst its nine
         Sunday-Holy Communion-1130    (HE  4169)-12-9  p.m.,  swimming;
                    Catholic                                                                      other  brothers,  any  one  failing  to   Sunday  and
                                                                                                                                              *  Monday
         Sunday Masses-0630,  0720,  0820   afternoon  and  evening,  dancing-  *  *  *           knock  down this pesty pin was as-
            (Chapel)                   California  Institute  Hostesses  and   "Mary, aren't  you getting too big                      October 22  and  23
         S.unday Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.  1)                        to  play  with  the  boys?"   sessed the sum of ten cents.  Money   " RAINBOW  ISLAND"
         Weekday  Masses-0645  (Small  Chapel)   Phil Sheridan Council Hosts.                     collected  was  placed  in  the  prize
         Weekday  Confessions-Daily  belore  Mass   ARMY  &  NAVY  YMCA-US0-  "No mother, the bigger I  get the                 Dorothy  Lamour   Eddie  Bracken
            a.nd from  0630 to 2000  (Chapel  Office)                                             fund,  for  a  dinner  at  the  conclu-
         Tuesd~y-Holy Name  Society 1915  (Small  166 The Embarcadero  (EX 2191)-  better  I  like  them."
            Chapel)                                                                               sion  of  tournament  play  going  to       *
         Saturday-Catholic  Choir  R ehearsal  1000·  9  a.m.-10  p.m.,  swimming  pool                                                    Tuesday
            1200                       open;  4  p.m.,  Stan  Scott  at  the   * * *              the winners.                            October  24
                     Jewish                                           According to  Wilma the WA VE,   Hidden  talent  was  uncovered
         Sunday  Service--0830  Chapel  Reception  piano;  6  p.m.,  movie--"She's  for                                                 "THE  CLIMAX"
            Room                       Me";  8:45  p.m.,  The  Saturday   no  woman really makes a  fool of a  when the "Five High" team, led by
             U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL                                 man:  she  merely  gives  him  the  Lt. Huebner, white-washed a  tough   Susanna  Foster   Boris  Karloff
                    Protestant         Nite Club-floor show,  dancihg,  re-
         Sunda.y  Worship  Service--1000  Classroom                  opportunity  to  develop  his  natural  "Handicapper"  outfit,   in  three   A lso  Tuesday
                    Catholic           freshments.                   capacities.
         Sunday  Masses-0680  and  0900  Class-                                                   games.  The  shooting  of Lt.  Larme   Personal · Appearance
            room                        Sunday,  October  22,  1944.                              and Lt. Roderick, was inspiring for     BOB  HOPE
           Weekday  Masses- 0645  Classroom   Join  the Java Club this morning   *  *  *
         Confessions-Saturday  1800-1900  Class-                     Seaman Quirt won't lose his blonde   the  winners,  while  Lt.  Gessner up-  at 20:30
            room                       at  9:,30  a.m.  Combine  coffee,  do-                     held the "Handicapper" banner with
            PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER    ~uts,  and  talk  to  make  an  inter-  For ever since he's known her
                   Protestant                                        He's  been  buying lotsa bonds   a  five hundred and two series.   Wednesday  and  Thursday
         Sunday  Worship  Service  -  1000  Ship's  esting  Sunday  morning  at  the   And naming her co-owner.   In  the  other  match,  the  "Bon-  October  25  and  26
            Service Llbr1117           Army  &  Navy  YMCA-USO  Club,
         Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900                                                 anzas" took the odd game from the   " CAROLINA  BLUES"
            Sunday                     166  The Embarcadero.
         Protestant   Communion  -  1100  Daily                                *  *  *             "Strikes and Spares," with Warrant  Kay Kyser    Ann Miller
            ''Protestant  Chapel' '     ARMY  &  NAVY  YMCA-USO-      Ylc: "You say that chief special- Officer Mann, showing the way with
                    Catholic           166  The  Embarcadero  (EX  2191)   ists  are  conceited?"   a  five  hundred and fourteen  series.
