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     CHAMP APPLIES  PRESSURE-Writhing in  agony is the battered "Czech  Angel" who   applying a  leg  split after escaping the fury of-Casey's toe hold.  Referee Carter,  pictured
     just won't  say "uncle"  to  Casey's  step  over  toe  hold.  Perfect timing  -  "Atlas"  Davis   above  declared  the  bout a  draw.  Body  perfection-Pretty as  a  picture  is  the form  dis.-
     does  a  difficult  handstand over the  horizontal  body of  Fred  Kiefer who  in  turn  holds  a   played  by  Johnny  Payne  in  an  inverted  body  lever,  while  in  swinging  motion  on  ttie'
     straining  body  lever.  Casey  goes  down-Pinto  upsets  the  apple  cart  and  "Crusher"   rii;igs.
     * Wrestling  Champ Casey Tops  Boxing  Show *                                                                           gan,  but there's no  danger of  that
                                                                                               Trampoline  Fast
                                                                                                                             happening  in  the  Gym.  You  can
                                   and  Spanish  selections,  while  the  Detroit's  "Junior  Brown  Bomber,"  Becoming  National   bounce to your heart's content with
     Cal  Newport  Scores          "Three J 's," a  hot singing trio, con- boxed  his  way  to  popular  three-              the advantage of having the expert
                                   tributed with some Boogie Woogie.  round  decision  over  Jackie  "King- Sport's  Favorite   instruction  of Foster,  Lundberg or
     Sensational  One-Round        Ringing  down  the  curtain  on  the  fish"  Wilson,  using his  long  snaky   Presently occupying a  major in-  Easter to  help  you  get started.
                                                                                                                               Is it safe? Absolutely!! The more
     K. 0. Over  Walt  Scott       festivities was an exhibition on the  left to a decided advantage through- terest in the T.  I.  Gymnasium is  a   difficult  moves  can  be  learned
                                   flying  rings  by  Dwight  "Muscles"  out  the  bout.  A  long  left  and  a  rather  unique  new  additiqn  to the
       Punch  - hungry  sailors  jammed  Davis,  Fred  Ki'efer  and  Johnny  looping right kept the dusky Smith  athletic  circle.  This  new  "baby"  without any  thought of danger.  A
                                                                 one  jump  ahead  of  Wilson.  Both  called  the  Trampoline  seems  to  safety belt is provided for this pur-
     the  Treasure  Island  gymnasium  Payne and Bob Smith.
                                                                 boys weighed 162.             pack  the  right  kind  of  punch  to  pose,  securing about the waist and
     Wednesday,  October 11, to g1i.mpse  Sizzling  Bouts ...    Don't  Do  It Yett ...        keep  our  gobs  interested,  showing  operated by two experienced hands
     the  huge  bulk  of  Steve  "Crusher"   Two  back-alley  brawlers  by   Rube  Yett,  a  rather stumpy 155  its  stuff  before  a  capacity  crowd  with  the  use  of  guy  lines.  As  an
     Casey,  present day  world's  heavy-  names  of  Sammy  Reed  and  Earl   pounder,  used  his  past bop  knowl- of  acrobatic-minded  bluejackets  added precaution heavy padding is
     weight  wrestling  champ,  in  action   Saterfield,  opened  the  night's  box-  edge  to  advantage,  mauling  his  daily.   used  around  the  sides,  with  two
     against  the  grunts  and  groans  of   ing card with a  toe-to-toe slugfest   way  to  a  three-round  triumph   Just about the most popular ap- men  stationed  nearby  to · help  if
     Stanly Pinto, bald-headed importa-  that  had  the  fans  hooting  and   over  George  Terlikowski.  George  paratus  in  its  surroundings,  it  is  you happen to fall  off.
     tion from Czechoslovakia, as a  spe-  howling  with  excitement.  Both   tri_ed vainly to make a  battle out of  not  lacking  in  background  and   After fundamental instruction by
     cial  attraction  on  a  star-studded   boys  grazed  the  canvas  at  least   it,  but  Rube's  heavier  blows  were  color. Trampoline or bouncing acro- the  above  mentioned,  somersaults,
     boxing card.                  once during the fracas. Sammy fin-  too much for him. Referee Frankie  batics, as it may be called, was de- high  dives  and  spins  are  next  in
       Showing  utter  disvegard  for  so-  ished fast to earn a  draw from  the   Carter  disregarded  the  towel  that  veloped  by  a  wiley Frenchman  by  line  to  help  you  in  attaining  that
     called ethics,  these two  goliaths  of   heavier  Saterfield.
