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        * TREASURE  ISLAND  HAS MODERN  DENTAL  FACILITIES**  ADDITIONAL  SPORTS                                                                         *

                                                 IN  CHARGE  OF  FOUR  DENTAL  CLINICS  is  Commander  H.  F .  Del- N. T. S. Softball  Squad  American  League  Wins
                                                 more  (BC),  USN,  Senior  Dental  Officer  of  Treasure  Island,  pictured
                                                 set  of  teeth  in  the  prosthetic  laboratory.  Feaherty  has  had  15  years'  Hang  Up  Spikes  and  Set  Tussle  From  National's
                                                 at  top  left.  Center  shows  Feaherty,  PhMlc  (DP),  completing  a  new
                                                 experience in this type of work. Lower left---The prosthetic laboratory,
                                                 one  of  the  finest  equipped  on  the  West  Coast.  It is  staffed  with  tech-
                                                 nicians  with  years  of  experience  who  know  how  to  make  all  types  of  Sights  on  Basketball   At  Treasure  Island
                                                 artificial  dental  appliances.  Top  right---Officers  of  the  surgery  depart-
                                                 ment consulting on a  case. Lower right---The modernly equipped X-ray
                                                 department.  M.  J .  Richardson,  HAlc,  pictured  below,  is  one  of  the   The NTS,  runners up of the sec-  Despite the gallant efforts of  Gil
                                                 many  WAVES  in  the  clinic.                    ond half in the T. I. softball league,  Brack,  ex-Brooklyn  Dodger,  who
                                                                                                  hung up their spikes for the season  pounded out a  home run, triple and
                                                                                                  and started looking forward  to  the  single  in  four  times  at  bat,  the
                                                                                                  Island Basketball League.     American  League  -an  stars
                                                                                                    NTS  looked like the  class  of  the  thumped out a  7-4  verdict over the
                                                                                                  league  in  the  first  of  the  season,  Nationals as 40  ex-big league  aces,
                                                                                                  winning  their  first  five  straight,  who are combat zone bound, hooked
                                                                                                  but then the trouble  began. The  T.  up  in a  baseball  game  at Treasure
                                                                                                  I  Doc's,  Frontier  Base  and  Armed  Island, October 12.
                                                                                                  Guard  beat  NTS  in  consecutive   Pounding  pitchers  Lou  Tost,
                                                                                                  order.                        Braves;  Jim  Trexler,  Braves ;  and
                                                                                                   The  second  half was  a  different  Mike Budnich for eleven hits while
                                                                                                  story.  NTS  started  off  with  a  win  their  own  chuckers  were  yielding
                                                                                                  over  the  league's  new  entry,  T: I.  only  six  bingles,  the  American
                                                                                                  gymnasium ; but in the second game  Leaguers were never flagged.
                                                                                                  the  old  jinx  caught  up  with  the   Among the players were  the fol-
                                                                                                  boys  and again they lost to Armed  lowing:
                                                                                                  guard.  Fighting  on  the  up-grade,   AMERICAN  LEAGUE- Barney
                                                                                                  the  team  came  down  the  home  Lutz,  Browns;  Fred  Chapman,
                                                                                                  stretch  without  _another  defeat  to  Athletics; Red McQuillian,.Browns;
                                                                                                  tie  for  the  second  half  champion- Jerry  Robinson,  Senators;  Mickey
                                                                                                  ship  with  Armed  Guard.  The  two  Vernon,   Senators;   Hal_  White,
                                                                                                  teams met in the play-offs but again  Tigers ;  Tom  Carey,  Red  Sox;
                                                                                                  it was Armed Guard.           Benny  Hoffman,  Browns;  John
                                                                                                   The  NTS  team,  like most  of  the  Rigney,  White  Sox;  Maxie  Wilson,
                                                                                                  others in the league, field a different  Portsmouth;  and  Frank  Juliano,
                                                                                                  team  almost  every  time  out,  how- Athletics.