                                                                                                                                              *  Saturday
         Sunday  Mass  -  0900  Ship's  Ser vice  -10  a.m.  5  p.m.,  swimming  pool                                                 Friday and
            Library                                                   WAVE:  "Yeah,  they  joined  the   Plenty  of  hot  rivalry  looms  in   October  27  a nd  28
         Daily "Mass-1615  Ship's  Service  Library  open;  9:30  a.m.,  Java Club-Coffee   Navy  to  let  the  world  see  them."  the competition with Captains Ertz
           WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES   and  donuts  and  interesting  discus-                     and Helmkamp,  of different teams,   "SAN  DIEGO,  I  LOVE  YOU"
         Monday-Bible  Study  Group  1800  (Chap-  sions;  12-2  p.m.,  '"Talk  a  Letter                                        Louise  Allbritton   J on  H all
            el  Reception  Room)   ·                                           *  *  *             rolling  terrific  games  in  keeping
                                       Home";  5  p.m.,  recorded  organ   Doctor :  "You  must  avoid  all
         Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800                                                   pace with one another.         T reasure  Isla nd  Theat re  No.  2
            (Chapel  Reception  Room)   concert;  6  p.m.,  Music  Hour,  Nat- forms  of  excitment.
         Tnesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915                                                      Lt.  Fassino,  with  a  one  seventy-  Sunday  and  Monday
                  (Small  Chapel)      soulas Sisters;  7 p.m., Vesper Serv-  Sailor:  "Can't  I  look  at  them   six average,  leads  the pack.
         Wednesday  -  Servicemen's   Christian   ice;  8  p.m.,  Party  Time--bingo,  on  the  street?"                                October  22  and  23.
            League  1830  (Ch ape I  Reception                                                                                    "SINCE  YOU  WENT  AWAY"
            Room)                      dancing,  Fellowship  Sing  in  the
         Thursday  -  C h a p e I  Choir  Rehearsal                                                G I  NABS 300  N AZ I S       Claudette  Colbert  J ennifer  J ones
            (Chapel  Gallery)  1630    Lounge,  refreshments  served  by
         Friday  -  W  A V E   Singen  Rehearsal   Ladies'  Activity  Committee.   Lost  and Found   A ND  ONE  CI GAR  SMOKER
            (Chapel  Reception  Room)  1630-1800                                                                                              *
         Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900   USO-APOSTLESHIP  OF  THE   The  following  lost  and  found   France  (CNS)  -  Sgt.  Herbert   T uesday
            ( Chapel  Reception  Room)
         Saturday  -  Catholic  Choir  Rehearsal  SEA- Fremont  and  Harrison  Sts.  articles  have  been  reported  to  the  Brammer,   of  Arlington,   Tex.,   Oct,ober  24
            1000·1'200                 (GA  7845)- 9  a.m.,  Mass ;  9:30  Security Office,  located in Building  doesn't  like  Germans  who  smoke   " EVER  SINCE  VENUS"
         All  TREASURE  ISLAND  Personnel  are
                     eligible.         a.m.,  Communion  Breakfast served  222.                    long black cigars.  So when he saw  Ross  H unter   Ann  Savage
                                       by  Court  West  of  Twin  Peaks,                           one  near  Brest,  he  knocked  the
           Verba· Buena  Island        Catholic  Daughters  of  America;  LOST-4 Seabags,  2  Ditty  bags,  1  Pea-  cigar  out  of  the  guy's  mouth  and   Also  Tuesday
                                       10  a.m.,  open  house;  4:30-6  p .m.,   coat,  2±  W allets,  1  W a tch,  2  ID   scared  300  other Nazis into a  quick   BOB  HOPE
                                                                      Bracelets,  1  H and  Bag,  Checks.
         Sunday  Worship  Ser vice--0930  Theatre   Apostleship  of  the  Sea  Barbecue;           surrender.  The  other  Krauts  were   Broadcast at 1900
                     Catholic                                                 l1  ·w allets,  1  P ea coat,  2
         Sunday  Mass-08110  Theatre   8  p.m.,  dancing.            FOU ND  -                                                         Doors Close at 18:30
                                                                      Hats,  1  Suitcase,  1  Seabag,  1  Ring,  walking  behi~d  the  cigar  smoker
         Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -                  Silverwa re,  Address  Pla tes.
