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  CAPTAIN  DAVIS WELCOMED  ABOARD\Cap_tain  Davis                                           ~-"i"iii'Giil'l/iiC/i'Hiii,ii :··:·:·1
                                                              Becomes  Medical

                                                              Officer  in  Command
                                                                In  a  formal  ceremony  at  1000,
                                                              October  9,  Captain  J.  H.  Robbins
                                                              turned  over  the  command  of  the
                                                              U.  S.  Naval  Hospital,  Treasure  Is-
                                                              land,  to  Captain B. P.  Davis.
                                                                All  hands  ass::mbled  before  the
                                                              hospital class  room  at 0930  attired
                                                              in  dress  blue  Baker.  The  nurses  of
                                                              the hospital, in white,  added  an ef-
                                                              fective  background  to  the  entire
                                                                Before  reading  his  orders  reliev-
                                                              ing  him  as  commanding  officer  of
                                                              the  Naval  Hospital,  Treasure  Is-
                                                              land,  Captain  Robbins  gave  an  in-
                                                              formal  address.  He  said,  "Before I
                                                              leave  I  want  to  thank  each  and
                                                              every  one  of you  as individuals for
                                                              doing  a  hard  job  well.  You  are  a
                                                              fine  crew;  I  wish  you  the  best  of
                                                                Captain  Davis  then  delivered  a
                                                              short message. He said,  "I  am glad
                                                              to be here.  In Washington this hos-
                                                              pital  has  the  best  of  reputations.  I
                                                              know  that  you  feel  sad  in  losing
                                                              such a  fine  leader as Captain Rob-
  WITH  ALL  HANDS  assembl-ed  before  the  Treasure  Island  hospital,  bins,  and  when  we  come  to  the
  Captain  J.  H.  Robbins  turns ,over  the  command  of  the  Naval  Hospital  parting  of  ways,  I  hope  that  you
  to  Captain  B.  P.  Davis.  The  informal  ceremony  was  held  October  9.   will feel the same  about me."  Cap-
                                                              tain  Davis  then  read  to  the  staff
  MINE  FORCE  .  .  . Pearl  Harbor  Day                     the  order  o_f  Vice  Admiral  Randall
                                                              Jacobs,  Chief  of  Naval  Personnel,
    The  Mine  Force  is_  making  all  War  Bond  Campaign   p~acing him in command of the hos-
  manner  of  changes  m  personnel                           p1tal.
  this  week,  to  wit:  Chief  Torpedo- To  Start  Soon        It was on May 3, 1917  that Cap-
  man  Prentice  N.  Chambliss,  who                          tain  Davis  joined  the  Navy,  and
  has  been  at the  Mine  Repair  Shop   The  Navy  promotes  two  "extra"  for  the past 27  years,  he  has  been
  for  three  and  one-half  years,  and  cash  War  Bond  sales  each  year_:_  serving his country. When the Nie-
  has  watched  the  rise  and  fall  of  on  Pearl  Harbor  Day  and  Inde- araguan governme~t need~d aid in
  the  Mine  Force  (shades  of  Car- pendence  Day.  In  the  past  these  establishing  honest  elections,  the
  lyle ! ) ,  has  recently  been  detached  campaigns have  been  so  successful  Marines went down to help  out.  At
  for  duty  in  the  Pacific  area.  Ens.  as to attract national attention. The  that  time  Captain  Davis  was  at- "FOUR  SWEET  LIPS,  two  pur-e  souls,  and  -one  undying  affection"
                                                                                             were  the  ingredi,ents  which  brought  about  the  engagement  of  Mary
  D.  E. VanFarowe, who has scarcely  1943  Pearl  Harbor  Day  campaign  tached  to  the  Marines,  serving  as
                                                                                             Berry, who  is  an  attractive seni,or at  Alabama's  Abbeville  High  School,
  had time to get used to us, has now  resulted  in  over  $23,000,000  being  the  Brigade  Surgeon  in  the  field   to Sam  L. Weathington,  S2c,  who  has  made a  vow to tie the  knot  t-o  his
  been  ordered  to  new  construction.  invested in bonds  by Navy civilian  hospital,  Second  Brigade.  For  his  "Dixie  Belle"  on  "V-Day."  Weathington  met  his  lovely  bride-to-be  be-
  The  change  in  personnel  even  and uniformed personnel.  This  fig- high  degree  of  proficiency  in  per- fore  entering  service and  became engaged while ,on  his  boot  leave  from
  reached the office  force when Leon  ure was  doubled last Independence  formance  of  duty the  Skipper was   Great  Lakes,  Illinois.
  J . Downey, Y3c moved to new duty  Day  when  $48,000,000  worth  of  awarded the Navy Cross. From the
  in the Mine Repair Shop.  Replace- bo nds  were sold.       Nicaraguan  government  he  re-                             CSp(A) ;  J .  C.  Minter,  GMlc;  and
  ments  were  made  when  four  new   This  year,  all  cash  purchases  of  ceived  the  Medal of Merit.                A.  Gravina,  GM2c.
  officers  logged  in  from  Mine  War- bonds  by  Navy,  Marine  and  Coast   Captain Davis, a  resident of Mill          Our  sympathy is  extended to  A.
             .  y  kt   V     d  Guard  personnel  from  December  1  Valley  graduated from the Univer-                  M.  Kulivan,  BM2c,  whose  father
  f are  S  h  l c  oo  1n   or  own,   a.,  an   .   .             '
                                through  7  will  be  credited  toward  sity  of  California,  and  went  on  to           died  recently  in  Louisiana.  Kuli-