                                                                                                  ever, the key positions were held by   NATIONAL  LEAGUE -  Gil
                                                                                                  members  of  the school  instructors'  Brack,  Dodgers;  Merill  May,  Phil-
                                                                                                  staff  which  stayed  with  the  team  lies;  Al Glossup, Cubs;  Guy Fletch-
                                                                                                  throughout the season.  The loss  of  er,  Pirates;  Billy  Herman,  Dodg-
                                                                                                  Geo. Slizeski, star hitter  and fielder  ers ;  Dick  West,  Reds;  Lou  Tost,
                                                                                                  for  NTS,  hurt  the  team's  chances  Braves;  Connie  Ryan,  Braves;
                                                                                                  of  winning  the  second  half  more  John  McCarthy,  Giants;  Buddy
                                                                                                  than any one thing,.          Blattner,  Giants;  Dick  Bartell,
                                                                                                    Members  of  the  team  that  fin- Giants;  and  Jim  Trexler,  Braves.
                                                                                                  ished the season were 0.  E.  Down-
                                                                                                  ing,  manager;  G.  B.  Slizeski;  T .
                                                                                                  Rymarcsuk;  C.  W.  Reifert;  S.  J .  Here's  to  the  ships of our Navy,
                                                                                                  Muraco;  L.  S.  Walsh;  E.  P .  Fox;  Here's  to  the  girls  of  our land:
                                                                                                  M.  0 .;  B.  J.  Spalding;  M.  G.  May  the  former  be  aJways  well-
                                      liness  is  next to  godliness and  the  dental  clirtics  at  the  following  Blank;  J .  B.  Flynn;  J .  E .  Furgu-  rigged,
        Naval Dental                  Navy  wants  its  men  as  clean  and  hours:               son; and L. H. Parker.        ,!Uld the latter always well-manned.
                                      healthy  as  possible  when  they  go   Dispensary  No.  1  (New  Dispen-
        Clinic  Recently              to sea.  And you gals who are  car- sary).  Building No. 257 on Avenue
        Opened  On  T.  I.            rying the load at the shore stations  "E "  between  9th  and 10th Streets.  National League Players In Game Here
                                      know that the same applies to you.  Enlisted  personnel  only.  0730-1000
                                      Help  yourself  "Jack"  and  your  Recehj ng  Ship  Personnel,  1000-
          Every guy and gal in Navy blue
        who  doesn't  receive  expert  and   dental  officer  will  do  everythb g  1200 Station Personnel, U. S. Naval
        complete  dental  treatment here on   possible to help you.   Frontier  Base,  Coast  Guard  on
                                        The sailors on ships operating at  Base,  Old  Section  Base,  and  Yard
        Treasure Island has no one to blame
        but  themselves.  Now  waiting  for   sea  without  dental  officers  many  Craft.  1300-1500  D.  D.  Pool,  Ships
                                      times  do  not know where to  go  to  going into commission and Receiv-
        you  and  ready  to  serve  you  one
                                      receive  treatment.  AU  ships'  per- ing Ship Personnel. 1500-1630
        of  the  largest  and  finest  equipped
        dental  clinics  in the  United  States   sonnel  in  the  Oakland,  Berkeley  Armed Guard,  and  Receiving  Ship
        Navy,  staffed  by  some  of  the  best   area  report to Treasure  Island,  as  Personnel.  1800-2100  Radio  Ma-
        dentists  in  the  country.  That  is  a   you  hold  a  special  place  on  our  teriel  School,  Advanced  Naval
        broad statement but they are stick-  Number 1  priority list. Those ships  Training School, Operational Train-
                                      anchoring  on  the  San  Francisco  ing  School,  Point  M.oritara.
        ing  by  their guns  on  it.
                                      side  of  the  bay  should  send  their   Dispensary  No.  2  (Old  Dispen-
         Painful  and  inadequate  dental
                                      personnel to Hunters Point.   sary) .  Building  No.  15,  corner  of
        treatment was retired after the last
        war. Today,  the officers and corps-  The new Dispensary No.  1  has a  3rd and "H"  Streets.  0830-1630  for
                                      dental  clinic  with forty-five  opera- dental treatment of officers,  chiefs,
        men  of the  Dental  Corps  are  here
                                      tive offices for the treatment of en- WAVES,  and enlisted  personnel  of
        to give you the smile of health and
        beauty with the  least possible  dis-  listed  men  only.  All  officers,  Industrial Division.  This  clinic  has
        ·comfort.  If you  are  not  called  for   WAVES,  chiefs  and  personnel  of  eight operating offices.
