Page 77 - Mastheads Aug-Dec 1944
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'.l'.l:"1.l!i  M.A::S'.l'.l:"1.l!iA.LJ 1  ::SA'J.' X,  U\ .. a  -U.tS.l!  ;.u,  J.1:144   ..t'Ati.l!i  ·1 .
  * Verba  Buena  Recreation  Center  Dedicated                                       * \ Kay  Kyser  Heads              Private Motor
                                                                                           Dedicatory  Ceremonies  Vehicle  Permits
                                                                                                (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                                         Must Be  Renewed
                                                                                           ing  from  overseas  as  well  as  for
                                                                                                                           Every  privately  owned  vehicle
                                                                                           those  who  are  temporarily  sta-
                                                                                           tioned here.  He congratulated Cap-  coming  regularly  to  Treasure  and
                                                                                           tain  Helmkamp  for  being  able  to   Yerba Buena Islands  must possess
                                                                                           get  such  a  fine  program  of  enter-  a  permanent station vehicle permit.
                                                                                           tainment  in  dedicating  the  attrac•   Temporary  one  day  perip.its  for
                                                                                           tive,  well-equipped buildings.   casual vehicles may be obtained at
                                                                                                                         the ·Pass  Office  in  the Administra-
                                                                                             Massachusetts'  Senator  David  I.
                                                                                           Walsh,  Chairman of the Naval Af-  tion Building but this pass will not
                                                                                                                         be  issued  to  vehicles  commuting
                                                                                           fairs  Committee,  was  introduced   regularly.
                                                                                           by  Commodore  Cary.  The  Senator
                                                                                           first  nominated  Kay  Kyser for  the   Applications  for  new  permits
                                                                                                                         may  be  made  at  the  Treasure  Is-
                                                                                           United  States  Senate,  congratulat-
                                                                                                                         land  Pass  Office  now,  and  all  per-
                                                                                           ing him for being one of America's
                                                                                           foremost exponents of popular mu-  mits  must  be  renewed  by  Novem-
                                                                                           sic and top-flight entertainment and   ber  1,  at  which  time  present  per-
                                                                                           then  praise<;l  the  enlisted  men  for   mits for Treasure and Yerba Buena
                                                                                           the  fine  work  being  done  by them.   Islands  will  be  outlawed.
                                                                                           "The  man  who  is  scrubbing  the   The  red  windshield  sticker  (per-
                                                                                           deck,"  the  Senator  said,  "and  the  mit)  will  be  issued  to  officers  and
                                                                                           man  who is  cooking  the meals  are  men  permanently  attached   to
                                                                                           contributing  just  as much  toward  Treasure  and  Yerba  Buena  Island
                                                                                           hastening  the  day  of  final  victory  activities  and  will  become  their
                                                                                           as  is  the  man  in  command  of  a  permit  to  buy  gasoline  at  the
                                                                                           battleship."  He  added  that  most  Treasure  Island  gasoline  station.
                                                                                           people  think  of the  Navy  in  terms  Personnel attached to activities not
                                                                                           of  ships.  "The  Navy  and  its  lead- on  Treasure  or  Yerba  Buena  Is-
                                                                                           ers,  however,  think  of  this  great  lands,  having suflicient business on
                                                                                           organization  in  the  terms  of  men  these  islands  to  warrant  an  auto-
                                                                                           and  without  its  enlisted  personnel  riobile  permit,  will  be  issued  a
                                                                                           the  Navy  couldn't  exist,"  he  con- similar pass in blue which will not
                                                                                           _cluded.                      entitle  the  owner  to  the  gasoline
                                                                                             Upon  the  conclusion ·of  Senator   purchase  privilege.  · Civilian  per-
                                                                                           Walsh's remarks, Kyser introduced   sonnel  employed  on  Treasure  and
                                                                                           Jeff  Davis,  Sp(C)3c,  who  spoke in   Yerba Buena Islands will be issued
                                                                                           behalf of the enlisted men. He said,   a  green  windshield  sticker  ( per-
                                                                                           "The  dedication  of  the  building  is
                                                                                           a  happy occasion and the efforts of   The  following  procedure  will  be
                                                                                           all  responsible  are  deeply  appreci- followed  by  all  personnel  in  mak-
                                                                                           ated."                        ing  application  for  a  vehicle  per-
                                                                                             Activities at the  building will  be   mit:
                                                                                            under  the  direction  of  Lt.  P.  G.   Obtain  application _ at  the  Pass
                                                                                           Gay,  Welfare  and  Athletic  Officer.  Office  in  the Administration Build-
                                                                                           Lt.  Gay  has  planned  a  well- ing, Treasure Island.