            0800                         USO  CLUB-111  O'Farrell  St.                             when  Brammer showed  up.
          All  Service  P ersonnel  Are  W elcome.   (GA  7377)-9  a.m .-2  p.m.,  Special                                          Wednesday  a nd  Thu r.sday
                                       Waffle  Breakfast;  4:30-10:30  p.m.,   The Wolf                       by Sansone               Oct•ober  25  a nd  26
         At The  Chapel ...            canteen  open;  10:30  a .m.,  singing;   Coptri, ht  1944  by Leonard  S,nsont,  distributed  by  C,mp  Newsp,per ~   " MARRIAGE  IS  A  PRIVATE
                Navy  Day  Sunday      11  a.m.,  arrangements  for  home                                                        Lana  Turner  AFFAIR"  John  Hodiak
           Navy Uay Sunday has been des-  dinners;  12 p.m.,  Street Car Ride-
         ignated  by Read  Admiral  Carleton   Picnic;  3  p.m.,  singing;  4  p.m.,
                                                                                                                                              *  Saturday
         H.  Wright,  Commandant  of  the   "Singspiration";  6  p.m.,  Discussion                                                     Friday and
         T welfth Naval District,  as Sunday,   Group- Dr. G .  G.  Sanders,  on Hol-                                                   Oct ober 27  and  28
                                       land;  8  p.m.,  fortune  telling;  com-                                                    "THE  MERRY  MONAHANS"
         October 22,  and in  a  memorandum
                                       munity  singing;  portrait  sketch-                                                       Donald  O'Connor   P eggy  Ryan
         Commodore  R.  W.  Cary has  urged
         all  officers,  men,  their families  and   ing;  dancing.
                                                                                                                                 -  VERBA  BU ENA  ISLAN D  -
         friends  t o  attend  t he  special  serv-
         ices  which  will  be  held  on  Treas-  Catholic  Observance                                                             Shows  Start  at  1700  and  2000
         ure  and  Yerba  Buena  Islands  this   Navy  Day  Sunday  will  be  ob-
         Sunday.                       served at all Catholic  Masses  Sun-
                                                                                                                                  Sunday  and  Mo * nday,  Oct.  22-23
           Enlisted  men who  wish  to  invite  day,  October  22,  on  Treasure  Is-                                              "T HE  ME RRY  MONA HANS"
                                       land  and  Yerba  Buena  Island.  In
         guests  to  services  a t  the  Treasure                                                                                Donald  O'Connor   Peggy  Ryan
                                       addition  Archbishop  John  Francis
         Isl a n d  C h ape l  s h o ul d  r egister                                                                             "The  Sultan's  Birthday"   News
                                       Mitty  will  pontificate  at  1030  at
         names of their guests at the Chapel
         Office not later than Saturday,  Oc-  St.  Mary's  Cathedral,  Van  Ness  at                                                 Tuesday,  Oct
         tober  21,  in order that passes  may   O'Farrell in  San Francisco.                                                                 *  ober  24
                                                                                                                                       " JA C KASS . M A IL"
         be  prepared.
                                                                                                                                         Wallace Beery
               Protestant  Services
                                             DRIV ERS  WANT E D                                                                          "Tree  Surgeon"
           Chaplain  Robert  W.  Butler -will
                                            Women  wanted  to  drive
         speak  a t  the  0930  service  on  the                                                                                 Wednesday  &.  Thursd
                                                                                                                                               *  ay,  Oct. 25-26
         "Seven  C's  of  Living"  and  at 1030   buses,  trucks  and  sedans.                                                        "CAROLINA  BLUES"
         Chaplain  H .  G.  Gatlin _will  title  his   Private  car  experience  re-                                             Kay  Kyser          Ann  Miller
         sermon  "Navigating  the  Sea  of   quired.  Over  $8.00  per  day
         Life."  At  both  services  the  Chapel   while  training.  Call  Treas-
                                                                                                                                               *  October  27-28
         Choir  will  sing  the  "Recessiona l"   ure  Island  Transportation                                                    F riday  &.  Saturday,
         ( D e Koven)  and  Miss  E unice   Pool,  EX  3931,  Extension         '-"-oh, let's get out of here!  I don't understand  ,      "KISMET"
                                                                                          a word  of  French J.,1/
         Northup,  soprano,  will  be heard as   39.                                                                             Ronald  Colman  Marlene  Dietrich
                                                                                                                                 "Blue  Grass  Gentlemen"   News
         guest soloist.
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