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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

      VOL.  111- No.  36                                   TREASURE  ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                        OCTOBER 21,  1944

      BOB . HOPE  TO . En TE RTAln  BlUf JACKETS  In  GAlA  SHOW

                                                                                                                              Comedian  to  Broadcast
      CAPTAIN  HELMKAMP             Big  Dance  Slated            Fin·e  New Hostess  House  Presented
                                                                                                                              Program  Tuesday
      PLA VS  HOST  TO              Wednesday,  October  25  To  Enlisted  Personnel
                                                                                                                              From  Theatre  No.  2
      NAVY DIGNITARIES                The  Welfare  and Recreation De-  The  enlisted personnel  of Treas- as  any  to  call  attention  to  one  of
                                    partment  announces  that  another   ure  Island  formally  accepted  the  our own artists whose work is now   Bob Hope,  famous  comedian,  ac-
      Kay  Kyser  Heads             big  dance  for  the  Colored  Blue-  new  Hostess  House  from  Commo- on  display  in  the  Hostess  House.  companied  by  Vera  Vague  and
                                                                  dore R . W.  Cary, Monday,  October  The  photo  studies  which  you  will  other popular stars of stage,  radio
                                    jackets  will  be  held  Wednesday
      Verba  Buena  Show            night,  October  25,  at the  Treasure   16  at 1715.  The  dedication and ac- see  there  were  made  by  Charles  and screen, wilt appear at Treasure
                                                                  ceptance  ceremonies  were  broad- Rosenthal,  Sp (P) 2c who  is known  Island  Theatres  No.  1  and  2  next
                                    Island  gymnasium.
                                                                  cast  from  the  main  lounge  of  to his many friends as "Rosie." He  Tuesday  night,  October  24.  The
          (Pictur,es  on  page  seven)   Plans  for  this  gala  affair  have
                                                                  Hostess  House  over  Station  KLX  made  all  the  pictures  of  Hostess  Bob  Hope  radio  program  will  be
        Maestro Kay Kyser, the professor   been  completed  and  the  enlisted   with  Chief  Signalman,  Douglas  House and proved by them that he  broadcast from the stage of Theatre
      of  the  famed  "Kollege  of  Musical   men  will  play  host  to  the  charm-  Sherwin  as  emcee  and - musical  is  not  only  a  photographer  but  a  No.  2  starting at 1900.  Tickets for
                                    nig hostesses of the San Francisco
                                    Bay Area.                     numbers  from  Zelman  Brounoff,  fine  artist.
                                                                  PhM3c,  violinist;  Halsey  Stephens,   Besides being a  place to look and
                                      Music  will  be  furnished  by  the   Sp (W) lc,  pianist,  Roy  Zobel,  Y3c,
                                    Treasure Island Swing band under   vocalist  and  the  members  of  the   listen,  Hostess  House  has been set
                                    the  direction  of  hot-jazz  pianist   Treasure  Island  mixed  quartet.   aside  as  a  place  for  sailors  and
                                    Samuel  Allen.  The  dance  will  get                       WAVES  to relax,  write letters and
                                                                  These  are  some  of the  things that
                                    underway  at 2000  and  will  end  at                       just talk if that is what they want
                                                                  enlisted  men  and  women  will  see
                                    2400. ·                       and  enjoy  while  spending  liberty   to  do.  It was  created by Mrs.  Vir-
                                      Coffee, cakes, sandwiches and re-                         ginia N.ielson, who, with her assist-
                                                                  hours  there.
                                    freshments  will be served through-                         ant,  Gloria  Brammer,  will  serve
                                                                    The  main  lounge  has  a  grand
                                    out the  evening.  Jitterbugging will                       as  hostess.  The  gardens  are  an-
                                                                  piano  for  community  sings,  an
                                    be  in full  swing for  all  jive-lovers.                   other high  spot,  and it is  interest-
                                                                  excellent   record   player  which
                                      Men who  plan to attend this  af-  should satisfy those who are music-  ing  to  know  that Lt.  Davies,  who
                                    fair  are  urged  to  get  their tickets  minded.  Special  art  displays  by   planned  them,  saved  many  of  the
                                    from  their • welfare  officers  and  prominent  San  Francisco  artists   plants  from  World  Fair  days,
                                    commanding  officers  of  their  ac- will  be  shown  throughout  the  transplanting  them  to  make·  the
                                    tivities.                     winter,  and  now  is  a  good  a  time  beautiful  surrounding  grounds.
                                       *     WAVES  TAKE  PART  IN  DISTRICT  TENNIS MEET                                     this broadcast will be issued to the
          Captain  E.  S.  Helmkamp                                                                                   *  enlisted personnel of Pre-Embarka-
                                                                                                                              tion  only.
      Knowledge,"  and  his  popular  or-                                                                                       Another show will be given.from
      chestra  invaded  the  newly  erected                                                                                   _the stage of Theatre No.  1  at 2030
      theatre  at  Yerba  Buena  Island                                                                                       with  tickets  available  to  the  en-
      Tuesday  night,  October  14,  with  a                                                                                  listed  personnel  of  Pre-Embarka-
      colorful  musical  revue  to  play  for                                                                                 tion, RecShip, and hospital patients.
      the dedicatory ceremonies of the re-
      cently  completed  Gymnasium  and
      Recreation  Center at Yerba Buena                                                                                       NAVY DAY  SUNDAY
                                                                                                                              TO  BE  OBSERVED
        Captain  E .  S.  Helmkamp,  Com-
      mander,  Ship,  Yerba
      Buena  Island,  played  host  to  Sen-                                                                                  OCTOBER  22
      ator  David  I.  Walsh  (D.,  Mass.),                                                                                     "Navy  Day  Sunday"  will  be  ob-
