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       *  TO  THE  ZACA - WELL  DONE                                                             OFFICERS  SOUGHT  FOR         Proper Procedure
                                                                                                 SUBMARINE  TRAINING           Given  for  Having
                                               :-'~·  ':'~~t>_- +..,.·.~-.·p~•-  ··-:;·?-':'F~r..~.,
                                                                                                   Volunteers  from  the  officers'   War Bonds  Cashed
                                                                                                 personnel are sought for submarine
                                                                                                 training  in  the  class  convening   Due to  the fact  that War Bonds
                                                                                                 about January 1,  1945  at the  Sub- are  cashable at any bank,  a  recent
                                                                                                 marine School, New London, Conn.,  Training  and  Distribution  Mem-
                                                                     Yes,  they were Dutch Wacs,  just
                                                                                                 and  for  subsequent  classes.   orandum  gives  the  following  pro-
                                                                   in  case  you  were  wondering about
                                                                                                   Applications  are  desired  from  cedure to be followed  fn  fumishing
                                                                   the nineteen good-looking girls who
                                                                                                 officers of the U. S. Naval Academy  identification  of  individuals  desir-
                                                                   were seen  on  the Island on Thurs-
                                                                                                 classes  of  1942-45,  inclusive,  and  ing to cash their war bonds at the
                                                                   day  of  this  week.  The  girls  came
                                                                                                 from  Naval  Reserve  Officers  not  Treasure  Island  Branch,  Bank  of
                                                                   aboard  at  eleven  A.  M.,  had lunch   over 28  ye.ars of age,  of  the  ranks  America.
                                                                   in the  WAVES  mess and were  es-  of  lieutenant,  lieutenant  (jg)  and   According  to  the  memorandum
                                                                   corted  about  the  Island  by five  of   ensign.  However,  officers  with sea- each  activity will  designate  an  of-
                                                                   our  WAVES.  The  chatter  really
                                                                                                 going  expe_rience  qualified  in  ship  ficer to certify to the identity of the
                                                                   flew  as  the  girls  compared  notes,
                                                                                                 handling  and  particularly  Naval  bond  owner,  furnishing  Branch
                                                                   all  nineteen  of  the  visitors  speak   Academy  graduates  are  especially  Bank of America a  specimen signa-
                                                                   excellent   English,   incidentally.   urged to volunteer.   ture of this officer.  This officer will
                                                                   After  a  sight-seeing  tour  and  a                        certify to the ownership of the bond
                                                                   boat trip they went to  the Hostess                         on the  reverse  side,  above the  sig-
                                                                   House  where  Mrs.  Nielson  enter- QM  SENDS  ICE  CREAM   nature of the bond owner,  by sign-
                                                                   tained  them  all  with  tea  and  M I XE RS  TO  PACIFIC   ing his  name,  rank  and activity  to
                                                                   cookies. When they left, late in the   Pacific   (CNS)- The  Quarter- which  he  belongs,  the  name  to  be
                                                                   afternoon, it would have been  hard   master  Corps  now  is  shipping  a  typed  below  the  signature.  This
                                                                   to  decide  the  high-spot  of  their   lightweight,  portable  ice  cream  signature  in  no  way  holds  the  of-
                                                                   visit,  unless it was  the whole  time   making  outfit,  which  will  produce  fleer  liable,  except as to the verifi-
                                                                   they  spent  here  as  our  gue:=;ts.  If   40  gallons  of  ice  cream  in  eight  cation of identification of the owner
                                                                   the women's  services could  get  to-  hours,  to  all  theaters  of  operation  of the bond.