                                                                 was  thrown  in  by  Terlikowski's  the same name, using a net adopted  circus  performer's  perfection.
     the  mat,  traded  bites  and  elbow  Stonewall  Flanked ...   handlers as he was still very much  from those used by circus acrobats  "Tramp,"  as  it  is  affectionately
     smashes  for  30  mi1:mtes  with  nei-
                                     Bobby  Steiber,  138  pounds  of  in the fight.           with the initial purpose being as  a  known  to  its  users,  is  much  the
     ther Casey nor the "Angel" getting  fighting  fury,  could  not  get  the  Indian  Repeats  ...
                                                                                               safety precaution. The modern ver- same as a  diving board except the
     the verdict in this pier three brawl.   Civil War out of  his  mind,  throw-  A  hot  rematch  between  Indian  sion has been revised,  consisting of  flying  sensation  is greater and  re-
     Sensational Show ...          ing  his  heavy  artillery  at  game  Keeyah Beghay and George Vilbig,  a  . large  canvas  net  and  springs  peated more often.
       Topping  all  previous  variety   Andrew  Jackson  for  two  rounds,  ended in utter disaster for the lat- combined,  giving  it a  very  elastic   From the  exercise  standpoint,  it
     shows, this week's presentation was   finally halting the bout in a  T.K.O.   ter,  falling  victim  to  a  two-fisted  agility  adding  to  its  bed-like  ap- tends  to  build  up  the  chest  and
     a  piperoo, with MC Sarkee Divisin-  win.  "Stonewall"  was  just too  ex- attack in the second round, via the  pearance.   wind,  along with giving a  well-co-
     off handling the show with cracker-  hausted to continue.  Both boys  en-  T.K.O.  route.  Beghay never let up,   Probably  in  your  younger  days  ordinated  body.  It is  done  in  such
     jack precision. New faces sprinkled   joyed  a  terrific  ovation  for  their   raking Vilbig's head and body with  you were in the habit of using your  easy  fashion  that one  becomes  an
     the  program  with  Faye  Cook  and   rip-snorting affair.   rights and lefts that had him help- bed for the same purpose and get- accomplished Trampoline artist be-
     Ann  Cada  providing  the  evening's  Kingfish  Speared  ...   less  against  the  ropes.  Vilbig  was  ting chased off  just as  the fun be- fore he knows it.
     dance entertainment with acrobatic   Rather  cautious  Martin  Smith,  game all the way.   ·
                                                                 Newport Cops  ...             * TRAMPOLINE  POPULAR  T.  I.  SPORT*
     Treasure  Island  Swim  Champions                             The scheduled three-round finale
                                                           •••  was  halted  suddenly,  when  Ca_l
                                                                 Newport's thudding fists  connected
                                                                 repeatedly  on  Walt  Scott's ·unpro-
                                                                 tected  chin,  depositing  him  on  the
                                                                 ::anvas  twice  before he was finally
                                                                 counted  out  by  the  referee  in  the
                                                                 initial  round.  Cal  is  a  newcomer
                                                                 and  his  pleasing  style  is  the  kind
                                                                 all fight fans go for.
                                                                   The  honorable  David  Stevenson
                                                                 and  Dave  Medigovich,  of  Armed
                                                                 Guard, handled the judging assign-

                                                                 NEW  TUGBOAT  CAN
                                                                 TOW  ALMOST  ANYTHING
                                                                   Washington  (CNS) _-The  War
                                                                 Shipping  Administration  has  an-
                                                                 nounced the  development of a  new
                                                                 type  naval  craft,  a  195-foot  tug
                                                                 which  can  tow  almost  anything
                                                                 afloat.  The  tug  is  powered  by two
                                                                 Diesel  engines  and  carries  enough
                                                                 oil  to  remain  at sea  75  days.  It is
                                                                 manned by a  crew  of  40  merchant
      FOUR  OF THE WINNERS  FROM  TREASURE  ISLAND-Front  row, I seamen  and  officers  and  a  Navy
      left  to  right:  Bob  Ray,  Sp(A)2c;  Fred  Capers,  CSp(A);  Bill  Egan,  guncrew  to  man  a  two  and  a  half
      CSp(A);  Fritz  Furtenicht,  S1c.  Top  row-Tom  Lind,  BM2c;  Leland  inch gun.
      Arth, S1c;  Lt.  Don  Stevenson,  Bill  Smith,  Sp(A)2c, and  Charles Grover,
      CMB.  The  four  winners  from · Treasure  Island  are  Bill  Egan  (3rd);               "HE FL VS through the air with the greatest of ease."  Performing ami-
      Charles  Grover  (5th);  Bob  Ray  (8th);  Fred  Capers  (13th).   1   Send  "The  Masthead"  Home!   ably on the "Tramp" is  E.  R.  Foster, Sp(A)1c.
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