      Chairman  of  the  Naval  Affairs                                                                                       served on Treasure Island  Sunday,
      Committee;  Vice  Admiral  D.  W.
      Bagley, Commander of the Western                                                                                        October 22.  Special services will be
                                                                                                                              held  in  all  Training  and  Distribu-
      Sea  Frontier;  Rear  Admiral  C.  H.
                                                                                                                              tion  Center  Chapels.  Commodore
      Wright,  Commandant  of  the                                                                                            R.  W.  Cary,  Commander,  U.  S.
      Twelfth  Naval  District;  and  Com-                                                                                    Naval  Training  and  Distribution
      modore  R.  W.  Cary,  Commander,
                                                                                                                              Center,  urges  all  officers,  enlisted
      U.  S.  Naval Training and Distribu-
                                                                                                                              personnel, their families and friends
      tion  Center.
                                                                                                                              to  attend  the  services  which  will
        Kyser,  the  colorful  bandleader,                                                                                    be  held  on  both  Treasure  Island
      whose  name  is  familiar  to  every                                                                                    and  Yerba  Buena  Island  on  that
      American  radio  and  juke-box  fan                                                                                     date.
      as  well  as  his  "school  chillun,"                                                                                     "The  Commandant  is  aware  of
      acted as the emcee of the program,                                                                                      the  fact  that  religious  bodies  and·
      spreading  mirth  and  merriment,                                                                                       churches  are  deeply  interested  in
      keeping the show on the  move with                                                                                      the  religious  welfare  of  our  fight-
      beautiful  girls,  popular  song  hits                                                                                  ing  men.  The  U.  -S.  Navy  realizes
      and spicy gags.                                                                                                         the  vital  part  played  by  religion
        Sharing spotlight honors with the                                                                                     in  the  life  of  our  nation,  and  has
      Kyser  musical  aggregation  were                                                                                       provided chaplains of various faiths
      Sully  Mason,  ace  saxophonist  and                                                                                    in  order  to  minister  to  its  person-
      vocalist;  Ish Kabibble,  of radio no-                                                                                  nel.  The  religious  program  of  the
      toriety;  and  Don  Lesley,  a  newly                                                                                   Navy  is  such  that  a  chaplain  is
      discovered  vocalist.  The  "Town                                                                                       within  reasonable  call  of  most  of
      Criers"-Elva,  Lucy,  Vernon  and                                                                                       our officers and men serving ashore
      Gordon  Polk- made  their  debut                                                                                        and afloat.  Our personnel of  Cath-
      with  Kyser  with  their  vocal  inter-                                                                                 olic,  Protestant,  and  Jewish faiths
      pretations  of  "~ilk  Man,  Keep                                                                                       are taken care of;  no service fam--
      Those  Bottles  Quiet,"  and the  Hep                                                                                   ily need feel  that the religious  life
      Cats' song, "Straighten Up and Fly                                                                                      of our men is being overlooked. The
      Right."  Lt.  (jg)  Art  Jarrett  was                                                                                   denominations  who  sent  us  our
      summoned  to  the  bandstand  by                                                                                        chaplains  and  the  churches  from
      Maestro Kay Kyser and the former                                                                                        which  they  came should  be  proud
      bandleader  sang  two  popular  song                                                                                    of  the  clergy  that  b:r:ings  religion
      hits for  the  wildly-applauding,  ap-                                                                                  and  its  application to  our fighting
      preciative audience.                                                                                                    men.
        After the program ·had fully  got                                                                                       " In  order  that  service  families
      underway,  Commodore R.  W.  Cary                                                                                       and the general public may become
      dedicated the new Gymnasium and                                                                                         better  acquainted  with  the  provi-
      Recreation   Center.   Commodol'e,                                                                                      sions  made  by  the  Navy  to  min-
      Cary  said  that  he  takes  a  lot  of                                                                                 ister to the spiritual needs of Navy
                                    T.  I.  WAVES  IN  TENNIS  TOURNEY-Lined  up   R-0bertson,  represented  T.  I.  in  the  semi-finals
      pride  in  dedicating  the  new  build- behind  the net are WAVES who turned  in  a  wonder-  doub.les  contest.  Seen  at  boUom  is  the  complete  personnel,  Sunday,  O9tober  22,
      ings for the use of the enlisted men  ful  job  in  the  recent district tennis tournament  held   team.  Left  to  right  are  Ens.  M.  E.  Work,  Ens.  M.  1944, has been designated as 'Navy
      who are going overseas and return-  on  the courts  at  U. ,of  Cal.  M.  Fry, SK2c,  left, went   Robertson,  L.  Funke,  Y1c;  M.  Fry,  SK2c;  Ens.  M.   Day Sunday'  in  the Twelfth Naval
                                     all  the  way  to  the  t-0p  to  compete  for  the  singles   Masheter  and  Ens.  M.  DuCoty.  The  fine  teamwork
            (Continued on page 7)   title. T.  I.  doubles team,  L.  Funke,  Y1c  and  Ens.  M.   of this  group  speaks  well  for these T .  I.  WAVES.   District."
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