       ZACA  IS THE  INDIAN  NAME for  "peace"  and  this  ship  has done  her
       full  share  toward  maintaining  her  namesake.  She  is  a  two-masted,   gether somewhere and have a  good   in  the  Pacific.  A  tasty  ice  cream   The memorandum further  states
       gaff-rigged schooner  with  top  sails,  beloved  of the  people  of San  Fran-  talk  like  this  one,  we  have  a  feel-  mix,  to  which  only  water  need  be  that banks  must  be  certain  of the
       cisco,  who  spend  many  Sundays  wandering  down  to  the  Marina.   ing  that  the  senators  could  quit  added,  is  shipped with  the  mixer.   ownership  of  bonds  before  cash-
                                                                   worrying  about  international  re-                         ing;  therefore,  officers  certifying
                                                                   lations.                      women who marry Navy men,  and
         'Back to her home waters to stay   'rhe  first  crew  of  the  Zaca  was                                              to the ownership of bonds  must be
       .s  the  lady  who  has  done  a  two- recruited from amongst the yachts-  Marriage  and  Separation   an  order  which  seems  to  be  send-  very  careful.  Since  bonds  are  now
       fisted job for the Navy, for the city  men of the Bay Area, augmented by   And  that  is  exactly  what  we   ing  several  of  our  girls  back  to   cashable  personnel  shoul'd  exercise
       which has loved  her long and well,  young  lads  with  little  or  no  ex- mean.  The  marriage  involved  was   civilian life.  To  both  of them,  it is   great' care  in  proper
       and to  whom  that city,  San  Fran- perience  but with  the  desire  to  go  that  of  Claire  Coleman,  Y2c,  one   lots  of  good  luck  and  all  our  best   security  of  those  in  their  posses-
       cisco,  may owe her very life today.  to  sea  under  sail.  When  the  boys  of the nicest girls on T. I., who said   wishes.   sion in order to prevent theft. Com-
       For,  far  out  in  the  Pacific,  there  in  the  big  ships  of the  Navy  com- "I do"  fo  Pfc.  James Burns  of the  Post-War  Plans   manding  officers  may,  in  addition
       was a  day in 1942  when  an enemy  plain that they can't shower twice  Marine  Corps  and now  answers  to   Those of you who lu!,ve  not been  to the above,  require  enlisted  men
       convoy,  destination,  San Francisco,  a  day,  they should  bow first to  the  "Mrs.  James  Burns."  The  separa- over  to  the  newly  opened  Hostess  to produce their identification cards
       was  spotted  by  the  alert,  salt  men  of  the  Zaca.  They  subsist  on  tion  was  that  of  Marion  Davies  House  should  drop  in.  Many  wiil  to  cashiers  of  the bank as  further
       soaked  crew  of  this  fabled  yacht.  two  gallons  per  day.  The  wheel  Brady,  SI0)2c,  who  said  goodbye  get ideas  for  some  post-war  plan- identification.
       What  really  happened  then  and  watch was stood with only the stars  to  the · WAVES  this  week  when  ning of their own, and anyway it is
       afterward must remain, in essential  for cover, and seldom did a  man hit  she  was  discharged  under  the  a  grand  place  to  relax  and  enjoy   Remember fellows,  it's  the fresh
       details,  one  of  the  war's  great  his  sack  without  first  shedding  ALNv  which  permits  discharge  to  yourselves.   egg that gets slapped in the pan.
       secrets.  This  much  is  clear.  San  clothes  that  were  soaked  in  salt
       Francisco  re!l}ains  untouched  by  water. When a  storm rages and the
       enemy bombs or shells.  The enemy  barometer  drops,  everything  is
       by  this  time  may  well  have  more  lashed  down  . .. the  storm  sails
       than  a  nodding  acquaintance  with  set, and the Zaca rides it out. These
       ice  for  specifie  and  valuable  duty.  to  work  aloft,  swinging  100  feet  Poster Contest
       Davy Jones.
                                     men  are  the  real  "salts"  of  the
         She was brought into naval serv- Navy.  They  are  often  called  upon
       Her  conversion  was  made  with  as  or more above the  decks when the
       little  possible  change  in  her  char- weather  is  far  from  the  best  . ..
       acteristics as a  civilian sportsman's  the  old adage  "0ne hand for  your-
       yacht.  Flying  the  Navy  pennant,  self  and  one  hand  for  the  ship."
       the Zaca put to sea. Even following  There have been many times when        Pearl· Harbor  Day  Cash
       in some instances, the tracks in the  it was  easier to  walk  on the  bulk-
       ocean  that  she  had  followed  when  heads  than to walk  on the deck.
       her  civilian  owner,  Templeton   The  days  of  the  Schooner  are                War  Bond  Drive
       Crocker,  took  her  on  fascinating  passing.  The  Zaca  and  her  sister
       expeditions in the study of the fish  ships have  done  a  4.0  job on their
       life  of  the  Pacific  and  the  South  assigned  duties.  Now  they  make
       Seas.  Mr.  Crocker  has  written  a  way for newer, faster ships, but the   l:nter a poster  and  win  a prize!  Your  poster  may  be
       book  called  "The  Cruise  of  the  Bay loses something in  their pass-
       Zaca," and wherever seafaring men  ing. The Zaca has served her coun-        used  over  the  entire  12th  Naval  District.