                                                                                            rounded  program  for  the  enlisted   Fill  out  application  and  securt:i
                                                                                            personnel.  The  ten-lane  bowling  endorsement  trom  proper  author-
                                                                                           alley, large recreational room which  ity.  (Endorsement not required for
                                                                                            is  equipped  with  pool  and  billiard   officer  personnel.)
                                                                                            tables,  handball and squash courts,   Submit  insurance  policy  or  re-
                                                                                            along with facilities for boxing and   ceipt of payment showing that pub-
                                                                                            wrestling,  will  provide  a  wide
                                                                                                                          lic  liability insurance of $5,ooo· and
                                                                                            variety  of  entertainment  for  the
                                                                                            Yerba Buena personnel.        $10,000  and  property  damage  in-
                                                                                                                          surance  of  $1,000  is  carried  to
                                                                                                                          cover the vehicle for which applica-
                                                                                                                          tion is maclc.
                                                                                            Armed  Guard  Center
                                                                                             The list of 4rmed Guard person·
                                                                                            nel  receiving  citations  and  other   L.  L.  Day,  Slc;  J.  H.  Lawrence,
                                                                                            official  Navy  Department  honors   Slc;  H.  Ford,  RM3c;  R.  G.  Dox,
                                                                                            for  acts  of  courage  under  enemy
                                                                                            fire  continued  to  grow  during  the   G. H. Irby, Slc; G.  Simonini, Slc;
                                                                                            past  several  weeks  when  the   R.  M.  Barton,  GM3c;  W.  L.  John-
                                                                                            following  names  were  added:   son, BMlc; A.  C.  Coffee,  Slc; P. J .
                                                                                             From  the  Bureau  of  Naval  Per- Grace, SM3c;  A.  A.  Sharp, Cox;  R.
                                                                                            sonnel,  commandations were issued  Moore, GM3c; H.J. Huddleston:, Jr.,
                                                                                            to:  Arthur D.  Foster, Slc;  Clifford  BM2c;  L.  M.  Coney,  RM3c;  R.  L.
                                                                                            N.  Carrick,  Slc;  J .  J.  Yankosky,  Scarborough, GM3c; W. E. Schmm, ··
                                                                                            Slc ;  S.  J.  Moresco,  Slc;  J .  S.  Cox;  W.  W.  Fleischer,  Slc;  W.  E.
                                                                                            Clancy,  SM2c;  J. J.  Crouse, GM3c;  Conklin, SMlc; W. J. Brennan, Slc-;
                                                                                            E.  M.  Jones,  BM2c;  K.  Kendrick,  C.  E.  Conner,  Slc;  J.  E.  Massey,
                                                                                            BM2c ;  K.  K.  Krupp,  GM3c;  W.  E.  Slc;  J. A.  Shell,  Slc.
                                                                                            Mocheski,  Slc;  J.  R.  Morrissette,   Purple  Hearts  were  awarded  to
                                                                                            Cox;  R.  J.  Richard,  Cox;  M.  J.  Lt.  (jg)  Kenneth H.  Muir;  Arlo V.
                                                                                            Wtodarek,  GM3c;  R.  Zakrajsek,  Johnson,  Slc;  Rawlins  C.  Stivers,
                                                                                            l3M2c;  H.  D. Walker,  GM3c;  M.  F .  Slc;  M.  C.  Stockton,  Slc; Lloyd T.
                                                                                            Krawetz,  Slc;  B.  L.  Griggs,  Slc;  Evatt,  Slc.