        dental  treatment,  report  at  any   the  Industrial  Division  who  need   Dispensary  No.  3  (New  Dispen-
                                      dental treatment will report to Dis- sary). Located on Yerba Buena Is-
        sick call hour on any day,  Monday
                                      pensary  No.  2.  Located  in Dispen- land  opposite  the  Commandant's
        through  Saturday,  at  0800,  1300,
                                      sary  No.  1  is  one  of  the  largest  quarters  ( top  of  the  hill) .  Phone:
        and 1800.  The number of personnel
        needing  treatment  on  this  island   prosthetic  laboratories  for  the  re- Local  102.  0800-1630  for  dental
                                      placement of missing teeth located  treatment of all personnel attached
        has  made  it  necessary  to  have  a
                                      on  the west  coast.  The officers  are  to  Yerba  Buena  Island,  prisoners,
        large  staff  of  dental  officers  to
        serve  you  between  the  hours  of   specialists  in  the  field  of  prostho- and  transient  personnel,  who  are
        0730  and 2100.  Those  who  still  be-  dontia  (false  teeth  to  you!)  The  billeted  on  this  island.   ·
        lieve  the  dentist  is  a  boogey  man   laboratory corpsmen have had from   Dispensary No. 5. Receiving Ship
        (shall  we  say  supersensitive).  see   two  to  fifteen  years  experience  in  Annex,  located  at  40  First  Street,
        the senior dental officer and receive   this field.         San  Francisco,  California.  Phone:
        special consideration for your case.   If  "Sailor  Jack"  was  talking  DOuglas  8542,  Ext.  14.  0800-1630
         Any good Navy man knows clean-  when he should have been listening  for dental  treatment of all  person-
                                      and thereby comes up minus a  few  nel attached  to  the  Fleet Post  Of-
                                      teeth,  the  Navy  regulations  say,  flee, annex patients and any  emer-
                                      "Sorry, but no treatment." If these  gency.
                                      teeth  are lost in  line  of  duty such   Dental appointments  may be  se-
                                      as  falling  out  of  a  hammock  (on  cured  by  telephoning  Local  678  or
                                      your ·face),  the  Navy  will  replace  679.
                                      them  providing  you  report  to  the
                                      dental clinic with a  statement from  LAUNDRY  RECEIVING
                                      your senior officer stating the  con- HOURS  ARE  SET  UP
                                      ditions and facts of the accident. If   Effective_ immediately  the  hours
                                      you  do  not  have  enough  teeth  to  for  receiving  at  the  U.  S.  Navy
                                      properly  extract  the  last  bit  of  Lauri.dry on Treasure Island will be
                                      flavor from those good Navy steaks,  0700  to  1800  Mondays,  Wednes-
                                     . the  Navy  will  replace  the  missing_  days  and  Fridays  only,  until
                                      teeth  according  to  tlre  conditions  further notice.
                                      laid · down  by  Navy  reg-~lations.
                                      With  the  modern  methods,  latest  CHINESE  OFFICERS' SCHOOL
                                      equipment and expert service,  even   China  (CNS)- The  u.  s. Army
                                      your  sweetheart  could  not  tell  in  China  has  established  a  special
                                      whether  your  teeth  are  true  or  General  Staff  School  here  for  of-
                                      false.                        ficers  of the Chinese Expeditionary   PRAYERS??  ... Top-Red  McQuillan,  St.  Louis  Browns  (16),  and
                                        It is  impossible  to  take  care  of  Force. The school is staffed by Am-  Mickey Vernon,  Washington· Senators  ( 15) ,  look on  while a  team  mate
        Lt. L.  J.  Kirkhoff being  assisted  by   everyone  at  once  so  personnel  of  erican  officers  whose  lectures  in   takes  a  hefty  cut  at  the  apple.   ·
        Corpsman  Thomas  McMackin,                                                               CONFAB ... Bottom-What will  it be,  decides catcher  Nanny  Fernan-
        HA1c,  in  one  of  the  modernly   this  command  who  need  dental  English are translated in the class-  dez,  ex-Pittsburgh  Pirate,  with  young  lefty  Lou  Tost,  Boston  Braves.
        equipped dental offices.      treatment  report  to · the  various  room  into  Chinese.   That's  popular  Dick  Bartell,  N·ew  York  flash,  in  the  middle.
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