       gather,  the  Zaca  is  known  and  try  well  and  if  her billowing  sails
       talked of,  the world over.   were  permitted  to  tell  their  story,
         During her service out of Treas- they  would  relate  many  an  inter-                           PRIZES
       ure  Island,  the  Zaca  has  traveled  esting 'yarn. When the day of peace
                                                                                  FIRST  PRIZE  .  •  •  •  •  •  .  •  .  •  •  •  .  •  .  • $100  BOND
       thousands upon thousands of miles,  arrives  and  the  history  books  are
                                                                                  SECOND  PRIZE  •  •  •  . .  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  .  .  .  .  • 75  BOND
       in  all  weather  and  nearly  always  written,  they will  tell  the  part she
       under  sail.  Aboard  the  Zaca  the  has  played  in  the  defense  of  the   THIRD  PRIZE  .  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  50  BOND
       proverbial  ribbing  of  the  black  Pacific Coast. The Zaca, still a beau-  THREE  HONORABLE  MENTIONS  •   .  .  •  •  .  .  •  •  25  BONDS  EACH
       gang  by  the  deck  crew  was  met  tiful,  seaworthy  and  proud  vessel,       !NO  INDIVIDUAL  MAY  WIN  MORE  THAN  ONE  PRIZE)
       with  little  or no  reply  because  the  goes past for a final salute from the
       men  frankly  have  never  given  a  Navy and the people of San  Fran-                            ELIGIBLE
       damn whether those "dirty old en- cisco,  who  have known her well  in
       gines  run  or  not."  The  wind  and  the days of her past glories on the   All  members  of  Navy,  Marine  Corps  and Coast  Guard  attached  to  T ADCEN,  Pre-Commis-
       good  seamanship  always  brought  sea.  To her skipper,  her  crew  .   sioning  Training  Center,  Local  Defense  Forces  and  ships  basing  on  Treasure  Island  during
       the  Zaca  safely  into  port.   the Zaca-Well Done!                October  are  eligible  to  participate.
                      EX             Welcome
                                       To a  veteran of World War I  and
                       POTINTIA      World War II, RMS extends a  wel-     Poster  sketches  must  not  be  more  than  14  inches wide  by 22  inches  deep and  must  be  sub-
                                                                           mitted  in  not  more  than  four  flat  tones.  They  may  be  submitted  on  white  paper  or  show.
                                     come to John F . Kosko, Chief Ship's   card  board.
                                     Clerk, who comes aboard to relieve
                                     C.  L.  Gee,  Chief  Ship's  Clerk,  who   Poster  must  emphasize  the  theme  "Pearl  Harbor  Day  Cash  War  Bond  Drive  - December
                                                                           1st  to  7th".
                                     has  been  detached.  Mr.  Kosko  is
                                     one  of  the  few  men  to  serve  on                               JUDGES
                 =---,               he  commissioned  the  USS  New       A  Committee  of  Nava!  personnel  and  professional  advertising  men  will  judge  ali  designs
                                     the same ship in two wars. In 1918
                                     Mexico  and  upon  returning  to  ac-
                                                                           and  select  winners.  All  sketches  submitted  will  be  used  during  drive.  Winning  designs  will
                                                                           be  duplicated  for  station  and  district  use.  Awards  will  be  made  on  basis  of  sales  appeal,
       RADIO  MATERIEL  SCHOOL       tive duty in this war, was assigned   originality  of  idea,  artistic  quality  and  skillful  execution.
                                     the  same  ship.
                                       Mr.  Kosko  comes  from  Seattle,
       Graduation                                                                                          TIME
         On  F-riday,  October  13,  Class  33   Wash.,  and  takes  up  his  duties  at
       concluded its studies with 148 Navy   RMS after two years' sea duty dur-  The  contest  doses  at  1600,  October  31,  1944.  All  entries  must  be  turned  in  to  Wa.r  Bond
       men  and  15  Marines  successfully   ing  which  time  he  saw  plenty  of   Office,  Post  Office  Building,  Treasure  Island  before  that  time.  No  name  is  to  be  placed
       completing  the  advanced course  of   action.                      on  the  poster.  A  number  will  be  assigned  when  design  is  submitted.
       instruction. Top honors of the class  Detached
       went  to  F.  A.  Fischer,  RT2c,  who   With  profound  regret  we  an-
       ha,d an average of 96.16. ·These men  nounce the detachment of C. L. Gee,             ENTER  NOW!
       ha~e under;gone an intensive course  Chief  Ship's  Clerk,  wno  received
       of  stud,y  and  are  now  fully  quali- orders  to  proceed  immediately  to
       fied,  to  carry  out  their  duties  as  his  new  duty station  and who  left   You  May Win  a  Prize!
       radio technicians in the Fleet or at  on  October  11.  Mr.  Gee  has  been
       advanced  bases.  Good  luck  to  an- , aboard since March 1943 and RMS
       other  group  of  RMS  alumnae.   suffers  a  real  loss  in  his  leaving.
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