  to keep the record complete we are
                                the  Pearl  Harbor  Day  campaign.  post  graduate work  specializing in                   van  was  with  his  father  at  the
  welcoming CQM  O'Reilly,  who  re-
                                These  dates  fall  during  the Treas- diseases  of  the  ear,  eye,  nose  and           time  of his  death.
  ported  aboard  to  fill  the  recently   ury  Sixth  War  Loan  Drive,  run- throat.  He  was  assigned  to  Mare
  vacated  ·shoes  of  F .  F.  Soares,   ning from November 20 to the close  Island  Hospital  for  three  tours  of       E.  N.  Nicas,  EM2c,  fell  down  a
  QMlc now adjusting himself to life  of  the  year.  This  gives  Navy  per- duty  and  was  placed  in  charge  of      fifteen foot embankment while vis-
  on  a  destroyer.             sonnel who buy their bonds through·  the EENT department.                                 iting Oak Knoll Hospital last week;
                                                                                                                          an injured nose, discolored face and
                                                                Captain  Davis  also  served  as                          , two  broken  teeth  were  the  result.
    GINNY  SIMMS  ENTERTAINS  Al T.  I.  HOSPITAL             Executive  Officer  at  Portsmouth,   Last week  the population of  the
                                                              New  Hampshire.  He  was  also  at- nation  was  increased  by  two  (2) I Next  time  "Nick"  look  before  you
                                                               tached  to  the  Bureau  of  Medicine
                                                               and  Surgery  in  Washington.  At  through  the  efforts  of  G.  E.  Car- leap!
                                                                                                                            The War Fund Campaign is pro-
                                                               shore stations in China and Hawaii  I penter,  BMlc,  and  O.  O.  Byam,
                                                                                             MoMMlc. These men are the proud   ceeding  satisfactorily.  This  activ-
                                                               and  with  sea  duty  in  the  Pacific,                     ity  is  striving  for  a  100%  partici-
                                                               he  has  had  first  hand  experience   fathers  of  bouncing  boys.  Mrs.   pation,  the wish  of our  Comm_?,nd-
                                                              with the people  who  are  our allies   Carpenter and Mrs.  Byam are both   ing  Officer,  Commander  H.  E .
                                                               in this war.                  doing  nicely.  Our  congratulations,
                                                                                             men!                          Stone,  who  issued  a  memorandu,m
                                                                Four  months  before  Pearl  Har-
                                                                                              The  Ship's  Company  of  Opera-  suggesting that " .. .  our contribu-
                                                               bor, the Skipper built the first base   tional  Training  School  wishes  to   tion  to  this  campaign  be  made  on
                                                               hospital  in  the  European  Theatre.
                                                                                             welcome  W.  Hill,  GMlc;  L.  C.   the  basis  of  'SHARES'  at  a  par
                                                               For  the next three years his mobile   Kentworthy,  RMlc;  E.  M.  Eck-  value  of  $1.00  each.  It  is  hoped
                                                               hospital  unit  cared  for  survivors   man,  Slc;  and  WAVES  M.  E.   that n;iany  officers  and men of this
                                                               rescued from  the Atlantic.
                                                                                             Weed,  Slc;  T.  F .  Smith,  Slc;  and   command will want to  buy a  num-
                                                                Captain  Davis  has  been  well   G.  G.  Wickham,  Y2c.  These  new   ber  of  these  'SHARES'  and  that
                                                               liked wherever he has had duty, and
                                                                                             members  all  have  entered  Ship's   each and every one will be a  stock-
                                                               he  has  friends  in  all  parts  of  the   Company during  the past week .. In   holder  according  to  the number  of
                                                                                             addition  to  these  new  service  per-  'SHARES' he feels that he can and
                                                                                             sonnel, one new civilian, Miss Betty   should  ~ontribute ... it  is  the hope
                                                               Navy sources  between  December 1  Onderick,  has. joined  the  Training   of  the  Commanding  Officer  that
                                                               and  7,  a  double-barreled  opportun- Department  under  the  supervision   every  officer  and  man  on  .duty .at
   AT THE  MIKE-Ginny  Simms,  noted  star of  scr,een  and  radio,  sings   ity- since  their  purchases  will  of Lt.  A.  0.  Davidson.   O.T :S .  will  contribute  so  that  the
   whi-1-e  Lt.  (jg)  Jarrett  (Art  Jarrett)  strums  the  guitar  in  one  of  the
   wards  at  the  Treasure  Island  hospital.  Miss  Simms  sang  numerous   count toward the credit of both the   Fair  sailing  to  these  men  who I School  may be known  on Treasure
   popular  songs  .... the  kind  that everyone  in  the  service  likes.   Navy and Treasury  totals.   left  us  last  week:  F.  N.  Roche,  Island as '100%'."
                                         • • •
                                           ... I  h'AVE  A  WHOLE
                                           HOVI{ LEFT, f/ONEY. .

                                           HAS BEEN

          ~'11~   \\   I'

                ' '
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