  KAY  KYSER,  the  sterling  bandleader  who  creates   share  the  vocal  honors  with  Don  Lesley  (bottom)
  the  Hep  cats'  haven  with  his  incomparable  baton   who  is  shown  with  Kyser.  Senator  David  I.  Walsh,\ Ch  • t•   S  •  M   I   L   M  t  W  kl
  antics,  was  caught  by  the  cameraman  during  the   Chairman  of the  Naval  Affairs  Committee  is  shown   rtS  tan  erVIC8   en S  eague  ee S  ee  Y
  highlights of  his  performance  while  playing  for  the   in  the inset, upper  left,  and  Commodore  R.  W.  Cary,
  dedicatory  oerem~nies  at  Verba  Buena  Island.   Commander  U,  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distributi,on
  Photos show maestro  Kyser fronting  his  musical  en•   Center  is  shown  in  the  inset,  lower  right.  Kay
  semble  (top)  while  the  "Town  Criers"  (center)   "mowed  'em  down"  with  his  performance.

  Sea  Frontier  Sector         best man. The nuptial mass was at- with 2300 pints,  has been posted on
                                tended  by  Captain  Paul  P .  Black- the  Welfare  bulletin board. Thanks
                                burn  and  many  friends  of  the  to t_he  donation of 64  pints of blood
  And  Local  Defense           couple. The bride's parents reside in   per  week  by  volunteers  from  this
    The  Treasure  Island  chapel_ was   Lowell,  Mass.,  and  the groom  is  a   activity ,the total donations for this
  the  scene  of  another  lovely  wed-  native of Greenfield,  Mass.  After a   calendar year were over the top  of
  ding ceremony at high noon Satur-  brief honeymoon  the  bride  will  re•   2300  pints,  as  shown  on  the  ther•
  day,  October 14, when Claire Marie   turn  to  her  duty  as  Yeoman  for   mometer.
  Coleman,  Y2c,  became the bride of   Lt.  Commander  H.  T.  LaFavoure,   This  week  we  bid  farewell  to
  Pfc.  James  Joseph  Burns,  United   Jr.,  and  the  groom  to  ship's  com•   Chief  Electrician  K.  T.  Hashman,
  States  Marine  Corps.  The  bride,  pany, Marine  barracks.   USN, who reported aboard Septem-
  who was given in marriage by her
  brother,  Joseph  Coleman,  USNR,                           ber 25,  1942,  and  Chief Electrician
  wore  a  white  satin  dress,  a  floor   NAVAL  TRAINING   J.  E.  Preston,  USN,  who  reported
  length  veil  and  carried  a  bride's                      aboard  October  28,  1942.
  bouquet tied with satin ribbon. H:er   SCHOOLS                Among  departing. is  Miss
  maid of honor,  Mary  Scral;>le,  Y2c,                      Merle  Taylor  of  the Personnel  Of-
  ·wore a  sheer turquoise dress, while   NTS  extends  congratulations  to  fice.  Miss  Taylor,  who  came  to
  the  bridesmaids,  Marion  Walsh,  three  officers  on  their  recent  ad- NTS  in  March,  is  leaving  for  her   WITH  JOHN  TREMAINE,  Sp(W)1c,  at  the  piano,  Christian  Service•
  Y2c  ,and  Lorraine  Funke,  Y2c,  vancements  from  Lieutenant  (jg')  home  in  Ogden,  Utah.   men's  League  enjoy  Wednesday evenings  in  the  Reception  Room  at the
  wore  matching  gowns  of  canary  to Lieutenant: Lt. C.  J . Kippenhan,   Congratulations are also in order  Treasure  Island  Chapel.  Pictured  with  the  group  are  Chaplain  Walter
  yellow.  Philip  Coleman,  Army Air  Lt. T. K. Miles, and Lt. J . W. Raab.  for  WAVE  yeoman  Mary  Lucille   J.  Davis  who  organized  the  regular  weekly  meetings  six  months  ago,
                                                                                            Senior  Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin,  and  Chaplain  George  E.  Thomas  who  is
  Corps,  brother  of  the  bride,  was   A  new  thermometer,  starting  Sorrell,  now  Y3c ( T) .   arranging  current  meetings.
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